Gyllenhaal, Dano, Pitt and Many More Vying for 'The Bourne Legacy'

February 24, 2011
Source: Variety, Deadline

The Bourne Legacy

Last October we learned that the fourth movie in the Jason Bourne franchise wouldn't include out titular amnesiac hero, but rather an all-new character. Director Tony Gilroy said The Bourne Legacy is "not a reboot or a recast or a prequel. No one's replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter… this is a stand-alone project." Now it's time to fill this new hero's shoes. Variety was first on the scene with a shortlist of contenders that includes actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy), Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga). But there's more!

After Variety's post, Deadline followed up with even more names on the shortlist. Apparently Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom), Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down), Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood), Michael Pitt ("Boardwalk Empire"), Oscar Isaac (Body of Lies), Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds), Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans), Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) and Benjamin Walker (recently cast in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). Yes, it seems like this is one of the most coveted roles for young actors at the moment. But who's the best man for the job?

My personal favorite out of this list is Joel Edgerton. His talent has been proven with work in films like Animal Kingdom, and while the actor is likely to become a more recognizable name after The Thing remake hits theaters, this would launch him into stardom. The most unlikely, but wholly interesting choice is Paul Dano. After playing strange, and scrawny characters in films like Little Miss Sunshine, Taking Woodstock and more, he doesn't seem like the action hero type, but I'd love to see him tackle a role like this. Meanwhile names like Pettyfer and Lutz don't inspire much confidence. As of now there's no frontrunner for the part so anything can happen. Who do you think should lead The Bourne Legacy?

