Must Watch: Awesome Full Theatrical 'Battle: Los Angeles' Trailer

January 11, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Battle: Los Angeles

Damn this looks so frickin' badass! Sony Pictures has just released a new, full theatrical trailer for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles, the high-energy action flick described as basically Black Hawk Down meets an alien invasion in Los Angeles. Aaron Eckhart leads an ensemble cast of young Marines who are brought in to fight the aliens, and they meet up with Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan along the way. I really like the characters and actors, I love the style and how insanely gritty this looks, I love all the action, the effects look great, I really love it, this is going to be awesome. Watch the new trailer below!

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles:

You can also watch the newBattle: Los Angeles trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A young Marine platoon, lead by Aaron Eckhart, faces off against a surprise alien invasion in Los Angeles.

Battle: Los Angeles is directed by South African-born director Jonathan Liebesman, of Darkness Falls, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Killing Room previously, but he is really breaking out in a good way with this. The screenplay credit, according to IMDb, goes solely to Christopher Bertolini, of only The General's Daughter and Madso's War previously. Sony / Columbia Pictures will be bringing Battle: Los Angeles to theaters everywhere starting on March 11th this spring! Doesn't that look awesome or what?

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  • lego
    a little long imo for a trailer for this movie. but that was beyond epic! this movie is going to be beyond epic
    • Marc McKenzie
      One can only hope... Even so, I'll still be in the theater watching this come March....
  • Jojo
    this is how transformers should have been !!!!!!!
  • Josh
    k this movie may or may not suck hardcore but holy crap is that an awesome trailer! THAT is how you make a trailer, hollywood. stop showing everything. just make me excited enough to see it
    • Marc McKenzie
      @Josh: Agreed. I'm hoping for a film that's worth watching. Still, the trailers--this and the first--are freakin' awesome, and really grab the attention. Whoever cut them definitely knows their stuff. Oh, and what's with the "I don't want a happy ending" moans from some people? Jeez....had a bad day at work or something?
  • Knawx
    Yes please.
  • Anonymous
    If the movie doesn't manage to live up to the trailers, I might have to go out and club some baby seals.
  • SmallWorld
    Awesome blossom...extra awesome
  • Xerxex
    Great trailer! I'm in and will be there opening night! Song is if anyone's wondering is Johann Johannsson "The Sun's Gone Dim"
  • Anonymous
    Great trailer! I'm in and will be there opening night! Song is if anyone's wondering is Johann Johannsson "The Sun's Gone Dim"
    • John Doe
  • Anonymous
    Do they just recycle the same clip of michelle rodriquez in every war movie with aliens? I guess she must be doing something right. Other than that i like the trailer.
  • Jlware29
    that was frickin awesome. hope the movie is just as good.
  • locos
    wow... goosebumps!!!!
  • Brandon
    EPIC!!!!! I just had a spazz attack from how kick ass that trailer was. Clearly a socio/political message that is a needed slap to the face of the US of A too. Wow!
    • I don't see how an action flick would be a slap to the face... but I agree it looks like there might be some sort of message there.
    • jeff
      the exact opposite. its saying hey america you're bad ass. keep it up
      • John Doe
        Funny, that's kinda the "message" I got out of it too. LOL
      • Enrico_pena
        exactly, the only thing that could fight America is aliens from space
  • wow just wow that was just fricking awesome & epic!
  • Josveta
    looks cool, music at the end reminded me of Portal
    • Nick S.
      i second that. looks like GLaDOS might be making a cameo.
  • Terry the Saint
    I like that song now lol
  • fancy pants
    Now that's what I'm talking about
  • Mike P.
    Not digging the song, but looks good.
  • esophus
    Fuck!!! I was in the middle of watching it and then I had to go somewhere, so I put my laptop on sleep only to come back and find that it's not available anymore! FUCK!!! I really wanted to watch the rest of it too.
