First Look: Fan-Made 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Logo + Teaser Poster

May 22, 2011
Source: ShockYa

The Amazing Spider-Man

You've gotta love the summer - so much good stuff finally comes out of the woodwork, not only movies, but great marketing stuff like this. Thanks to ShockYa (via Latino Review), an early teaser poster and logo set for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot being directed by Marc Webb, have been found. Normally a logo isn't that exciting, but I thought this was worth featuring because if you look closely at the poster, you'll notice some scales (hinting at the villain The Lizard) as well as a faint red and blue color, and maybe a face, which is actually pretty cool. There you go - your new iPhone background or wallpaper. Enjoy!

UPDATE: These have been confirmed as fan-made, fake posters, but we're still keeping them up for your own enjoyment, as some might like to see them anyway. Our apologies for all the confusion with these!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, out hero Spider-Man, as well as Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Connors, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb has already started shooting his fantastic new take on the beloved comic book hero, working in both Los Angeles and New York City. We've already seen a few good photos of Garfield in costume, but we're always hungry for more official material - these have been confirmed as unofficial posters. I guess we'll have to continue to wait until Sony releases the official logo or more material. Sony / Columbia Pictures is bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to theaters in 3D on July 3rd, 2012, but we expect the marketing to begin ramping up later this summer!

