Marvel Sets 'Thor' Sequel for Summer 2013 Release with 'Iron Man 3'

June 30, 2011
Source: Deadline


Back in April we heard the not-so-surprising news that sequels were already in the works for both Captain America: The First Avenger (check out the newest trailer right here) and Thor. Now Deadline has learned that today Marvel and Disney are announcing their full commitment to a sequel for the god of thunder with Chris Hemsworth putting on the helmet and cape again for a theatrical release sometime in the summer of 2013. Since Marvel and Disney have already set Iron Man 3 for release on May 3rd, 2013, so I'd expect Thor 2 to hit sometime in June or July afterwards. Actually, we might even have an exact date later today.

However, with this announcement comes the news that Kenneth Branagh will not be returning to direct the sequel. Apparently there's no hard feelings between the studio and direct as his lack of involvement is said to be "mutual and amicable" and he'll still probably end up being a producer on the sequel anyway. Though he may not have the box office success to back it up, and his films haven't exactly been amazing, I think Scott Stewart, the director of Priest and Legion, has some great potential to do something with the Thor franchise. The weakest part of Stewart's films has been the script, but his direction, especially in the action department, has been pretty great. It'll also be interesting to see how The Avengers affects the story in the Thor sequel, if it does at all. Either way, get ready to feel the thunder again in the summer of 2013.

So with Branagh not returning for the next one, who do you think should direct Thor 2 instead?

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  • Jackmooney
    I think nobody should direct Thor 2 the first one was bad so why bother making a new one. But if I had to choose I'd do Christopher Nolan because he's a really good british director and Superhero.
    • Anonymous
      I liked it. Isnt Kenneth Branagh British too?
    • A Villa88
      1. Thor was better then most Comic Book films that have been out for the past decade such as Fantastic Four(BOTH), Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra, Spiderman 3, Punisher, Punisher Warzone, Blade Trinity, Jonah Hex, X-Men Origins, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Spirit, Catwomen, and before the past decade they're have been more abominations.  2. Christopher Nolan? wtf? noo! he shouldn't sell himself out with comic book movies he should finish Batman 3 and stop after that. Most of his films are usually original ideas and they have all been great.  He should stick with that.
      • Anonymous
        Yeah, I this the best some people can say--"Just give it to Nolan"?  I mean, what if he's not interested in THOR?  And Branagh did a great job, at least in my view. Throwing out the "Let Nolan do it!" line is just shortsighted.
        • Maverick Pete
          Agreed.  Everyone seems to want to get on their knees for Nolan these days.  LOL
    • Jackson
      Agreed. Thor was just not good. at all.
      • Anonymous
        Its not for everyone. Maybe Green Lantern is more your thing.
    • Harm
      wow aren't you a sourpuss fella?  "so bad why bother making a new one?"  geez.  The movie was entertaining at least enough to make a few bills and you can't blame them for trying to cash in on that. 
    • wat r u talking about that was like the best superhero movie of all time
  • RhythmDave
    Ryan Dunn
  • Loser
    Alex Proyas would be a great choice for Thor 2
  • Alfredo
    @ Jackmooney: so Chris Nolan is a really good Superhero? Hmm, interesting...
  • RhythmDave
    if your going to do it, do it right, Guillermo del Toro
  • Robharm
    Bit of a Dark Horse, but I'd like to see Mel Gibson direct it.
  • Daneforst
    Robharm... pretty good idea actually.
  • Ashley_may
    The only way to save comic book adaptions is to have Chris Nolan reboot them all 
    • Anonymous
      You're kidding, right?
      • Ashley_may
        Yes I was joking
        • Anonymous
          Okay, cool...but I'm wiping the egg of my face right now.
    • Anonymous
      Only if he starts with Sin City 2.
  • Loser
    Still waiting for the Black Panther movie. Djimon Hounsou would be perfect for that. Any news on that from Marvel?
    • Anonymous
      No doubt. Its funny that blade saved marvels @$$. And haven't made another blk character as lead since. Yeah I know blade Trinity sucked, bit give us the king of wakanda. At least a cameo in the avengers
      • Blargh.
        I don't think it has anything to do with the fact he's black. It's more that he's a very little known character. I mean, personally i'd love to Djimon Hounsou do it (loved him since gladiator) but is it really neccesary to suggest Marvel are racist?
        • mace
          that has nothing to do with it. Blade was a nobody character no one really know much about the character at all and it become a success and a cult classic. the same thing can happen for Black Panther.
    • Anonymous
      Djimon is about intimidating enough to be the pink panther. There are far better-suited actors for black superheroes, especially one with the presence of Black Panther.
  • Lamar
     I agree about Stewart directing good action and would love to see a Thor sequel. Comic book movies are far from dead. Some are quite good, some are very bad, some are absolutely amazing, and some are so terrible all involved should perish.
  • Scared S#!tless
    Are you kidding me with Scott Stewart?! Legion and Priest were SO bad I got into fist fights with the people that dragged me to see both those abominations! Major NO (see that? I no'd the hell out of that 'no' because its in caps) to Scott Stewart and the crappy writers he rolls with.
  • Harm
    I'd like to see any of the following take a shot at Thor 2: Brad Bird Alfonso Cuaron Martin Campbell Pierre Morel David Yates Daniel Barber Dark Horse: John McTiernan
  • Anon
    Zack Snyder
    • MiKa
      I agree Zack Snyder...  But i'd like to see what Michael Bay would do with it hahaha...
      • Ashley_may
        That would b epic
    • Anonymous
      Zack Snyder... with a good script. That he didn't write/revise. Plus give Branaugh creative control... to keep Zack on point.
  • BlackFantasyFilmmaker
    If you want to stay with British filmmakers with experience with blockbusters then I nominate Mike Newell (Prince of Persia, Harry Potter 4).
    • BlackFantasyFilmmaker
      I also think that Nimrod Antal would be a great choice, but for me I think it's going to be about the direction of the story. I hope it doesn't end up being a filler like Iron Man 2 was.
  • Croniccris
    hell ya THOR was an awesome movie!! alice eve for the entrantress!!
  • Arm
    Dude Mel Gibson could totally direct this. Nice RobHarm. This makes so much sense. 
  • Sanderis
    Immagine a Thor/Braveheart movie. UH BADASS
    • Yah, that would rock. But at this point in his career I don't think he could even get get a producing credit =(
  • Ryan
    Super shout with Gibson....SUPER....a Gritty as shit THOR would be class.
  • Smendoza
    just have whedon direct thor 2.. and iron man 3.. It would make sense
  • Blargh.
    Luc Beeson. Not specifically for Thor I'd just love to see him do a superhero movie.
  • Scott Stewart?!.......Fucking Terrible Suggestion. Straight up Get Jason Reitman to wield the hammer....I think that would be pretty good! The new rule to into getting a director for superhero flick is just go completely random. i.e. Jon Favreau - Iron Man, Kenneth Branagh - Thor, Joss Whedon - Avengers (it was a stellar surprise, but no one saw it coming)
  • Twill5033
    There should not be a sequel to Thor. I made mistake of spending extra money to watch this trash in 3D. To say this movie was better then any of the Blade,Spider-Man, X-Men Origins movies is crazy talk. I would still put Spider-man 3 over Thor any day of the week. As far as Nolan taking over this movie, let's not go there and leave it at that.
  • This is a bad movie for Thor. Iron Man 3 will crash Thor 2. 
  • skinnybrowndog
    Brian Taylor (crank & gamer)   




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