Looking Back: Jeremy Picks the Top 10 Most Terrible Movies of 2011

December 29, 2011

Jeremy's 10 Worst Films of 2011

Sure, there were good movies in 2011. There were even great movies released in 2011. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about the dregs, the rancid, the movies that made us sit back and question if we liked movies at all. Hollywood had some real stinkers this year. The indies had their fair share, but Hollywood had some real horrible ones hit with a dull thud. Surprisingly, Nicolas Cage only showed up in one of them, although, let's be honest, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is looking good for next year's list of shame. Pixar damn near made this list, but we'll give Cars 2 a stay of execution on principle. So, without further ado, here's the 10 worst movies I saw in 2011. See the whole list below!

I Am Number Four

10. I Am Number Four - Remember this dud that landed early in the year from DJ Caruso. It wanted to be Twilight. It wanted to be a top-notch show on WB. It couldn't even live up to any of that. I Am Number Four was a good indication of how horribly wrong interesting ideas can go. The idea that an alien looks like a teenager and must fit in and a warring race is out to kill him and his kind? I'm there. The trailers even piqued an interest that wouldn't be satisfied. However, Timothy Olyphant couldn't even save this bomb of boredom that had teen angst and classrooms when it should have had big aliens blowing stuff up. If for no other reason, I'm thankful this is the last time I ever have to write about this movie because I never have to try and spell Mogadorian ever again. I'm not even sure I spelled it right this time, but I really don't care.

Green Lantern

9. Green Lantern - Remember how excited we were for Green Lantern? We like Ryan Reynolds. We like the idea of Hal Jordan and the alien ring that lets him create anything his mind has to offer. We even like Martin Campbell who is two for two when it comes to awesome James Bond movies. We were stoked for Green Lantern, and that fire of interest had a bucket of lukewarm water tossed on it as soon as this CG crap fest began. It really is a trainwreck that you can't help but slow down and watch happen as Campbell crams so much information and edits it all beyond any possible recognition. We knew we were in trouble early, but when Hal Jordan created a racetrack to detour a crashing helicopter, most of us checked out altogether. What's that thing growing on Peter Sarsgaard's head? How is it that he, Reynolds, and Blake Lively are all childhood friends? Is that a giant poo monster coming to wipe out Earth? Don't know. Don't care. Green Lantern is an awful piece of CG crud. Hey, maybe they'll get it right in the sequel. Ugh.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Like Green Lantern, we had hopes for On Stranger Tides. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies have had their faults, but they were passable in the face of grand spectacle entertainment. On Stranger Tides let us down in every way possible. For starters, whoever thought Captain Jack Sparrow should be the main protagonist instead of the dark, quirky lead should have their head examined. Yes, he's an entertaining character and Johnny Depp's performance warrants his popularity, but putting him in the driver's seat of this adventure was the first misstep. The love story between a priest and a mermaid had us pining for the days of Ariel and Prince Eric. In fact, the only interesting part of On Stranger Tides is the evil mermaids, the ones with sharp teeth who rip men apart underneath dark waters. That was fun. But all of that is squandered the moment Sam Claflin Philip screams, "She has a name!" On Stranger Tides is a cash grab in the worst way imaginable. Disney had two of those this year. We'll forgive them for one.

New Year's Eve

7. New Year's Eve - Oh, Garry Marshall, you're so old. Watching you try to direct decent romantic comedies is like watching Betty White be crude. It's funny because you're old. But unlike Betty White and her antics, New Year's Eve was not cute by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, it was a hodgepodge of horrible stories crammed together like sardines. A few of these stories were somewhat interesting, and screenwriter Katherine Fugate might have a future in feature writing. But she has to learn how structure works, and she has to get a director on board who knows how to mold a feature film better than Marshall. Once the kid crowd surfs in New York Times Square and Hilary Swank gives a speech about the New Year's Ball - something that plays like the speech from the president in Armageddon - we thought the film had completely been thrown off the tracks and would turn into an entertaining wreck. It didn't. Instead, everyone involved in this movie dropped the ball, and, yes, I know that's a horrible pun, but this movie doesn't deserve any better.

Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

6. Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) - The only reason Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) isn't numero uno on this list is because writer/director Tim Six clearly knew what he was doing here. He was giving his fans what they wanted, showing them all the awful gore they were pining for from the first Human Centipede. The cries that the first film was boring, because it didn't show all the gory details were answered with a fury here. So congratulations, Mr. Six, you've created an atrocious piece of film that has no right even existing. And congratulations to all the people who wanted this. You got it. Now choke on it. Luckily, the version of Human Centipede 2 IFC Midnight is releasing is trimmed way down, and some of the more vulgar parts have probably been cut out. Still, I had to sit through this whole thing, and the thing that stank the worst wasn't what the people in the centipede were eating. Here's hoping Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) is a masterpiece.


5. Trespass - Another horrible movie that didn't get much viewership this past year. It stars Nicolas Cage - there he is - Nicole Kidman, and was directed by Joel Schumacher. Needless to say, the fact that it didn't even get a theatrical release says something about Trespass. It's a home invasion movie where Cage, Kidman, and their daughter is held captive in their home until Cage gives the kidnappers a priceless diamond. Okay, I'm listening. Well don't listen too hard, or your eardrums will burst. What goes down in this film's 90-minute run time is a whole lot of yelling, a whole lot of F-bombs, and some of the worst theatrics we've seen from Oscar winners since Halle Berry donned a Catwoman costume. You just want the kidnappers to put bullets into the whole family, grab the diamond, and walk away, but, no, we have to be subjected to an hour and a half of visual torture. Cage doesn't even go full Cage too often in the film, a clear sign Schumacher has no idea what he's got at his fingertips. If you want full Cage from this year, watch Drive Angry. If you want Ben Mendelsohn squandering all the good will as a villain he gained from Animal Kingdom, here you have it. Trespass is stupid, boring, and loud, not a great combination.

Dylan Dog

4. Dylan Dog: Dead of Night - I feel bad for Brandon Routh. Really, I do. Superman Returns isn't a great film, but he's fine in it. He's also rather stellar in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. He's also a really nice guy, but that's beside the point. That he keeps picking movies like Dylan Dog: Dead of Night stops him from any level of success in this industry. With horrible writing, awful acting - pro wrestler Kurt Angle might be the best here if that gives you any indication - and some of the worst special effects this side of a SyFy original, this movie makes you sit back and wonder just what the people behind this movie were thinking. They had to know how awful this movie was while it was being made. Best to cut ties early and never let it see the light of day. I'm not the kind who gets up during a movie to use the restroom. I'll hold it. Dylan Dog was the kind of movie where I was thankful when the urge came up, and I promptly left the theater to relieve myself. I mean I relieved myself from having to watch this movie for about five minutes. That's what I meant. The comic book from Tiziano Sclavi was also the basis for Dellamorte Dellamore aka Cemetery Man from 1994. By all means, track that movie down before even considering watching Dylan Dog. There's no Taye Diggs, but it's a damn sight better than this trainwreck.


3. Creature - Another movie that I'm thankful hardly anyone got a chance was forced to see. The special effects in Dylan Dog were as bad as a SyFy original, but everything about Creature screams SyFy. The only reason it's eligible for this list is because Bubble Distribution culled enough money together to get it into around 1500 theaters. Luckily, people were smart enough, and it ended up making a little over $500,000. That's all box office stuff, but believe me when I tell you this movie and everything about it is horrible. A group of teens wander into the swamps and begin getting picked off by some, strange half-man half-alligator creature that looks like a villain from the Power Rangers. Remember Ivan Ooze? The monster in Creature is so much worse. Thankfully, the monster isn't in this all that much. Neither are the awful actors who play the teens getting ripped apart. Instead, we have a large section devoted to back story on the monster and how it came to be. You know you're in trouble when someone begins telling a story, we cut to a flashback, and you're relieved to be seeing something other than the main story at hand. Creature is awful awful movie making, the kind of movie that make you feel bad for Sid Haig that he's in any way a part of it. That's right. We actually feel sorry for Sid "Never Say No" Haig.