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  • why is "the amazing" not capitalized?
  • JenB
    Ehhh...This is at best annoying, simply pathetic and disappointing. This hidden stuff/viral approach to film marketing has gotten out of hand, a long time ago! Just the design of the logo is underwhelming and boring. There's nothing "amazing" about it! Though I have a really good feeling about the film, this is just a waste of marketing budget as I see it. I mean, we've already seen a picture of Spidey - why not do a another fantastic photo with Spidey and Gwen (or anyone else for that matter) and throw it out there as the teaser poster...? This is just...nothing...
    • Bltzie
       right on the spot
    • DCompose
      This is more eye catching. Your way would have made it cluttered and boring.  
      • JenB
         Since I have not explained how I'd compose an alternative poster myself, I'm amazed to find out that you found a time machine and traveled into the future to found out how I did it - before I did! 😀 I completely disagree with your statement about it being more "eye catching". This is SO generically done that I can't even begin to explain how much really. I mean, this could be anything. If I just walked by this on the street (and not something I'd devote any time to inspect more!). And by the sound of it, some people seem to suspect it to be FAKE...nice work there poster-man 😀 Thanks for the poster critique 😉
        • Jericho
          atually he's right, since we all have seen what he looks like in virals, it would be pointless to put him in...and people would be comparing it to the Raimi posters 
          • JenB
             Right...pointless. And everyone would assume of course that Raimi directed the new Spidey-flick if the motive was of a picture of Spider-man...that's just ridiculous. ANYTHING else on this poster would be an astronomical improvement to this lazy garbage! This isn't a movie poster - this is just really, really bad marketing. Who cares if the background (that you can barely notice bwt.) is scales or the inside of a freakin' bee hive. If this isn't fake (which I really hope it is!!! I'm conviced there's a tiny text somewhere that reads: got you suckers!) then I'm almost afraid what the marketing department of this film will "come up with" next...geez
          • DCompose
            JenB, how about you tell us how you REALLY feel?
        • DCompose
          Imagine you're walking down a cinema hallway. You're being bombarded with information in the form of noise, music, and other posters. It's a busy area. What attracts your attention is something bold; something simple. That's exactly what this is. Your way would be boring because it would be lost in the similar clutter. I don't see why this is s o hard to understand for you.
          • JenB
            If you read my previous post, then you'd learn that I had actually tried to imagine walking by this poster (It seems though that its now slowly being revealed to be in fact a FAKE poster, so I doubt I ever will walk by this...thank God!) and...I'd just ignore the damn thing and move on, and probably notice something far more visually stimulating and attractive. If this poster is in fact REAL, I'd imagine that a bullshit sales speech (very similar to yours really) would've convinced a some dubious marketing budget manager to go for this pointless idea. I seriously doubt it would generate anything close to the desired effect in a real world scenario. Btw. I AM telling you exactly how I feel. You just don't seem to like it that much ;D  
          • DCompose
            You were the first one to imagine this poster in a real setting. You were the first one to imagine the pitch for it. You were the first one to imagine what the result would be. So how does the movie end, JenB?
          • I absolutely agree with you that less is more, and adopting a minimalist approach can really make you stand out from the crowd. However, there's a difference between simple and boring. The simplicity of this poster is wonderful, but there are much better ways of doing the text. It's about balance, and this poster isn't quite there yet.  I say keep the main elements, but spread the text out so it looks less cramped and uncomfortable. That would make a world of difference.
    • Cody
      Successful troll is successful. 
    • MC
      you mean do the same old boring over the top crappy harry potter type poster? Yer thats so original. Have you ever heard of less is more.. I like the simplicity and remember its just a teaser poster at this stage.. Leave the design process to the professionals and just enjoy it for what it is
      • JenB
        It's not the official teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man (thank God). I'm not saying that it should be in a specific way, I'm just saying that anything else but this would be an improvement (and it will be!). This FAKE poster might have been made by pro' might more likely not have been. Either way, I strongly doubt that an official design for this "teaser poster" would have taken this approach, nor be approved by the head of marketing. There's far too much money at stake here and the "less is more"-approach is in this case (major commercial motion picture) not really an option I'd think. I'm relieved to know that this poster is in fact FAKE and that there is a far more stronger possibility for a official poster being made that I'd like to have hanging on my wall. Btw. what's so original about this though...? Do you mean it's original and bold because it's mostly just letters...? I'd say that that would be a strong indication of lack of imagination and originality...
  •  I'd be surprised if this film ends up being better than Spiderman 3 which was disappointing at best.
    • Anonymous
      Well, at least the chances that it will be -worse- than Spiderman 3 are very low.  The only way to achieve that would be if Peter gets another emo dance scene in which he wears a tutu, twirls a ruffled umbrella and cries bloody tears to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".
  • Rondador
    ¿Marvel Studios? ¿Fake?
    • Google for the win
  • Anieves75
     since when do spiders have scales
    • rowlandsfc
       its to get u hyped for the lizard, as he is the main bad guy
      • Anonymous
        Scales? Looks more like a microphone to me:P 
  • Miles
    Is this movie NECESSARY? I think that's going to be this film's biggest problem. Granted I'm definitely going to watch it, but there's no escaping the fact that it will be compared to Raimi's version(s). That and the fact we've seen most of it before. It's just another origin story. With a superhero we're already very well acquainted with, albeit in a filmic sense. I don't know. I just don't know...
  • Jwb3
     I'm just stoked the lizard man will finally be in it! I mean, they set him up SOOOOOO perfectly in the original trilogy with Toby Maguire, but yet ended it after the 3rd (which sucked, cause it didn't capture Venom's true character, features, and awesomeness). But least they are doing him now. I just hope Garfield can live up to the role of spiderman.  I wonder what ever happened to the role of The Vulture? I heard John Malkovich was going to play The Vulture in either the fourth installment of the Toby spidermans or if they made a second movie to this new spiderman. Any words of knowledge to The Vulture?
