First Look: Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel'!

August 4, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Henry Cavill Superman First Look

With Laurence Fishburne topping off the cast as Perry White in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, production can get underway. To kick things off, Warner Bros has unveiled the first official photo of Henry Cavill as Superman in action. They've only barely started shooting the movie, on day four so far, so this must just be from an action set piece or something to show us what the new Big Blue Boy Scout looks like. It's even an action shot with a messed up bank vault in the background and some sparks, too. But of course, we also get a good look at the new suit. It's an exciting photo and only the first of many to come over the next two years.

Henry Cavill as Superman

In Zack Snyder's Superman, Henry Cavill plays the new Clark Kent, who goes toe-to-toe with General Zod, played by Michael Shannon. The main cast also includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Diane Lane & Kevin Costner as Martha & Jonathan Kent and even Russell Crowe as Jor-El. Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Chris Nolan and Deborah Snyder are producing. The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Man of Steel is now scheduled for release on June 14th, 2013, two summers away. We've got a long wait, but as our first glimpse at Man of Steel, this is kicking ass already. Thoughts?

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  • Buttass
    Oh shit. I like it. Not crazy about the texture of it, and his hair curl not being there is SUPER noticeable, but I bet that's just in this shot. Better than Brandon Routh's.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah, not crazy about the texture either. But maybe it's the lighting making it look weird.
      • blakeasfuck
        I don't really get what the suits are supposed to be made out of. This suit and Spiderman's suits look like this in the films. Not that crazy about it.
    • Anonymous
      Well...Dean Cain's Superman didn't have the "spit curl" either, if I remember correctly.... But, looks cool, so far.  Hope the movie is good.
  • indyjack
    a gritty superman?! yes please! As long as it's not like sucker punch, im in.
    • Teacherkid
      Zack Snyder has a lot of redeeming himself to do with this film - and I can't stand Superman.
      • Wil Hatchel
        Then why post on Superman subject if you dont like.  move along
        • Anonymous
          Maybe he likes movies and movie news, just like you... And if he's talking about Sucker Punch I agree, Zach Snyder has something to prove with this.
          • Last Son
            When someone says they can't stand Superman then why the frick would he want to watch a film with Superman in it? Answer me this.
          • Anonymous
            Maybe he likes Zach Snyder, maybe he wants to be surprised and is ready to like superman, maybe he read the article and wanted to give his input on the subject. Who cares why? He gave his opinion, it's not like he came in here just to troll and say "I HATE SUPERMAN", he said more than that. You guys talk like he's invading your space or something, just chill
          • Marsha
            Sucker Punch got a 7+ rating from the viewers, so what's your beef....Snyder has nothing to prove.. Sucker Punch was thought to be a great cult film from the majority of people who saw it!!!
      • Last Son
        If you can't stand Superman then why the Beep are r u on here making a comment? Let me see now I can't stand Harry Pothead so I would have to be really bored to go onto a story about Harry Pothead to make a comment.
        • Anonymous
          Back when The Social Network was anounced, I hated Facebook, but since David FIncher is one of my top directors, I knew I wanted to see it. That's just an example
          • Last Son
            In a way i can kinda see your point. But then again Chris Nolan is my fav director and if he made a harry pothead film i wud have no interest in whatsoever. Even good directors can make bad decisions in there careers.
          • Anonymous
            Seriously, how awesome would it be if Nolan did a Harry Potter film? And you would start to love Harry Potter, I'm sure ūüėČ
          • Tucker
            If you look at your comment,remember "announced" is spelled with 2 "n's". How can anyone respect someone who can't spell?
          • I'm sure the spellchecker was invented for him...not too bright are you Marsha
          • Poor analogy...since the movie made aspects of Facebook seem really bad. ¬†The point of this movie isn't to tarnish or expose Superman as a character.
  • Whoa!
  • Dreckent
    Looks great. I can clearly see that Zack Snyder "look" on the pic.
  • Rusty Shackleford
    the costume looks great. and i have complete faith in the movie. i'm excited as hell. it me, or is his face just not very Superman-ish?? idk, Brandon Routh had a great Superman face/persona. i'm sure it'll be good though.
    • Eli
      Yeah he looks a little too sadistically excited for Superman. Like "I can't wait to throw that guy into the sun" kind of attitude...
      • Chris
        So Superman isn't capable of getting angry?
    • the douche
      I agree, I do not get the Superman vibe from this actor. We'll have to just wait & see.
    • Karen
      No, he doesn't really look like Superman. Maybe it it the hairline? I wouldn't call him bald or balding, but you can tell he'll be in trouble in a few years.
      • Zxzxx
        It's because he's a fucking OLD MAN and UGLY damnit. They just ruined my day. I was looking forward to this movie. Not anymore.
