First Look: New Autobot 'Sentinel Prime' from Bay's Transformers 3!

March 2, 2011
Source: Empire, TFW2005

Sentinel Prime & Optimus Prime

We still haven't seen an actual trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon yet, just some awesome TV spots, but thanks to a reveal of some info over on TrailerAddict, we know a teaser is coming in a few weeks. In the meantime, Empire (via ComingSoon) debuted a new cover featuring an Autobot called Sentinel Prime, who's a "big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime." Obviously he's going to have to come in and help out. Other news from the mag is that TF3 won't have "dorky humor" or "sand", but they will give "weight" to the bots again: "when robots die, they're really going to die and we're gonna show that." Damn.

If you click on the photo below, it'll take you to the original TFW2005 page. Or you can go to Empire here.

Empire's Sentinel Prime Magazine Cover - Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Bay describes this third installment as "kind of like a spy movie." Bay also reveals the Ferrari is a Decepticon named Dreadbox, and there's a bot that "the scale on one of them is jawdropping." Can't wait for more!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is again directed by everyone's favorite explosive director, Michael Bay, of the previous two Transformers movies as well as Bad Boys I and II, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and The Island. The screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote the Revenge of the Fallen script but went solo this time, and also worked on The Ring, The Skeleton Key and Brothers Grimm screenplays. Paramount is bringing Transformers 3 to theaters everywhere in 3D starting July 1st, 2011 this summer!

