First Look: Hulk in 'The Avengers' Unveiled on Final Concept Art Poster

July 24, 2011

Hulk in The Avengers

While many have seen the teaser trailer for Marvel's The Avengers at the end of the credits of Captain America this weekend, the Hulk was nowhere to be found. However, it's time to change that, as Marvel has unveiled it's last collectible poster of Comic-Con 2011 to reveal a full-on concept art poster collecting all six of the Avengers together in what looks to be their first group photo. It's a fantastic reveal and is indeed our first look at Mark Ruffalo's Hulk in Avengers, plus an early look at what we can expect (look for the Helicarrier the background). Such an awesome concept art tease! Click on either image for higher res below.

The Avengers Concept Art Poster

Hulk in The Avengers Poster

When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. The star studded cast includes Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, as well as Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgård who are reprising their respective roles as Loki and Professor Selvig from Thor. Marvel's The Avengers hits theaters everywhere May 4th, 2012.

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  • Jericho
    not bad
  • RhythmDave
    Does anybody know if this Hulk is the same as the one from 'the incredible hulk', or if they are just completly rebooting his story?
    • Tonyoung55
      It's the same hulk just different actor he should be on the run at the beginning or something. Tony
      • RhythmDave
         cool hope so, would like to think they never had to relaunch the whole character because of edward norton
  • I have to said that is not bad at all.. want to see more anyway.. 
  • Ron
    Kinda looks like Mark Ruffalo...which it should be considering they are doing motion capture of some sorts. But I kinda liked the Hulk they had in the Incredible Hulk better (even though I thought in some shots in the movie, his looks were inconsistent). This movie is going to be great regardless that teaser; post-credits Captain America, was amazing!
  • The Hulk kind of looks like George Lopez..
  • Loser
  • Buttass
    Great poster, love the look and the Bruce Banner profile.
  • Roderick
  • I prefer the Hulk from the Norton film. I'm not a big fan of the short hair.
    • jah p
      I agree, I like the look of the last hulk film better..for some reason, he looks a bit old on this poster..
      • and a little bit too frankenstein-ish
        • And way too big.  The movies keep wanting to turn the Hulk into King Kong, which (IMHO) completely ruins the character.  Sure, he's supposed to be large, but not ridiculously large.
          • Rstonewall
            The problem in my opinion is that we are still too used to Bill Bixby as David Banner... The Bruve banner / comic book Hulk is much different. Hulk in the comics could jump straight up directly into space and was able to defeat Superman in a cross over comic. The Hulk fromt the comics is absurdly massive. True to the comics, was actually closer to Ang Lee's version. But the folks in the seats couldn't get past their expectations. (IMHO).
          • Designedbyburns
            Well, according to Marvel's website, the "green" Hulk stands 7'-8' tall and weighs between 1040lbs and 1400lbs. The reason for the size differences: the angrier he gets, the larger and more powerful he becomes. Yao Ming, a retired basketball player for the Houston Rockets, is 7'6" and had a listed weight of 310 lbs. Shaq was listed at 7'1" with a weight of 325 lbs. Even better yet, for those of you that remember the 80's WWF wrestler Andre the Giant, he was billed at 7'4", 475 lbs or The Big Show, billed at 7'1", 485 lbs. For those of you that think The Hulk is too big in the movies, what are you expecting? Lou Ferrigno to reprise his role at 6'5 290 lbs?
  • Herp
    Hulk is supposed to be nude in this film.. sooo.. not sure if you really want to see more.
    • Moutchy
      He seems to be wearing pants on this poster. Where did you get that he'll be nude in the movie? That's nonsense!
      • Herp
        Mark Ruffalo tweeted it
        • Rstonewall
          Those purple pants cant stretch forever.
        • Er...he was joking, responding to questions about the poster where Hulk's pants were obscured
  • Ralph Cue
    the like the look of this hulk, its more like the original rather than the first two cgi that has been made
  • AP
    Anyone know the two characters behind Shaft on the far right of the panaromic Avengers photo? They guy is Phil Coulson, but I cant make out the woman.
    • grapefruit
      Cobie Smulders playing Maria Hill
  • Dom
    oh look they've gone back to the original look - lol. 
  • Samuel L. Jackson the great director in this movies.The hulk is the very unexpected movie.!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanos
    I love it! Looks more like Jack Kirby Hulk to me!
  • Tommygun21
      @All Above: You guys are all misguided and benighted. Blinded by uncontained excitement at the prospective Avenger Movie event, soon to be upon us with advent of the world also coming to an end in 2012. Look carefully again, suspend all your excitement, focus and ye shall see by using the Force that this Avenging Hulk is indeed.......Agent Smith.....   yes Sir, Agent Smith of the Matrix!!!!! Reincarnated by the Agency into the green unstoppable behemoth of green toxic mound known as the Hulk.            I now admittedly confess that i cannot contain my excitement.
  • StanDarsh
    I think they chose not to go with such a cut hulk who is good looking because he would overshadow chris hemsworth and cap. If they used either the 2003 or 2008 version both cap and thor would look like ant's next to hulk onscreen and it would make them less believable.
  • Staticdb1
    enjoy the picture cause the movie will suck just like thor ironman and captain america  the writers at marvel all need to be giving pink slips  thanks marvel staff for destroying marvel for us and u who do they make these movies for my mom and idiots
    • I think you have Marvel confused with Geoff Johns...
    • it's called a period, here are a few you can use...
    • James
      Marvel is not dc u jackass
  • Chiball
    Hulk is suppose to be bigger than the rest, Hulk is the strongest there is and in every pic he's the biggest minus Antman.
  • Juno2
    Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne??
  • al
    Can't speak for anyone but myself but I think the new look (sucks).  I thiught Marvel nailed it with the last movie - this makes the hulk as others put it look like an ape...
  • Ahmed Hozayen
    Damn, That looks badass.
  • Anybody else notice that Hawkeye is holding a right-handed bow like a lefty? He looked right-handed to me in Thor...
    • JackHowlett
  • Shane
    Hulk looks like my granddad... lol.
  • Zopo
    I liked the Eric Banner Hulk more so than Norton.
  • Bogeyman78
    Am I the only one who noticed that Iron Man doesn't have the triangular chest piece last seen on the Mark VI armor in Iron Man 2? Does it mean that Stark's arc reactor won't be having the vibranium core that saved his life, opting to go back to the palladium core that nearly killed him? This doesn't make sense.  
  • James
    They should have kept Edward norton, mark ruffalo sucks as hulk and Thor is wak too switch him for wolverine
  • Progamus
    Sorry about that glitch in my comment. I much prefer the Hulk in the Norton movie. I thought they got the look just right. This looks a bit cartoonish and he looks terribly old here. The Norton Hulk was the right colour dark green and he looked as savage as Hulk is supposed to look. That being said, I'm still looking forward to The Avengers :)  
  • Too bad Ruffalo can't hold his tongue long enough to stop insulting half the movie going fan base.  His arrogance will cost the ticket sales.
    • JackHowlett
      I'm curious as to what you are referring to kind rebel
  • JackHowlett
    what's going on with his mouth for cryn'out loud.How come nobody is revolted at this picture as i am....I mean they nailed it with the incredible hulk movie,WHY IN THE NAME OF GAMA BOMBS did they have to go and change his entire look????




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