    • Fuck You
      Yeah, but I think that's what they're kinda going for. To tell you the truth, I'm really fascinated with this actor's non Superman-ish looking face.
    • Robert
      I agree with you. It sounds and looks like it will be a good superman film but I don't think Cavill looks enough like superman.
      • Zxzx
        AGREE. because he is a DISGUSTING OLD MAN.
  • Remco
    This picture shows the Superman we, the fans, needed 5 years ago. I'm not saying ''Superman Returns'' is a bad film, but it isn't a true Superman-film. This on the other hand seems to becoming just that - a true Superman-film. By the way, I've upped the vibrance of the picture to give all of you a better look at the, to my opinion, awe-some suit. Is below this comment.
    • Greg
      Thankyou! thats exactly what it was missing, and now i like it.
    • Mike P.
      Definitely, it was way too muted above, hopefully the movie isn't done that way the whole way through.  
    • Nice work!
    • Anon
      thank you kind sir
    • tir na nog
      Thanks man,that's way better looks like a good superman,good casting.
  • Bucker96
    the texture of the suit looks just like Andrew Garfeild's in the new Spiderman movie. you could almost swap out the big "S" sheild for spidey's Spider emblem
  • Kamish
    I'm liking this guy in the suit, but the suit itself is not how I would have gone, but the actor looks good for the role of a true azz kicking Supes, and I totally dig Snyder's work, even SuckerPunch!
  • Kamish
    Also, the cape seems just a little to long, it may look cool, but not sure if it's practical for fist o'cuffs...looks like it would get in his way, always preferred the mid calf lengtt capes...
    • Samowilli
      Cape looks super long for no reason. Completely agree..
      • I like the long cape. Kinda reminds me of Spawn.¬†
        • Anonymous
          Although Spawn's cape was an extension of himself and could be manipulated at will. This one will just get caught in a revolving door...
          • In the comic book, Spawns cape was just a regular cape.¬†
        • Anonymous
          It was a regular cape in the comics? Aww. It was badass in the animated series, and since that was well done and friggin hosted by McFarlane I thought it was cannon. My bad.
      • Nate
        Yeah, I'm hoping this is just a test shot and not the final costume, cause there's no use for a cape that long. I mean if he was standing, the cape would be dragging behind him like a wedding dress, and if he was flying the cape would be at least another 3ft longer than his legs. As for the comment about Spawn's cape just being regular. I believe you're wrong, his whole suit is made from that necroplasm power that he has, so every part of his suit is part of him.
  • Dan W
    Yea the texture of the suit is really weird. Reminds me of the scales on a snake or reptile. We gotta wait till the trailer comes out to make a real decision on the suit though
  • Yeah, what's with the weird texture on the suit? And the S looks like a placard. And it could just be the angle, but his hair looks really strange like Hammerhead from Spiderman.
  • Yeah
    Look closely in the second photo. Not the close up. The close up texture looks much different then the big one when you zoom in yourself. The second one seems much smoother.
    • Hmm that may just be the image resizing. Obviously download the full high res version (just by clicking the main photo) if you can, that's the original.
  • Nate
    For some reason in this shot it doesn't look like Henry Cavill, must be the lighting. But looks pretty cool so far, the texture suit and looks like his cape is even longer now too. Needs work on the hair, needs the S curl in front.
    • At first glance, I was thinking it looked like Zack Snyder himself put on the suit and went out and snapped some photos. I've met Zack a few times and his face... kind of does look similar to the photo above. :)
  • John
    It looks like there's no trunks, and the scales on the suit are interesting. I was expecting a rubber suit as Snyder did with Nite Owl in Watchmen. There's no hair S curl. The tone of this photo looks dark. There's definitely a Fleischer vibe going on in this picture.
    • it would be interesting if Snyder chose to go no-trunks since Superman (comic) recently went no-trunks
  • I kind of miss Brandon Routh. A shame he wasn't given a second chance but I'll give this one a chance. Don't let me down Zack/Henry. Either I'm blind or the curl is missing?
    • bob
       The curl and his eyebrows are missing
  • Zack is the man! I have no doubt he'll deliver an awesome film: he has always the most talented guys working with him.
  • Deputy1237
    I didn't think that Superman had a receding hairline and jacked up teeth... oh well, I guess WB can take liberties as long as their fitting the bill for the movie, unfortunately in theaters Summer if 2013.
    • Kamish
      "if" one of the 2012 folk, who think maybe we don't get to 2013?
      • Deputy1237
        Maybe the end of the world will happen before we have to watch MOS...LOL
    • Deputy1237
      ...I mean, I am more than a Superman fan... maybe that's why I am so critical! I miss Christopher Reeves, the real Superman... at least Brandon Routh did a good impression of Chris Reeves as Superman...
