Must Watch: Awesome New Trailer for 'The Troll Hunter' Unleashed

April 21, 2011
Source: Trailer Addict

The Troll Hunter Trailer

The Hunt is On! Magnet Releasing has debuted a kick ass new theatrical US trailer for The Troll Hunter, the documentary shot in the wilderness of Norway where a student filmmaking team caught live trolls on tape. No seriously, this movie is awesome, I saw it at Sundance and loved it. We've been following this for years and are happy to say it's finally getting released this summer! In honor of that release, Trailer Addict has the new theatrical trailer and although it's shorter than the others we've seen, it's an energetic trailer packed full of trolls, though it does show quite a bit. Watch it anyway, it's such an awesome film! Trolllll!!

Watch the theatrical US trailer for André Øvredal's The Troll Hunter:

You can also watch The Troll Hunter trailer in Higher Def on Trailer Addict

A group of students investigating mysterious bear killings quickly learn there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious man, only to learn he is actually an expert troll hunter.

The Troll Hunter, or Trolljegeren, was both written and directed Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal, of only one other film called Future Murder in 2000. This premiered at Fantastic Fest last year as a surprise and also played at the Sundance and San Francisco Film Festivals. Magnet Releasing is bringing The Troll Hunter to limited theaters on June 10th this summer! Visit their official website:

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  • Eric
    interesting to say the least.
    • Anonymous
      hate all that shaky camera shit,,,,,,shite
  • floppytall
    There are a few shots in the movie that take away from the found footage angle that it goes for but all in all it is a damn good movie.
  • Manuel
  • IceFilm
    I just played this trailer with Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" playing in the background. It was the most epic I've done so far today LOL.
  • IceFilm
    I just played this trailer with Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" playing in the background. It was the most epic thing I've done so far today LOL.
    • Rodriguez616
      "It was the most epic thing I've done so far today" Haha, that's the funniest thing I've read today. It most definitely falls under epic. Time to listen to some Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Wwww
    wtf is this shit
  • It's decent, well worth a peep, honestly rank it way above most films that came out last year, better than Tron or Inception story-wise and probably acting-wise too.
    • Guest
      you're full of crap!
    • Jrev
      thats a very bold, but extremely ignorant statement, to say the least... i know you dont appreciate good acting OR effects, if you this this shit looks better than Inception (probably the best movie ive ever seen as far as culminating all the different pieces of what makes a good film and making every piece amazing and original) AND Tron, which didnt have the best acting, but had some awesome effects and was a great follow-up to the original
      • Anonymous
        YEah and if you think that Tron Legacy was a great follow-up to the original, your credibility goes back to zero.
        • rocKKicker
          why? the storyline tied right in.. where exactly did legacy lose its follow-up status? was it when sam used the same means to travel into the grid? or visit flynn's arcade, which mind you played the same song as it did in the original tron scene? or how about when sam said "thats a big door" when braking into encom, just like his father? i can go on, but you get the point. you may not have liked it, but thats not the arguement here.
          • Jrev424
        • Anonymous
          A quirky, high-concept sci-fi film with neat design and effects, full of strange, somewhat off-putting and occasionally very likable characters, a paper thin, swiss cheese plot built around a few action set-pieces. Unique and memorable soundtrack. Jeff Bridges in dual roles. So which one of the two Tron films am I describing? (Hint: Both of them...) Granted, I like them both. I feel that both films have their own charm because of - not in spite of - their flaws and campy nature.
      • Aw Jrev, I love effects, and I like good acting from folk like BA Baracus, man's a legend, but somehow Tron never hit it really, the only good bit is at the disco with Michael Sheen. Inception was terribad so pretty much doesn't need a mention. I know a lot of people liked it, but I found it fairly boring. As for Troll Hunter, it's enjoyable, funny and doesn't take itself too seriously whilst having good acting from people who aren't even celebrities or anything. It does have subtitles though so that's a bit of a stumbling block. But I'm jut some douche on the interpipes, so don't listen to me, next time I'll go with the masses, I promise.
        • Jrev424
          well, whatever floats your boat i guess haha
    • Jrev
      if you think this*
  • JL
    That looks pretty awesome, like some dreams I've had. Or nightmares. I hope it comes to Netflix.
  • Frank
    Norway is the shit.
  • Turkish
    Hahaha! Garbage
  • Hilarious George
    "Is Muslim OK?" "I honestly don't know..." That line is hilarious!
    • There's an entire subplot through the whole thing about one of the guys in the group being Christian... it's awesome, one of my favorite parts of it. :)
  • Boon
    will queue it on my netflix
  • Quazzimotto
    Very excited to see this. Loved Monsters, enjoyed Dead Snow, have a feeling I'm going to like this too. Looks like fun.
  • TreyH
    watching this right now....
  • TreyH
    watching this right now....
  • Dr.T
    I enjoyed it...
  • I really liked this movie. Hope it does OK in the States.
  • KeyNeezy
    video is not working
  • Nocsyn
    seen this movie thanks to our swedish friends...i must say this movie is in.cred.ible
    • CTF
      Norwegian,not Swedish;) 
  • Xerxexx
    aw its gone...sad.
    • Anonymous
      You can see it if you follow the link to Trailer Addicts.
  • rocky
    I want to see it based on the comments of those that have, but it looks like shit
  • jah p
    This movie was great! I have it on dvd! This was originally compared to movies like Blair Witch and Cloverfield, but it's cleary better than both! Great monsters, the different types of trolls explored are worth the price of admission. Go see it! the effects are awesome! Definitely hollywood quality!
  • RyanIvory
    Having watched it, I assure you all this movie is fantastic. SEE IT!
  • Rogue627
    Maybe, Just maybe...when she gets done kicking Norwegian troll-ass, she can come and hang out on this message board...




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