First Unofficial Action Star-Packed Poster for 'Expendables 2' Revealed

November 18, 2011
Source: JoBlo

The Expendables 2

Holy mountain of action movie stars! Our friends at JoBlo have revealed the first unofficial poster for The Expendables 2, which features a total of nine kick ass action stars all stacked/packed onto one one-sheet. Of course, Sylvester Stallone is up front and center, flanked by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. The Expendables has had some embarrassing production woes recently, including the tragic death of a stuntman and fines for damaging a protected habitat while filming, that I'm sure Lionsgate/Millennium wants everyone to forget. So here's a poster packed with stars, including Chuck Norris, in the meantime.

Click below or head to JoBlo for the high res. Looks like it was unofficial poster anyway!

Poster has been removed at the request of Millennium Films. Sorry!

Millennium Films / Nu Image now has Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Mechanic) set to direct The Expendables 2, with Stallone returning along with Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews and Jet Li. The cast now also includes Liam Hemsworth, Scott Adkins, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, along with rumors of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage (likely not in it, or only cameos). Shooting is underway in Bulgaria, despite the troubles they've run into. Lionsgate has set an official August 17th, 2012 release date next for Expendables 2 summer. This is an awesome stack of action stars, there's no denying that. I'm sure we'll see more for this soon. Excited?

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  • Bart
    That looks like a goof poster from the future, right out of Back to the Future 2. Let it go guys, let it go...
    • ur_babys_daddy
      We children of the 80's can't. Its like telling 13 year old girls and unhappy grown women to give up the Twilight films.
    • Oh my fucking GOD!!! You two have made me laugh straight for 10 minutes... I nearly passed out! No lie... "Let it go guys, let it go..." & "Its like telling 13 year old girls and unhappy grown women to give up the Twilight films" made me cry with laughter. So much tears...
  • ... Looks to be as badass as the first. Bring your popcorn! ...
  • Nathan
    When did Jet Li get a sex change?
  • Jimmer
    Other than Statham, this could be a promo poster for a retirement home. Holy crap they look old.
    • Jimmer
      and crews too
  • Josh Taylor
    Who is the random asian woman in the poster? Otherwise I like it alot. This movie is going to rock some shiyit!
  • Manuel
    I totally love President Herbert Montain Dew Camacho in that poster. BRING IT ON, B#$%&!
  • Roderick
    Where's Jet Li..... Unless Jet Li became a girl... That's not Jet Li.
  • NeoSlyfer
    Good Lord ,look at the Testosterone levels of this photo, my manliness isn't worthy
  • McGregor
    Why is there gibberish written at the bottom of the poster? I'm sure that a press release is imminent with an official announcement for the cast, plot, etc. Van Damme, Norris, Atkins and Hemsworth can't be the only new additions to the cast.
    • What are you talking about? Look at the credits on the poster, the line along the top, that's everyone who is in the film - and that matches up with everyone we mentioned, mixing returning actors and all the new ones. I doubt there's more cameos, but I mentioned Cage/Travolta anyway. What's wrong with all of that?
      • Chip_Tha_Ripper
        My list below alex are of actors that could have made this even better so ya know after that first star studded flick it feels lame by just adding two or 3
  • jah p
    First off, this poster looks good, but I don't know where you guys been but Jet Li isn't in this, from what I heard he and Mickey Rourke dropped out..oh btw, Chuck Norris looks very gay on this poster!lol!! If I was Randy Couture, I'd be mad as hell if I was in the first one and wasn't on this poster! What a shame!
    • Chris
      So Li is out then? Someone should have told the bloke who put the poster together as he seems to have left his name on there. *cough*
    • Then why is "Li" one of the names credited along the top...? I'm pretty sure Jet Li is in this.
      • jah p
        They said this awhile ago,that he wasn't in this Alex, they were actually looking for his replacement months ago...they were even looking at Donnie Yen, but his schedule was full.
        • Maybe that was temporary, he's definitely listed, if this is an official poster (I believe it is) then I trust what it says.
        • Gfgdfgdfg
          Which means this poster is a FAKE
        • So is Jet Li really in this at ALL or not? Have they found a replacement? He's still listed on IMDb... does anyone know the real story?
    • Chip_Tha_Ripper
      Rourke is in it because the whole plot was supposed to be about his character doing a,lone mission in bulgeria and dying.
  • Chris
    What a mess... so it'll be perfect for this film. What's with the awkward looking 'also/with/and'?
  • EX2: Expendables United
    • ... and by the way, this is not and officially released poster. If you look a the credits (bottom of the image) you'll notice it.
      • Yea the credits definitely do seem weird... Is this a fan-made poster or something? Do we have any idea or confirmation?
  • jah p
    Maybe something has changed since, but here's the link that Jet Li isn't in this..
  • Josh Taylor
    Who is Liam Hemsworth and why is he even in this movie?
    • Chip_Tha_Ripper
      Related to the guy who played thor(who I wanted in this movie) pretty much has done no action movies at all either..
  • David Banner
    Fake or not, it's still a funny poster :)
  • Condy
    Chuck Norris looks awesome on this poster!
  • Anonymous
    That poster is the saddest, most awesome thing I have ever seen.
  • Chip_Tha_Ripper
    Wishing it had the rock, vin diseal, CHRIS hemsworth, ferrigno, the guy that played debo in the friday movies, samuel l jackson, clint eastwood, harrison ford, wesley snipes or sean connery. Oh well, theres always EX3
  • Once again I am asking why you ( Firstshowing crew) didn't publish any news about the death of the stuntman and the other one who injured on the set of this "movie" until now ? why now after 20 days !? putting some links from other sites .. why you didn't publish a full article on your own when it happen ..? Every where they mentioned the tragedy .. but looks like you have a good connection with Millennium Films and Nu Images that is why you don't want to hurt their feelings !!! It is your job too to tell the truth and show the reality of what is going on .
    • JBrotsis
      Though it is a tragedy for both the stuntmen injuring or becoming fatal in the process of the movie being made, the reason why that may have not been mentioned is cuz that's not what this site is about. This site is here to aid fans in the information for upcoming movies delivering posters, trailers, commentaries, and release dates with the occasional writers giving their two sense about movies having come out and say their heh's or nah's/their opinions to the movie. If this site told every little incident in every movie (such as the accident not ever mentioned in the making of Transformers 3) fans would have to painstakingly search through unnecessary info to read what their hearts desire. Don't reap on the Firstshowing crew for information you've undoubtedly already read about elsewhere on the internet. You've found the info already, had your brief moment for being sorry, and now move doesn't effect you or us in any way. 
  • rennmaxbeta
    Now I'll have to get around to watching the rest of the first movie.




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