      • Kamish
        Reeves was great no doubt & Brandon copied that well...but perhaps someone needs to make Superman his own and do a bit of reinventing...I will say that how Clark Kent is portrayed is maybe more important that how Superman is, and that's what Reeves & Routh did so well...
    • Anon
      some of the most famous superman art that exists has him with receding hairline. just look at some jim lee art and youll see how this pic is closer to the comicbook look than chris reeves.
  • Voice of Reason
    Why are all the fabrics and textures of superhero suits getting all crazy lately? Just give me a a realistic fabric, take notes from Alex Ross, etc.!!!
    • Anonymous
      Because super-stretch spandex doesn't translate well on film. People want texture, detail.
      • Anonymous
        Yep.  And as much as I love Ross...his costumes cannot be translated from a 2D page to physical reality without looking, well, cheap.
    • Richie G
      I'd like a more simple look like that too. They're trying too hard which worries me.      Maybe, because he's super considerate, he had a description of the suit written in braille across his suit so the blind can know what it looks like. The blind deserve to be disappointed too
    • Anonymous
      Because in HD is looks much better, but yeah I'm sick of the "carbon fiber" look myself. Except of Silk Spectre 2 Watchmen's costumes were perfect... so why Zack went with the 'new cool' look? I don't know. Blame WB.
  • Angry Chief
    Looks like a well fed Mark Anthony. Need the curl. Need to cut down on the hair on the sides of his head. Need him to be more muscular. Even the original Superman was beefier than this guy.
    • Deputy1237
      His hair looks identical to Joe Pesce in "My Cousin Vinnie"! ...or quite possibly a character from the Jersey Shore...
      • Angry Chief
        Ha! I'm never going to get the image of Tommy DeVito beating the crap out of Lex Luthor out of my head!
      • boob
         HAHAHAHA!!! I think I saw that same hair do in Saturday Night Fever
        • boob
          • boob
          • C.Barnicle
            That's funny
    • Anonymous
      More Muscle? I never saw Supes as a massively built dude like Thor. Most assumed his strength came from really really really good genes. And no Reeves (if were going original movie supes) wasn't bigger than this guy. The blue color hides a lot of the toning and bulk. Spandex didn't help either.
      • Angry Chief
        Original comic supes was way more muscular than this guy.
        • We don't want him getting super 'roid rage', he'd kill half the planet. Big muscles are for gay bars, which is cool, but not for people doing any sort of speedy physical movement.
          • LL
            Thor and Captain America had 'roid rage' and were 'gay'?? WTF is wrong with you? Just because Cavill can't build his body beyond slim runway model, doesn't mean you have to slur the actors who actually built their bodies up to superhero standard.
        • Anonymous
          I'm belligerent so I don't read good. And I was more referring to Reeves than comics. Besides, musculature in comics is almost always Batmanshit crazy, so aside from Hulk I find it unreasonable. And to LL: I think Cavil is just as big as Capt. Evans, who has been muscular for years, and Hemsworth just has the genes for bulk.
    • Fuck You
      "Looks like a well fed Mark Anthony."? THANK YOU, SIR! LOL
  • Everyone's complaining about the new suit texture. Should it look like a cloth you got from an outlet store, or should it look like something an alien superhero should wear????? I think we're going to see NOT a dark superman, but a serious one. I really enjoyed Superman Returns and understood what Bryan Singer was going for, but now I want a Superman that'll actually throw a punch, and maybe, just maybe, get a little angry. He was too docile in Superman Returns..
    • Anonymous
      I agree about the suit. I prefer this one to older incarnations, although the cape does seem a bit long.
  • Mdiddles
    Hate the suit
  • SuperDood
    Did Superman go to Wolverine's hair stylist? They even decided to go with a no eyebrows look too.
    • Anonymous
      Well he is an alien, he flies in the air , I assume he gets wind hair.
    • Kamish
      the eyebrows are their, the lighting is hiding them well here in this photo...
  • boob
    Looks like a scuba suit that they slapped a humongous  S on it.
  • Anonymous
    Sorry but snider is the wrong director for this movie. Sucker Punch was so, so ridiculously bad, it wasnt funny. Besides some neat visual elements in 300, this guy has nothing going for himself.  I hope this is a test image. If you go and change the iconic hair style, at least be more original. The "my cousin vinnie" style doesn't really work here.  Not to judge the movie by this one lousy image, but I already have no respect for snider and as a superman fan, im already appalled. 
    • Anonymous
      "Sorry but snider is the wrong director for this movie." Well Buzz, sorry--but that's not your call, and neither is it any of ours.  That was Warner's decision (based I guess on the recommendation of Chris Nolan). And Snyder has a lot going for him, since he did bring WATCHMEN to the screen after others failed.  You've got your worries, and that's understandable.  However, the "He stinks and shouldn't be allowed near this" is about as effective as a fart in a wind tunnel.
