Indie Trailer Sunday: German Post-Apocalyptic Film 'Hell' First Trailer

August 28, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Hell Trailer

The Sun Has Burned Everything. This trailer has been making the rounds, but we've been remiss in posting about it until now (thanks to SlashFilm for the tip). If you haven't heard about it before, Hell is a Roland Emmerich-produced German post-apocalyptic film about a couple of survivors in a world where the sun has scorched the Earth and left it too bright to inhabit (Hell in German means Bright). This trailer is obviously playing up the epic-ness of the story with its music but it actually looks quite good, I really want to see this. It does have subtitles, but you must click the "CC" (closed-caption) button on the YouTube player. Enjoy!

Watch the official trailer for Tim Fehlbaum's Hell, embedded from YouTube:

It was once the source of life, light and warmth. But now the sun has turned the entire world into a baked and barren wasteland. Even the nights are dazzlingly bright. Maria, her little sister Leonie and Phillip are heading for the mountains in a car with tinted glass. Rumor has it that water can still be found up there.

Hell, which is German for "Bright", is directed by German filmmaker Tim Fehlbaum, making his feature debut after a few shorts previously. The screenplay was co-written by Tim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl & Thomas Woebke. This premiered at the Munich Film Festival this year, but doesn't have a US distributor. Hell will be released in Germany in September, but we're not sure on a US date. For more, visit their Facebook page.

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  • Th3thirdman
  • isaac
    this looks overexposed in many ways...
    • Kickerdeb0xes
      you did see the title translated into english is 'Bright'? 
  • Tonker
    enough of the end of the world stuff already......
    • Anonymous
      Can't be helped.  2012 is next year, and the whole end of the world thing is going to be milked like you wouldn't believe....
    • Kickerdeb0xes
      I know right? We need more entertaining things like a Tyler Perry movie or some Z list celebrity trying to dance...
  • The Guvna
    that looks no brighter or hotter than a typical australian summers day!
    • Mr Moo
      I was thinking along the same lines when I saw the link on the front page.  T figured that they must have filmed on location here in Asutralia.  
  • Translate-noob
    For the ones who want to know it - i try a translation: There´s no harvest for 3 years. Not much of us have survived. Some say, its raining over the timber line again - I don´t believe it... Text: The sun burned everything. I´ve seen a big bird. He was flying the same direction as we do. See, it´s a sign. What if it´s not better there? The birds know where they can find water... We have been attacked. They came down here every view weeks.......take people und dissapear. We have to find my sister. Call: Loonie Where is Loonie ? GO ! I´ve seen smoke - round about 2 miles this direction Older wive: I will do no harm to you - quite the contrary. What are you doing here ? We have to go. Text: Bright - In Cinema The sun will burn you..... Sorry for my bad english - hope it helps... :)
    • Anonymous
      Hey, your English is still better than President George W. Bush's own.  You have nothing to apologize for. 😎
  • Lagoya
    So, it's a German version of 'The Road' then? On a side note, foreign films should ALWAYS be dubbed in English... ALWAYS!!!!
    • Nathan Cook
      Yeah! How dare they deny us the right that we often forget to give them? It's despicable! I think everyone around the world should just speak English! That way they wouldn't have to speak their own gross and confusing tongues, and we wouldn't have to attempt cross-cultural communication, thus depriving us of one of the main joys of having separate civilizations and not one homogenous one in the first place!
    • Bah
      I would rather see it subbed then dubbed. I hate hearing english when the words do not match what I'm seeing on the screen.
      • grimjob
        agree. I can't stand movies that are dubbed.
      • Agreed! Ticked me off when I tried to watch the sequel to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix, most of the foreign films I want to watch are all dubs...
    • Lando
      when you dub a film, there is a lot literally lost in translation.  ever watch dubbed AKIRA vs subtitled AKIRA? there are many examples, all the same..when you over dub they try to match the translations to the mouth movements so you dont get the BEST translations but the closest words that will fit their mouth movements. like a loose paraphrasing of the original script. FAIL. This is easily solved by learning to proficiently read ENGLISH, perhaps a remedial course would help! 
      • Anonymous
        Or get it on DVD/Blu-Ray and select the language track...just sayin'.... But then again...I remember the whole subbed vs. dubbed argument for anime back in the 1990s.  I thought that the advent of DVD/Blu-Ray would put that to bed forever.  Boy was I wrong....
  • Dave
    "On a side note, foreign films should ALWAYS be dubbed in English... ALWAYS!!!!" And a "foreign" country is like .... what?
    • Happy
      England 😛




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