Larry Crowne

2. Larry Crowne - I know what you're saying. Jeremy, how can Larry Crowne, a film starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, be even worse than something like Creature or Dylan Dog? I'd be lying if I said expectations don't play a part in all of this, and we expected so much more from Hanks. Maybe not Roberts, but definitely Hanks, and Larry Crowne is the kind of film where you begin to wonder if the people behind it have any clue about the subject matter they're presenting. There's a community college, students, Julia Roberts is the teacher, and Tom Hanks falls in love with her. Honestly, much of Larry Crowne came and went in my memory, but I remember the pandering going on and how it appeared Hanks, who directed and co-wrote this drivel, had never even stepped foot in a college. Or ever met anyone younger than 45. Is Larry Crowne horrendous? Maybe not, but considering how good it should have been coming from the guy whose only other directorial effort was That Thing You Do!, we expected a hell of a lot more than forgettable blandness such as this. There's nothing genuine about Larry Crowne, no feeling of true emotion for any of these characters. In fact, it feels like a Garry Marshall film, and we all know what that means lately.

Jack and Jill

1. Jack and Jill - Here it is. The number 1 worst movie of 2011, and it's precisely the movie we thought it would be after seeing the trailers. Jack and Jill is a blight on movie making, an insult to anyone who has ever tried and failed to make a comedy, and one of the most painful pieces of cinema I've ever had to endure. The idea of Adam Sandler playing twin brother and sister, the most annoying sister on the face of the planet, mind you, seems the kind of movie Judd Apatow was making fun of in Funny People. Guess what. It's exactly the kind of movie Judd Apatow was making fun of in Funny People, but that fact has either been clearly lost on Sandler or he flat out doesn't give a damn. Either way, it's an unforgivable action that he's pulled this movie together. It's even worse that he's bringing Al Pacino down with him. Pacino, by the way, has the only funny line in the entire movie when, after seeing the commercial Sandler's ad exec character has created, he turns to Sandler and flatly says, "Burn this." It's a message Pacino was sending to Sandler about the film itself. We only wish Sandler and director Dennis Dugan had listened.

And there you have it, folks. The worst of the worst. The most horrendous pieces of cinema to come out in 2011. Luckily, now I get to turn my attention to the best of the year, and I can leave all these worthless movies in the gutter. Unfortunately, I've now made you all aware of these movies, and some of you, at least two or three, will want to check them out just to see if they're as bad as I say they are. Trust me. They are. You can skip the testing phase and jump right to the believing me phase. I don't always know what I'm talking about, but these movies are B-A-D. Which movies did you think were the worst of 2011?

