Must Watch: Final Theatrical Trailer for DC's 'Green Lantern' Movie!

May 4, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Green Lantern Trailer

"So this is the chosen human." Didn't think we'd even see another trailer? This is the final theatrical trailer, it's all or nothing this time. Warner Bros has debuted one final, full trailer via Yahoo for DC Comics' Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds as the intergalactic superhero Green Lantern. There's lots more new footage in this that no one has seen, not even in the four minutes of WonderCon footage that won everyone over a month ago. There are some great moments with Kilowog and Sinestro (played by Mark Strong), plus a glimpse of The Guardians. This looks like a CGI-filled summer blockbuster, and I can't wait to see it!

Watch the final theatrical trailer for DC Comics' Green Lantern, originally via Yahoo:

A test pilot (Ryan Reynolds) is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping the peace within the universe.

Green Lantern is directed by veteran New Zealand filmmaker Martin Campbell, of Defenseless, GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Vertical Limit, Casino Royale and Edge of Darkness previously. The script was written by Greg Berlanti ("Everwood", "Eli Stone"), Michael Goldenberg (Peter Pan, Order of the Phoenix), Michael Green ("Everwood", "Kings") & comic book writer Marc Guggenheim ("FlashForward") and is based on the DC Comics superhero. Warner Bros is bringing Green Lantern to theaters in 3D everywhere on June 17th!