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  • Matt Damon FTW!
  • josh hartnett....if anyone needs a career resurgence is that guy...he's a good actor but he could be one of the great ones...if only he'd get off his ass.
  • Anonymous
    two words: Ben Affleck
  • Antonio C.
    I don't care what Gilroy says, the title of the film is The BOURNE Legacy and Matt Damon is Jason Bourne, no one can come close to a character of his stature. You can just create a new character and but him in the Bourne series then you can't call it a Bourne type of movie at all. Idk My choice would be Joel Edgerton as well just because his role in Animal Kingdom was phenomenal.
  • Antonio C.
    I don't care what Gilroy says, the title of the film is The BOURNE Legacy and Matt Damon is Jason Bourne, no one can come close to a character of his stature. You can just create a new character and but him in the Bourne series then you can't call it a Bourne type of movie at all. Idk My choice would be Joel Edgerton as well just because his role in Animal Kingdom was phenomenal.
  • birddog
    My vote goes to Michael Fassbender, he brings a whole new perspective to what is currently coming out these days. Watch Eden Lake just fantastic stuff! The man will soon be the hardest working guy in showbiz. Luke Evans seems more like he could be cast as a villain type in the Bourne series much like Karl Urban as Kirill in The Bourne Supremacy, he just seems to fit that type of mold. The same goes for Oscar Isaac. Jake Gyllenhaal & Tobey Maguire seem like boring choices to me probably because we've seen them already in so many other films. The Bourne Series is great how it is, but if you have to go in another direction why not go with the unfamiliar face so the audience grows with the character. And Taylor Kitsch will never escape the FNL stardom probably the same way Josh Holloway as Sawyer from Lost wont either...What would Tim Riggins do?
  • Anonymous
    Hartnett, the guy was excellent in BHD and he would be awesome in this.
  • Sublime50lbc
    I like him as an actor, but there's just no way Paul Dano can be an action star..
    • i have no name
      I agree...he looks like a bitch to tell you the truth. Joel Edgerton and Michael Fassbender are the best choices IMO. As for the change in character I like it.... the whole story of Jason Bourne was getting kind of old. Same B.S of him running from the government :(
    • JL
      I never would have gone for Heath Ledger as the Joker, but look how that turned out. And they got Tobey McGuire shredded for SpiderMan, and he actually worked out alright, despite being a little too old for the part. The thing is, of all the actors listed in this article, Paul Dano is probably the best dramatic actor, or at least the best up and coming dramatic actor, and that's worth a lot more than action star rep or sex appeal. They could work out the bugs later. Besides, before Matt Damon was Jason Bourne, he was The Talented Mr.Ripley, Will Hunting. He was mostly a dramatic actor. They could whip Dano into shape and come out with a pretty good super spy. And who's really more dangerous, the assassin you would expect, or the one you wouldn't?
  • Loser
    Daniel Radcliffe, Alexander SkarsgÄrd or even Jay Chou to go a bit different
    • John Doe
  • kure
    fassbenender is already hardest working actor,just check out his imdb page,but he wont do it.he has prometheus and other stuff coming out. Kitsch is going to be a huge star in 2012. after two huge blocbusters john carter and battleship(so no he wont stay riggins forever,what a dumb post)and yes he shoud get the part,he is the best choice of them all. dano-no,no,no and no. i expect to hear more guys on this list soon and i think skarsgard,hemsworth and franco should also be on this list.
    • birddog
      Actually your comment would be the dumb post. You can't even spell words correctly or piece together a coherent sentence well enough to get your point across. Which is what dumb would be not just disagreeing with what I comment about. Kitsch is already a huge star due to FNL, do people remember him because he was Gambit in Wolverine??? NO. So like I was saying he will always be remembered as Riggins. And both John Carter and Battleship will probably bomb due to lack of global appeal. With Fassbender working more he will only become more popular which is why he should take over the role, heck I could see him as the first non-english James Bond. But that's just an opinion much like yours is, you don't have to like it. So glad that you are capable enough to imdb everything you don't know.
      • JL
        Also, Fassbender is X-Men First Class's Magneto, and that looks like it will be pretty damn cool. I doubt anybody is going to miss that. Plus, he was in a pretty high profile Tarantino movie recently. I second that James Bond idea, too, although I wouldn't mind seeing Tom Hardy step into those shoes if Daniel Craig dropped out after his third.
  • I think they should get uk new romantic Adam Ant to play the new guy. Either him or Will Ferrel.
    • John Doe
      Um... NO.
  • p86
    luke evans is a star on the rise go for him
  • Loser
    Cung Le
  • Loser
    Tom Hardy would have been my pick
  • Get To Da Choppaaaa!
    I agree with all of the Josh Harnett suggestions. I think he'd be the most marketable actor in the entire list and he did well as an assassin in Sin City.
  • rocKicker
    i never do this because I love all your articles but you seem to have a strong hold on the word "titular" today, as its been in the first paragraph of your last three articles...i thought i would just point that out, basically a branch of my boredem..
    • Nah I actually agree with you about this, believe it or not. :) "Titular" is definitely a titillating word, but I agree that he's been using it too much recently. I'll let him know to hold back.
    • Hahaha...I didn't even realize, but of course you're right. Just so many movies recently with the main character also being part of the title I guess. I'll keep that word in my backpocket for awhile though.
  • 12344
    Michael Pitt is fuccking badass in boardwalk empire, he would be great in this.
  • Datdude
    Tom Hardy
  • Craig
    Of the names listed, I have to go with Michael Pitt after seeing him in Boardwalk Empire. Though I could live with almost any of those choices, except for Paul Dano. I mean, come on. Paul Dano? What the hell are they thinking? That's the equivalent of tossing Michael Cera's name into the hat.
    • John Doe
  • Loser
    Paul Dano feels like the inspired choice of Matt Damon when he was cast in the first Bourne. The outcry of people when Damon was cast has turned to no one can see a Jason Bourne without seeing Damon.
    • The_Kid89
      Yeah that was the only name that kind of threw me off, but it's also a pretty good one. Paul Dano is a great actor but in a role like Jason Bourne, I'm not so sure.
  • I think they scrap the whole project unless they can get Greengrass and Damon back, or drop Bourne from the title.
  • Mrslippyfist
    gay gay gay gay gay
  • If they're going to do a follow-up that's not about Bourne then who better than Paz, the asset who chases Bourne for the whole of the Ultimatum.
    • John Doe
      The guy hardly said a word the whole damn film.
  • George
    Matt Damon will be Jason Bourne always, no one can replace him, I think they should change the tittle! I hope someday Greengrass will reunite with Damon to start a real new Bourne movie!!
  • Lame…
    I saw "Pitt" as a possibility and got excited... until it wasn't Brad Pitt.
  • JL
    Do you have a crush on him or something?
  • Darren
    honestly...dont like the idea...but a name from the list would be Garrett Holound and Jake Gylen....not even going to attempt but honestly...i see tom hardys name thrown into the comments...kinda liking that idea
  • CLAW
    My favorite actors on this list would have to be Taylor Kitsch, Michael Fassbender and Garrett Hedlund. That being said I think their acting careers are all very bright and none of them need this role. I like the idea of Josh Hartnett getting the role he deserves a career boost. If not Hartnett I say Michael Pitt I think he would be the next best choice.
  • Quazzimotto
    With that pool of amazing talent this could possibly be the coolest movie ever made. That would be sarcasm. If any of those actors on the "short-list" are actually being considered, then this movie is already a bust.
  • Discordiant
    I also vote for Tom Hardy with maybe Garret Hedlund if he can play the role with enough of a serious look.
  • Trinidadiangirl
    I like Kellen Lutz out of the guys listed there... Only because he's the most athletic and can do most of his own stunts as he does alot of sports and training. He's also not to bad looking and has the boy next door type of acting skill down. Jake Gyllenhaal has really risen to to great athletic potential also. He's kept up all of his training from Prince of Persia. They have to cater for both the seasoned Bourne fans and the newer generation. Umm, who else ohhh, Shia. He's brilliant in most roles but would have to bring his A game to clench this role or else if he gets it and is all running and screaming (which he does well) it will flop. But he's ok. That's my top guys.
  • Paladin7
    I don't get it. A Bourne movie WITHOUT Jason Bourne? Who cares who has the lead?
  • AJ
    What about Charlie Hunnam, he really did a great job on Hooligans, Children of Men and now in Sons of Anarchy. I can totally see him in the role IMO.
  • Salival Kaynes
    For me Matt Damon is the only guy that suitable suppose to be Jason Bourne. There are no other guy who's better take that role:P
  • Salival Kayness
    Only Matt Damon suitable to become Jason Bourne. There are no other guys that can take a role as Jason Bourne




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