First Full Trailer for Marvel's 'The Avengers' Directed by Joss Whedon!

October 11, 2011
Source: Apple

Marvel's The Avengers Trailer

It is finally time! Marvel Studios has revealed the first official trailer for The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, over in HD on Apple today. This is the trailer unveiling we've all been waiting to see, and it features plenty of new footage, but not too much as it is still the first teaser trailer seven months before its release next May. The entire crew is back: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury, a few glimpses of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. This looks awesome so far, can't wait to see more! View below!

Watch the first official trailer for Joss Whedon & Marvel's The Avengers, via Apple:

You can also see the first official The Avengers trailer in High Definition on Apple

When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. The star studded cast includes Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, as well as Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgård who are reprising their respective roles as Loki and Professor Selvig from Thor. Marvel's The Avengers hits theaters everywhere May 4th, 2012.

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  • Cameron Collins
    I am so excited!
    • I'm with you, can't wait!
      • JBrotsis
        i hope this movie makes the top sellout in box office history up next to titanic and avatar. and i hope they explain how thor is about to get back to our
        • Xr2email
          HA! yeah, maybe until Dark Knight Rises comes out! Then its back to the bottem! DKR will toppel over all, Titanic, Avatar, Pirates, you name it............
  • Lorraine Carano
    Woooo! The Avengers will be the biggest movie ever! Watch out Avatar!
    • Anonymous
      biggest movie ever? avatar wouldn't even crack my top 50 edit: sorry, lorraine, i guess i misinterpreted what you were saying - my bad.
      • he meant at the box office einstein
        • JBrotsis
          was that directed at me?
        • Anonymous
          if that is what was meant - it should have been written that way........i thought it was open to interpretation. and you, sir, are the idiot - calling someone named "lorraine" a he?????
      • Mdiddles
        You must be thinking of avatar the last airbender if your implying that the highest grossing movie of all time wasn't a huge hit
        • Anonymous
          actually - i thought she was suggesting avatar was one of the best movies to watch of all time. when looked at from the standpoint of "highest grossing".......i wouldn't even have commented on it.  and yea - LA was a putrid film.
    • inormis
      Better than avatar?))))))) U r funny. This movie will be forgotten in a few months, but avatar is still huge. And by the way it has moral, it shows the problem of current world, but that movie is just next movie with famous actors and special effects. They are totally different!  
      • Buttass
        Except The Avengers is gonna be the shit, and Avatar was colorful, preachy drivel. It was pretty to look at, though.
        • inormis
          perhaps there should be new genre "shit"
          • Chuchin_elcarliux
            yea and in it avatar...
  • Dan
    With all those heroes, they only blow up the "cars"? I know it's a friggin teaser but still.. And what's with Downey jr mumbling? This is not Sherlock Holmes. ah, wait...
  • So hard to tell from the teaser what the "threat" is, but I'm liking all those heroes in one room.
    • Darthverous
      The threat is Loki.
      • I'm sure Loki is instrumental, but I'm just hoping there's more to it than just him.
        • I'm with you there Quanah, I'm hoping for maybe a little Skrull action! Or heck maybe of combination of villains from the previous movies (Loki, Red Skull, etc.) but that probably wouldn't be likely! lol
          • Anonymous
            seeing as how Red Skull was beamed up to Asgard im sure he will make an appearance.
          • Chris Amaya
            You guys didn't see the leaked video of the cancelled avengers game movie tie in? the skrulls were in it. maybe that's a hint of more to come >:)
          • BigMike23
            Loki will probably be the only villain for this movie, since no others were hinted at b4, and if they do come up with a new villain this will suck, becuz the story will seemed rushed
        • Marcus