      • Anonymous
        I absolutely despise these kind of replies.   "thats not my call" Well really? I thought I had some power here to, you know, change that?  Please spare me the wise guy replies. Obviously, its a statement coming from a movie fan perspective. In that regard, I find Sniper the wrong man for the job. Thats my opinion. if yours is that watchmen was any good then thats YOUR own opinion. Doesn't change anything.  Also, I never said "Stinks" so please don't put false quotes into my mouth. I was simply stating that im worried and from seeing his past body of work, I can say for me personally, hes not the right director. 
        • Anonymous
, nothing smartass from me.  But it seems that you're a wee bit testy. I still stand by it--yes, you're entitled to an informed opinion, and it doesn't change a thing.  The movie's coming out, and if you choose not to watch it because of the director, well, that's your biz.  No harm no foul. But it still isn't your call or mine.  Deal with it.
    • Kaim
      Lol @ my cousin vinnie
  • SLamb25
    This definitely looks like a more grittier Superman to me.
  • Pmorg_lmtpt
    I think you just ruined superman...good luck getting people to watch it with that homo playing the man of steel.
    • Anonymous
      You just outed yourself as a bigot
      • Anonymous
        I guess he can't help it. The Internet does tend to bring out our true natures, I guess....
        • Anonymous
          it's easy to hide behind a name and say stupid sh*t.
    • Jay31586
      way to be a homophobe asshole.  This guy should be banned from the site.  No taste whatsoever.
  • Anonymous
    In Nolan we trust.  I'm ready for this, especially since batman concludes next yr...
    • Anonymous
      *Warning This is MY opinion only. Nolan fanboys chill out*  His only real good movie was The Prestige. So no, not everyone trusts him. No matter how great you think Batman or Inception was...
      • Anonymous
        fair enough.  totally respect your opinion, though i dont all the way agree.  I dig the tone of his movies above all else.  I wanted to hate his batman because i  thought nobody could top burton's vision.  I found myself really diggin it because it was (to me) a good movie that 'happened' to be about a super hero.  He found a way to make the tone and the characters' experiences frame the super hero, not the other way around like, say Green Lantern. So, if some of that could rub off on an otherwise tired superman franchise, I'd willing to see it.
      • Anonymous
        Well...I gotta agree with you somewhat here, Buzzfunk (despite the toss-up above) about THE PRESTIGE being a great movie.  It was.  I will say that while I liked INCEPTION, it was not my favorite Nolan film.  BATMAN BEGINS was. (Still--ya gotta hand it to THE PRESTIGE.  Where else would you see Batman and Wolverine together, sharing the screen?)
  • Suit looks like a plucked chicken. What's with that texturing? Cape is magnificent. No way that outfit fits into a phone booth. Cavil looks great. The movie's chances, less so.
  • Michelmanders
    this superman is missing more than 1 thing 1 his curl (saterday night fever 2 his red short (i can't see it) 3 his yellow belt+buckle 4 his eyebrows 5 a superman face.....
    • Fearl3ss
      Looks more like T-1000 look lolz, he should have played one of the villians instead!!
    • he has the belt and buckle as far as i can see
  • Robertshawn77
    Wow, lot of negative comments here.. Loving the color, the texture and the angry look!!  What's w/ everyone not digging the texture and color?? What? PPL want the same old, same old? That's just booooring. As for the missing curl to his hair-thank you God! My personal opinion and I'm probably a bit to progressive for most ppl's taste but, I'd do away with the dam cape and slick his hair back even tighter than it is here. Plus make the "S" slightly smaller like it was in "Returns". As for the C. Reeves lovers (I'm one too) but, get over it. Characters are meant to be played and portrayed differently here and there. That's what's so dam cool about film. What would be the fun in seeing a movie made the same way every dam time. Can't wait for this one.
    • Anonymous
      And let's not forget--it's one image.  I'm not about to start calling for Snyder's head because the S curl is gone--I mean, where were the protests when Superman in LOIS AND CLARK didn't have it either? "Characters are meant to be played and portrayed differently here and there." Solid point.
      • Anonymous
        Obviously you cannot judge the entire movie by one image. However, Superman is a iconic figure so any slight change will be criticized at first. You obviously have a lot of faith in Snider, thats your prerogative but at the time, plenty of other, don't. 
        • Anonymous
          Well, it's not blind faith.  If the movie is awful, I'll say so. But you are right about the criticisms of changes made to Superman--and I'm not talking about the Red/Blue storyline from the 1990s.  When Byrne re-booted the series with "The Man of Steel" miniseries back in the 1980s, there was a lot of anger at the changes he had made--even though he never changed Supe's suit! The funny thing is that Byrne, at least in my view, created some of the best Superman stories I've ever read.  The fact that they are still used as a basis for new Superman movies and comics and TV shows--LOIS AND CLARK and SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES owe a lot to "The Man of Steel"--says a lot. Going with an even more recent example, there's SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, which was a darned good tale, but changed a few things, and garnered detractors.  Didn't take away the fact that it was still a great story.
