LATEST NEWS Update: New Comment System Implemented - Feedback?

January 8, 2011


As you might have already noticed, we just switched our commenting system on from the WordPress system to the Disqus system that's now running. Disqus is a popular commenting system that almost everyone currently uses, which is why we made the switch and why it's good news for you guys. This means that you can login and comment on using existing logins for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or OpenID, or you can use your Disqus account (which you can create directly in the system). Your comments are linked, you can follow other people, and it's a lot easier to comment on all kinds of sites around the web.

I know it's a pretty big change from our previous comments (no numbers on the side anymore) and it'll take a little bit of getting used to, but I like how simple and easy to use Disqus is and it really has so many great features. For example, you can reply directly to individual comments, flag comments that are inappropriate so we can find and remove them quicker and so on. I've heard a few complaints about not being able to stay logged in every time. There's a simple solution to that - either use one of your existing logins or create an account on Disqus. To do that, when you click "Post as" on a comment, click the Disqus tab on the left then on "Don't have one? Register a new profile" at the bottom and you'll be logged in every time you return!

As always, we'd like to know what you think of this latest update. We're taking any feedback and want to know if you don't like them, how can we improve, what's missing, what kind of system do you want to see instead? If you do like them, let us know what like about them so we know what the positive and negatives are. We appreciate the feedback, as we want to continue making your experience better on FirstShowing!

