Must Watch: Fantastic Trailer for 'Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol'

June 28, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Trailer

After John Woo delivered a crazy, over-the-top action fest with Mission Impossible 2, J.J. Abrams got the franchise back on track with his fantastic spy thriller M:i:III. Now, Abrams is back producing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with The Incredibles and Ratatouille director Brad Bird at the helm of his first live-action feature film, and Tom Cruise returning as Agent Ethan Hunt, along with Jeremy Renner as the new guy. After months of waiting, we finally have the first exquisite trailer for this sequel, which will likely end up tossing the franchise reigns to Jeremy Renner. This looks positively amazing - check it out!

Watch the first official trailer for Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol:

You can watch the Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer in High Def on Yahoo

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Brad Bird, of animated films The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille previously. This stars Tom Cruise as Agent Ethan Hunt along with a supporting cast including Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Josh Holloway, Tom Wilkinson, Paula Patton, Léa Seydoux and Michael Nyqvist. Producer J.J. Abrams crafted the story with Cruise, and writers André Nemec and Josh Applebaum (both of "Alias", "Life on Mars") penned the screenplay. Paramount is bringing Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol to theaters + IMAX starting on December 16th this winter.

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  • Loser
    • hooray for Simon Pegg
      • JL
        Yeah, it looks like he get's to do a little action in this one.  And, he's more than likely the comic relief, too.
  • Loser
    And glorious fantastic 2D thank heaven for that
  • NeoSlyfer
  • not in 3D!?  THANK GOD!
  • Anonymous
    Apart from them being framed what exactly is their mission?
    • Traveler
      I think you're supposed to watch the movie to find out... :)
      • Anonymous
        If the mission was the least bit interesting they would have devoted a little more than zero seconds to it. Apparently this movie is about defying the laws of physics with eminem playing in the background.
        • Traveler
          I guess I prefer not to know too much about a movie before I see it and its refreshing to see a trailer that doesn't give too much away. Otherwise, what's the point? Not that I'll be seeing this, I can't take Cruise seriously. Renner on the other hand... 
          • Anonymous
            I agree with not wanting to know too much, but there's a balance between setting up the story and showcasing the action. I've never been a mission impossible fan, mostly because of Cruise, but if they presented an interesting story I might have been interested.
        • WhySoSerious
          gtfo trailer critic
          • Anonymous
            gtfo comment critic.
        • Quietus
          Well, we know the premise of the mission. Everything has gone all A-Team-shaped so the team needs to both escape from the authorities and clear their own names, as well as bring down the people who framed them. Simple as that!
    • Anonymous make idiots ask dumb questions. MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!
  • truong18
    it looks alright
  • Looks fun to me!
  • Tester
    Looks ok and looks less and less like a mission impossible movie which each movie that comes out
    • grimjob
      Completely agree. The first one was great, in my opinion. John Woo screwed the second, and the third, though an improvement, was just Cruise running around. Even Hoffman's character was bland. I'll probably wait for Netflix.
  • Nemkes
    another idiot that thinks this will go to jeremy renner.Jesus!!!
    • Moon
      How will they hand this off to Renner if he's the new Bourne?
  • Ron
    Wow! Who knew Brad Bird could direct action so well?!! This looks really good.
    • duane
      If "the incredibles" was any indication..... I did.
      • Ron
        True. The Incredibles was good. But I would imagine you'd have better control while shooting action on an animated movie and being able orchestrate every scene to perfection, rather than a live action movie with real actors. But I guess, these days with CGI; anything is possible. And most of those scenes were highly edited.
  • Moon
    Jeremy Renner commands every movie he's in.
  • L0st
  • x0x
    • song actually matched the trailer cut...unlike most rap songs :/
  • Traveler
    • Donk
      He jumped off the edge, is he heading back to the island?
  • Fucking hell, that was beautiful! AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!
