Official Trailer for Schumacher's Thriller 'Trespass' with Nicolas Cage

August 17, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Trespass Trailer

"Open the safe!" Here we go again, Nicolas Cage. Millennium Films has debuted the trailer via Yahoo for the home invasion thriller Trespass, starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as a wealthy husband/wife whose home gets invaded. I'm not sure where this film came from, but its directed by Joel Schumacher, which is something I need to point out because, well, you know. The cast includes Cam Gigandet and Liana Liberato, but this doesn't look like much more than just another kinetic home invasion flick, big whoop. Plus the trailer gives away most of the story, but it's a Schumacher film, you weren't going to see it anyway.

Watch the first official trailer for Joel Schumacher's Trespass, via Yahoo:

You can also download the new Trespass trailer in High Defintion on Yahoo

Held for ransom, a family's predicament grows more dire amidst the discovery of betrayal and deception.

Trespass is directed by veteran filmmaker Joel Schumacher, who started his career with films like St. Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys and Flatliners, then moved onto Falling Down, The Client, Batman Forever and A Time to Kill, finally devolving into Batman & Robin, Phone Booth, The Number 23, and, most recently, Blood Creek and Twelve. The screenplay was written by newcomer Karl Gajdusek, making his feature debut after working on "Dead Like Me". This was produced and is being distributed by Millennium Entertainment in the US, opening limited on October 14th this fall. It's also set to premiere at TIFF next month. Thoughts?