  • David
    I was half expecting "Mad World" to start playing the whole time I watched the trailer. I would also love to see, if this gets franchised, the sequels set in other major cities, ie Battle: Hong Kong, Battle: Paris, Battle: London. Pretty damn incredible.
  • esophus
    nevermind its working.
  • esophus
    Epic is an understatement!
  • KING
    um.. i usually watch these at work... can u embed these???? LOL
  • esophus
    That soldier smiling at the end of the trialer should be taken out. Too much info.
  • tommyturner
  • Rasta
    Now THIS trailer actually gave me goosebumps, unlike the teaser.
  • Anonymous
    wow - what hit me was the intensity of the action and how (even though it's an sci-fi story) they've captured the fear and horror of war. this is going to be epic. (i'm already wanting this on bluray!)
  • Traveler
    The Aliens coming in from the ocean toward the reporter gave me chills. Hope this is actually decent. There have been too many good trailers for awful films lately.
  • Cruzer
    Chilling. But we better not win, that would be stupid...
    • Anonymous
      i'd be surprised if there was a "winner" by the end. i think (as others do) this war has the potential to span more than one movie.
    • John Doe
      But why?
  • Joe
    I love that song. The song was playing in my head the whole time i was watching this trailer. This looks like the way you do an Alien Invasion film. This may be the best one since INDEPENDENCE DAY.
    • Anonymous
      its called "The Sun's Gone Dim" by Johann Johannsson. if you were wondering.
      • floppytall
        What a fitting song title. +1 for being on the ball with the info as well Xerx because that's exactly what I was scrolling through the comments for. Thanks.
      • Marc McKenzie
        Gotta admit Xerxexx, that the song was a perfect fit for this trailer and the first teaser. I hope the movie is good, because these trailers have been excellent. Whoever put them together did a damned good job.
  • Peter
    Looks great. I fear for an Independence Day ending though...
    • srdiaz
      me too
    • Anonymous
      pete - what i REALLY fear is a "war of the worlds" ending. i hope they don't find out that that the aliens have some simple weakness to something.
      • Josh
        that ending was awesome. it was awesome in the book (HG Wells at his finest) and awesome in the movie. humanity couldn't save itself. they would have been obliterated except for the aliens' lack of tolerance to bacteria
        • Anonymous
          it was good ending for that film - i want something more original -even if it's the end of humanity.
  • Trevorscherer55
    This looks freakin awesome as hell cant wait
  • NeoSlyfer
  • Bol18_2000
    Black Hawk Down meets District 9.......if it has good acting and story ....than in should be epic
  • I am really looking forward to this movie!
  • Kimbo748
    Ok, now I'm excited. The other 2 trailers were meh. This looks epic.
  • Carlos
    This trailer alone captures the hopelessness that that one movie that I already forgot the name of lacked, the one with the dude from Scrubs.
  • Independence day meets War of the worlds.
  • JimD
    Godamn this is how you make an alien invasion movie. Frickin epic.
  • DCompose
    That's a damn fine trailer for a movie with a damn lousy name.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    EPIC! When the song begins to play... just epic!
  • Oioi
    Yeah they should cut the smiley dude out at the end of the trailer saying wee done it and the big what ever it is thing comming out of the groung looks a bit "War of the worlds" to me in a sense that they have been there for a while. But yeah a quality trailer and i bet a good fun invasion film.
  • Payne by name
    I'm sure the trailer will be great but I'm going to force myself from watching it. I deliberately avoided the final two trailers for District 9 and I know the film was better for going in blind. The trouble when filmmakers put iconic shots in a trailer is that you then look for them in the final film, which in my mind detrimentally affects your viewing experience. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the film.
    • Anonymous
      payne, i've watched this trailer several times and each time i watch it, the scenes are riveting.........this is gonna be a GREAT movie.
  • James
    I think this is going to be great, I am actually in this trailer. I am in the armory between :43 and :47
