Marvel Has Already Shot a 'Secret' Teaser Trailer for 'The Avengers'?

March 2, 2011
Source: AICN, Latino Review

Loki in Marvel's Thor / The Avengers

We don't like to ruin any big surprises, but this news was too good to pass up. I love surprise/secret teaser trailers that we don't know are coming (well not anymore), as they're so much more exciting to experience when they are unveiled. Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Marvel has already shot a teaser trailer for The Avengers that will most likely (but so far unconfirmed) show in front of Thor and/or Captain America this summer. This is big news because Joss Whedon hasn't actually started rolling cameras on The Avengers yet, even though its due out in 2012. Additionally, if you want to hear a few more spoilers about this, read on.

Spoilers from this point on - you've been warned! Harry Knowles of AICN says this teaser includes Loki, the villain from Thor played by British actor Tom Hiddleston and evil brother of that superhero, who has long been rumored to be one of the primary villains in Marvel's The Avengers movie, which Joss Whedon is directing. Additionally, Latino Review says they've learned that Loki is indeed going to be the main villain in Avengers, but that's not all… Apparently he'll be using the cosmic cube (last seen being held by Red Skull) to bring in the aliens known as The Skrulls, who will also be one of Avengers villains, although to what extent we're not sure, or if it might be another big setup for a cinematic universe following The Avengers of 2012.

We've written about this exact situation before - specifically that Loki and The Skrulls would be the villains in The Avengers movie, not the Hulk (which was the original rumor tied to various comic storylines as well). We will not reveal any details about the teaser, not that any are known yet, but that's something that despite now knowing it's coming, I would rather wait and be surprised watching it in theaters before Thor than read about it online. I have a feeling it will be short like a real teaser, but will show Loki kicking ass or coming to Earth. And if you're in a theater packed full of geeks, there is going to be some very loud cheering after this.