  • Jericho
    where is the like button for this site again?
  • kenji
    love that remixed theme at the end! bad ass
  • JJ King
    Badass indeed! Can't wait. Tommy boy may have shaken the "cursed Oprah couch". Let's hope.
    • His "public" ego may be curse. His acting is blessed, and has always been...
    • Anonymous
      I never understood all the hate he got for the Oprah couch incident.  I mean, Cruise can act, and he has delivered the goods, but I guess if ya gotta hate, ya gotta hate....
  • Jackmooney
    The trailer looks really good but at the same time looks tom cruisey.
  • "Who are you really?" Hawkeye bitch!
    • Anonymous
      ""Who are you really?" Hawkeye bitch!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Now THAT'S funny. 
  • Para
    pretty terrible trailer all round. nothing about the plot makes sense and the dialogue is pretty formulaic. wait for this to come out on dvd.
    • Anonymous
      It's pretty awesome that you can deduce all that from a couple minutes of highly edited action sequences and ten lines of dialogue taken from a movie that will likely be two hours or longer. I'm impressed.
      • Para
        yesh ur impressive too with ur "I have confidence that both the writer and director have put ample thought into the plot, characterizations and all that good stuff" *rolling eyes* I've seen enough movies to know which ones are garbage and which are not and this is most definitely the former.  
        • Anonymous
          "I've seen enough movies to know which ones are garbage and which are not and this is most definitely the former" Sure you have...sure.  Funny thing to see that the Pre-Cogs from MINORITY REPORT exist in the present day. By God and Sonny you realize how ridiculous you sound?
          • Para
            how is it more ridiculous than saying 'oh this looks awsome!!!'?
          • Dnote510
            Im a Christian and I still love your comment
        • Cody W.
          "I've seen enough movies to know...." Im sorry but seeing a shit ton of movies doesnt give a person more credibility, you come off as a typical auto hating high horse dickhead who just wants to disagree with people. If you gave some insight on to why you think its garbage then it wouldnt bother me so much.
          • Para
            i've said it already- throwaway one-liners, pointless explosions and no details of the plot given...all classic signs of a generic action film. i'm sure people here will be jizzing themselves because john woo directed it, but when was the last time woo directed anything even remotely decent??
          • Jericho
            and thus Para you have proven how little you know of a movie with judging from a trailer, if you stopped and read *or actually watched* you would've seen this isn't a Jon Woo film *neither was the third* and therefore your credit to anything involving judging a movie on her has gone out the window...shocker....
          • Para
            so abrams did it? lol yeah minor mistake on my part... abrams hasn't been all that flash either - he has trouble finishing good ideas he has. look at lost, alias etc. they start off so promisingly but then just fall away completely. anyway, i've see thousands of movies and trailers and know well enough what movies will work and what will not. i've proven my point fairly conclusively and this will be my last post on the subject. para out!
          • Toad
            Yeah Para, those whole "Star Trek/Super 8" movies were terrible *rolls eyes*. Obviously Abrams doesn't know how to make a good movie. I think you're concluding a little to much from a teaser. Woo's version of Mission was garbage IMO but if you bothered to watch the Third it was actually quite good.
          • Jack
            para...neither jj abrams nor woo directed this...youve made the same mistake twice now...just read the diescription above please youll find who directed it right there.
          • Yo deez boards is on fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
          • Fish
            Read the description Para! You can read cant you? Or..... were you too busy watching "thousands of movies." Jeez
  • MiKa
    Awesome trailer.. Its playing before Transformers 3.. Looked amazing on the IMAX screen.. Cant wait.
  • I really enjoyed the first Mission: Impossible. Being directed by Brian De Palma (who at the time was at the height of his game--with the exception of Bonfire of the vanities) gave the first Mission a look and feel that hasn't been duplicated to date. I thought the second film was pretty dull, and the third film was entertaining, but in the end just OK. I hope this one is at least as good as the last, but I'm really not that excited about the franchise any longer. I'll still watch it in the theater though. Why not, right? Jeremy Renner is a good addition though.
