Full Armor and Lawmaster Bike Revealed in New 'Dredd' Set Photo

January 21, 2011


Though the cast of this comic book adaptation has some promising talent in the form of Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey, our first photo from the set of Dredd, the new adaptation of the Judge Dredd comic book, didn't impress some. While the armor looked pretty cool, it was a low quality photo without clear visual style. Well, sadly this new photo is probably even worse quality, but it does offer our first glimpse of the entire suit of armor that Karl Urban will wear, and we also finally get to see the Dredd cruising on his lawmaster bike. Out of context, it looks kind of silly, but hopefully in the context of the film everything will click.

Here's Judge Dredd riding his lawmaster bike courtesy of 2000 A.D. Online (via io9):

Judge Dredd Lawmaster Bike Photo

Dredd takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary. The endlessly inventive mind of writer Alex Garland and the frenetic vision of director Peter Travis bring Dredd to life as a futuristic neo-noir action film that returns the celebrated character to the dark, visceral incarnation from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s revered comic strip. Thoughts?

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  • lego
    that bike looks hella-ugly.
  • Imadethisup
    i liked the stallone version
  • Anonymous, that is one horrible picture.
  • TenaciousV
    Bike looks clunky and lame. Still, Karl Urban is pretty bad ass so hopefully the movie will be decent. They should fire the guy that designed the bike though.
  • Is this Judge Dredd: the remake, or Judge Dredd: the live show @ Six Flags? lol
  • Cruzer
    LOL that looks really stupid...
  • JP
    So are they going for the "lets make this movie look like we made it during the early 80's"?
  • Nollauno
    This is what its supposed to look like Its supposed to have AI (so it can drive it self, this thing above doesn't look right) and bike cannons, rockets. Prefer the first film's bikes at least they looked the part. Even though you have never seen the face of Judge Dredd in the flesh only when he used the face changing machine.
    • Richardson124
      could be they CG it up a bit...
  • Garynorton1
    I doubt this film will be worse than Stallones, but the bike looks like it belongs in some straight to video sci-fi junk starring some D-lister. I am not sure why its so different from the Harley style Lawmaster of the comic (which at least looked okay in the Stallone crap-tac-ular). Possible pluses? Viewed from the front, the design might be great. There is a machine gun apparent and the large housing on the front must have a few tricks, eh? Yes?! Bloody well hope so anyway..................
  • Chris
    So far everything from this film looks like it's been supplied by cosplay enthusiasts.
  • Navarrj2
    moto-lawman: a syfy original movie!
  • Atg2040
    REALLY!!!??? In 2011 this is the best Hollywood can do with Judge Dredd? WTF!! That bike looks Goofy as Hell!!!!
    • Japetto
      This isn't a hollywood movie it's a British production.
  • Leinergroove
    One word: STUPID.
  • Quazzimoto
    Better lock these snappy pics up in the limited collector' edition release because with those kinds of "breathtaking" effects, this movie is going to be very limited.
  • Justric
    Don't like it so far. At least Stallone's version's visuals looked great although the film was a cheesefest. So far this one is looking like Jeff Daniels in his bomb suit in Speed riding an Atari on wheels.
  • Joe
    If you were a law breaker in the year 20who-gives-a-squat, would you be afraid of that?
  • Where is my shoe?!? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Stop going to see garbage and they will stop remaking it!! Hopefully
  • My God! Has the creative energy been sucked out of the movie realm? This movie was awful the first time around. Wait. Let me punch myself in the face because I know the answer: Yes, new ideas don't exist in Hollywood, and if they do some moron producer destroys it with a remake idea or adds a talking dog or some crap like that.
  • Anonymous
    Director: What Karl Urban can't ride a motorcyle? Stuntman: Unfortunately Director: OMG OMG OMG Random Idiot: How about we just put a "stealthy" oversized engine cover over the stuntman, to make the motorcycle all "futury"... and Karl Urban can just hold on to some bars and yell "VROOM VROOM VROOM" Director: SWEET Stuntman: At least I don't have to double for Rob Schnieder again
  • Movieman23
    Crap, Crap and More Crap This Looks Absolutely Awful.
  • Japetto
    This looks sweet. It's gonna be like a brutal 1980's scifi flick think Robocop, They Live, Terminator, Mad Max etc
  • BinaryChaos
    First the ugly mask now this? This movie is going to be completely ridiculous like that movie Tank Girl from the early 90s. In the future nothing should be bulky and ugly...
  • Wizzo
    Sweet! Looks like a lowbudget Judge Dredd pornmovie :)
  • Baronvonbarren
    should be JUDGE DREAD. they spelled it wrong. i.e. i dread this just like the first movie with sly.
  • i have no name
    More like Judge Dead not sure why this is being made it should be left in the grave.
  • Redguy
    omg, that is silly. now i've read "the script"..leaked a few months ago. if that really was a script, the story was more than good for a judge dredd movie...but then again, looking at the mask, outfit, the power ranger bike..NO fucking WAY.
  • Shane B.
    The funny part is all you people ripping the film a new hole before it even comes out, are probably the ones who are going to be first in line to see it.
    • Anonymous
      prove it.
      • Anonymous
        Prove what? that Shane's troll or just plain wants attention. Shane: actually the motorcycle and the outfit are "came out" so ripping on them is fair game. MOST of us here are commenting on just those two things, not the film.
        • Anonymous
          proof that we will all go and see it...trying to be snarky and *guttural howl/cry* "You ruins it! Stupid fat Akirakorn!" lol.
    • Redguy
      i said i've read the script 4 months ago...and if that is the script, i will go for sure under one condition: this better look a whole lot awesome than it does now. Atm, that bike looks like crap. Do i want to see a movie with those crappy bikes? NO.
  • sleepykid
    Suit sucks. Helmet sucks. Bike sucks. Well at least they're consistent.
    the helmet looks just like Sly Stallones version. What were they thinking? Seriously. Atleast get the helmet right.
  • Tirrell01
    Lmao, this is terrible!!!
  • Josh
    Looks like they threw some scrap metal on a motorcycle they found in a dump somewhere. Isn't this a screen gems film? They know how to put out AAA crap.
  • Josh
    @Shane B. I'll wait until it comes out on the syfy channel.
  • voodoo2
    I thought Street Hawk only lasted one season.
  • Whispering Eye
    Hollywood is crazy... Trying to remake all of these old movies when they were never any good in the first place. Polish a turd and it's still a piece of shit!
  • Anonymous
    OMG I'm going to see this!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!!! Yeah right...
  • Judge Blurrrggh
    I am the LOG!
  • zuul
    that bike is shit
  • Fdsw




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