    • Anonymous
      Well said.  The flak reminds me of when people first saw the tumbler as the batmobile...  People were expecting the Burton-era batmobile.  I'm willing to wait 2yrs (especially if Nolan's behind it). and I'm praying for no underwear over tights. does not look good on the big screen.
  • Michelmanders
    can you tell me where the red short & yellow belt is...thank you
  • Risk
    Why does superman look like a greasy gangster?
    • Michel
      his face looks like john travolta in grease
    • Robot
       He's going for something different, combining Superman with the movie Grease.
  • michel
    if u zoom in on the pic can see he wears a blue short  & a silver buckle... ....this pic is a aprils fool
  • hair needs to be slicked down
  • Looks like spideys suit but with a cape and an "S" emblem. The¬†scaly texture is lamesauce. Not looking for Chris Reeve era tights or anything, this just looks derivative.¬†
  • Anonymous
    I'm sorry but he looks like a psychotic version of Superman. He could almost pass for Bizarro if he was given that role instead. He honestly looks like that super villain from Superman IV The Quest For Peace, whom loses his powers when he isn't in direct sunlight, but without the blond hair. On another note that suit would be better for Aqua-man but with different color cause it does look like fish scales.
    • Robertshawn77
      Dude, he's in the middle of a battle!! I don't think I'd be smiling either if someone just blasted me so hard into a bank vault causing it to bend and break. Not attacking ya but, ppl don't tend to be very passive in the  midst of a fight.
      • Anonymous
        I'm sorry but was that the new Superman trailer you were just describing in sequence? If so I think everyone else would be delighted in taking a firstt look at this trailer also... In his over all appearance he looks like a person with psychotic tendencies I wasn't talking about the "moment" taken in the picture, get real.
        • Robertshawn77
          lol. I have no idea what your trying to say here. Take a deep breath and, let it out. Come up w/ a clear thought and then type. ok? above all else, use proper punctuation. It helps...
          • Diana
            You have no idea what his very straight forward and plain comment said?? Really? Is English your second language? I don't want to make assumptions about you. I'm not going to call your comment stupid, but I will say I laughed in disbelief.
  • Bltzie
    No no no no! The hair style with the receding hairline. The suit with the scales even at the S shield, makes it look like it has bling. I HATE IT. :/
    • Robot
       Ha ha ha. The S DOES look like bling. Did they use the BeDazzler on that thing?! Reminds me of some diva's cell phone with diamonds all over it.
  • Loser
    This looks crazy cool
  • Brandon
    Where's Batman? Superman is boring. 
  • Lisa226ok
    I agree we need the S curl. But I really hope Zack doesn't screw this up like that super hero porn Watchmen. And how could u choose Laurence Fishburne over Hugh Laurie. The cast has got to many big names I hope it doesn't overshadow Henry. The suit looks too scaly just like spidermans. I understand people want Superman reinvented but the best thing about him is that he was that hero that was always good, truthful, and not afraid to be human. Zack please don't screw this up.
    • Anonymous
      "And how could u choose Laurence Fishburne over Hugh Laurie." ...Maybe because Fishburne passed the audition?  There's more to casting than just picking who the fans want. "The cast has got to many big names I hope it doesn't overshadow Henry." the original 1978 SUPERMAN which had Brando, Hackman, Cooper, Kidder, Trevor Howard, Glen Ford, Susannah York, and many more of the best British actors of the day?  They didn't overshadow Christopher Reeve....although it was Brando and Hackman who were first in the credits. Not trying to be an @$$hole to you here, but....sometimes it pays to step back and get some perspective before passing judgement. Just sayin'....
      • Lisa226ok
        U r being asshole . Superman my favorite hero I did step back and afraid they will still screw this up.
        • Anonymous
          Hmmm..."being asshole" or "being AN asshole"?  Just asking...and I've been called worse. And if you're afraid they'll screw this up, well, you're entitled to it, but still--you seem to have not stepped back.  Just sayin'...
      • Robertshawn77
        Totally agree w/ you here. The more high quality actors the better off the film is. And thank you for validating my earlier points homey!
    • The hell? Watchmen was the closest thing ever from paper to film!
      • Anonymous
        "The hell? Watchmen was the closest thing ever from paper to film!" Sshhhh!  Don't say that! But in all seriousness, though, I agree.  It's so funny that people were complaining about what was left out of WATCHMEN that they never noticed what was left IN--and it's quite a bit. Then again, the same thing happened with Lynch's version of DUNE....
