Just How Many Characters Will Be Returning in the 'G.I. Joe' Sequel?

March 4, 2011
Source: Twitter

G.I. Joe

After hearing that director Stephen Sommers wouldn't return for a sequel to 2009's blockbuster G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, we heard that director Jon Chu (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) was the choice to replace him. In addition, we've also heard that Byung-hun Lee would reprise his role as Storm Shadow, but he may be one of the few from the original to return. Actress Rachel Nichols, who played Shana Scarlett O'Hara in the first film, recently updated her Twitter (via SlashFilm) saying, "G.I Joe News Flash: The only characters to return in the Jon Chu directed sequel will be Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Duke." That's no good!

So apparently Channing Tatum, Ray Park and Byung-hun Lee are the only actors, at least on the G.I. Joe team, returning for the sequel. Considering how the first film ended, I'm willing to bet other characters are returning (hopefully Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be among them so I don't feel dirty about watching it) on the villainous side of things. Honestly though, it's kind of surprising considering how integral the ensemble cast was to the first film, and how expansive the set of characters from the G.I. Joe universe actually is. Perhaps they'll just be introducing a whole slew of new characters so Paramount and Hasbro can rake in the big bucks from all the new action figures they'll be throwing on shelves. What do you think?

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  • Cmo
    I'm hoping JGL doesnt return...he can spend his time making great films. He's too good for this.
  • Chazzy
    Does anyone really care? Why does news about this sequel keep coming up? It was a terrible first movie, and the sequel will be just as bad. Post some real film news.
    • TenaciousV
      Yeah Firstshowing... didn't you know your entire news reading audience has the exact same opinion as Chazzy here? How dare you post on various topics! For shame Firstshowing. For shame!
      • Ohh yea I already know, next time we'll only post news about Marvel movies and The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight and that's it - because that's all anyone cares about! 😉
        • Chazzy
          I don't care about Spider-Man or The Dark Knight.. but there's been so many real news stories dealing with films that haven't been posted here lately, and instead we're getting G.I. Joe 2 news? I seriously doubt you even care yourself. I mean, look at all the comments that follow.... they all say the same thing.
        • J H
          I don't debate the fact that you posted it - the site is about film news - but it's pretty valid to answer any GI Joe sequel related question with "does anybody care?" - that first film was shameful
  • JP
    you know it continually amazes me how studio's butcher classics. The first movie was horrible. the characters looked nothing like the originals. Granted they can't be exactly the same but they don't have to be so vastly different. Cobra Commander looked nothing like the original commander. This movie will probably suck just as hard.
  • Seriously, I can deal with bad movies made for entertainment value. I like Bayformers, I take it for what it is, a Summer Fun movie. This one was shaping up similarly except for that one huge change in the relationship of Duke and Baroness. After her 'change of heart' in the end I almost walked out, it was just beyond repair. I have only negativity to offer the first movie. Please, Just Stop Hollywood, your just mutilating it now.
  • Ron
    The first movie was terrible. I don't have high hopes for the second. Since at the end of the first movie Cobra Commander got his 'helmet/respiratory' on (total knock-off from Darth Vader BTW!), they can easily replace JGL with someone else, you really won't miss him.
  • Anonymous
    I'll watch it only if they name it "GI Joe 2: This time, ice wont sink!"
  • Patrick
    How do you have GI Joe anything without a variety of characters? The whole point behind GI Joe is all the different characters.
  • Chrisgoudos
    While it won't happen this way, the best thing to do would be reboot, new cast, and create a better movie that is at least fun to watch. I'm a huge fan of GI Joe (I've collected plenty), but, to me, it doesn't have to please the old fans, but it has to be exciting enough to make new ones. Little kids love Clone Wars and Transformers, but GI Joe:Roc sucked so bad it couldn't please 5-year olds.
  • Mrjzn
    The original sucked hobo balls. No way I get suckered into seeing a sequel.
  • Anonymous
    Can they find a way to kill Duke? Nah tatums "acting" will do that for him.
  • Al.
    I thought GI joe the rise of Cobra was okay, yep there were faults but it was okay for a pop corn flick over the top enjoyed.
  • Lagoya
    Just make damn sure the acceleration suits are back in
  • inception
    The first one was complete garbage. 300 million worldwide from a 175 mill budget doesn't sound like a big hit. Is the sequel just to try and clear out all those licensed Joe toys leftover from the first movie?
  • Ghostzapper2
    I like your uodate. But- you are insane if you think The Cobra Commander and Destro willnot be back for 2. Levitt wont be back - well, maybe becuase of the worst actor in the worlsdm, tatum. but if he does noit, or if he does, just throw the hood on him and be done with it. Introuduce dreadoks, major blood, and mindbender,
  • I hope none? cept JGL
  • Baron The Curse
    I'll watch it if is a complete reboot done right this time. Their doing it for Superman with Snyder at the helm so maybe one day G.I. Joe will get is proper respect.
  • Anonymous
    It was a guilty pleasure for me, but I liked the first one more than I expected. Don't know where they're going with the story since so few characters are returning (for now at least). But I'd like to see something closer to the animated film Resolute because if the focus is going to be on Stormshadow and Snake Eyes, I'm gonna bet that's what we'll get.
  • Anonymous
    Nothing good about the first one, all 3 of my children disliked it. Now with Chu directing and the bulk of the cast not returning, can we just sunset any hope of a good GI Joe Property?
  • Anonimousmaximus
    Just bring the Baroness back!!!




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