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  • Xerxex
    My only complaint: My yahoo will not display Xerxex only my real name and I don't know if you've noticed but I make a pretty big deal about Xerxex, and I am clueless on how to change it, I've updated my yahoo display name but to no avail it still shows my real name...any ideas on what I should do? Other than that the comment section isn't to difficult...its just you kinda sprang it on us and with not warning...too much change in so little time! Argh!
    • Well this is my announcement about it! We're planning numerous upgrades throughout the next few months in early January 2011, but this update just hit first, so I wanted to get it up and running. My apologies for not writing this announcement post sooner! :) As for your technical issue, no clue, I'd say writing a support request on and seeing what they once they get back to you?
      • Xerxex
        I'll figure it out, till then you stay classy San Diego.
        • Anonymous
          Thanks Xerxex, after hearing your issues I went and registard (pun intended) so nobody could swipe my name. (Rorschach voice:) GIMME BACK MY NAME!!! For the record, I agree with uma (3rd poster) and did prefer the optional anonymity of the old ways. I only put my name on there so people (might) recognize me from old poster and restrain from insta-flaming on something stupid I say (type).
          • Anonymous
            It hurt me to put another X...bright side no one will call me Xerxes again! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      i hear ya, xerxex - i had to change my name to "beevis" since beavis was taken ono disqus - i guess i'll survive - LOL
      • Xerxex
        I had the same problem with Xerxex on Disqus! I'm not gonna put an extra x on it! I could go by Xerxerxex the one I use on imdb and youtube...I got a decision to make.
    • thank u sir.. good articles.. that is a good blog...
  • Awesome stuff guys, I only comment on blogs with Disqus and I can now join in here! Great stuff.
  • Seanj20
    please don't change the look of the site guys. This site is one of the best looking and easy to navigate movie blogs right now.
  • Seanj20
    please don't change the look of the site guys. This site is one of the best looking and easy to navigate movie blogs right now. the commenting system though is a good change, just please don't mess up the current look. Too many websites remove aspects of their websites and just end up messing up functionality, and even removing the sites branding, etc...
    • Do you have any issues with these new comments? I've resisted changing the design for a long time and will probably continue to hold off, although we make adjustments to keep up. What aspects are you hoping we don't change?
      • Seanj20
        Well I just am hoping you guys don't introduce any major site redesigns. Small incremental changes are okay but please don;t change the look and feel of the site. Like for example the color scheme this site uses is pitch perfect. The sites logo is also important and the current logo is great. So please don't go and change it. other things like that. Basically don't change things that work. LOL Sometimes its just better to leave well enough alone. Also small incremental changes like what you did here are usually much better and you are likely to get a better response, more time to collect feedback and make any necessary changes. You also aren't going to make too many people feel alienated by the changes. If you want a great example just look at what happened to Site used to be extremely popular, now its a ghost town. Anyway thanks for this wonderful site, I love it and its my movie blog of choice and hopefully will continue to be for years to come. You guys do awesome work!!!
  • grapefruit
    The new look is cool Alex. I like it.
  • Anonymous
    I did it, damn you Disqus!
    • Muhahahah! Nah but seriously, it'll make things a lot easier, commenting on FS in a jiffy now!
      • Anonymous
        well I'll try to get used to it.
    • Anonymous
      buddy - you caved? i thought you were going to resist the demonic extra "X"? what the least we can put up pictures of out avatars now!
      • Anonymous
        I...I am ashamed of myself. everyone else at avatar pics and I felt left out...I was unable to resist...:(
        • Anonymous
          oh, there are more than a few things in life i'm unable to resist - so i can relate. hey! have you seen the new teaser for "diary of a wimpy kid 2"? it's got some funny stuff in it!
          • Anonymous
            yeah I did, his brothers a dick, nice to see Zahn again.
          • Anonymous
            yea - steve zahn needs to do more movies - he's great. i agree with the brother being a dick - but there is a hint he's going to be trying to give his younger sibling some "street smarts" in this one; however, he may be doing it to try to get him into trouble - we'll have to wait on that one. i liked the first movie because i could see stuff that happened in it that i think most of us could relate to (in some way) as far as what traditionally goes on in school. and that opening scene with the chocolate and what happens in the church?.....FUNNY!
          • Anonymous
            Zahn is vastly underrated. I'll probably end up seeing it.
  • I approve of the change to Disqus.
  • so i just type here and it appears on the truly amazing jk jk
  • Anonymous
    This is going to take some getting use to, but I think it is for the best.
  • Anonymous
    It double posted on me. Is there a delete button somewhere?
    • No I don't think so... but there IS an edit button if you have a Disqus account!
  • Anonymous
    I liked the old comments, but that's likely just because I was used to them. I'll soon get used to Disqus.
  • Well, it seems to be working allright. Bit slow on the loading side of things. The link with social networks is nice. Though Facebook doesn't work for me, so I'm forced to go with my Twitter account. Ah well... time for a name change then. Otherwise good work in general! is my movie-news-center for almost three years now! I love this place. It feels small, personal and yet on the edge of the latest news! That's all the 'ass-kissing' for now πŸ˜‰
  • Uma
    I hate it. I liked the old comment system better. It was also one of the things that set First Showing apart. When all blogs look alike, why bother going to more than the biggest one? Plus, why would I want ppl able to stalk me or my comments? Social media is good for some things, but commenting on movie blogs isn't one of them.
  • Jimmy Love
    Not sure how I feel about it yet gotta get used to it
  • Silencio!
    It's shitful.
    • Wow... really? Nice choice of words. :)
    • Anonymous
      hahaha i dig it. the Like and Reply buttons are nice. just don't change the site to much
  • Anonymous
    I love it
  • jjboldt
    I think I like it. May take a little getting used to. And I do agree with the comments on here mentioning the look of this site and to keep it that way. Several years ago I started following but not anymore. Literally, I never check it. It used to be sweet, but has gone threw a few changes of ownership and at least a dozen changes in it's look. It's pathetic now. First Showing is easily the best movie site I've seen.
    • Thanks, glad to hear. We're going to keep our look for a little while longer. :)
  • I don't mind the change, mostly because I've been using Disqus on other sites for quite a while now.
  • Anonymous
    Mmm...feels alright... Will ponder on this.
  • I dunno, I liked the fact you didn't have to register on anything to comment, I think that was why I found this site useful in the first place that I had to vent my rage at how bad the Happening was. I suppose it makes sense for all the 'liking' and re-posting that the kids do these days, although 'like' is such a weak word, I'd prefer 'love'. As I'm anti-social, I have no interest in 'social' media, so I won't register just yet, but I doubt anyone will take my name any time soon. Design-wise the site is pretty good, the ads aren't too intrusive, the Google one at the top is pretty ugly, but that can't be helped I suppose. I like the logo, and overall the layout is clean, some movie sites are so packed full of cheesy effects, they are nearly as bad as Michael Bay films. One thing I would say is those buttons at the top with the web 2.0 shine on them could go, if they were a flat solid colour it would look stronger. Just my 20 centos, keep it up in 2011.
    • Hey man, you don't have to register, you can post as a guest same exact way as before, the changes are just to make it more convenient and to have more integration with the social networks and so on. Thanks for all the feedback though - I know you're a longtime reader and we do appreciate it!
  • it's too easy.
  • Anonymous
    I prefer it. Like others I've used Disqus on other sites so nice to see it here
  • melevin
    I think I might finally start sharing my thoughts on here for once. I definitely approve of Disqus.
  • Spindle
    I have no problem with DISQUS, i actually kinda prefer it.
  • buckles96
    not to be a negative nelly, but I guess I like the old way
  • Dandoo
    Firstshowing is my first stop for movie news, and I cant see that changing but I have to say I don't like the new system, I just think if it's not broke, don't fix it. I loved the way you didnt have to log in or register just to comment, but as I said this site is still number one for me, just don't go changing anymore.
    • You can still comment without logging in. I've put in a request with Disqus to address the issue over the name/email value being saved, but you don't have to login, you can still post comments as a guest.
  • Eli
    don't rightly know what to think of it but it's change. Some of us will love it and some of us will hate it.
  • Anonymous
    i like it. the Like and Reply is a nice feature. just don't make the site to ridiculous
  • Yes, finally Alex!
  • BrentD
    Great add, Alex. Good work!
  • Anonymous
    It'll take some getting used to; but change can be a good thing.
  • Anonymous
    Had to creat an account myself πŸ˜› I liked the old system, it was very easy to use. But i do like the "like" and reply options.
  • Anonymous
    Meh...I guess I'll get used to it.
  • Glad you can be a part of our comments over here, too!
  • Anonymous
    Wow, so many people are indifferent or not liking disqus. "why would I want people following my comments". Really? So you never heard of facebook or twitter? I follow some people's comments on other blogs because we have similar interest. So when they comment on something, it's a flag to me that whatever they commented about might be worth checking out. You sound like a crotchety old uncle who refuses to buy a DVD player because "vhs is good enough". STFU, embrace good technology and be happy you have a blog admin that cared enough to make a simple experience even simpler. Now we don't even have to fill out all that "name, email, website" crap. Just hit facebook connect. BOOM! Ready to comment.
  • Anonymous
    Double posting sucks...but I like the option of editing the comment.
  • Gohikeone
    I think I'll miss being able to easily agree/disagree with or pick up a point and run with it now that the numbering of the comments is gone. No more "@3 That's the funniest thing I've read all night" comments with Disqus.
  • Anonymous
    aw man. cyn was already taken. thats what i get for signing up so late. i miss the old way too.
  • Reeft
    I don't like this. I love the old design and I love the overall design of the page. The old system fitted the page much better and I preferred commenting here than for example on /Film who are already using Disqus
  • Finally. Wondering what took you guys so long.
  • I love the new comment system. All of my websites that I frequent have adapted it. Cross-platform commentary ftw!
  • Anonymous
    It works great!:D
  • Thank you for sharing this article.
  • Dsgasdg
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