  • If this is real, I'm disappointed. This looks like something one of my second year design classmates would have done. The Marvel logo is so small, you barely notice it, which is kind of making me wonder about the authenticity of this poster. Hopefully, they'll come up with something less generic for the next one. I know they might not be able to add dynamic imagery, but they should at least do something with the text. Come on, Sony, you can do it.
    • Jericho
      the character belongs to Marvel, therefore MArvel Studios, they are not going to make it all popped out unless you never have heard of the character before
      • mace
        sorry Marvel sold their movie rights to different studios. Sony is the one who producing Spider-Man, Marvel will get a cut of the profit cause its their character apart from that you will not see Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studio are their own film studio who are producing their own movies i.e. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Cap, The Avenger.
  • Did you know that in the Web of Spider-man run (1986), Spidey came to Belfast and London and fought the IRA -  
  • Wiktoria
    At least the font type is better than the one used in the previous films. They should have capitalised the first two words in the title and removed the word 'in' before the release date.
    •  I actually didn't mind the font of the previous films. It was easily recogniseable, which led to excellent marketing opportunities. Fans were making posters that had one image and nothing but "4" on it in the Spider-Man font, and everyone knew exactly what it was about because they associated it with Spider-Man. To me, that is the mark of an excellent font choice.
      • Anonymous
        You mean the PlayStation 3 font? 
        • Zak
          You do realize spider man came out before the ps3? Sony used the font for it cuz they owned the rights to spider man. Pretty cheap on their part.
  • Azn2newbie
    I miss you Raimi and Maguire. :(  
  •  That logo looks really dull and generic.
  • DCompose
    Yeah those don't look like scales. It looks like either metal or fabric.  
  • Anonymous
    If that poster is real then sony (or Marvel) need to employ some new designers! Cheap, dull and unimaginative!.......and what is "in July 3 - 2012" about! FAKE!
  • Poo
    this is soooo FAKE why would they release something like this that makes no sense...
  • Red Yeti
    "IN July 3, 2012"?!? In?! Who would write that?
  • Oriyan J.
     Am I the only one who liked the new logo? I dunno, there's something simple about it and I like it better than the old one.
  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't hang it on my wall.   Real or fake, it's simply too boring.
  • coasterboy
    oh dear, crap typography!
  • Jericho
     nice, straight to the point without any over dramatic poses...
  • Mbussey2416
    I was going to say this isn't an independent Marvel Studios property?  It's being co-produced with Sony, which means Sony still has some say in what goes in the movie.
    its fake for a few of reasons. own the rights to spider-man not marvel studios. 2.why isn't it all written in capital letters. july 3rd 2012,why not just 3.8.12
    • Thanos is a dumbass
       Three reasons why THANOS is a dumbass 1. Marvel Studios is co-producing 2. It's not all in caps because its a bit minimalistic 3. July is the 7th month of the year so you mean 3.7.12
      • Jericho
        one reason your both dumbasses says at the top this is a Fan made poster 
      • THANOS
        it would not say marvel studios it would say sony marvel do not own the rights. at most it would say marvel,marvel studios is a part of disney. also you're right i got the date wrong,but you don't have act like a prick.  
  • Rich Lee
    Could you get any more boring than this Marc? I mean really. This is Spider-Man, not 500 Days of Summer. 
  • Chris A.
     Why does it say in 2D in select theaters? That's such bullshit how we are slowly being forced to watch all movies in nothing but 3D........
  • Undeniably fake. 
  • Kruz Mcanally
    thats not scales its the pattern etched into his suit  
  • Anonymous
    Hahaha, omg. "Also in 2D in select theaters." xD 
  • To all who say "FAKE FAKE FAKE IT'S NOT MARVEL'S IT'S SONY COLUMBIA'S FAKE FAKE FAKE", may I direct you to where it states that the DISTRIBUTOR is COLUMBIA PICTURES. If it's fake you'd be better of pointing out the typo "For future info fo to" or the British spelling of "theatre" instead of "theater" when us Brits don't even call it a theatre. Nobody's even spotted that, so call that out instead.
  • Leinergroove
    pretty lame... 
  • Darrengeet
     Someone Fix the font......i cleaned it up for you guys. have fun
  • luke
     Fake!! The studio is Sony not a Marvel Studios least that's what I thought??
  • mace is a dumbass
     Marvel Studios is co-producing dumbass
    • Thanos is a dumbass
       HAHA dude you need to read. Marvel Studios is subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment and MMarvel Entertainment: Marvel Studios: scroll down to co production
  • wahhhmbulance
     There is no error dumbass
  • the_kid89 is a dumbass
     definitely stupid ^
  • I like it. I think it's believably the sort of teaser poster you might see in a theater this early on, although I agree the words "the amazing" should had have been capitalized (smaller then "SPIDER-MAN" but in upper-case).
  • The Moo
    I find the understated and restrained quality of it refreshing.  But then I guess poppy visuals and pizazz don't sit to comfortably with "Gritty Reboot".  This is a Gritty Reboot right?
  • Joeho
     I don't know. The Background doesn't really give the random movie goer, who hasn't researched the movie, any information. I'm certainly sure anyone who says "It's introducing The Lizard" has already researched the movie and decided if they're going to go see it or not.  People who know nothing about this movie would probably be confused. Most of them would have no idea what the background image actually is. Hell, I'm not sure. 
    • Anonymous
      I think it's the fabric of his suit with bloody claw marks from the Lizard.  It's definitely Spidey's suit, of that I'm sure. 
  • CisforCinema
    Is that even real/official? That is the most boring poster I have ever seen.
  • ind3lible
     You mean you couldnt tell it was fake with the "In July" ?
  • 12.42
  • sure am glad firstshowing added the word FAKE in big letters to the headlining picture some time since last night. It seems like EVERYONE has overlooked the words "Fan-Made" also in the headline. Whoever did this got paid nothing, so people need to stop freaking out like their tax-dollars went into this "lame/boring poster". NOT REAL o_o
    • We were just updating the post recently to now make sure everyone knows this is fake/fan-made and not real.
  • Jericho
    Columbia pictures *at the bottom right* is a Sony entertainment company....
  • Spiderman is jokes.
  • nice fan-made poster 😀




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