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  • This is a pretty solid list, but since I enjoyed Green Lantern more than most, I would've replaced it with Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers. It had fucking airships and no French accents to be found. Dumas would've burned his eyes out after cutting off his own genitals but before throwing himself into a boiler.
    • Xerxexx
      I fully agree Anderton...Musketeers should have never been made...which makes me wonder...in all its incantations no film has ever been as good as the book...perhaps the novel is un-filmable? Lantern was pretty decent...it just fell apart in the third act. I agree with most of the list...On Stranger Tides was horrid.
      • Anonymous
        I was a fan of the Keifer/Plath/Sheen version.  I mean, the cast should tell you all you need to know about this movie haha and Tim Curry as the bad guy?!  It's a nostalgia thing for me, and it was way better than the new POS Musketeers movie for sure.
        • Plus you can't beat that ballad by Sting, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart. All for one and all for love indeed.
          • Big Boss
            I got that song on my iPod. The 90's Musketeers ruled.
        • Xerxexx
          That version was a fun watch...mostly because of Platt.
        • The Disney version's become my gold standard, though I also enjoyed the Michael York version from the seventies, and even the actual French version, The Musketeer. But, yeah, I like everything Musketeer, and like Milla, but I couldn't watch it.
          • Don't forget the Man in the Iron Mask. That story is a Three Musketeers Tale.
    • I agree, Green Lantern was not a bad movie. I don't know why it generated such a large amount of hate.
  • No Bucky Larson?!? Blasphemy!
  • seriously
    no abduction??seriously???that movie sucked
  • In my defense, I didn't see Three Musketeers or Bucky Larson. I'm sure seeing those would have made this list even harder to put together.
  • Jack and Jill was indeed terrible but, being the huge Pacino fan that I am, I went and saw it anyway. BTW, the "burn this" line was not the funniest line in the movie.  The best line in the movie is when Jill knocks over Pacino's only Oscar and exclaims "sorry, I broke your Oscar, but you probably have others, right?" Pacino's remark: "you would think so, wouldn't you?".  That was a great line.
  • Didn't see Abduction either. :)
  • Posthuman
    Didnt see J&J, knew it would suck big time.  But the movies I seen this year the really sorry ones are: Drive Angry, Sucker Punch, Conan, Your Highness, Priest, The Rite, Scream 4, Dylan Dog, Season of the Witch and The Way Back.
    • Anonymous
      I thought The Way Back was really great. And I enjoyed Sucker Punch for what it was. Just saying... I respect your opinion (a good one, actually). Cheers!
  • Rschaller15
    Easily the 2 worst movies Ive seen this year are Main Street, and Sleeping Beauty. The cast in Main Street should've made it watchable at the very least even if the movie lacked any sort of substance. And Sleeping Beauty...... well that was just shit.
    • Sleeping Beauty very nearly made my list. Such a waste of a movie.
  • RFabry
    Where is In Time? God, that was an awful movie.
  • Glad that I don't see Zookeeper on this.  Not because it was good (it was far from it) but pretty much everyone picked that has the worst movie of 2011. 
  • Free
    More shit: "Beastly" "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" "Conan the Barbarian"  "Gnomeo & Juliet" "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil" "Immortals"  "Love, Wedding, Marriage" (< worst of the year, IMO) "No Strings Attached" "Red Riding Hood" "The Roommate"  "Season of the Witch" "Shark Night 3D" "The Smurfs" "Sucker Punch" "Take Me Home Tonight" "30 Minutes or Less" "Zookeeper" 
    • Anonymous
      You mean "The Academy Award Nominated film Gnomeo & Juliet" right? Only seen Take Me Home Tonight, which wasn't bad just fell flat, and 30 Minutes or Less which was just completely disappointing.
      • Free
        GNOMEO & JULIET hasn't been nominated for an Academy Award (I think you meant the Golden Globe, and that doesn't mean much, considering what they've nominated in the past). It could earn an Oscar nod for its song, but plenty of bad films have gotten nominated there ("Nine," "Pearl Harbor," "Up Close & Personal," etc.) To each their own, but TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT was awful in my eyes, and I wanted to like it. 30 MINUTES was painfully unfunnny.   
    • Dzfbsathtrjh
      Take me home tonite was a good movie as were 30 minutes or less and conan, you just have to understand take me home tonite was a straight to dvd movie just meant to be fun, 30 minutes or less was dumb comedy and conan was nothing more then an action movie and delivered on that at least
      • Free
        TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT was not a direct-to-DVD movie (it went wide on March 4), and even if it were, it definitely was not fun, even if it was meant to be. 
    • Beautiful_mistake7