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  • Craig
    I love a good home invasion movie... good being the operative word, as I get sick to my stomach at the thought of seeing another Joel Schumacher movie.
  • Croniccris
    looks pretty good but when you put the joel schumacher film above the title it just makes me cringe...
  • LOL oh wow. 
  • JL
    I still can't get over what Schumacher did to Batman.
    • WMDimes
      What are you, Batman's dead parents? 
      • JL
  • Anonymous
    I don't think Joel will ever be able to redeem himself over the batman movies people are probably still surprised he's still around...
  • Sean
    Let's give Joel another chance. After all, he did direct 'A Time To Kill.'
  • Milton Berle
    I liked this movie better when Harrison Ford was in it and it was called Firewall.
  • tommyturner
    Nick Cage is the white Sam Jackson.  They never heard of a movie role they didn't like.  They should make a movie where they both play actors who fight over the same crappy role in a crappy film and in a twist ending, the role is finally given to Gene Hackman.
  • ate
    Have you guys (including Alex) even seen any of his other movies either than Batman? Seems like you fellas are all a lil sore about that catastrophic adaptation and that's all coz you don't watch anything either than comic movies or other fanboy stuff. He's directed a lot of crap but there are a few good ones in there too. Besides, if he hadn't screwed up, you wouldn't have got Nolan's trilogy now, would you?
    • Anonymous
      As the saying goes failure sometimes over shadows one's achievements... With that said you don't hear the "fanboys" here attacking Cage for screwing up Ghost Rider now do ya???
    • JL
      Why is it that whenever people reveal that they may watch too many comic-based movies, someone has to generalize and denigrate the commentators as "fanboys"?  It's like one day, someone decided it would be funny to tease someone who gets excited about something and came up with the word fanboy, and because nobody else has any originality or creativity, they just regurgitate this word over and over.  Look, @9bb54075e788fd62881d2a42a63c5662:disqus , Schumacher totally fucked up his Batman movies.  And the fact is, he hasn't done anything spectacular to balance that out.  I made a comment here about his big, rubber-nippled Batman mistake/s, but I'm not hating on the guy.  In fact, I have "8MM" in my queue on Netflix Instant.  I haven't watched it yet, but I am giving the guy a chance, or it wouldn't even be in my queue.  The sorry fact is, he doesn't have an extensive portfolio, and his work is often mediocre at best.  We're all fully aware that he isn't a total fuckup, because if he was, he probably wouldn't still be making movies.  And to answer your final question, Batman is a very popular character.  Even if WB and Nolan hadn't decided to make their trilogy, we would have seen some Batman movies, anyway.  It doesn't seem to have anything to do with Schumacher's movies being total failures.  Batman is a cash cow, like SpiderMan, which is why they are already rebooting THAT franchise only a few years after Raimi's last one.
      • Well said JL. The only 2 films I would ever give a positive review that Schumacher directed would be "The Lost Boys" and "Falling Down." I actually enjoyed "Cousins" with Ted Danson, and he is known for the brat pack film "St. Elmos Fire." But, "Falling Down" was 18 years ago, and the list since then isn't overwhelmingly impressive (I wasn't a fan of "Phone Booth").  "8MM" by the way is view-able. 
  • lane
    ^ate, I think the guy can make a good movie too.  But this doesn't look like one of them.  my rule of Nic Cage is that if he's asked to play a regular guy he's the worst.  if you let him be insane- he's the best.  In Bad Lieutenant, Adaptation, Kick Ass, The Rock, and The Weather Man he's the excellent... and each character is an awesome freak.  In Knowing, National Treasure, Next, Ghost Rider, and Sorcerer's Apprentice, he's bad.  Looks like he's an Average Joe under an intense situation in this one.  And it's another trailer that basically shows the entire movie.  Rent at best.
    • Angelfigueroa81
      well said
  • Luke
    I like the deep voice over in trailers. Reminds me of classic 90's thriller movies. 
  • Anonymous
    Kidman must really need the money.
    • JL
      LOL  That slipped my mind because I was too busy being distracted by Schumacher's name on this, and of course, Nic Cage's aweful hair.
  • nerak
    why don't people like Joel Schumacher?? can someone explain, i don't get it
    • WMDimes
      Because it's an easy way to seem funny. 
  • Anonymous
    I've seen this movie like 1000 times...People need to start being original again
  • Dudemambo
    • Richie G
      Did you not read that article past the first paragraph? "Dual cinema/download release"
  • Loser
    Schumacher made Falling down one awesome great badass movie. 
  • Cricketz
    This would be a Joel Schumacher film.
  • Of course they are going to fight back. If they didn't the film would end after the Second Act. Predictable.
  • Lamar
    I don't know why people hate on Shumacher; okay, I know why, but he had directed some pretty sweet movies. The Lost Boys, A Time to Kill, Flatliners, and Falling Down which is one of the best movies I've seen. Also Alex, Phonebooth wasn't that bad, matter of fact I love that movie so HA.
  • The preview picture is so laughable. Nicolas Cage is one of the few actors that acts like he's acting. That's not an angry character...that's nicholas cage acting like he's angry. It's so awful. How people defend him I have no idea. But opinions are opinions.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, Joel Schumacker made a couple bad movies. But he also made Falling Down, 8MM, Tigerland, The Client, A Time To Kill, Phonebooth and Phantom of the Opera. He made shitty batman movies because he based them on the shitty 1960's batman TV show. Batman and Robin is missing the "Bam!" "Pow!" "Whack!" graphics in the fight scenes. Falling Down, 8MM and Phonebooth are great movies, and the other ones I listed up there aren't too shabby. I haven't seen his more recent flicks like Twelve and Blood Creek, but I doubt they're all that bad. Schumacher is a pretty good director. Couple that with the fact that I really like Nic Cage and I'll probably see this in the theater. So yeah. I guess I'm weird that way.
  • PJ
    My god Cage is a terrible actor... I agree 1000000% percent with T. Morgan above.
  • HAhahahahahahaha looks like a film from the 80's in the video shop that I'd never even watch as a child.
    • WMDimes
      What a weird thing to say...
      • If you saw the video shop I went to, it wouldn't be so weird.
  • grimjob
    Ol' Squiggles up there is absolutely right. Schumacher has some amazing films under his belt. Those "Batman" things he did don't exist to me. Falling Down is one of the greatest movies ever made, and nothing else matters. Everyone is allowed mistakes, no matter how ridiculous. In my opinion, his cinematic achievements far outway the mishaps. That said, this looks alright. I'll probably netflix it.
    Should have chose jody foster as his wife and he would have had a panic room dumbass.....oh wait this is panic room without the room




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