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  • Jjasef
    He looks....huuge.
  • xamel
    "the scale on one of them is jawdropping." Bigger than the one with balls of steel in the 2nd movie?
  • TomCruise
    thats what you call a Prime
  • YomanDenver
    This really isn't a first look, as this guy was seen at the end of the announcement trailer.
    • Kyle56d
      No he wasn't lol
      • Anonymous
        Yes, he was. Unless that was a different "bearded" Transformer with bushy eyebrows whose face they showed at the very end of that trailer.
      • Kapow
        Yes it is. It's the same autobot in the ship on the moon. It's was most likely Sentinel Prime's Cybertron mode.
  • ASB
    Call me stupid but the last film. Was the whole fallen thing able to happen cos Optimus was "The Last Of The Primes"???
    • Pebbles
      Mhmm, but they were assuming that Sentinal Prime had been destroyed, seemed he was just napping on the moon.
      • Jt97
        because when the ark crashed on the moon he was sent into a "sleep" mode (like megatron in the first movie). when armstrong and aldrin went into the ark it "reactivated" sentinel
  • Voice of Reason
    Jawdropping scale? The moon is a robot? That's no moon.......
    • Anonymous
      ...that's Unicron, amg!!!11!!1 Wasn't Unicron roughly the size of a planet? It's been a long time and I am old. Somebody help me out here.
  • Jericho
    i see a Gundam ripoff
  • SV7
    Megatron was demoted to second fiddle in Revenge of the Fallen and now Prime needs help in Dark of the Moon? Just cut the gimmicks and give us a freakn story about Megatron and Optimus would you??? It is almost impossible to believe this movie will not suck ass like the first two. Chances are it'll be 30% join-the-military footage (officers sitting at desks giving orders - in fact exposition that ABSOLUTELY should not be in the movie), 30% nicely shot but badly paced action with no real narrative, 20% stupid humor - I know they've said it won't be in there, but seriously what are the chances... And lastly 20% of actual good stuff worth watching. There's only one Transformers movie and it was made in '86.
    • Have Hope
      Bayformers SUCKS and will never compare to what is still the best 80's series
    • Normstar2k
      Sorry to break it to you, but the "one" Transformers movie (which, incidentally, is my most beloved childhood favourite, so I'm not knocking it's quality!) had plenty of gimmicks (the sharkticons, anyone?) and Optimus and Megatron were barely in it. I believe the Autobots had help from a number of others, including another Prime, and Megatron was technically the third-place villain behind Galvatron and Unicron. Seemed that movie was pretty good, though. Funny that.
      • SV7
        Optimus and Megatron may have had little screen time but they didn't have superiors brought in as a gimmick. Prime's death was a pretty natural progression after a huge run in the tv series and it was a big story point about who would take over. And while Megatron became Galvatron, he never willingly submitted to Unicron. He hated that he was forced to do his bidding - this was in character. Unicron was an external threat to everyone. Megatron in ROTF grovelled before The Fallen, completely out of character. The Fallen was a pathetic leader and seemed to have weaknesses that Megatron didn't, yet he was the leader. He was very much a gimmick and not realised very well at all. And I have nothing against the sharkticons - hey, that sequence was awesome! I'll take sharkticons over those stupid robots in Sam's kitchen any day... The 86 movie did clean the out the old characters because they wanted a new toy line, but holy shit, that film has sooooo much heart it's ridiculous. The Optimus/Megatron fight is epic. You care about the transformers, there's dynamic relationships. There's a sense of wonder. But as you're a fan I sense you all ready know this stuff :) My point is that the Bay films don't even try to achieve these things. Instead it's "What are we going to do for the sequel? Hey, let's have an even more bad ass robot than Megatron. He wants revenge. Let's call it Revenge of the Fallen. Yeah! Can you see the poster!" Now it's "This good guy is even bigger than Optimus! Wow, look at the scale!" Don't give me a bigger robot. Give me a story with some heart. Please!
  • Anonymous
    all i got from this is that Conan still looks like shit
    • Quazzimotto
      Thats no joke
  • Yeaah. No. Just No. They just look like the cheesy accessories you get in computer shops that are meant to look futuristic. Sometimes restraint is a good thing.
  • Day
    We probably haven't seen a trailer because there is not much in terms of decent content to show...
  • hmmmm
    would he crap engine blocks?
  • Krrl
    im not really into the way these new (and in the second one i guess) bots are being designed. I think there are too many small parts and the faces are getting too like... characterized. It the new optimus looks badass but this sentinel character hardly looks mechanical anymore.
  • Quazzimotto
    Ha, serious words there, "bots are going to die, for real this time." Whoa, sounds like they are serious. Real serious. But they're keeping the twins... Optimus dies in every movie and always comes back. So his brother is taking his place this time around instead? I'll pretend to be shocked.
  • Anonymous
    I wonder if there is actually gonna be some transformers in this one?
  • Bobbsuncle
    Lets back up a little. Optimus put his call out to all Autobots to come to earth. lets just say 2009. Sentinel was 'activated' in 1969. What was he doing for 40 years? Especially once Optimus died in the second. One word. Lazy. I say that he put a sign on the moon saying "Back in 50 years"...
  • The first movie was entertaining but already way off canon, and too much time was spent with humans, and megan fox. the second movie did well to distract from the problems with the first by being worse for far too many reasons to name, first and foremost being the twins being the JarJarBinks of the movie, why couldn't they just let devestator eat them? He was like a crappy broken vacuum, that just spit stuff right back out. This third movie brings my favorite Transformer "Shockwave" in. Optimus act like the Decepticons are a threat all the while simply stomping them out like bugs until the end when the Autobots and Humans band together and rip the decepticons to shreads, the end. I'm sure they'll bring Blackout back agian, renamed "Twirler" or something, just so they can RIP HIS FACE OFF ten seconds later. I don't much care about the outcome of this, I know I'm gonna see it eventually, just probably not in theaters what with all the much better geekdom going on in theaters this Summer.
  • Fisherr
    Epic boss battles, oh yeah! Can't wait.Glad the cheesy sense of humor isn't back.
  • Akgross21
    I hope bumblebee has some good fight scences
  • Suckitcraig
    in the last movie they said optimus was the last prime. now we have sentinal prime. great, change the story again.
  • Smurfeoknight
    The first movie was inviting becuz you couldn't wait to see what transformers they actually put in the movie. Jazz was the coolest i thought next to bumblebee (until Jazz gets killed off) and I was excited that I couldn't wait till the next one. Then they come with the second and I said ok who did they put in next...and they add the twins who was kinda cool along with sideswipe who only had like a 5 min preview through out the whole movie. It was starting to get so dumb because I said they put all these decepticons into the fight battle who didn't have any names cuz they all looked aliked. It was so awesome how the constructicons come into the movie and started to transformer and I got excited again until I notice there were like all these different construction vehicles. Now I may be wrong but I thought that when the costructicons formed together to make devastator all the peices had to form him so why was there a perfectly formed devastator breaking the pyramid apart and different parts of him fighting in the same scene?? (one was fighting bumblebee and the other fighting jetfire). Someone said they should stick to the story cuz it was all over the place and the only thrill I got from the second movie was Optimus Prime fight scene just before he dies. They made Optimus and Bumblebee the only cool robots in the movie....cuz in the story Optimus of course being the strongest showed his strength when he was taking on like 3 decepticons at the same time and when they were kicking his butt Optimus got up and said "I'll take you all on". The other strongest from the story they got right was Bumblebee being also strong though he was tiny he also was fighting Rampage in the desert and ripped Ravage apart from the spine. Now with the third one I am excited and hope it's not a 5 min excitement like the other 2. Keep it real and keep it right Michael Bay because we need to know that there is a name of these robots and it's actually them. There is so many Autobots that he can bring into the movie besides the same ones who don't do anything like Ratched who never did anything, Arcee who really didn't do anything, Ironhide (who didn't do much since the 1st film) and Sideswipe who only only had 5 min action let's have more action and fighting instead of seeing Megatron, Starscream, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime through the whole movie.
  • Ruel_1022
    Why would some people compare the Live action movie to a cartoon movie which was made in the 80's? common people, grow up. This is a live action that is not only made for kids but also for matured audiences. Do you think matured people would like to see a cartoon-like story with poor transformation and fight scenes? grow up old transformers geek-head fans.
  • Mister S
    Trust me everybody, this movie is going to blow everyone's mind!!  And they better have left the twins in, because they have a big part in this one.  "Sentinal is the key"
  • Anonymous
    worst film ever
  • duce




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