  • Alfredo
    Awesome trailer. Got me really excited. Can't wait to watch Cruise and Renner working together. The girls all look hot, and the action... amazing.
  • Anonymous
    wouldn't it be awesome if they turned the MI franchise into Hawkeye after this. it could work. hahah. and Simon Pegg = Winning
  • I have to tell ya', it looks pretty damn impressive. 
  • Njoilyfe
    So lemme get this straight, Alex .... John Woo delivered a crazy over the top action fest.... and this is getting it back on track. Yep. What an actionless boring trailer that turned out to be.
  • Xerxexx
    did I see Holloway?
    • Cody W.
      Sadly I think that was him diving off the building with the pistol......and I didnt see a parachute or any kind of soft material at the
      • Xerxexx
        I think I did too. :(
  • CisforCinema
    Looks good, except the middle of the trailer is cut so quickly that it is literally just images without a plot...that does not exactly bode well. But I will keep my fingers crossed.
    • Anonymous
      "...except the middle of the trailer is cut so quickly that it is literally just images without a plot". Hmm....sounds like what a trailer normally does.  Not jumping down your throat here, but remember, it's just the trailer--and if it gave away the whole plot of the film, that'll be even worse.
      • God
        Emphasizing your point: *TEASER* trailer.
  • stfugtfo
    what if.................................  XENU MAKES A CAMEO!!!!!!!!!??????????
  • Anonymous
    Thank god they were able to insert the "see tom run, run tom, run" footage in there once again. Impossible to recognize the franchise without that obligatory Cruise mission position.
  • Angry Chief
    Hell yeah! MI:III was awesome. I think this will be just as good, if not better.
  • Brandon
    Now that is how you make a movie trailer!!!!! Mission Impossible is always so badass and sexy. Cannot wait!!!
  • Anonymous
    great song, crappy trailer. gave away the whole movie (action-wise) to the point I stopped watching. Well that and the rapid-fire fade-outs. Just gave me a damn headache.
  • FUCK YES!!!
  • Anonymous
    I think it looks pretty good so far. I'm guessing the next trailer will have more info on the plot. First trailers are usually lacking in the plot department. They just give us the basics here. Beyond the lack of plot details, tho, the action looks pretty good, and I have confidence that both the writer and director have put ample thought into the plot, characterizations and all that good stuff. Abrams and Bird both have strong storytelling skills, and Bird is very much a visual story teller, so it makes sense to me that there's not a buttload of expository dialogue they could choose from to divulge more of the plot. This should be a good flick.
  • God
    FUCK. YES.
  • Cody W.
    Looks like a helluva of an action flick, Im there opening night.
  • Anonymous
    "If you gave some insight on to why you think its garbage then it wouldnt bother me so much." Sadly enough, Cody, you'll never get ANY insights from chaps such as this--just a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo and homophobic insults, plus a heaping of NIA/HUA (Nose in the air/Head up the @$$) posturing. For even better examples of this, check any talkback forum over at AICN.
  • Luke
    I miss the limp bizkit theme song.
  • Was that an electric Audi R8?
  • The Laughing Man :)
    Already knew I was gonna love it but when I heard Eminem's "Won't Back Down" I couldn't stop grining lol
    • Fuck You
      I know, right!
  • Boob
    this trailer does suck a bit.. who ever said this shows BB can direct action needs to watch again.. there is no context to anything in this trailer.. just a bunch of fast cuts of dudes punching and a car blowing up. I know its a teaser but this doesnt tease..
  • Lamar
    Loved all the M:I movies, especially the second. This looks awesome.
  • Jedibilly
    I'm sick of hearing you guys saying "not in 3D? Thank God!" I know some 3D movies can be annoying or sucks but you can always walk into a 2D showing and ignore the 3D showing. It's not the end of the world, Pussys!
    • Zabitz
      First of all "Pussies" secondly in a lot of areas the theaters will ONLY show a 3D version of a movie and it's difficult to find a 2D version. I had to drive an extra 20 minutes to see Thor in 2D. Theaters realize they make more money if they have the option of only showing it in 3D. So this being only 2D is nice for not only that reason.
      • duane
        First of all "Pussies" .... WIN.
  • Anonymous
    Looks a lot better than I thought it would.  A LOT better....
  • norm