          the rumor so far is that loki is bringing the skrulls to earth by using the cosmic cube.  hopefully its true
      • Croniccris
        and thanos
    • Lagoya
      Doesn't seem like that much of a threat that you need to assemble all those heroes to stop him, they should have had the skrulls
      • Loki+cosmic cube=bad
        • Buttass
          I think it's definitely gonna have some Skrulls, that's who that funky space ship belonged to and everything, plus the motion capture suit guys on set. Definitely Skrulls.
          • Chuchin_elcarliux
            dont avengers get a ship or jet of their own tho? like xmen.. idk but yea the motion cap guys on set definately mean skrulls..
  • EPIC WIN - didn't reveal too much - just enough to get the juices flowing! YEW!!! BRING IT!
    • pipo
      Always like that at the beginning till the real trailer comes out and reveals the whoooole plot! :L
  • Rizzostudios
    Ummm... it's showing me a trailer for a French film (albeit, a good looking one)
  • Ross Malloch
    i liked it, but would of liked to see less action, and more of them interacting, that'll be the good shit
  • Bass1L
    This trailer looks more like "Iron Man & Friends" but I'm totally in
  • still liked eric bana as bruce banner but hopefully everyone else can make up for it
  • David Banner
    Trailer is also on youtube now, not all have/like quicktime. Good trailer :)
    • JBrotsis
      thank you for posting that. yea when the quicktime crap popped up and delayed me watching it, i literally flipped my shit!
      • John
  • That looks epic, seemed to focus on downey jr tho
  • Konti
    Only one thing is good in this trailer and it's the Hulk's face:
    • While I disagree that it's the only good thing, I do agree that it looks like they've done some pretty impressive modeling work on the hulk.
      • JBrotsis
        Definitely phillip...they've really tried capturing ruffalo's face. though i am disappointed that they only showed so little of hulk...i feel like that was done on purpose. I wanted to see more of him.
        • Jericho
          makes it seem like he will be the villain in the end....
  • Motherfucker Jones
    Avengers Assemble!!!
    • ur_babys_daddy
      Nice name. How'd you get it? :)
  • Harrisj2k
    where's Neo? I thought he was in this!
  • Marty
    This looks unpolished and epically cheesy. Wow. Soooo disappointed. And damn does Thor look strange in this. Like he just got out of a hair salon and forgot to dry his hair.
    • John
  • Konti
  • SomeDude
    It`s either gonna be dissapointing Sh#!#t or entertaining Sh#!#t but its definitely going to be S#!#t!
    • Cody
      Nice troll.  Get than from 4chan?
    • Anonymous
      AMEN, BROTHER!!! I lean in the direction of S%#@T!!! Still can't get excited about this movie. Just get it over with so we can get back to Iron Man working alone and Captain America fighting evil back in WWII. That's ALL I want!
      • Anonymous
        does first showing censor the word Shit now?
        • Anonymous
        • Anonymous
          I guess we'll find out after you. They shouldn't.
  • Turner 01
    iron man owned this trailer!
  • I think we can all agree that Joss Whedon knows how to handle a billion characters in one movie.  Yes I know there are about 10, still.  It looks as though everyone will get ample screen time.  And is it just me or is this trailer better than the dark knight one.
    • Kyle
      it's just you.
    • Lagoya
      I agree, it's you.
    • Voice of Reason
      entirely and easily, just you
    • jah p
      I agree with you Michael.
    • Manuel
      Are you seriously comparing trailers? What's next? Marvel vs DC?
    • JBrotsis
      it's just them (kyle, lagoya, voice of reason). you're right.
    • Croniccris
      dark knight rises was a teaser this is a trailer...
  • jackson
    Well that was god-awful music. 
    • JBrotsis
      it sucks but yea i have to strongly agree. outside of the fact that the trailer alone was great, i really didn't like hearing the music. too bad there isn't a way to mute the music without muting the rest of the sound haha
  • Bloodroutes
    Only good thing about this trailer was the NIN song and Scarlett.  Are we done with the super hero movies now, please??????
    • Croniccris
      hell no this is the golden age of superhero movies you will probably be getting more for the next least
  • H33h
    The music awful no no no! Nine Inch Nails are amazing! and bring on the popcorn. superhero orgy!
