Must Watch: Awesome WonderCon 'Green Lantern' Footage is Online

April 2, 2011
Source: Apple

Green Lantern Footage

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power… Green Lantern's light!" In turn-around mode from the negative reaction to the first trailer, Warner Bros has released the full 4-minutes of footage from Green Lantern shown at WonderCon & CinemaCon this past week (watch my video blog) online via Apple. Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and Mark Strong as Sinestro. I think this footage is impressive, even the "alive" CGI suit looks great, but I'll let everyone form their own opinion. There's also a new poster via The Daily Blam below!

Watch the 4 mins of WonderCon footage from Martin Campbell's Green Lantern:

You can also watch the Green Lantern footage in High Definition on Apple

A test pilot (Ryan Reynolds) is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping the peace within the universe.

Green Lantern is directed by veteran New Zealand filmmaker Martin Campbell, of Defenseless, GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Vertical Limit, Casino Royale and Edge of Darkness previously. The script was written by Greg Berlanti ("Everwood", "Eli Stone"), Michael Goldenberg (Peter Pan, Order of the Phoenix), Michael Green ("Everwood", "Kings") & comic book writer Marc Guggenheim ("FlashForward") and is based on the DC Comics superhero. Warner Bros is bringing Green Lantern to theaters in 3D everywhere on June 17th!