      I respect your opinion but honestly alot of these movies were awesome to me that is. besides some of the movies are really just for kids to enjoy, as an adult, if you are open minded you could really enjoy them tho. I have kids and so my husband and I have watched Gnomeo & J The Smurfs, Hoodwinked, and Zookeeper, Our kids loved them and they wasn't so bad! :)
      • "Our kids loved them and they wasn't so bad". Of course you liked them.
        • Superman2138
    • Canon
      No accounting for taste I suppose, but I enjoyed some of those movies. Well, Sucker Punch and Immortals. All of the others I've ardently avoided because they look like utter pieces of unwatchable vomit inducing bullshit. But Sucker Punch and Immortals had some entertainment value for me. Some cool CGI, interesting concepts, not terribly executed. Sometimes I like to turn my brain off and watch pretty colours and attractive people fight in an incredibly choreographed and unrealistic manner. Probably wouldn't watch them again in a hurry though.
  • I actually thought Dylan Dog was alright. It's a B-movie, the look of it waslike a cheap 80's horror, but with better camera equipment, just above an episode of Angel. But who cares. Transformers should be there, that was so laughably horrendous. Who'd have thought the Pirates movie would suck too? It's not like the last 70 were nothing but pure art. Daamn.
    • I thought Pirates was art! Just in the same way when some woman made a Mother Mary statue out of cow shit and called that art...
    • Óskar
      I agree on Dylan Dog, it was bad but fun.
  • Anonymous
    Great list! I guess... I wouldn't know; I try to avoid this kind of horrible pieces of montage which hollywood likes to call movies. Looking forward to your 'best of 2011' list. 
  • S21strea
    I am going to have to only disagree with number 10: I am number four. I can't stand twilight or anything, except Nikita and supernatural, on the cw. I am number four was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. Just don't try to read the books they are a million times worse than twilight. Yes I read it. It was one of the best movies of winter 2011.
  • Josepanganiban2001
    Take all the financing budgets from these movies, and start producing movies everyone wants that makes money.
    • lucascott
      no way can you guarantee that kind of scheme will work. but I do feel ya on a part of it and that is the notion that the budgets are way out there and encourage too much flash over real art. Smaller budget films are often 'better' in the sense of story and acting because they can't afford to cover things up with flash and fx. Bigger films need the same attitude. Also drop crap like the snap cuts and the shaky cams (in this day there is no excuse not to slow things down and stabilize shots), no more 3d just cause you can etc. And no more paying folks $20 million dollars to be in a film. That's insane. a quarter of that and a heavy bit of profit sharing is how it should go. After all the point of having a Cruise, a Pitt, a Patterson in a film is that it is supposed to guarantee butts in theatre seats. So reward them when they have done the job well. Not before it.
  • DanTheManLoring
    I just gotta give props on how well thought-out, well-written and funny this article is. For real, this should be in a nationally printed journal. Also, and I'm sure I'm not the first to say this. wasn't the trailer for Jack & Jill like a fake-Sandler movie from Funny People?
  • I also hated Green Lantern and Pirates 4. Others I really hated include The Thing, Tower Heist, The Change-Up, The Rum Diary, Killer Elite, Cowboys and Aliens, Conan the Barbarian, Limitless, Paul, The Green Hornet, Transformers 3, and Your Highness. Although my friends who I saw most of these movies with liked Cowboys, Paul, and Limitless.
    • Anonymous
      I thought The Green Hornet was pretty good for a low-level comic book/superhero movie. Surprised Seth Rogen tuned-down his annoying-but-funny shtick.
    • lucascott
      my fav part of Conan was the drinking game my friends and I made up. Especially when Lang was on screen. That guy has some amount of talent. He had to be doing that as a favor or to keep his SAG points up for his health insurance and such. No way was it cause he actually thought the script was fantastic.
    • How can you not like limitless?
  • Merc
    Captain America?
  • Chris
    Captain America. Midnight in Paris.
  • Hocko 3
    I agree with the list but, Iam number four made a mockery of the book
  • Anonymous
    Does that mean you liked Bucky Larson more than Stranger Tides? Yeah, sure. Keep kidding yourself.
    • Scotty97
      Learn to ready, Smacky. In the comments before yours the author admits he hadn't seen Bucky Larson, so he couldn't comment on it. 
      • Anonymous
        I don't read many comments. I could go on like most of these folks here, saying things like Three Musketeers, Smurfs (especially), Zookeeper, Alvin/Chipmiunks, Mr. Popper's Penguins, and for each one he hasn't seen, the list becomes less and less credible. If you have the opportunity to make a list like this on a pretty notable site, then you should really try to make sure you know which movies are deserving of it. Hell there was a Justin Bieber AND a Twilight movie this year. Pirates and Lantern weren't great, hell Lantern wasn't even good, but there were dozens worse.
