Must Watch: Awesome Trailer for 'Batman Live' Touring Arena Show

May 23, 2011
Source: AICN

Batman Live

We got an awesome first look at Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises last week, and while it will certainly be a long time before we see the first trailer from the anticipated blockbuster sequel, we have a trailer for a different form of Batman entertainment. Starting in the United Kingdom this summer, Batman Live, a worldwide touring arena show will kick off, and we have the cool trailer for the promising show here. It's very reminiscent of that short film Carousel from Adam Berg we highlighted awhile back when he was rumored to direct Deadpool, and while it's a short tease, this looks like it could be a pretty sweet show.

Here's the trailer for Batman Live (thanks to Ain't It Cool News):

Based on an original story being created exclusively for the show, Batman Live is a theatrical extravaganza of thrilling stunts, acrobatic acts and illusions. Never before has Gotham City, Wayne Manor, the Batcave and Arkham Asylum been brought to life on stage in a more visually exciting way. Join Batman and Robin as they battle their nemesis The Joker and other super-villains such as The Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, set on destroying Gotham City. There aren't any U.S. dates releases yet, but stay tuned to the official site for Batman Live for updates and ticketing information. Looks pretty cool?

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  • Rmelendez
  • Ron
    I'm not sure how I feel about my favorite franchise/comic book hero being made into a 'live show'.
    • Knowitall
       There's been a live batman show at Six Flags Magic Mountain For Years.  This isnt new, just more expensive.
      • Ron
        Really? Interesting. Well I haven't been to any six flags in years! Depressing, I know! But thanks for the info.  
  • DeMarco
    The actress playing Poison Ivy has a stunning figure and excellent body overall. With her ample cleavage, fuller legs and fuller backside, she is very sexy.
    • uhh...
      • JL
        What is it with these comments, anyways?  I keep seeing these under different names, on various sites, describing actresses. 
        • Not sure, I've never seen anything like this before here on FS, but I put the IP under blacklist for now just incase.
    • Anonymous
  • Lord Hoffman
    This looks really silly and it is apparent that some people insist on making Batman look like a clown and glorifying the spoof television series and Joel Schummacher movies. There is a reason why The Dark Knight (2008) was the third biggest movie of all time. Batman is supposed to be dark and this abomination ruins what Christopher Nolan has worked so hard to accomplish.
    • "There is a reason..." "Batman is supposed to be..." Come on man. There is no way that you are ignorant enough to believe that Batman has always been the Frank Miller style. In fact, the first 20 years were a joke. That's why the Adam West Batman was so great. It accurately portrayed "The Dark Knight" as envisioned by Bob Kane. It's all fun man. And if you can't enjoy the campy yet fun Batman and Robin then I feel sorry for you.
      • Cracky
         I know how he feels. But I also understand the history of Batman and I respect every "age". But the point is that we are beyond this. I don't think anyone wants to be reminded of the cotton candy bullshit circus Batman from the Schummacher films. And honestly, I don't need to see 1960's hokey Batman back in action... no one does. That is strictly for purists who get off on loving things other folks have grown out of.
      • Tomontherun99
        Actually, Bob Kane envisioned Batman as a gun-toting vigilante that just happened to dress as a bat. But I still see your point, I love the silver age style Batman in the Adam West and Brave and the bold cartoon almost as much as the Burton/Nolan/Miller "darker" version. Lets just forget about Schumacher... 
    • Anonymous
       Its more for kids dude
  • Shaw
    I’m sure the stage production was done just so people could throw tomatoes at them.
  • Andresfsanc
    Hey I've seen this before at six flags, like 15 years ago and it was awsome. This looks kickass. I hope it comes to Colombia 
  • Voice of Reason
    Is this Batmans answer to Spidermans "Turn Off the Dark?"
  • Stan @Vchoicecomedy
    Will there be Boobs?? cause i'll pay to see Boobs.. 
    •  This is a stage show for families, not a burlesque... but boy would that bring in the crowds!
  • Xerxexx
  • Steve
    This must be made more for families and kids. I'm a HUGE fan of Nolan's Batman universe, but the first thing I thought when I saw this was "I can't wait to take my 3-year-old to this! He'll love it!" We easily forget who comic books were originally made for, and though the industry has grown tremendously over the years, there is still anaudience for this Batman. They're the ones who can't appreciate Nolan's Batman. My son loves superheroes, but there's no way I'll let him see people getting blown up like in The Dark Knight. I will, however, take him to something like this where he'll be able to enjoy the show and see his favorite comic book character come alive without having nightmares.
    • Nethaneld
      Exactly, this is a great way to get youngsters eased into it rather than showing Frank Miller-esque Batman, which is not fitting for young kids. I appreciate Nolan's Batman big time because I watched Batman and Robin series as a kid and knowing the roots helped me to appreciate the different take. I look at it "Dark Knight" as Batman for grown ups, but this is for lovers of Batman and for kids. It looks really interesting.
  • Jack White
    I had never seen such an abundance of shit,  this looks like the series of the 60's. XD
    • Tomontherun99
      And what was wrong with the 60s version? Although I personally prefer Burton's darker take on Batman you can't just disregard the 60s series as shit. Without it Batman would just be as obscure as Green Arrow and Plastic Man. Plus it resurrected interest in The Riddler
  • Bane
    Bringingbatman  to life on stage sounds amazing. From comics to movies and then animated tv series and now on stage,batman is conquering every entertainment medium.




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