    • Anonymous
      If it was Snyder alone after seeing that pic, i'd be worried...¬† I think with Nolan on board as the over seer and the one with final say, he'll reign Snyder in before stuff gets stupid.¬† ūüėČ ¬†
      • Anonymous
        See?  Good point.  And if anything, didn't Nolan bring in Snyder?  So he must have some faith in the man. (Of course, if I'm wrong, I stand corrected.)
  • Kamish
    Don't put so much on Snyder, at the end this will live and die by the concept & story Nolan & Goyer have come up with....
    • Anonymous
      Yep.  And since they also came up with the concept and story for the two (and now, three) Batman films that Nolan has directed, could work.  It could work.
  • Richie G
     Snyder does tend to over do things... and this is over-designed. Here's hoping he can pull in the reins before its too late... which it probably already is. Didn't bother to see Green Lantern or Sucker Punch so the studio and director have some winning over to do 
  • Kaim
    Why does Superman look like such an asshole?
    • Kaim
      Really.. he looks like a villain! I mean sure, maybe it is taken out of context to part of the movie but why release this as the first peak? After Sucker Punch I will just hope this surprises me and is decent.
  • Cracky
    Looks good. I love the look on his face. This is definitely not your grandpop's Superman. 
  • Armeetapus16
    his hair looks weird
    • Kaim
      Yeah, he needs hair gel that defies flight and busting through big doors. You know.. super gel..
      • Armeetapus16
        Yea, he has too much volume
  • Maxy
    Looks like lot of The Dark Knight influence! Can't avoid when its the same writer and same producer!   btw, Why is it called Man of Steel? What are the sequels gonna be called?  -- Man of Steel -- Man of Steel falls -- Man of Steel rises    :) 
    • Anonymous
      "btw, Why is it called Man of Steel?" Hmmm...who knows?  It could be a reference to the fact that Supes has been called "The Man of Steel".  Or a reference to the 1980s miniseries that John Byrne did that rebooted the Superman comics.  It was called THE MAN OF STEEL....and you should read it.  Darned great stuff.
    • Armeetapus16
      Another sequel title to consider would be "The Man of Tomorrow"
  • With Nolan and crew in the works I'm sure this will¬†defiantly¬†be well worth the wait. ¬†I also like that the story is being written by the same people doing the Dark Knight series. ¬†Their story lines tend to be a lot more in depth and not just some¬†flaky story just trying to make a buck. ¬†Just my 2 cents though.¬†
  • Toonfed
    Hey, Supes. Spawn called, he want his cape back
  • Did a wee poster using the image guys, hope you like!
  • Cairns Jamie
    to early to tell. p.s. where the hell are his eyebrows?
  • Black Dynamite
    Although he's missing the curl in this photo and the cape looks a bit too long, H.C. looks perfect in the suit. While some of you are complaining about the texture of the suit, I think it gives Superman a much needed upgrade into this era. To add too it, I think taking away the curl made Superman look gritty and not so much like a Boy Scout. I'm excited to see the first trailer.
  • Anonymous
  • Xdynamesx
  • Bobdc
    seems about right, just need to change the hair..
  • It looks like a really well drawn comic. Lol.
  • Betty
    He is so skinny. If Chris Evans coughed in his direction, Cavill would fall over.
  • stfugtfo
    that hair NEEDS TO GO!!!
  • Stevenfreestyler
    he looks like he's do best the role of a bad guy in the remake of the new footloose movie, well if there's one.. doesn't look like no superman at all.... looks like one of those guys who involved in a bar in the 70's.....
  • Stevenfreestyler
    .he looks like he's do best the role of a bad guy in the remake of the new footloose movie, well if there's one.. doesn't look like no superman at all.... looks like one of those guys who involved in a bar fight in the 70's.....
  • Anonymous
    "My S is too big! My S is TOO BIG"... "I'm a Banana!" Did Don Hertzfeld do the costume design on this?
  • I'm open minded about it. I think once the film is released there will be less complaining about the suit and his hair if it's good. However, if the film is great, no one will say shit about the suit and his hair. That's the trick. Make it great, and suddenly people will say, "The suit and hair made sense!"
  • Everio_man
    FOUND SOME LEAKED FOOTAGE!! I dunno, I really like the suit now...
  • MarkDS
    He looks gritty, he looks bad ass - but he doesn't look Superman. He looks like George Reeves, the 60s Superman - receeding hair line, too much hair on the sides. Sigh - its just going to be one of those movies. And NO, Brandon Routh didn't look Superman either and Superman Returns sucked big time. The only Superman looking Superman seems to have been (and likely always will be until the producers/directors start really being fans) Chris Reeve.