    • seriously there is jut no pleasing people
      • Anonymous
        Uhh you mean stupid people. Great song, actually relevant too. I'm thinking Faverau did the trailer.
  • BigRed42
    There is so much Whedon in that trailer!
  • Lokiboki
    i've seen Thor a while ago but didnt Loki die at the end ?
    • Lokiboki
       yeah, seems that i'm the only one who missed the secret ending, oops
      • Iyaman24
        Haven't you learned... ALWAYS stay after the credits at marvel movies...
      • Nightshade24
        I agree with Iyaman24, Marvel movies = stay after credits, all starting from Iron Man except for X-men First Class have had after credit scenes.  Better watch that scene since its pretty much the key element for the Avengers film AND the Captain America film. Anyways Loki didnt die, he fell into the wormhole before it closed...
    • BigMike23
      you obviously missed the end credits should see it b4 u ask any more questions
  • Queenbillina
    I am the sad, pitiful comments made here. This looks like a MOVIE! A fun, awesome one at that with great characters I love. What else do you want? I for one am excited to see what Whedon has to show us. You other people are silly...
    • Couldn't agree more.
    • jah p
      Same here...too many dark knight fans on here and they continue to compare every superhero film to I agree, very silly..
      • Newswriter86
        I get ya and I am wicked stoked for this one, but the Dark Knight did set the bar for superhero flicks pretty damn high.
    • McWilly
      Agreed! Very exited for this movie and the hulk gave me chills at the end.
  • Voice of Reason Best I can figure is Loki got a parole job with the MTA and is effing with NYC's underground just a wee bit more than the MTA already does.
  • srdiaz
    what is that loki says at the beginning, "in the end...." what? my english sucks!
  • I want more! MORE I TELL YOU!
  • Guest
    Looks pretty cool but I was hoping to see at least more Cap'n if not anybody else. We all know Downey Jr. is awesome, show us some of the other players!
  • Maxx
    Well it is public knowledge that when they first started production Downey Jr. went to Whedon saying this is Iron Mans show and they tried it and both decided that it didn't really work. Maybe the reason this trailer has so much Iron Man is because that's why they tried first. Don't worry guys we have 7  months for them to touch this all up. I am very excited to see Ruffalo as Banner. I miss Bana because he emphasized what Banner was in the comics I think but Ruffalo has some serious acting chops so I hope it works out. Just no more of Zoolanders "Blue Steel" pose, okay Mark?
  • Tim
    This was really unimpressive. Maybe I expect too much. The first ironman flying through the city looked so cheesy, it's like a guy standing on a green screen.
  • Chazzy
    Lol what do you people want?  It's an awesome trailer, and the use of NIN was perfect.      I really don't understand why people think this looks dumb.  It was a great reveal of what we've been waiting for.
  • Tim
    Was this shot in 16:9 HD tv style? Why isn't it cinematic wide screen? Doesn't look as epic.
    • My thoughts exactly.
      • Anonymous
        Maybe it was made especially for TV. Don't care if it was 16:9 or anamorphic wide... but I agree it wasn't epic.
  • Xerxexx
    Not bad.
  • Posthuman
  • Anonymous
    Well that just looks like some good fun, I'll be there.
  • you all forgot 1 AMAZING BIT...... ... THE HULK...... WOOOOO!
  • kitano0
    What a cast!  I know Downey, Jr. dominates the trailer, but Whedon isn't gonna waste people like Ruffalo and Evans.  I just saw Thor (I know, I know), and was mighty impressed with Hemsworth. He has that Errol Flynn charisma that I wasn't expecting at all. Johannson is gonna kick butt. And Cobie Smuthers, too.  Whew!!!
  • Anonymous
    NERDGASM!! o_0
  • Anonymous
    Jizzed in my pants
  • I'm gonna watch it with my eyes. Looks pretty fun. Need to stop the Nyoooooooooough, CUT, Nyooooooooooooough, CUT, Nyoooooooooooooough editing though, he he. Just kidding bring on the spandex.
  • JBrotsis
    I had to wait all day to get off work to watch this and there was already 67 comments haha (some record in the first couple of hours?). Trailer was badass! Cast is badass! The movie is gonna be badass!
  • Guest007
    I know all you virgin fanboys still living at home, have closed your bedroom doors and are furiously jacking off to this. But it looks meh. Whedon is a hack.