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  • Awtan90
    and............The Dark Knight Rises
  • Awtan90
    all I've gotta say is.......The Dark Knight Rises.
    • Um that has nothing to do with this movie at all. Yea, they're coming out in the same year, but so what. This story is about The Avengers, not TDKR.
      • Awtan90
        It's also news about a Disney product.
        • You've got to be kidding me... You're really complaining about this because it's a "Disney product"? That's the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.
          • Awtan90
            I'm just saying if you wanna get technical with me and spell it out what this article is about for me at least do it right and get all the details.
        • TomCruise
          Till Justice league comes out, please dont compare. the teaser will probably be similar to the Startrek 2009 one. snowing some footage not in the movie and a title/logo
          • Awtan90
            Look I'm just saying no matter what I'm always gonna be looking forward to TDKR a lot more than the avengers because without a doubt in my mind the TDKR will be the better film and I'm sure the majority of the human race agrees with me. So in my mind TDKR has overshadowed the Avengers and any other superhero movie coming out in 2012. This isn't a Marvel vs DC debate, I don't care about the Justice League that's going to be trash to if they go through with it.
        • howse the pale ale says
          disney products good... marketing good... budgeting & finance no problem .... if you can do it! we can make it happen ....sory cant say anything positive for JLA its still in the shadows... complicated ( Christian bales batman speech is a cross between a clint eastwood & a grizzly bear ) overacted 
      • Last Son
        I think waht Awtan90 was trying to say Alex was that as exciting as The Avengers may be, the excitment level for The Dark Knight Rises is going to be a lot higher.
        • Actually im not sure, i think a lot of people have put tdkr on the back burner for the simple fact that it has to beat tdk, which is a tough task, no doubting it will be good, but i feel hyping it as better than the last will be a grave misstep and lead to less enjoyment than the film would've otherwise have had. (it will be a good film no doubt, but hyping this early on rarely works out well)
          • Sam Doyle
            Personally I disagree. For me it has to beat Batman Begins. Which, in my mind, was faaaar superior to TDK.
    • Anonymous
      Batman: Yes. Yes. This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land and we will call it… This Land. Joker: I think we should call it your grave! Batman: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Joker: Ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die! Batman: Ah! Oh God, no!
      • Awtan90
        Not really sure what you're trying to say.
      • Leinergroove
      • I get it. It's a quote from Firefly.
      • Sam Doyle
        Dude. Just fantastic. I <3 Wash
    • Chip_Tha_Ripper
      Dark Knight Rises...... Worst Title ever lmao
    • Last Son
      I agree all the way...............Bring on the Knight
      • Hayscope
        I was hoping for the title to be 'Gotham'.
        • howse the pale ale says
          r kelly version! city of love
    • howse the pale ale says
      dark knight wont rise.... to afraid.... will remain in the shadows
  • stfugtfo
    cmon marvel
  • grapefruit
    not true I'm sure
  • Max s.
    I don't care what anyone says one super hero will rise against the avengers and that superhero will be batman the dark knight rises WILL kick this movies ass
  • Chris
    I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping for something utterly badass when it comes out. I'm hoping the action doesn't leave me wanting more like Iron Man 1 and 2 did. I'm hoping that it's not a complete mess with too many heroes on screen. I'm hoping that the studios don't interfere with Joss' vision of what he wants to do. Is that too much to ask for? I'm also hoping Marvel stops trying to hire Robert Downey Jr. impersonators for everything Iron Man comes out in. Like the new Avengers cartoon. And I'm looking at you Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    • Dj Aitken4
      i think theyt hired one guy to do all iron man voices for marvel like the avnegers cartoon, and games. but he does try to sound a lot like Robert Downey Jr.
      • Chris
        I was watching the new avengers cartoon and for some reason when Tony Stark started talking and acting like Downey Jr's Tony Stark (kind of douchey), it kind of killed the cartoon for me. Anyhoo. Another thing I'm hopeful is that Hulk doesn't look stupid like he did in the first movie. I rather liked the model for the second one with longer hair and more believable proportions. Never really liked the high and tight haircut he's always had.
        • Anonymous
          dude... Iron Man is a douche. I got the free month of Marvel Digital Comics through Preordering MVC3 and after reading all of Civil War, WWHulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Avengers and all the iron man comics that tie in to those i can say... The mans a douche
  • It'll be terrible, I'm calling it even though I haven't even read the article or even the title for that matter. The Skrulls were a bit of a joke in the comics were they not? I never read them but when I hear comic book folk mention their name they always have a little chuckle.
    • There's always someone out there who just wants to say bad things about something even though THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON OR UNDERSTAND! Thats how racism started you ass...
      • Armand, you speak the truth. You are essentially the Steven Seagull to my racist oil worker character I played in 'On Deadly Ground'. I understand now. It'll still be cheesy and rubbish like the others because the comics are mostly cheesy and rubbish.
    • Anonymous
      Skrulls are sweet in Secret Invasion.
    • The Skrulls as in many characters in Marvel's comic world do look a little comical when judge against today's reality standards. To bridge the gap between the marvel universe mostly created in the campy 60s and the one you see on the big screen, a lot of references has been taken from Marvel's newer "Ultimate" graphic novel series which is more grounded in today's "real" world. This is the realm of Captain America without wings on his head and Hawkeye in black leather instead of bright spandex AND the home of a far more menacing and clandestine Skrull!
  • Not excited about these spoilers but the film's in good hands. Really just want to see Ruffalo play 'Hulk'.
    • Um...Ruffalo is NOT THE HULK. He's Bruce Banner. The Hulk has been played by Lou Ferrigno for YEARS.
      • Gkp
        Actually, Ruffalo will play the hulk. He is doing motion capture for it. Ferrigno hasn't PLAYED the hulk in a long time. He only voices him.
  • rocKicker
    comparing this to TDNR is a waste of time imho...nolan has created his own category for super hero flicks and i think marvel knows that. its like comparing TDN to ironman, nobody really does it because they are two very dissimilar movies, with stregths in different aspects. The coy humor and explosions make up amarvel movie, wheil great cinematics and superb plot lines make up TDN
  • Anonymous
    i love how this news got turned into Fuck the Avengers TDKR!
    • Yeah, somehow news about Avengers turned into a DC vs Marvel debate! Guess there's no avoiding people wanting to compare Batman (which I love) against Marvel's offering (which I also love). Soon this will join the list of never-ending debates like Mac vs PC or Canon vs Nikon!
  • I'll be sad in 2012 when the credits are finally rolling on Avengers. It's like Christmas, the hype is sometimes better then the reward, even if the reward is exactly what you hoped for.
  • Fisherr
    Hmmm, didn't see this one coming because i am not up with the news for movies and comic books anymore, Sadly. This is nice i always loved the mind teasers that are placed in trailers, who wouldn't love seeing The Skrulls in The Avengers movie? I know i would love to see them, anyone?
  • Are people really incapable to anticipate 2 films at the same time with out bitching about the other?
    • Jericho
  • Link1983
    Watched Thor earlier. The scene after the credits would suggest Loki would be the main bad guy.
  • Mildmanneredmaniac
    Yep, the segment after Thor shows Loki being very interested in that cosmic cube...
  • F Megh
    c'est loki le méchant dans les avengers ,pas de hulk ,moi j'aurais préféré thanos.
  • Spyderwebbedhawk
     Loki + Cosmic Cube = Oh holee chit, wtf. Seriously though, I am hyped to see what Nolan will do with TDKR, as well as Whedons take on Avengers. I am somewhat put off by the fact that it was already admitted that after TDKR they will be moving into a reboot of the Batman franchise anyways, but thats Hollywood. Renner's Cameo in Thor had me waiting for him to get the order though, I am psyched to see where the Marvel movie universe goes and only hope as a fan that it doesn't get f*d up. That and hoping beyond hope that eventually Spidey, X-Men, FF etc. wind up back under the Marvel Studios banner instead of being controlled by Fox and Sony. Would love to see a point in time where there is a completely defined "Universe" for all Marvel properties to work in.
  • Adam L
    Batman Begins, The dark knight, Spider man 1, 2 Hulk with Ed Norton, and Iron man 1 are the only good comic book adaptations imo. Id be more excited for the avengers if they weren't going to screw up the story lines to iron man and hulk, also Ed should have reprised his role as hulk, screw marvel for not dishing out the cash. And why didnt they think to link up all the movies? They had time to think it out
    • Gkp
      Are you an idiot? All of marvels movie since Iron man have been linked. And Ed refused to come back because he didnt want to share screen time, not just because of cash, its just as much his fault as it is Marvels. Also, Thor was great, Xmen 1 and 2 were good. Watchmen was one of the best comic book adaptations. Kickass and Scott pilgrim were great movies, and The Losers was amazing. That is 7 more comic book adaptations that frankly were just as good if not better than Spiderman 2, and Batman Begins. 
  • NayraD
    The movies are pretty linked up dude! I was watching Iron man the other day, and in one scene you can see on the TVs in the background the whole Hulk distruction on the news... I was like  Whoa!
  • Patrick ouellette




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