    • Gin
      He looks constipated. I sort of wish he did look gritty or badass instead of vacant.
    • What's "looks Superman" mean Mark? I didn't realize every person that plays Superman has to fit in some mold. No one can tell from one photo that "its just going to be one of those movies." Or, maybe you have some special powers in seeing the future? Maybe you're on the set right now? I remember when Christian Bale was cast as Batman. Many folks said, "FUCK NO!" Now, many have forgot about Michael Keaton.¬†
      • Checkmate
        Then you have serious memory problems. Get yourself to a doctor stat! One of the biggest fan campaigns ever conducted was to get Christian Bale the role in Batman (and overcome studio doubts). The fanboys wrote pleading letters, cornered DC and WB people at every convention, wrote endlessly about it on fan forums. Did everything in their power to plead for Bale. The day the fanboys won, there was huge celebration at all the geek sites.
        • Fan boys aren't as large a population as you may think. Who gives a shit what a small minority thought. There were plenty more who couldn't see Bale in the costume. More importantly, try answering my fucking question instead of dwelling on the last comment.
  • J.H.
    Not liking it right off the bat, though I won't care as long as it's a good movie. Unfortunately, Zack Snyder is directing, so that's pretty much out isn't it. 
  • Anon
    i wonder why people keep saying chris reeves looked like superman. go and check any comicbook before that movie was out ffs. he did a fantastic job, yes. so much so that quite a few artists later on based supermans look in the books on him. but he was not what superman is supposed to look like. this is. 
    • Robertshawn77
      Amen to that!!
    • Vader
      LOL Superman is never drawn as a skinny wuss like Cavill. Fairly sure Superman fans would cut their wrists if that ever  happened.
      • Henry Cavill has the biggest physique out of all film and TV Supermen. Routh and Reed were much thinner. Tom Welling was very flabby (18% body fat near-boobs) and Dean Cain was probably the closest but not as defined.
  • Kyle Robinson
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Zack The Hack. This is going to blow chunks. 
  • Yonix (Remco)
    By the way, have you guys noticed the hidden Batman symbol in the Man of Steel picture? It's really there, and I'm guessing, with the recently discovered Superman logo in the DKR teaser poster, that Warner Brother's is hinting at a Justice League movie! What do you guys think?!  
  • sur@z
    The original concept art of the costume. Pretty Close?
  • David Banner
    Thx 'Yonix (Remco)' for enhancing the picture and adding it as an attatchment above (post ca 19-20), looks so much better :)
  • David Banner
    lol, why did I zoom in on the pic, is there something odd about his left hand?
  • Rooneyman
    It looks like the Underwear are gone!!!!!!!!!!! This movie is already flying high
  • I'm still interested but I have reservations. I think the Perry White casting of Larry Fishburne, who I normally dig, was out of left field when all other castings seem on the money. Hmm, I hope Michael Shannon brings it against Cavill. P.s. I LOVE Snyder's Watchmen by the way, well past the out of place sense of superpowers in the fight scenes.
  • Rosalee
    Brandon Routh looked more like the man of steel than any before or this one. Too bad he could not carry it further than first film........... I am sure some will think I am crazy, but so what? It is after all my right to state my opinion as all the rest have here..............
  • I like that they thought to add texture, but it's not the right texture, too bold. And there's too much of the same texture, the logo and boots shouldn't just have the exact same fabric in different colors. It looks like he uses the same weird stuff spider-man uses. Then again Superman's costume is very hard to modernize without offending the hardcore fans (of which there are MANY). The hair-curl missing -IS- noticeable, again modernized but not for the better.
  • TTumMM
    I hope Nolan and David's script and Han Zimmers scroll will revive Zack to the point of 300 again.
  • Buddy
    Well im hoping for good film, will be interesting to see the directors take on the character as its pretty unique and a big cinema icon to work on. Roll on trailer!
  • Django9000
    I hate the over-use of the terms "dark" and "gritty", but this Superman certainly looks more menacing than any film version I've seen before.  And that ain't a bad thing!
  • Glenrenetl
    shooting starting 8/22 in Plano IL
  • Guestsam
    batman francise was a huge success for warner bros.  the last superman movie from three years ago blew so much they cancelled all previous advertising and got a new cast even though routh was a great superman its a bank vault behind superman they havent gotten it yet man of steel gets a 6 out of 10 bets?
  • Lando
    wow! 180 comments from one photo! everyone here will be paying $ to see this. shut up already.
  • Phoinx
    Black power hair and fishnet/rubber/Spiderman costume? Ugh! ><
  • Solemovies
    Hate the suit. Too, too dark! He's NOT the Dark Knight. Never has been. Never should be (unless this is the bizzaro Superman maybe). He syands for truth, justice and the American (oops!) Way. Just because the reboot of James Bond worked (a lucky move) not EVERY iconic character will (The Amazing Spiderman? Give me a break). There's been many mistakes already (Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes). Stay true to our heroes, Hollywood, or leave them alone!
