Mike Myers is Returning for Yet Another New 'Austin Powers' Sequel?

August 12, 2011
Source: HitFix

Mike Myers as Austin Powers

Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later? Comedian/actor Mike Myers hasn't had too much success with any of his characters recently. The Love Guru was a huge flop, The Cat in the Hat was terrible, all he's got is Shrek and Austin Powers. After exhausting one franchise he's back to the other. HitFix is reporting, and this is all they say, that Myers has signed the deal to return as Austin Powers again in a third sequel. "Austin Powers 4 is coming, officially." I'm not surprised. Hollywood seems to be stuck on rebooting/restarting older franchises again (e.g. American Pie), so why not Austin Powers? Everyone loved Goldmember, right?

Goldmember was released in 2002, and the series kicked off with Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in 1997. Myers played a lot of the key characters, from Powers to the unforgettable Dr. Evil, as well as Fat Bastard, Goldmember and others. There aren't any details on the project, including who's directing, producing or writing, but I'm sure New Line Cinema is trying to get the original team back. Jay Roach directed all three of the films, then went on to direct Meet the Fockers, Recount and Dinner for Schmucks last year (which didn't do so well), so he may be available. However, this seems like a desperate run back to a character that everyone loves, I just hope they've got new ideas. Do you want more Austin Powers?

Update: Not so fast! Apparently HitFix's scoop was a dud, or maybe overhyped. Deadline's Mike Fleming is reporting that nothing is actually new at all. "No deal has yet been signed, and top New Line brass are surprised the whole thing has reared up after they made Myers an offer six months to a year ago, and hear nothing." So either HitFix knows something they don't, or it's all just a mix up. "The studio heard nothing from Myers -- until this week, when Myers' reps came out of the woodwork and expressed interest. New Line's not sure what this means. It's unclear whether Myers wants to proceed with his 2008 dad homage idea, or whether he's figured out a new way to revive [Powers]." Very interesting… We'll keep you updated.

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  • Jake
    The fact of the matter is that Mike Myers playing Austin Powers will always be entertaining. Even at the worst moments of the previous Powers movies Myers is hilarious. I'll see it. If they get Michael Caine back as Nigel Powers, I'll see it twice.
  • DRM
    If they follow up with the ending of "Goldmember" and make Seth Green the main villain, I'm there opening night.
    • JL
    • Anonymous
      dude totally, they left part 3 just left us BEGGING for a 4th one, regardless if most people think Myers is washed up. I, however, am in! SETH GREEN AS THE NEW VILLAIN!! WOO!!
    • Anonymous
      That's right! The Wiley One is beyond Quasi-Evil. Go Seth!
  • LMA
    Grooovy baby - NOT! - oh wait, wrong character.....
  • JL
    I've been waiting for this ever since the end of Goldmember.  It seemed like the left it open so that if they wanted to go back to the franchise, they could pick up where they left off.  And if they get Jay Roach back to do this after sharpening his teeth on other projects, I see no reason to think that this won't be a hilarious movie.  Maybe they can find a place for Steve Carrell, as well.  This is very groovy news, baby.
  • I'm in! Looking forward to the fresh characters he's got boiling in his head after all this time! Not to mention awesome cameos!
  • Why not? I enjoyed every Powers movie. It was good fun. Powers is becoming like Bond: who will be the next Powers girl? :)
    • JL
      Olivia Wilde?
    • JL
      She's trending right now. 😉
      • Dang. Good call. Let's do lunch with the casting director.
        • JL
          Got any name ideas?
        • JL
          For the character, I mean.
          • Rachel McAdams?
          • JL
            @twitter-89046279:disqus Rachel McAdams?  Not sultry enough.  Too cute.
          • Sultry...Well, then hands down Scarlett Johansson.
          • JL
            @twitter-89046279:disqus Ahhh, yes, how could I forget her?  But of course you need more than one Bond(Powers) girl, so there you have it: Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson.
  • Oh Yeah baby!
  • wanesoul
    • Anonymous
      How do you embed a thumnail? I had Odd Life of Timothy Green spoof (jpg) but couldn't figure out how to put a thumbnail. Edit: Nevermind, you can't add photo on edit, got to do it 1st time.
      • Anonymous
        Sigh... NOW I figure it out.
  • stfugtfo
    fuck yeah
    So much hate on Myers, leave him be. I can not wait for this movie, it will surely be nothing less than amazing.
  • glutusmaximus
    no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no...oh yeah, and no! Oh, oh, and I almost forgot... no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no...etc.
  • glutusmaximus
    Oh and in case I wasn't,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no N-O- means no!
  • Oh gosh...a series almost as bad as Twlight. no wait...nothing is nearly that bad and Harry Potter is closer to Twlight.
    • ate
      Go beat off to Transformers somewhere else. kthxbai
    • JL
      Harry Potter closer to Twilight?  Are you fucked in the head?
  • HELLS YES. I can't freakin' wait for this, Do I make horny baby, do I, do I make you randy... grrr!
  • Spider
    Great news! I can't wait!
  • Bobby
    Airborne...great movie.
    • Dustin Asher
      yeah, I recently saw it and was going out of my mind during that final action/racing sequence.
  • Alexroca1967
    I've loved all of the Austin Powers movies. I would gladly watch a fourth one. BTW...Alex Billington, this is the THIRD sequel, not the fourth. It is the fourth movie in the series but the first movie wasn't a sequel.
  • Moviekid
    I thought maybe they can go Indy 4 for this movie. Not as bad, but still an interesting idea.
  • I'm very happy to hear there's a 4th movie coming! The franchise is funny as hell, especially 'Goldmember' and I would love to see Austin Powers back in his shagadelic ways. Michael Caine was great in 'Goldmember' and would love to see his character back!
  • tommyturner
    I'd rather see Love Guru 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  • I agree with some of the people on here. Lets give the fourth a chance. I think these movies have a better chance of being good if left for a while to brew in some heads.
    • tommyturner
      Like Beverly Hills Cop 4?
  • this is not a reboot! Mike Myers has been talking about a fourth movie for years, and he said they will make it as soon as the whole team is available to come together.
  • Personally I loved the Austin Powers movies. I enjoyed them.
  • Anonymous
    I wached Goldmember the other night and laughed pretty much the whole way through... I'd certainly see a 4th. That scene where Austin is on MiniMe's shoulders kills me.
  • Anonymous
    2 and 3 were interchangeably good, meaning they could have been released in reverse order and I'd have liked em just as much.  The whole time travel thing is great to keep storlines fresh & we still have scott evil and lord-knows whoever else mike could make himself into.  I'd see it! 




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