Fun New UK Trailer for Spielberg/Jackson's 'The Adventures of Tintin'

October 5, 2011
Source: MSN UK

The Adventures of Tintin

"How's your thirst for adventure, Captain?" A new UK trailer has debuted online via MSN UK for The Adventures of Tintin, the Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg-directed 3D Weta-animated adventure we've been anxious to see for a while. With the last few months left until release, its time to pull out all the stops and show us a bigger glimpse of the action we'll see, and that's just what this trailer does. Jamie Bell acts and voices Tintin, while Andy Serkis plays and voices Captain Haddock, who he meets up with in this. Other than that, the plot is laid out, so take a look and get ready to have some fun with Tintin and Haddock!

Watch the latest international trailer for Spielberg & Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin, via MSN UK:

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn was originally directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson with a script co-written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. The cast includes Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thompson & Thompson, Daniel Craig as the villain Red Rackham, and Toby Jones as Silk. The animated movie, in the works at Weta Digital, will hit US theaters in glorious 3D starting on December 21st, just before Christmas this winter. We featured a teaser trailer back in May and another international trailer in July. Doesn't this look like fun?

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  • Carlos E. Subero
    Great trailer!!! im sure Im gonna love this!!!
  • Guest007
  • Drafunt
    looks great! TinTin comic books will definitely sell even more after this.
  • Looks like Indiana Jones minus the professor and the curses.
  • Are they doing motion capture for most of it? The animation sporadically creeps me out.
  • Butta
    This looks f-ing terrible. It's creepy and weird and I want it to die.
  • I don't know what it is. It just feels a little wonky. I'll still watch it, but I'd rather see hand drawn animated characters in a 3d model world, I suppose the budget isn't there to pay the animators any more. So we end up with this shit. Even if there was a technique of rotoscoping it would look better. But I think I'm one of a smaller and smaller group of people who think this, seems shit animation is what the masses want, or it's the only thing available.
    • Please
      Are you kidding me!?  The amount of detail in the animation that I have seen from the screenshots and the trailers is astounding.  This production is no half-assed money-grab, this is clearly an homage to a wonderful comic series that has captivated it's creators. The animation has been done by one of the premiere special effects companies, and was written and directed by notable and critically acclaimed filmmakers of recent decades. My point, this appears, at least so far, to be one of the most technically advanced-- and not to mention beautiful-- computer animated movies ever.  It is definitely not "shit animation." If you want to start seeing more hand drawn movies you better start making them yourself, because times are changing.  Yes, I agree that the hand drawn art still has immense value and should be explored more, however, just because now animation is done with the aid of computers doesn't make it any less artistically valuable or satisfying.  Computer animation isn't just what the masses want, it's the way artists are moving, and the way the world is adapting to the advent of the computer.
      • The amount of detail in it is irrelevant. Transformers had a lot of detail in it, did it make the story any better? Maybe because it distracted you from how bad the script was for long enough to actually enjoy it. Thinking I was being a bit harsh, I watched it again, and still I think the characters are in the zone of Uncanny Valley. I would say that it isn't just me, read the comments above. I'm not discounting computer animation, it's in part what I do as a job. I also draw and compose paintings via the computer, albeit in a very crude way. I'm always excited to hear about advances in technology that allows artwork to come to life. I'm  not the biggest fan of TinTin as a comic, but the original drawings are amazing, the look of it is why peole hold it dear to themselves. The animation above doesn't have any of the magic that the book does. I point it out every time but have a look at this film: It doesn't always have to be the same. You can have the greatest animators in the world together but if it's shit, it's well, shit.
        • cinemabandit
          You are obviously a fan of that particular genre, and you have every right to be so.   There is, however, in that trailer you have linked to, no effort to portray those characters as part of a real world scenario. Motion Capture allows us to give a real world feel to characters such as those devised by Herge, and so better link the fan of the book to the cinema experience, while allowing those yet to be exposed to our young Belgian protagonist, to enjoy the movie. As to wether or not the animation doesn't have any of the magic the book does, you may do well to reserve your judgement until you have seen the finished product.
          • I do respect Serkis for his work with Mo-cap technology, he has done wonders with it, when used in real life films. I also understand that to get the right results there will be horrors like that Christmas train film with Tom Hanks and more. I just don't understand this need for 'reality'? Why does it have to look real?
          • please
            I agree with Crapola on this.  I don't see the necessity of having realistic animation either.  However, it is captivating and incredibly nuanced, but not necessary. It's much more important to have a fully realized sense of the world that you have created, not a sense of reality. Just look at any Pixar movie.  Especially the Incredibles.  No human moves like they do, but each character's style of movement adds more to the scope of the world.  Had all the characters been mocaped there wouldn't be that same connection.
        • please
          @0b4f1da6f0d30ffc9bcafbcca817cbb5:disqus might I mention that I have seen Tekkonkinkreet and absolutely love it. A captivating story with interesting characters and an unrivaled artistic sense of the world. What i wanted to point out when discussing the detail was the time and effort that the movies creators have put into their work.  indeed Transformers has great detail also but their end goal is spectacle, not value. I wanted to bring up the uncanny valley earlier but didn't want my explanation to get too involved.  I think this is right on the verge, and I don't know how I feel about that.  I'll need to wait and see the film. I am a student who has been working for some time with 3d rendering and animation, so I am biased, I can't help that.  But this movie clearly shows much more technical prowess and has a more inspired vision than many, many other computer animated films.  Take for example the recently released trailer for Arthur Christmas, or Gnomeo and Juliet. I am always excited when I see something like this. It's like it's toying with how realistic we can make things look.  I like it because it means that we are reaching out boundaries. We need films like this to really understand the vast amount of variation that can be had using computers. And I hope it will continue to develop to more interesting art styles and dynamic uses of this new medium.
  • Doug
    I use to love Tin Tin and I love Spielberg and the trailer looks awesome, but I can't get over their stupid, dead, video game faces.
  • Brandon
    And it opens with an epic Pirate scene!!! SOLD!
  • Anonymous
    Still ecstatic for this movie to finally come out in December. The style is so unique that it really draws me in. It's great to see how they interpreted the original character designs and fleshed them out into what we see now. The motion capture was a great idea, the writers on the film are brilliant, Spielberg is backing it, the plot is fantastic and correlates with the books the fans love, and it really seems like it'll be a fun ride. Can't wait!
  • Njoilyfe
    Like I've mentioned a few times before..... Grew up with the comic... Grew up with Spielberg.... My grown ass loves Jackson.... and the writers of Dr. Who, Shaun of the Dead and Attack the Block. In... In.... 1000x in.
  • Metkumies
    the characters looks dead to me. No life in them.




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