  • Wolfeman1701
    i think they needto mix the old suit witht the new one the cape need to be brighter and he looks like spiderman in that suit it better be a good movie
  • i also wanna be like superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • well...the only problem with this guy is that he has an evil look, and Super was not evil at all...
  • D L Seenie
    Well im glad they decided to go the original look sort of to Superman, but the wrong actor the play him, i am more afraid he'll try rape someone look at the look on his face, Henry Cavill, bad superman choice, i think the actor from Mad Men would have made the perfect superman, the only reason Henry Cavill was originally cast was because of his blonde-ish brown hair, when WB spoke out against Zack Snyders choice to make a blonde superman, Henry Cavill had to dye his hair black. so WB does care about what happens to a franchise just sometimes not enough. I still would have liked to see a sequel to S.R. they had such a great openning for a sequel. Brandon Routh was perfect for the helm of Superman. Henry Cavill just looks to much like a convicted sex criminal for me to take in his Superman. P.S. *BEEP* Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and the whole movie in general although Rhys Ifans is always awesome in everything he does.
  • Illusion_x3
    Nolan and Snyder. . . . Possibly batman superman? soon maybe. .
  • Shane
    I was thinking that this picture would grow on me.  Verdict: nah.  I'll wait for this Superman to come on HBO.
  • Yecats71
  • Thexn
    He looks like Bizarro, Superman's evil doppelganger.
  • Bum Love
    Yeah, this Superman kind of has a rape-face.
  • Sugar&Spice
    I don't know...I mean, the shot looks great and everything - and I am certainly counting down the miliseconds to the cinema release date (I'm a die-hard Superman fan)... but Henry Cavill just doesn't give me the Superman vibes that Brandon Routh did.  Y'know, the *tall* (no offence Henry),young, noble, happy, eternally good guy look.  Cavill just looks, for lack of a better word, grim and weathered (did I spell that right?). Oh, and I simply swooned over Routh's lil' Superman curl. I'm a female - you can't blame me... Brandon is *gorgeous*. 
  • Robert Kessler
    OK. So...I have a real problem with the look of the bank vault. It has a sort of CGI feel to it that does not bode well for the movie. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • Zxzxzxzx
    Eewwww, an OLD MAN superman? Ewwww
    • Henry Cavill is 29 years old you moron. If you think that's too old your mommy shouldn't be letting you use the internet unattended. Now I'm sure you have a play date to go to, so run along little one.
  • Ok i know we have had difficulties getting this franchise off the ground ... not sure why, but why keep changing the cast? I happened to like the other Superman
  • Ryguy198130
    The hot ninja chick off Pandorum plays in the movie.  Life eats life!!
  • Jasdt
    where are his eyebrows?? Did he use too much lighter fluid to start his barbecue? Will General Zod also be eyebrowless? Is it a feature shared by other kryptonians? Where are his red panties? He's going to look weird all blue.
  • they need to bring michael jai white back as spawn and make it a dark griddy action film like maybe him not liking superman or something and them fighting and ending up becomming partners to take down an even bigger threat then them two combined now that is a movie people will buy and make a new mark in the box office
  • just thought i would throw my two cents in there
  • you know what throw judge dredd in their like he trying to stop both spawn and superman and him to having to face the enimie while at the same time trying to catch and judge superman and spawn for all the destruction they have caused trying to save people you know like when an enemy throws them through a building or through a street crushing a bridge etc. those would be crimes to if you actually thought about it and looked at our laws today cuz even if you were the good guy you still git the ticket and have to pay the courts so dredd would fit perfect there spawn would be the half good halgf bad guy he has always been confused and wanting only vengence and superman trrying to stop him from murdering the murderes and maybe even bring thomas jane back as punisher to stir up the mix and have the people think whats gonna happen when they all end up at a stand off and all while this is going on their is a threat comming like brainiac or something someone that would be able to make all these heroes look like averagege joes that he could crush at any given time all at once if he wanted to like maybe freeza from dragonball z cuz he has diffrent transformations as he goes higher in power LOOK pretty much put this all in an almost 3 hour movie and i guarentee you have flocks of fans screaming to buy a ticket and it would put fun back into the theatres maybe even make biggest money making movie of all time just think of how many sequals and cartoons etc.....etc.....etc....
  • mix in venom and carnage and your set for life
  • I know better than hugh
    here's where DC can't help goimg wrong. If you want Superman to Kick Ass, you put him back in the 1940's..The Way Peter JAckson Did King Kong in the 1930's. Superman is a time charactor that is challenged by contemporary senisbilies like woman cursing and gay marriage.




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