    • IyaKid
      If calling other people "fanboys" makes you feel cool, then sure. I dig the trailer. & I'm pretty sure you'll be in a theater watching the movie when it releases too.
  • RDG
    No matter how cool this looks or will become, the idea itself of an Avenger movie coming our way will always be more exciting then the movie itself..
    • Truer words can't be written, except that water is liquid. 
    • John
      Most likely.
  • Enzo
    Why won't it play? :/
  • Dan3659
    Yeah great trailer but what was with captain America being a dick to everyone and fighting with Thor?
    • JBrotsis
      yea i really wanna know what the heck was going on with why thor was smashing his hammer on capt's shield? i thought maybe capt was testing how strong and durable his shield metal was against thor's unearthly hammer power....just a thought
      • Croniccris
        cap was probably meeting thor for the first time so they were exchanging blows....
    • Croniccris
      if i woke up 70 years in the future and everybody i cared for was dead i would be a prick too...
      • JBrotsis
        he's probably a prick because he still wears clothes from the 40's and everyone makes fun of him for it haha
      • jah p
        LOL! I feel the same way Cron!lol! I'd be a huge, mad at everyone prick!! And to make matters worse, that chick he fell in love with at the end of Capt. America is probably dead or old as hell! So of course it's gonna take him time for him to get used to the future!
        • JBrotsis
          i feel like in regards to capt having lost his girl due to "dead or old as hell", since iron man and thor have "girlfriends", i have the hesitation that capt and black widow would get together for various reasons (he's the leader, both single, he's lonely without her, etc.). I just hope there's no scene in any of the movies where the girlfriends of all the avengers get together and have a book club meeting or some bullshit haha.
  • Horseflesh
    looks good but it takes a group to knock of the Batman as # anticipated move .  like it but don't love it.
  • Totylertarian
    Man, things blowing up is so cool....
    This movie will be good. But this trailer looks way too polished. Like a patent leather boot.
  • untricky
    *sadface* No Bana.
  • ur_babys_daddy
    Its the summer kickoff flick. I'm there. But not in 3D
  • OZ1952
    When is Black Panther and ANT MAN going to be introduced? but still looks Awesome!!!
    • Anonymous
      Black Panther will be introduced in the Superbowl trailer next February.
  • ChrisBatty
    Black Widow... not feeling it. The new haircut and the new workout routine is hurting. She looks partied out. Ruffalo looks as comfortable as Don Cheadle was playing War Machine and Captain Planet. I can't take Loki seriously. Blowing up cars on the streets. Really? That's it? I've seen far worse events on the news of greater magnitude more worthy of the Avengers. 
  • inormis
    Better than avatar?))))))) U r funny. This movie will be forgotten in a few months, but avatar is still huge. And by the way it has moral, it shows the problem of current world, but that movie is just next movie with famous actors and special effects. They are totally different!  
  • lossy
    clap.. clap.. clap...  ........ :/
  • Anonymous
  • Mark Ruffalo!!!!
  • Well that was a nice appetizer and I'm ready for 2nd course. And I'd like a seat by a much hot air in here.
  • fasterpetey
    Looks great although not to happy to see Sam Jackson in this. 
  • Spiderman
    was not feeling the NIN song. was uber cheesy.
  • SV7
    Looks like a lot of fun. Cinematography is a bit plain, but the Marvel movies generally are like that. I have faith Joss will kick some ass.
  • zzzz
    this is end of the movie business
  • Trestle
    HAHAHAHAHA! MUHAHAHAHAHA! The dialog has Joss Whedon stamped all over it especially Stark talking to Banner. Classic Whedon! "Whedon is a hack." - Anonymous ROFLMAOCopter PWNED!!! If you don't get Whedon, Farscape, or're lost.
  • Jackmooney5
    ERRR... It looks ok.
  • Vishful Thinker
    I think that with Loki there, they will be gearing towards an Ultimate 2-esque showdown?Now that would be awesome. Anyways it is a thrill to see Hawkeye on screen
  • Sinema
    This is great Trailer :)
  • BoredAllTheTime
    They need a trailer with the cgi in it!!  




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