  • Anonymous
    Looks good but it better not have a dude that changes into an alien at the end
    • TenaciousV
      It's sad that the end credit sequence was the best part of Skyline. They should have made THAT the movie. Dude turns into an alien and wrecks shit up would have been a much better story.
  • Anonymous
    Trailer looks great, but that's the same thing a lot of people said about Skyline. I hope this movie is a lot better than that crapfest.
    • John Doe
      "Trailer looks great, but that's the same thing a lot of people said about Skyline." Not me.
  • Mybabyhate
    Looked terible like 2012, Skyline or awesome like Avatar, Tron legacy ? Check this out !
    • John Doe
      Huh? LOL
  • Kim
  • Anonymous
    Wow. Wow. Wow. It's Like District 9 with a budget. Except nothing like it. LOVING IT
  • Uhhhhh...Speechless. Wow.
  • Robbie
    FUCK yes.
  • Anonymous
  • Caesar
    • Anonymous
      Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah!
      • John Doe
        Simper Fi!
  • Frank
    Wow. Very well done.
  • Maxalnutt
    Its War of the worlds/Independence Day again with a different spin on it.But it does look awesome! Wanna see it!!
  • sukkyu
    that looks pretty sick
  • Sleepykid
    F*cking hell! we say in dear old Blighty.
  • i have no name
    Looks good. Nothing special.
    • John Doe
  • McWilly
    Either way this plays out, One of the best trailers I've ever seen!
  • Jiv
    lick my ass and suck on my BALLS! AMERICA FUCK YEAH
  • cinemabandit
    Goddamn....... ID4 looks like a comedy compared to this.
  • DaftPUNKfan
    awzome 😀
  • guvna
    Looks good but im really hoping this doesnt turn into a 'skyline'. That was quie horrible. The SFX in this just look amazing. Looks like solid acting aswell
  • Anonymous
    i was just on youtube watching this trailer in HD and one person had this comment: "is that stephen hawking singing the song?" the more i listen to it, the more it sounds like him.
    • Anonymous
      the guy who sings it Icelandic...just sayin.
      • Anonymous
        hey, buddy! don't take the comment the wrong way - i dig the song and think it's perfect for the movie. when i was watching it on youtube i just scanned the comments for anything interesting/crazy and i saw that steve hawking comment. it hit me as funny because the voice kind of sounds like him. hope i didn't rustle your feathers!
  • DaveTheRave
    The trailer wasnt that great but i do still want to see this tho. Why is Michelle Rodriguez always the same character in movies lol. Glad to see Aaron Eckhart in this, if you ask me, he was the best in actor in The Dark Knight.
  • WR
    • Anonymous
      why capitalize every word?
  • John Doe
    One of the BEST trailers I've seen in a while.
  • Real sick.
  • Brnc1986
    Looks good. Hope it's not another Skyline. Can't take seeing another piss poor Sci Fi flick that dosen't live up to the hype.
  • writebrained
    I'm in. Only red flag is timing. March = Bad films. Hopefully not a sign.
    • Marc McKenzie
      Then maybe this one will beat the odds and be a great March film. Heck, getting a summer blockbuster-type film in March has got to be good, right? Only thing to do now is wait and see, I guess...and keep re-watching the trailer(s)!
  • RedGuy
    well this is for sure not like skyline, the whole movie doesn't "happen" in an apartment with Sg.Batista on the case (mios dios) looks good, it will be good. Good enough to say "i want my money back".
    • Cody W.
      I thought 300 broke that trend.
  • Zephyr
    Has anyone here ever played PS3's Resistance Fall of Men ? This looks like the movie, if the idea comes from that, it'll be great.
  • ASFan
    How can you say you like the characters? There's barely any semblance of character development in the trailer. Limited dialogue is a concern here. I've heard the script is cliche-ridden.
  • Scary!
  • Smartpandora
    visual effects are not so brilliant,digital explosions are mannered and ...i will be wait for another trailers and movie.
  • The Searcher
    Looks like they recycled Terminator 4, Independence Day, Transformers, 2012, and War of the Worlds. How original...
  • Polancodanny
    It look like something like skyline but better they should put this in 3D
  • bubbaskunk
    of course in the end we kill all the aliens and the cute girl ends up with the basketball star.
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