        • lucascott
          the chipmunks are mildly amusing. not enough to pay big ticket prices but enough to put it in your netflix queue. which is more than the other films deserve
      • Learn to ready? Learn to typey!
  • Rojagegeo
    more to the list.. Transformers3 Zookeeper,Hobo,Alvin3,Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,Spy Kids4,Your Highness,Hangover2.....all these are much much worse than Green Lantern
    • Anonymous
      Hobo with a Shotgun!? Granted it could've been better but it was grind house movie and had zero budget.
  • Rojagegeo
    ah,forgot to add Twilight and Cowboy to my earlier post
    • lucascott
      never saw Cowboy but the Twilight films make me want to cut my eyes and ears out. they are so bad. Especially Stewart. She just does not impress me one bit. Nor did Hardwicke which is why I didn't find Red Riding Hood even amusing. Actually basically everything that cast has been in was dreck other than perhaps Water for Elephants which was watchable (but not because of Robbie Boy).
  • John
    Lets face it this was a year of shit films! I can't think of a worse year! 
  • Anonymous
    Fun Facts: Pirates 4 made roughly 1,300 times the box office of Hobo with a Shotgun. Hobo with a Shotgun opened in 2 theaters earning $532,000, or $266,000 per theater. Pirates 4 opened in 4,155 theaters earning $90,152,000 or $21,700 per theater.
  • i don't have solid mind thats y i didn't watch many movies.
  • Drayzoe
    I liked some of these movies.
  • Lagoya
    I actually enjoyed Green Lantern, it was a fun movie, entertaining all the way through. Maybe it was because I watched it expecting it to be rubbish and was pleasantly surprised. Super 8 should have been on this list for sure, boy was that a bad movie!
    • Chad
      You obviously should not be rating movies if you thought Super 8 should even be mentioned in a discussion of the worst movies of the year. Not to mention Green Lantern was a huge disappointment. The one you like was CG garbage and the one you don't like was a big budget masterpiece on par with ET. Don't quit your day job.
  • "You can skip the testing phase and jump right to the believing me phase" LOL and I really do believe you! I might add some really bad ones like: Mean Girls 2, Rio, Monte Carlo, Mr. Popper's Penguins, The Dilemma, 51, Your Highness and many others where I ask myself "What the hell were they thinking?/Why the hell did I watch that?" But yeah, great picks I trust you on the ones I haven't seen :)
  • Manuel
    So... I'm reading all of your "shitty-2011-movie" lists... If I'm not wrong the only one that you liked was the trailer of The Dark Knight Rises? Am I right? Happy new year, folks. 
  • Anonymous
    really, I Am Number Four ? maybe its because i didnt go in expecting much, but to me it was a pretty good movie. 
    • lucascott
      Alex Pettyfer is a shite actor with an ego that is far too blown out for his looks and skills. he's so bad that I actually cheer when I hear he didn't get a role.
      • Derrick James
        his ego has nothing to do with his acting abilities. most actors have some kind of ego.
        • lucascott
          I've spent the last 10 years in the industry and worked with hundreds of actors of various levels. No most do NOT have 'some kind of ego'
          • Derrick James
            thats your opinion, maybe you just dont like the kind of ego he has.
          • lucascott
            yeah I don't like that he walks around talking like he's god gift to acting when he's not and orders folks around like he's some big wig and they are his hired hands when he's not and they're not. He's a total asshat. Been on 3 sets with him and its been nothing but him being a jerk.
          • Derrick James
            "I don't like that he walks around talking like he's god gift to acting when he's not " that line means you would be ok with him doing all that if you thought he was a great actor, which proves my other point that you are OK with ego and you know they have them, you just dont call it an ego if they can back it up.
  • Race Bannon
    I thought Green Lantern was better than Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, Priest, and Thor.  Are you seriously going to try and tell me those movies were better than Green Lantern?  Captain America was beyond boring.  I would have rather watched paint dry.  Worst fucking comic book movies, ever, and way worse than the movies on this list.  Once again, Jeremy, you are the worst writer on this site and your taste in movies is straight shit. 
  • Ro828
    Lucky me!  With the exception of MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (which I thought was wonderful- saw it twice) I didn't see a single one of the movies mentioned on here.  But a warning: if you want to talk about how bad something like JACK AND JILL was, there's somebody smart enough to figure that you actually left your house and paid to see it.
  • Flyingreddragon
    Your Highness Was easily worst movie of the year, probably even the last few years.
  • Paula