Green Lantern

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  • ron
    why can't they just release a second trailer?
    • The second trailer will be attached to Thor, so only a few more weeks until they release that. But... a 4 minute montage of clips/footage isn't better than a 2 minute trailer, which is just a montage of clips/footage as well?
      • Anonymous
        Wait, Marvel and DC are actually working together for once?
        • Jericho
          if you both get owned by Disney...your bound to work together....
  • Jonah
    i'm pretty disappointed with his mask.. it just seems off
  • Zakabitz
    I still can't stand the mask. And this kinda has an Avatar feel to it in the sense of CGI everything...but it does look better now than the first trailer.
    • Jonah
      i know right? i think they could have done something better. still, the movie looks good
    • Wait what? When I watched Avatar, I totally forgot I was watching CGI. So if that's the reference you're making, for me that's a VERY good thing. But I agree the mask just seems a bit... odd.
      • Zakabitz
        my issue with Avatar was that the first watch was great and you got used to the CGI but when I revisit it now or even the other times in theaters, the CGI just stuck out and I felt like I was watching a video game. Especially when you watch it in SD it just looks...strange.
        • agreed. sometimes, the cgi in movies with a lot of cgi just looks like cgi (redundancy ftw). but yeah, in movies such as avatar, or transformers 2, or apparently this one, the cgi reminds me of (really high quality) videogame cutscenes. something doesn't seem human or natural about it.
          • Third
            I concur. But I would add that the CGI in this film is like poorly executed video game cut scenes done. It doesn't hold a candle to the best in video games like Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2 and Blizzard Entertainment.
          • Marc McKenzie
            Third, I understand your concerns, but don't forget--this footage was most likely cut together using effects that were probably a few months old, at best. It takes time to sweeten and polish things. The movie doesn't come out 'till June, so they'll keep working on it up to the release date. And believe me--I've seen poorly executed video game cut scenes...and to me at least, the stuff from GL looks WAAAAYYYY better. But that's just me.
          • Marc McKenzie
            "something doesn't seem human or natural about it." Well, gpak, it might look that way because parts of the film take place on an alien planet with thousands of extraterrestrial beings...who sure as shootin' ain't human. I understand the concerns you have with CGI, but let's wait till the finished film comes out. And to be brutally honest, it is a hell of a lot harder to do things in CGI. Try reading an issue of CINEFEX magazine and you'll see.
          • Marc McKenzie
            I whole heartedly agree with you, gpak.
        • Waxecstatic
          which part of the 'CGI' stuck out? The characters or the vast jungle vistas or the rest of the entire damn movie as every shot had animation.
      • Ron
        I agree the mask looks odd. I was hoping it would more like the green mask from the green hornet. I thought that kinda mask would have suited better. Cant say much about the movie though.
  • Anonymous
    This footage shows that the movie has a lot more weight and depth than the first trailer had me believe. Seems like it will have a much more serious tone to it as opposed to the silly comedy vibe the trailer gave me. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the CGI suit or the mask, but I am definitely looking forward to this again after being initially disappointed.
    • Marc McKenzie
      Same here. But then again, I also felt that a lot of criticism heaped on the first trailer was too knee-jerk, too quick on the draw. And while some may have trouble with the CGI, I don't. Remember, they're going to be working on it up to the film's release. Frankly, I don't see how much of this movie would have been possible _without_ CGI...and I mean a sensible use of it.
    • Marc Mckenzie
      The footage showcases more of the same scenes from the first trailer revealing and re-emphasizing the apparent flaws. I'm not impressed. The CGI alien lanterns look quite ridiculous and laughable. The costume design albeit less specular is still inherently wrong. This is not a Green Lantern movie made by anyone who knows and loves the source material. With that said I will save my hard earned money on a far better crafted comic book film in the future.
  • Piotras A
    wow, this was cool, i dont care about the mask, in comparison to the 1st trailer, this footage looks awesome! i just hope its not gonna suck...
    • Marc McKenzie
      Piotras, it's certainly much, MUCH better than the trailer...but remember, this is still only four minutes. It certainly looked great, though, and had the epic, space opera feel of the GREEN LANTERN comics...but again, we'll have to see the finished film to really judge whether the cast and crew succeeded. I'm still hopeful, though, because Martin Campbell, at least to me, has a pretty good track record--GOLDENEYE, THE MASK OF ZORRO, and CASINO ROYALE kicked @$$. Let's wait and see what he can do with GL!
  • Ok, maybe I was wrong about this. Hearing him say the oath was pretty sweet!
  • Neoslyfer
    Holy shit that Abin Sur part blew the frist trailer out the park. Ok Geoff I believe you this looks sick.
  • TechNextTf
    Wow that was amazing footage!
  • cknyc72
    this falls somewhere in between the trailer and anyone's best hope for a GL movie.... which is to say surprisingly good. definitely has taken me from "what a disaster" to "i can't wait to see the final product"
  • Anonymous
    the serious parts and the green lantern world helps me accept this movie a little more. it looks like its going to have some goofy looking stuff once in a while.
  • Anonymous
    the serious parts and the green lantern world helps me accept this movie a little more. it looks like its going to have some goofy looking stuff once in a while.
  • Nick S.
    ok, now im on board.
  • Chris A.
    Ok...I'm sold....
  • Ron
    This definitely convinced me! I am excited!
    • Ron
      I just noticed how his eyes slowly goes green when he saying the oath! So cool!
      • Buttass
        I totally agree, I was like "Oooh shit, that's boss." True story.
  • Marty
    OMG, this looks so ridiculously silly.
  • DavidPD
    His mask looks like one of those 99 cent ones that kids wear during Halloween. Like a bad Zorro mask, the one with a elastic string keeping it attached. To be host I am disappointed, but we'll see.
