Kathryn Bigelow's Next to Follow Hunt & Death of Osama Bin Laden

May 6, 2011
Source: Variety, 24 Frames

Osama Bin Laden

Though it wouldn't be surprising if Hollywood was fast-tracking a project about Osama Bin Laden after the recent killing of the infamous terrorist, this project has been in the works for a little while. Back in December, we learned writer Mark Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow, the duo who delivered the Best Picture winning The Hurt Locker, were working to get a thriller off the ground that would revolve around certain military black ops. It turns out that the film was actually about the hunt for Bin Laden even before his sudden death last weekend. Now with his death making a logical ending, the script will be modified to include it.

Variety says the project, tentatively titled Kill Bin Laden, is still scheduled to go before cameras this summer, but Bigelow and Boal are waiting to see how the Arab world deals with the news of Bin Laden's death before making any further trips for location scouting. Another issue that might plague production is security while shooting. Either way, the film will now include the dramatic 40-minute firefight at Bin Laden's compound hideout in Pakistan where Bin Laden was found and shot to death on May 1st.

Apparently casting is in the works, but any real offers are being held until Boal is done with his final draft of the script with the new ending. However, 24 Frames has learned that Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) will have a role in the film as part of an ensemble of male commandos. Apparently the actor even opted out of taking a role in Snow White and the Huntsman in order to do this film. With an actual conclusion, the film should be a little easier to swallow, and the timeliness of the story should make financiers very interested in backing the project for a summer start. To those who aren't in the know, this may seem like a way to capitalize on Bin Laden's death, but the project was already in the works after all. Thoughts?

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  • Theszurk3
    This wouldn't be based off the book "Kill Bin Laden" by Dalton Fury would it? Because that would be pretty amazing to see that on screen. And with Bigelow directing would be more awesome. Seeing that was a "Black op" to hunt Bin Laden its a possibility.
    • There's a good chance that's the case since the tentative title of the movie is Kill Bin Laden, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  • happy camper
    Bigelow is the only one i feel that could do this type of film justice! Cant wait!
  • Andresfsanc
    -We killed him! *Great where is he. - Oh we tossed him in the ocean * What! show me a video -No video * Ok, then a picture - No we didn't take pictures either * So you're triying to tell me you killed the worlds most wanted man, disposed the body, and you have no evidence? - Thats right * And I'm supposed to believe that? -Yep
    • Steven
      Yep - as Al Queada have now also admitted he's dead
  • Squiggles2187
    this project will fail. I'll show you why terrorists hate bin laden
  • Cracky
    Why did I imagine President Obama in a yellow tracksuit, covered in blood?
  • Anonymous
    So, this movie is set in the years 2001 - 2007 then? =P
  • Kevin
    No body cares, he freakin dead! i dont want to watch a movie about him, go interview the victims of the deaths from him in a movie, there somthing to watch!!! no one gives a shit about the guy, the only thing i care about is drinking and laughing about the guys death at night !
    • deckter
      Where's the hate button when u need one?
  • Kevin
    i find it funny after a death, Lets make a hollywood movie ! lol idots
  • Mike Cromley
    Ethan, do you know if most or all of the proceeds will go to the 911 relief fund or one of those 911 related organizations? I remember the movie FLIGHT 93 doing that. It would be a travesty for Hollywood, Bigelow, and Boal to profit for a movie where thousands of families that were directly affected.
    • deckter
      hollywood? travesty? NOOOOOOOO.....
  • Ryderup
    This feels a bit like when OS wanted to be first on the ball and made World Trade Center and W. Hmm. Too soon. And will it bring up how USA broke x amount of international laws when killing Bin Laden?
  • Spider
    I still find the news of Bin Laden's demise, quite convenient and out of left field that I'm still having trouble believing any of it. The media can exaggerate or debunk a story at will to their utmost convenience...... This flick, however, may end up very compelling at the capable hands of Kathryn Bigelow!
  • NotGullible
    I hope they tell the truth that Osama was dead before the attacks on 911. That 911 was an inside job by Bush and Cheney. All for the oil and the war profiteering baby!
  • Cody W.
    Hope they mention how he was suspected dead in like 2002 by the FBI and our fuckin president. Amazing Obamas approval ratings fall, the birther movement hits full force with trump and another election is coming and everyone actually believes we just caught him. But this isnt a political blog, as for the movie......typical fucking hollywood.
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Actually, I was under the impression that most people do -not- believe any of this, because there are way too many inconsistencies in the reports concerning his death, not to mention no photographic evidence (though, nowadays video and pics can easily be forged, too). As for the movie...I couldn't care less.
  • No interest in this project whatsoever, actually why am I even writing this?
  • ED
    Very interesting.a great job for Biglow,she will do that perfectly.i cant wait to see that film.
  • Bin Laden's robot wasn't 'in' Pakistan, it was near it. Then the Navy Seals came in and turned it off to take it back to CIA headquarters to fix it. I read about that film the other day, it was based on the book Theszurk3 mentioned. 911 was a bit heavy and stuff but people need to get over it really. I found the events around hurricane Katrina much more shocking and that was American on American madness, with all the baby rape and thieving and general lack of giving a shit by the 'love your neighbour', 'all band together in time of crisis' country. If Matthew Mcconaughey hadn't went down there in his canoe to save everyone the death toll could have reached tens of thousands. I know 3000 people died and it's a shame, but 25,000 people die every day from hunger, I know a lot of them won't have Facebook pages or Myspaces so you can't leave a message on their page telling them you miss them, so as human beings they don't really count. They made films about Che Guevara and he was just as mental as Osama boy, he wasn't trained by the CIA though, so maybe that makes him okay?
    • Anonymous
      Exactly! Now that's a vision i can understand




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