Introducing Our Newest Writer on FirstShowing - Cate Hahneman!

February 14, 2011

Cate Hahneman

It has been a while since we introduced a new writer, but that changes today as we're excited to introduce a new member of our team - Cate Hahneman! Cate is a film student at Boston University whose passion for screenwriting makes her a stickler for a good story. She has been an avid reader and fan of FirstShowing since being introduced to the site by a colleague on a feature film set several years ago. Before returning to college, Cate labored on several indie films, working as an assistant for producers, directors, and production designers, as well as in the Art Department of the Coen Brother's A Serious Man. Her posting begins today!

Cate will be posting regularly at FS, but not necessarily news, as you'll soon see (follow her posts here). Cate originally lived in southern Virginia and worked for years in a refurbished 1940's art deco cinema. She spent most of her youth in Minnesota and has an affinity for films with a Midwestern sensibility (especially those shot on location). She's thrilled to be FirstShowing’s first female contributor and plans on bringing attention not only to great screenwriting but also to adaptations, historical pieces, and documentaries. You can follow her on Twitter as @CisforCinema as well. And incase you were curious, here are her Top 10 favorite films:

1. Cinema Paradiso
2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. Rear Window
4. Meet Me in St. Louis
5. Field of Dreams
6. Billy Elliot
7. Parenthood
8. Singing in the Rain
9. Jurassic Park
10. Grand Illusion

We're happy to have Cate joining the team and can't wait for you guys to start reading her all of her fantastic articles. Please join us in welcoming Cate to FS and making her feel right at home with the rest of the crew!

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  • Welcome! I hope Alex treats you right.
  • Welcome! I look forward to another midwestern perspective on films!
  • Jace
    Hooray for writers!!!
  • Ron
    A fellow BU alum! Represent!
  • Jonah
    hey, welcome!
  • birddog
    You love Cinema Paradiso soooooooo much that you even got a cool tattoo to prove it...Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your contributions for one of the coolest sites on the world wide web.
    • What? Is that for real? The masses demand a photo of the tattoo! :)
      • CisforCinema
        Can you even show a picture on a Message Board? If so you will have to teach me and I will prove to everyone just how much I (permanently) love Cinema Paradiso.
  • Alanx_
    bienvenida!! i figured that since nobody had done it yet i would greet u in spanish! :)
  • Anonymous
    cate - i loathe "top whatever" lists.......however - how can you NOT have at least one of the following on your list? -grapes of wrath -(original) raisin in the sun -(original) 12 angry men -casablanca -shawshank redemption there are MANY others and i could never limit my "greatest ever" to just a top 10.......but i don't see how you leave out all of those movies above (especially "grapes of wrath" and "shawshank redemption" any thoughts?........and welcome to the site!
    • CisforCinema
      Top Ten Lists are Limiting! They have more to do with my personal connection to each film as opposed to being an overall "I declare these to be the one and only top ten best." Have to say 12 Angry Men, Casablanca, Shawshank, and Citizen Kane -- among many, many others -- could be in the ranking! I could do a top ten per genre or decade! Couldn't we all?
      • Anonymous
        Lets do it then! Top ten per Genre!
        • Anonymous
          westerns? in no particular order: the shootist (waynes best role) big jake tombstone (kilmer as doc holliday was unforgetable) unforgiven man who shot liberty vallance outlaw josie wales (i know - i've got 4 CE movies on here) pale rider high plains drifter no name on the bullet (great to watch paranoia of town) high noon (gary cooper was amazing) (original version) 3:10 to yuma the gunfighter (gregory peck was amazing) gunfight at the OK corral and have to add an 14th - it wouldn't be considered a "classic" by many, but "the quick and the dead" is one of my favorites - it's SO much fun to watch and hackman and decaprio are on top of their game in that one. man - i suck at making top10 lists! but these all have to be included if i'm talking westerns.
      • Anonymous
        agreed. we all have our favorites. i couldn't even make a top 30 list, there would be movies i woudn't have room for! it's very nice to meet you! and BTW - i wholeheartedly agree with xerxex......i hope you are not pro 3D.
        • Anonymous
          if I was to make a list it would probably be a top 100 and I reaaally don't wanna do that, I started to on imdb but stopped after three hours went by.
    • Jon A.
  • Anonymous
    WELCOME CATE!!!!!!! You had better not be Pro 3-D.
    • CisforCinema
      I can confirm that I am most definitely NOT Pro-3-D.
      • Anonymous
        good to know, I think we can be good friends now. Had to make sure.
      • Sweet.....
      • Anonymous
        hallelujah! she's on our side! :)
        • Anonymous
          indeed she is!
      • Anonymous
        a broad, smiling welcome! and a special, additional welcome for that comment.
  • Yeah Minnesnowta!
  • Anonymous
    Hahneman since you're a big fan of Screenwriting, I'm gotta ask what has been your favorite adapted screenplay so far?
  • Cruzer
    Always good to see new writers on the site!
  • Anonymous
    Hey. Hi. Welcome.
  • Anonymous
    Welcome :)
  • Jon A.
    Hi, Cate :) I'm from Minnesota. Nice to know that you are one among me (and Coens) that's from Minnesota and have an immense love for movies. Cinema Paradiso? Nice choice! I'd like to see that tattoo.
  • Bing-Bong
    Welcome to the dark side Cate! And Cinema Paradiso, nice!
  • Anonymous
    Welcome, Cate! Looking forward to your posts. Now get started and write something :)
  • MikeFly
    You are like a real-life version of her:
  • Silencio!
    You have a very interesting top ten!
  • F Megh
    bienvenue cate
  • Gh
    Welcome CATE! Wishing you the best and finest!
  • Leinergroove
    Bringing the sense and sensibility to this ol' forum... Welcome!
  • Minnesotan high five! Lived there for about 15 years and just moved last year. Welcome!
  • Anonymous
    Welcome! Jurassic is such an awesome addition to that list
    • Hell yea it is! :) But so is Cinema Paradiso of course... you seen it?
  • Welcome 😀
  • Marc McKenzie
    Excellent--looking forward to seeing what Cate brings to the site. Even better is that she has been getting down into the trenches that is film making, which makes her a hell of a lot better than most folks who have not one jot of experience but somehow yell and scream and act as if they're better than Hollywood (see a typical talkback on AICN, for example). Welcome aboard, Cate!
  • Welcome Cate! By your list you have an eye and a sense for talent and film making. And a credited partcipant in the Art! ( If you loathe Seth Rogen, then we will get along just fine!)
  • I hate facebook... I tried to Add cate but even though she hasn't actually accepted me I keep seeing her updates to remind me that i invited her... AHHH lol BTW: inside job awesome doc, youtube: money as debt... both of them.




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