  • Coviekiller23
    Its weird that all the other green lanterns looks awesome in their suits, but when you put a real actor in a cgi suit it looks off....
  • Ryderup
    Om my god. This must be a flop...
  • Scm1000
    Yeah, this was pretty awesome footage for the most part. Everything looks cool--except for his stinking mask!! Why does it look so bad?? I can't decide, but I think it might be better if they had a little black on the edges of the green or something. Anyway, it's distracting and weird, and you'd think this would be one of the most basic and easy things to get right. But I am actually excited about this movie again, when I haven't been for the last month or so.
  • Rpin
    Abin Sur runs like a coward?! The Corps find out about his death and just chant “We are the Corps!”? The tone is all wrong. Test pilots are near Edward’s Airforce base in the DESERT. The story is all wrong. The CGI still looks artificial and rubbery. I’m not sold on the costume either. I’m not paying to see this film.
    • Rspin's not going to pay to see this film everyone! Thanks to his wisdom I can now stay at home and enjoy reading Blackest Night while grumbling about how the movie must "suck". (not) It's a movie. Get off your high horse.
  • Da305kratos
    much improved...liking it alot
  • Anonymous
    So #fail. Speech scene=pass
  • Big R
    This is more awe inspiring than the first trailer. I was on board before regardless but now there's no question!
  • I'm in. Way better than the craptastic trailer. That poster is pretty cool, too.
  • Odin
    The aliens looks like a Saturday morning cartoon. Green Lantern looks crossed eyed. Why is he fighting the Elephant man at the end?
  • Brad
    Video game only not as good.
  • Hal Jordan
    Costume still looks bad, just less shiny than before. I'm not fooled. I'm going to do my part and stop Hollywood from making bad comic book films just like bad video game movies. I'm simply not going to pay to see Green Lantern just like I did not pay to see Sucker Punch.
    • Marc McKenzie
      So what do you want--a @&*(ing medal or something? Jesus...get off your high horse. So you're not going to see it. Big deal--the world continues spinning and life goes on....and you'll still sound like the typical "I know this is going to suck so I'm not going to watch the film but I'll still scream how the film will suck even though I will never see it!!" type. The only way to really judge anything--a movie, TV show, anime title, or book--is to watch it or read it. Have a nice day.
      • Cruzer
        Well said.
      • Third
        Are you a studio plant or something? You're such a WB nuthugger.
      • Hal Jordan
        How about you remember the oath, McKenzie and chill out? Your behavior is not very worthy of the Corps.
    • That's so cute that you think your lone opinion is gonna make a difference
    • Lamar
      I was with you until that crack about Sucker Punch. You have gone from upset fanboy to hater. Let's just wait for the finished product before we criticize a film.
  • Marc McKenzie
    The CGI in the Green Lantern Wondercon footage stuck out like a sore thumb. Horribly done. I completely agree with the critics. The story is poorly constructed as well. Abin Sur is the most powerful of them all yet he didn't put up much of a fight and fled like a coward.
    • SeanJ8
      Do you realize that wasn't the entire fight scene shown in the footage? Of course you don't because you think he's a coward. Go read a comic book..
  • Anonymous
    Don't care what the naysayers say...this looks awesome. Definitely a must-see in the theatre. Something to look forward to on June 17!!!
    • Joker
      The film makers will care what the naysayers aka fan boys have to say when they vote for their money like they did with Sucker Punch. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • John.E
    umm.........ok, that was probably the coolest f##king thing ive ever seen
  • 97point6
    Most of you guys need to get laid (hint: it's a movie).
  • Croniccris
  • Man I can't stand people getting angry about this movie. I think it looks very true to the source materials, and all these haters and trolls just need to disappear! I mean it's aliens and shit, of course it's going to be CGI. Live with it. they're not going to genetically engineer alien beings just so you can enjoy their movie.
  • Michaelangelo
    Super Cool. I still miss the white gloves though. Plus why didnt they just use a real mask? Regardless this is probably my most anticipated; in between Xmen and Harry Potter.
  • That was AMAZING for me. I wasn't one who doubted it after the first trailer, but I'll agree the first trailer was terrible. With just Sinestro in the first few seconds, I was sold, and then PARALLAX! stunned, overwhelmed, and very impatient June is too far away.
  • Rooneyman
    Yes, yes yes yes yes! Looking fantastic! can't wait, I'm freaking stoked!
  • Blueorangeny31
    People there's also a TV Spot being shown with additional footage. Nicks Kids Choice Awards. And I just checked my AT&T Uverse menu. It seems like they're replaying the Nicks Kids choice awards at 10pm est who ever has HD and DVR just check it out
  • Anonymous
    i was iffy when the trailers came out but my god am i so sold now
  • McWilly
    Way better than the first trailer!
  • dave
    hmm cool, i might actually watch this now
  • Asdfasd
    To all the haters, if you think you can do a better job, why not do your own movie? Oh that's right, you can't because you're all fucking peasants!
  • SeanJ8
    Complain, complain, complain! That's all I read from half of the comments. Sure, the mask doesn't look good right now, but this isn't the finished project. One of the producers said during WonderCon that they've finished 50% of the visual effects at the moment. That also explains why we are given this instead of a trailer. They want to show the best scenes put together into a two and a half minute trailer when this effects are finished. Still, this footage is awesome, but it won't be in theaters because it's way too long. And Avatar? Really guys? This looks nothing like that. Green Lantern is not a rip off sci-fi version of Pocahontas with a wooden script. Some of you need to enjoy movies for what they are and stop critiquing every detail. It's a few minutes of footage, not an entire movie. This looks so much better than the first trailer. It's obvious they rushed the first one out way too early to be released with Harry Potter. But I still think Green Lantern will be better than Marvel's three movies coming out this summer. None of them are on the scope Green Lantern stands on. In the end, the wait was well worth it to bring this amazing footage. Bring on June 17!!