    No This movie tops them all for the WORSTTTTT! http://bit.ly/w1OBmS
  • Film critics are great and all...but they should really stop talking about super hero movies. Comic book fans know why the Green Lantern movie was bad. This guy is just hoping on the hate bandwagon because its a popular sentiment. He has no idea WHY the movie was so bad.
    • Gl is my book, yes I know its bad, but, I still liked it, yes Ryan was wrong for the part but I still liked him in it, and if I hate they won't make more....ugh
  • What? No "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star"?
    • Most chose to pretend there was no such movie, and so I'm surprised anyone even bothered watching it.
  • digitalbeachbum
    I agree with every thing except for Larry Crowne. Yeah. It wasn't a block buster movie, but it was fun, light hearted and some parts of it I can relate to: such as being in the military, never going to college until I was in my mid-30's and then finding and marrying a wonderful woman when I was in my mid-40's.
  • hii
    Green Lantern should be number 2. Makes every superhero movie look bad!
  • of course Jack and Jill was terrible. it had Adam Sandler in it. the only good Sandler films that I think are half decent were Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. and even those movies are considered stupid in todays society. Funny People was good, but thats it. I agree with you on everything else too
  • What the heck? I haven't seen any of the other movies on the list, but Green Lantern is an awesome movie.
  • Glee lover
    I agree with guy Henry and I'm not sure if new years eve or I am number four deserve to be on this list but I totally agree with the list !
  • gdh
    Sucker Punch was not only the worst movie of 2011 but one of the worst ever.
  • Not everyone agrees on what is good, and what is bad. What everyone can agree on is to disagree on many things. Your taste in movies is adequate, however listening to your recommendation is like slapping a blind version of Siskel and Ebert back on prime time again. Do us all a favor. Don't critique movies. Your horrible at it.
  • Scott Hastings
    Season of the witch, No strings attached, Buck Larson...well said Guy. Gnomeo and Juliet. Hangover II. Really it was a bad year over all
  • Andy
    Ok, pirates and Green Lantern were less than stellar, but I thought they were at least bearable. Are you seriously telling us there weren't worse movies?! How about Twilight, The Smurfs, Alvin 3, or Transformers 3? I had to suffer through those movies because my nephew and a friend who's a Taylor Lautner fan. I came out so pissed off, because I've wasted precious hours of my life that I will never get back. I swear I will scoop my brains out of my ear with a spoon if I have to see this drivel ever again.
  • Spindler71
    I liked Beastly, I Am Number 4, The Green Lantern, and On Stranger Tides. Larry Crown wasn't that bad, although I wouldn't buy it. I do, however, own the rest on DVD. I also own three different copies of The Three Musketeers, but not the latest one with Mila. I also enjoyed New Year's Eve, so I disagree with your point of view.
  • john snavely
    What the hell Jack and Jill was hilarious shut the fuck up you don't know what your talking about!!!
  • niggapleez
    Human Centipede 2 was fucking fantastic..in a fucked up way....This should not be on the list...clearly the guy who made the list is a fucking mental patient
  • Sargonarhes
    I think Green Lantern was the only movie I seen from that year, and I liked it. Which doesn't speak good of any of the other movies release that year that aren't even on this list. Why is hollywood so full of fail? Back into my anime induced delusions.
  • Green Lantern Defender
    I disagree wholeheartedly about Green Lantern. The movie was compelling, with an insanely large scope that successfully balanced all the bells and whistles needed to get this thing made. Marvel's Thor was praised for some reason when we all know deep down it sucked. You don't give a shit about those characters. Green Lantern was an epic feat, and too many people wrote it off as a CG mess. What did you expect, a practical Green Lantern movie? How could that possibly exist, especially nowadays? It had strong performances and a thoughtful script that kept us on board a galactic storyline... while Fast and Furious plans its 6th garbage entry. Fuck you.
    • I don't understand you being so mad, but I def get you, how can GL not be a hot green CG mess? Gotta be straight CG (but no reason to be so angry) I have every Hal comic from 1- so I am not uneducated. Green Lantern deserves a fair shake, I have been waiting for this movie for 20 years! And so much more can be done...just think now enuf super heroes are main stream we could have a 'zero hour' (movie, trilogy, I can't decide) plus Ryan was awesome, didn't seem like Hal but I still like. So chill its all good, I promise more than just you <3 this flick
  • I don't understand the child like approach to reviewing pirates of the carribean. there is no maturity in all of the reviews in this article.
  • Blah
    People have no sense of humor or taste. Some I can agree on but others no.
  • Daphne