    Er...Emin-freaking-em? I thought we were all done with that guy.
  • Adam L
    Saw this before transformers last night, it looks ridiculous in the theatre.
  • M:I 3 was pretty forgettable(I watched it once and I can't remember anything about it anymore) so I'll propably skip this also. Even thought Renner and Pegg do make me want to watch it.
  • Danimal
    Is it just me, or is really hard to take Cruise seriously with long hair. Especially after MI:2? Oh well, MI:3 was incredible, Bird directed one of my fav. movies of all time, and i've been looking forward to this for a while, so there's no doubt i'll be there opening night! And I never thought I'd say this, but that eminem song is pretty badass with this trailer.
    • Anonymous
      whats the name of the eminem song? 
      • Danimal
        "won't back down"
  • MI:3 was the film the series always wanted to be. Let's hope this offers a lot more of the same.
  • Anonymous
    looks nice. fan of the series and enjoy Brad Bird's incredibles and iron giant. 
  • rocKKicker
    will be enjoying this
  • Anonymous
    dude i've loved every MI movie and im going to love this one. cant fucking wait
    • Adam L
      IM WITH YA!
  • Even though I don't like TC, I can admit that I have also loved every MI movie.
    • Loser
      I always liked Toms movies but after His couch jump I became a big fan of his person. To have the balls to just go batshit crazy on Oprah, priceless. just love him after that.
      • Adam L
        hes a souless human being but a great actor
    • Dnote510
      I'm the same way!! Tom has never been my favourite person but some of  his movies are among the best in my top 20. MI2 wasn't one of them though, It seemed kind of "we did it cause we could" like this one. Just my opinion.
  • Dom
    Wow they shot so much back in my good ol Dubai! Wonder if more will follow suit. Looks like a great action film.
  • I can't wait for this - Renner is a great choice to continue the series...
  • not a very exciting trailer.  I really wanna see this movie. Just disappointed in this trailer
    • redguy
      go...somewhere else please. if that didn't make it for you, i don't know WHAT action movie can. From start to finish i saw some amazing shots.
  • LoL
    See how dumb America has become? See how stupid fucking people can become liking shit like this? This trailer is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Not one tiny bit of this trailer I found slightly interesting. Shitty action, nothing new. Nice song. "You're not going to make it!"     "You're not helping" Yea...if you like this shit, get a reality check asap.
    • Xerxexx
      So a teaser trailer speaks for America now? Movies are for escapism. Get the net.
      • Anonymous
        Or maybe he needs a better pair of glasses, Xerxexx? Or he's probably just so darned cynical because he wants to look cooler and smarter than everyone else. Oh well, no sweat off my brow if he doesn't see the film.
    • redguy
      you better seek help yourself before you pick up a gun and start shooting people cos they liked this trailer and you think is crap. lunatic bastard.
  • Mr. Foe
    Directed by the person who directed The Iron Giant & The Incredibles?! Hell yuss, I'm down.
  • I'd love him to surf that building on a giant inflatable hot-dawg. It actually looks quite funny. The TV show was pretty tongue in cheek wasn't it? Even if it didn't mean to be. Good on Simon Pegg too and Sawyer from Lost, are the Lost folk a bit cursed now by the roles they played on that tv show? I hope not.
    • Cody W.
      Id say yes, Think about Fox and Lilly, you cant even look at them without thinking kate and jack....same goes for any person who even had the smallest role in "The Wire".
  • Da Man Chest ER
    I Love this Trailer. I Love the MI saga. Bring it on!!! The only negative point was the Kremlin CGI explosion, similar to the GIJoe Eiffel Tower green screen feel to it.
  • Dave
    I hate to get all couch jumping crazy about this movie, but it looks pretty bad ass from the teaser.
  • Jalts4
    Badass!! this looks awesome
  •  I'm disappointed in this trailer too. Less rap and more classic MI theme, please.
  • I love that they have Eminem as soundtrack. 
  • Jez
    For the moment, Mission Impossible has the edge over rival Sherlock Holmes
  • Dnote510
    J.J abrams+Tom cruise+I.L.M.= 500 million, Good or not. Get ready for 3 more
  • omgsolikeVG
    I heard Tom Cruise is abandoning Scientology!! YAY!!!
  • Ahmed Hozayen
    Cruise & Renner in the same movie...Hot Damn!
  • JakeNYC
    The crappy hip-hop soundtrack completely and utterly destroys the credibility of films like this.  Makes me NOT want to see this.




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