Marty McFly's Shoes from 'Back to the Future Part II' Become Reality

September 7, 2011
Source: Nice Kicks

Back to the Future Part II - Power Laces

Though some commemorative Nike shoes were released a couple years ago to call back to the power lace shoes in Back to the Future Part II, we ain't seen nothin' yet. Producer/director Frank Marshall recently tweeted, "Something big is coming soon. Can't say anything yet. No one should know too much about their own destiny. #BTTF" And then Nice Kicks (via received a mysterious package complete with some recognizable swag and a message from Dr. Emmett L. Brown dealing with some kind of special announcement from Nike tomorrow. But if you really want to get excited, check out the video below!

Here's a commercial entitled McFly's Closet teasing the new kicks from Back to the Future Part II:

That's right, folks. Even though 2015 is still a few years away, Nike is giving us their Air Mag shoes very soon. In standard Back to the Future fashion, an audio message (which may or may not have been recorded by Christopher Lloyd) said, “Welcome to Los Angeles. If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some serious shit!” If you're wondering, these shoes will have self-lacing technology, and this Back to the Future tie-in is likely a cool way to kick-off Nike's new shoe tech in a fun way.

Apparently some of the shoes will be sold at the official announcement event tomorrow to benefit Michael J. Fox's charity, but beyond that we won't know just how many of these shoes will be on sale or when they'll hit shelves. Considering just how many shoes are seen in that commercial above, I'd say this isn't going to be an item just for the super rich collector. We'll update this post after the official announcement takes place tomorrow evening, so stay tuned. Of course, producer Frank Marshall already sees the issue that will come from this news when he says, "Going to need a lot of hover boards." So who wants to make that happen?

UPDATE: Nike announced that 1500 pairs of this shoe will be auctioned on eBay,, with all net proceeds going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The auction will begin tonight, September 8th, at 8:30PM PST and end on September 18 (150 pairs will be posted on eBay per day for 10 days). This pretty much means most of you reading this won't get a pair, and that's supremely disappointing, but at least this is going to a good cause. Plus, it's still pretty cool to see these shoes become a reality.

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  • Jericho
    ............*heart attack*..........
  • Elroo
    Where we're going....we don't need roads
  • This is heavy!
    • Doc Emmett Brown
      Weight has nothing to do with it.
  • Grichmer
    YES! I'm definitely getting a pair of those.
  • rocKKicker
    seriously, im buying these
  • I'd buy these, but then I'd have to wear my pants inside out to fit in.
    • The Douche
      Just pull your pockets out.
  • this has actually made my day..
  • Is there something wrong? I was throwing money @ my screen but they wouldn't accept it... :-/
    • Anonymous
      I think you have to put your credit card in the disk drive... My card went in, but Im still waiting for something to come out. Im pretty sure I just got ripped off.
  • Vertigo
    The ball is in your court no Mattel!
  • Vertigo
  • Nick
    oh...oh you rat bastard.
  • Craig
    Um, awesome.
  • Perfect! Having only that one shot - no words - no text - nothing - Perfect. I'm excited!
  • White people.
    • Cbfawley
      Oh my lucky stars, a racist!
      • As a 'self loathing person of colour' as I was once described I'm offended by that remark. But seriously, those shoes are shit. They are really bad versions of Dunks, as a small child I think I liked them, but that was because I was a small child. Do you really need another pair of bad training shoes in your life? Really?  For the record I am a white man, pale light blue actually being that my country of origin is Scotland. But seriously it is a 'white people' moment. Here's a review for the one's that came out last year: If you feel like giving Nike more money then go ahead, but really you'll be an adult wearing child shoes with lights on and look like a fanny.
  • Anonymous
    wonderful 😀
  • Rachael
    amazing news im so excited! im just hoping this report is true and that the shoes are not too expensive! :/
  • Richie G
    Wow, now they just need to invent flying cars and release a dozen jaws movies in the next 4 years. Better get on it
  • Voice of Reason
    I wish I could go back and put some money on the Cubbies!!
  • Localboypaul
    Great Scott!!!
  • Screw the shoes I want the Time Machine
  • Christian
    just think how much money went into making all the shoes in that commercial.....lets see slave labor?? about $50 bucks!!!
  • Beethan Banderton
    Ethan, You really think those are real shoes and that the commercial is indicative of both supply and therefore price point?  What kind of hogwash speculation and reporting is this?
  • Brian
    Awesome!!!!!!   Still waiting for a Hover Board, though.
  • BaSs1L
    This gives me hope about the hover board
  • Sahir Khan




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