    The information on this whole website is great, but I really love how well it is all written,whoever wrote this is a passionate real writer, and I look forward to more from Jeremy Cook . Very nicely done.
  • Crimson Lasher
    THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, like THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1, was mostly guilty of being incredibly boring. Gary Marshall stopped making good movies a like time ago. Even back then, he only made one decent flick: THE FLAMINGO KID. The rest were painful schmaltz.
  • Theredeath
    Honestly i agree with alot of these. I see some of his points about Green Lantern but really on the whole It was pretty good. I dont understand why it got that much hate. And the only other thing is....I CANNOT BELIEVE U ADDED PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN TO THIS. That movie was superb. U hear me? Superb. The acting was great the writing was great the meaning was good it had comedy romance and a good ending. Are u sure ur a movie reviewer? Like an offical one? Cuz that is a terrible call. You should go work at a fast food restaurant. Sincerely, Every intelligent person here.
  • Movie Lover 23
    Did anyone see the long awaited opus entitled Pirana? By far the worst movie ever, even with the lovely Elisabeth Shue trying her best.
  • DrNope
    I really enjoyed On Stranger Tides. I consider it only the second Pirates movie that was worth watching. The other was the first.
  • I have a couple more for this list: Apollo 18--Worthless exploitation of the found footage genre. For those who never saw or heard of it, it's about two astronauts sent on a secret mission to the moon when a previous expedition encountered problems. It's accompanied by the usual "This is based on actual events" tagline, some cardboard acting and uninspired thrills. What's sad is that the trailer and posters both made the film look terrific. The concept was fine despite my reservations about the found footage sub-genres. I wouldn't usually do this, but since no one cares about this film anyway I'll njust tell you what the big scare is. Ready? Turns out that the "problems" the previous expedition encountered were rock lobsters that crawled into spacesuits and blew up into tiny versions of said rock lobsters. No joke. Rock lobsters. Peter Griffin and the B-52's would be proud. Your Highness--Now, the biggest reason I'm saying this one is because I was hugely disappointed by this attempt at medieval stoner comedy starring Danny McBride, James Franco and brief screen time with Zooey Deschanel. Considering that David Gordon Green (the director of Pineapple Express) was helming the picture, I was expecting a stoner comedy in 'Pineapple' fashion. Maybe that was a mistake. Anyways, so the funniest parts were in the trailer (which for the record, I still find funnier than the whole movie) and that's about it. There were other jokes about medieval bongs, ones that involved flagrant cussing in cheesy Shakespearean accents, and a creepy scene involving a strange sexually-molesting puppet. I know this article's quite old, but revisiting 2011's films I agree with this list mostly. I saw some pretty bad films. I will say though, I'm one of the few and proud that avoided Jack and Jill like the plague. Still haven't seen it, and I have no interest to. On Stranger Tides was average. Not awesome, but not completely awful either. For the record, Green Lantern DID suck. In fact, if it wasn't for Apollo 18 I would call this the worst film of 2011. I attempted watching it three times: First time was in 3D at the theater, and the effects annoyed me so much that I absolutely hated it. Seeing it a second time on blu-ray without the 3D, I thought it was really bad. Ryan Reynolds portrayed Ryan Reynolds calling himself Hal Jordan, the effects were a god-awful mess, and especially around the 30 minute mark I began hating myself for attempting it again. And yes, I watched the extended director's cut as well. And guess what? It still sucks.
  • I completely agree about Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides .. a total waste of money and time.
  • vangpo
    Green Lantern was not a horrible film. It wasn't great, but it was watchable and I had a good time watching it. Would love a part 2 featuring Sinestro as the bad guy.
  • Rick E.
    i was actually okay with the green lantern movie. seriously, how can you not use cg with alien planets, alien technology, and a team of 3600 sentient species that can create objects from sheer will. granted the mask was a but much. and i can swallow my pride and say ryan reynolds is a decent hal jordan, because you cant just have the heroic peacekeeping lantern, but you also have to have the cocky, reckless hal jordan, and i think he pulled them off




Alex's Top 10 - 2016
1. La La Land
2. Paterson
3. Arrival
4. Captain Fantastic
5. 20th Cent. Women
6. Pete's Dragon
7. Jackie
8. Kubo & Two Strings
9. Everybody Wants
10. Wilderpeople
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Jeremy's Top 10 - 2016
1. Moonlight
2. The Handmaiden
3. High-Rise
4. Elle
5. Arrival
6. Kubo & Two Strings
7. 13th
8. Jackie
9. Toni Erdmann
10. The Witch
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