    • Bigmike23
      well said Sean, couldn't agree more
    • Awtan90
      I agreed up with you up until you contradicted yourself by bashing Avatar and then telling people to enjoy movies for what they are in the next sentence. I also agree with everything after that. This definitely looks way better than anything Marvel is releasing.
  • SeanJ8
    Also, without CGI, how do you expect to make a Green Lantern movie? Make a billion props?
    • DJ
      Dark Knight had over 800 CGI shots. Could you tell? NO. Green Lantern's CGI looks like something you'd expect a substandard Visual Effects House like Imageworks. WB needs to go with either Weta, Framestore, or ILM for their tent pole films.
      • SeanJ8
        Compared to GL's over 1500 shots. It's on a much bigger scope than most movies. I'm pretty sure some of the filmmakers they brought on who helped make Lord of the Rings for production sets and costume design know what they're doing.
      • Ditz
        I thought Chris Nolan doesnt like CGI?
      • Bigmike23
        umm, two-face effects, bat-pod ejection sequence, chicken with the semi, the entire sonar scene at the end, "everything burns" scene just to name a few, our brains can always tell us when something just doesn't look real, we go to be entertained not point out faults
  • Anonymous
    Im sold. and thats saying something from a hardcore Marvel, anti DC fanboy. I feel like, aside from nolans amazing batman movies, DC has nothing good to offer but green lantern. The first trailer looked like a dumbed down Iron Man movie, but this footage definitely sold me. STOKED
  • Chris Garry
    ummmmm Am I missing something. I have no idea about the comic, but do generally enjoy comic book movies, however this was cringe worthy awful. Terroble CGI in parts, laugh out loud for the wrong reasons dialogue and the weird looking monstor things looked they were drawn by a gifted four year old. Will not be seeing this film. It looks like a Razzie in the making.
    • A_lethom
      go back to watching jersey shore lol
      • Your MoM
        Why? Is that your favorite show, A_lethom?
        • SeanJ8
          5 bucks says Chris Garry wrote this comment. lol
    • Raj
      HA! I'm with you on this. The CGI is laughable. The dialogue is a joke. Ryan Reynolds acts like an insecure teenager. Green Lantern is this summer's Sucker Punch.
      • Where's the "You're an idiot" button?
      • Lamar
        "This summer's Sucker Punch." Why do so many people hate on this movie? Are you gay? "Ryan Reynolds acts like an insecure teenager." Dude he was an ordinary guy now he's in an intergalactic police force with aliens and power rings, how would you feel.
    • Bigmike23
  • I think ( The Green Hornet ) made everything with ( Green ) title look ridicules .. Damn you Seth Rogen you just ruined everything 😉
    • Lamar
      What? The Green Hornet was awesome.
      • Believe me I wished too to be good at least for the memories of Bruce Lee being in the Original Serials .. But .. maybe everything was good .... But again Seth Rogen just ruined everything and made it look like a lame movie ... of course this is my opinion and the way I see it ... 😉
  • wow, i wasn't looking forward to this at all, it previously looked like it was going to suck, but after watching that i can't wait to see this film now!
  • karatekid17
  • Nate
    This definitely looks a lot better than the first trailer! Got my hopes back for this movie.
  • Blueorangeny31
  • xDuke
    HOOLY EFF. Ryan Reynolds just turned me gay. 😛
    • Bigmike23
  • Tim
    wow! completely better if this was the second trailer. i was really turned off by the first one. i felt that as long as it was a 95% serious film as portrayed in this footage then it would be a kick ass film. i just hope they don't have much stupid romcom-type comedy like in most of Reynolds' films. i really like him, but i think this is the type of film that needs to be almost entirely serious.
  • Jimbob
    Wow, no need to see the movie now, That trailer just told me everything that happens.
    • yeah...the other 140 minutes of the movie will consist of a black background and no sound.
      • Raj
        More like 140 minutes of talking heads and a whiny Ryan Reynolds.
  • holy shit although the trailers were a bit on the downside which i still liked but this sold it for me 10000%!!!
  • jjboldt
    Okay now the trailer was okay, but that was immensely better. I am a lot more anxious for this one now.
  • Dominatr37
    This looks so awesome, I think this is going to be the best superhero adaption ever! I can't wait for this to come out!
  • cinemabandit
    Martin Campbell at the helm gives me a lot of hope that this is going to be a well told story. This man breathed life into the Bond Franchise twice. Casino Royale added a new dimension to a character that had become a shallow adaptation of the original. Expect a similar reverential treatment here. I would expect it to better than when Campbell last worked with Temuera Morrison though. Vertical Limit was not his best work.
  • Anonymous
    I got a rather Meh feeling...we'll see.
  • Hitler
    there is nothing about this that looks good. the CG is TERRIBLE!
  • Anonymous
    looks good im in :)
  • Staticdb1
    "BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR" green lantern
  • Boon
    CGI is just icing on top. I want to eat the cake! Don't let me down on character and a damn good plot!
  • Gh
    Come on...You guys have to complain about sth I guess...this time it's the mask. loll The tone of this selected footage is really intense and serious. No more funny sidekick and girl ishh. this is serious action. They heard us with the complaints and they sorted the CGIs When reciting the oath his eyes turning green is AWESOME!!! The action scenes are fun and sinestro looks alright!
  • Gh
    And for those who want more : 2 tv spots with extra cool footage (thanks to whoever posted it above in the comments)
  • Gh
    after that Scarlett Johansson would regret having separated from him perhaps :)
  • VFX Geek
    The Green Lantern Corp looks like miniature wax figures, the cheap kind. I'm not impressed at all. I really wish WB had gone with a real Visual Effects company like ILM, Weta, or Framestore. Sony Imageworks does poor work time and time again.
    • Gh
      How about creating your company and propose your services to WB instead of whining about? loll Where is your film btw? YAWN
  • Mila
    i just don't his clothing... it's just weird... kind of disappointed me there... But it's the kind of thing you can forget during the movie (hopefully)




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