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  • Manuel
    Now, people, that's a trailer.
    • Anonymous
      yes this could be good,just lay of the cheese,batman raised the bar, just imagin it happend to you,all these super powers,you gota make it real,i no its fiction, but you gota keep it dark and realistic
  • That looks awesome!!!!! Cannot wait!
  • Ron
    The trailer seems to have used some of the unfinished footage (or at least I hope they did). Especially the screen cap for the video of Ryan Reynolds with the mask on; still looks weird. But overall I am impressed. Kilowog looks great especially now since he has a voice. Mark Strong's Sinestro looks formidable; which is how you always imagine Sinestro would be. They stuck with the original look for the Guardians, which is awesome. Can't wait!
    • Manuel
      Switch quality to 1080. Worth it.
  • Josh
    ugh. big foreheaded people never look good in movies.... in a comic it's alright, but in this it looks atrocious. however, this trailer makes the first one they released look like a made for syfy movie special
  • Gadzookspodcast
  • L_ash
    huh?? Wasn't that just....lame??? it's one of the cheesiest superhero movies i have seen in this decade
  • Wallywest_aka_flash
    they've definitely cleaned up the cg a lot! was worried from some of the stuff we've seen but this looks a lot better.
  • DavidPD
    If I didn't already have prior knowledge of Green Lantern, I would think this is the goofiest movie.
  • Anonymous
    Thats was really fucking good!
  • Manuel
    Please, if you're going to complain about the "video quality", first, download it in 1080, THEN speak.
  • Anonymous
    For the love of god, how can anyone that cares about movies say this looks good? How? This superhero crap has to stop.
    • Anonymous
      Sorry, but it won't. Of course, you don't have to see it--no one's holding a bloody pistol to your head. That said, why the "superhero crap has to stop" attitude? THOR has been getting rave reviews, THE DARK KNIGHT made a ton of money and garnered Oscar noms plus a win. Critics went nuts over IRON MAN. Crap? I don't think so.
      • I agree with most of that your saying, but Thor kinda sucked.
      • Anonymous
        Dont be a twat. Fast 5 made a shitload of money. So what. Its still a shit movie. Are you saying a) because Critics are raving = good movie b) because it makes a lot of money = good movie? No one said, that there are not a few movies that aren't decent. Personally, I didn't care for dark knight. I liked Begins better. Iron Man wasn't too bad. Agreed. But all of these above worked in a way because they didn't have a shitload of cgi in em. They had a decent script and actors. Really, Ryan R is not a good actor in my book. So yeah, i wish for less superheros and more original movies. And please stop using the oldest troll infested comment punch line known to one forces you to read or reply to my comment either.
        • McWilly
          He made sense .... You troll commented toward a genre of movies. "This superhero crap has to stop. " Most people are reading/watching the link because they enjoy this genre or might be interested in this movie. Why are you even wasting your time with things you obviously dislike (super hero flicks,cgi,Ryan R)..or commenting on things you already knew you would hate before even clicking the link...and don’t give me some crap answer "the love of movies"... "a) because Critics are raving = good movie” No it means exactly what is stated. Many..Critics ...Like ...The ...Movie... Are you implying this is a bad thing...If it disliked by critics is it usually good movie ? "b) because it makes a lot of money = good movie?" No it means exactly what it says. Lots of money, means it has a large market/people who enjoy this genre and/or movie and you become the minority, I think to be able say both about a movie is a valid point. If this can be said about a movie, odds are it will be enjoyed by the masses and a success.
      • Jackson
        He said "superhero crap" not "superhero genre". meaning the terrible ones have to stop, not the genre in total. difference.
        • McWilly
          huge f'n difference.
    • Some guy
      I wish this comedy crap would stop. Or that action genre. Or those drama films, they are the worst.
  • dave
    = D
  • Squiggles2187
  • Wwww
    wtf is this piece of shit, terrible effects, and what's up with all those ugly f*ckers out there
  • easy company
    i think you were just looking in the mirror wwww...
    • Wwww
      nice post kid, now go out and find a girlfriend so you won't bother me with ur stupid posts
      • easy company
        wow how original...
      • Manuel
        ohh! snap.
      • GuestHiFi
        At least tomorrow he can go and get a girlfriend, but you'll still be ugly 😛
  • errrr.... i think this might be too close to the comicbook source
    • Anonymous
      "...i think this might be too close to the comicbook source." And if they deviated too far, they'd still get verbal left-rights from fans. They're damned if they do, damned if they didn't. Same thing happened to Zack Snyder with WATCHMEN.
      • JL
        Which was awesome, especially the director's cut.
  • Erwee
    This is a really good trailer.
  • T_lynn4
    still looks meh to me
  • Hmm... looks better. Each new trailer gets me more interested. However, I think I'm relegating this to a rental with all the other good movies coming out soon, I just don't have the money to spend on all of them.
    • Anonymous
      Sorry to hear about that...I'm still going to make the effort to catch it in the theaters, though--maybe it's just me, but I'd rather catch it there first.
  • tt
    The best thing about this trailer is the music, props to James Newton Howard.
  • Xerxexx
    Cast I'll see it for the cast. Big fan of a lot of people in the film.
    • Anonymous
      Agreed. Quite a few top actors in there, including Angela Basset. And Mark Strong...loved him in KICK-ASS, seems to be worth watching as Sinestro here.
      • Xerxexx
        Strong is always good in relatively anything. I can't remember the last time I say Bassett in a, and she's a great actress.
      • JL
        And Rock'n'Rolla and Sherlock Holmes.
        • Xerxexx
          and Revolver.
          • Cody W.
            and Body of lies.
          • Xerxexx
            @Cody w, And Sherlock Holmes.
          • Cody W.
            and a small role in The way back.....dont make me IMDB xerx ILL DO IT!
  • Lagoya
    Well, it is starting to look better but... That mask... LOL!
    • Anonymous
      Ah, don't let one little mask hurt the film. It's like letting the design of Luke's lightsaber spoil your enjoyment of the original STAR WARS films....8-)
  • In a way I'm glad I watched this cause now I want to see it, but I hope they didn't just put all the best scenes in the trailer. Looks epic, I'm impressed.
  • Zach
    THIS is the trailer they should have released first. this one is so much better than the first trailer. They were trying to go for the Iron Man humor feel the first time, when it should have been a little darker, or at least less cocky "oh I'm like Tony Stark" feel. Very impressed now.
  • Gosh .. how i hate this yahoo reproductor... damn!!
  • Bltzie
    finally, SOLD.
  • Cracky
    Neat. But something seems odd, you know? I think (just a hunch) that it may be a bit too literal with its source material. I actually really like when a movie sticks to its original medium's material (as do most) but this might be a bit much for those who know nothing about this hero. Guess we'll see, eh?
    • Anonymous
      It's a delicate balancing act, Cracky. Frankly, I'll give the screenwriters a lot of leeway, since they have to create a film for a character that's been around for what, close to sixty years? They either have to stick as close as possible to the source material--and risk alienating a lot of viewers who may know nothing of the character (while pleasing fans) or they could deviate a lot from the source material--and risk alienating a lot of fans (while pleasing people who may not know about the character). But you worked with IRON MAN. It might work with GL...we'll just have to wait and see.
  • AB
    I'm not going to comment on whether this movie is good or bad but the one thing that has been nagging me with all the Green Lantern trailers is that the movie might be too CGI-heavy and, thus, the story telling may suffer. As a result, I still haven't made up my mind as to whether to watch this at the cinema or wait until the DVD release.
    • Anonymous
      AB, there's no way this could not be CGI-heavy. It's a superhero story with a strong space opera flavor, so a s**tload of practical and CGI effects are going to be brought in. I agree about having fears about storytelling, but the only way to find out is to see the finished film.
  • Lamar
    Okay, now I'm not worried anymore. I just watched the animated movie "First Flight" yesterday so this had better more awesome than that.
  • Anonymous
    I think his mask and suit are growing on me; I don't think it's looks entirely horrible anymore. And, every time he speaks the oath I get goosebumps all over my body. *shivers* This looks great!
  • Sinestro Looks Awesome, Mark Strong is going to do such a good job with him. This is my priority movie for the summer, not the only one I'll see, but if I were to see only one in theater it's this one.
  • Anonymous
    I just wet myself 😀 and it felt good 😀
  • I might even venture from my cave to the cinema for this, it's pretty camp but the visuals look gooooood.
  • Eric
    They showed too much...
    • Anonymous
      Define "too much"...
    • Manuel
      At first, I thought the same, but, most people are not familiar with the "Secret Origin" comic and the rest of the Jons era of GL. Wait and see, I think we are going to have some twist around this one.
  • Spider
    It seems just ok. I am still not sold on this flick, though! I am more enthused for, "Thor" and "Captain America", than I am of this one.
  • Ryderup
    Still looks ugly. Yuck.
  • Cruzer
    Much, much better! And I think they've improved on the CGI, I'm officially excited to see this now!
  • Jackson
    ?Heck no. Looks terrible. Not enough realism to interest anyone who isn't a hardcore fan or a teenage boy. Reason spiderman, iron man, and batman all did so well is because of that element of realism. Pass. It'll win the box office opening weekend because it's only competition is Mr Popper's Penguins. But Cars 2 hits the next weekend and that'll be it for the ole' green lantern. If a Spiderman reboot wasn't enough of a signal, this is a sure sign that this genre has peaked and is on the way out.
  • Da305kratos
    i wanna like it so bad but theres just something that argh, and its frustrating cause GL is an awesome character!
  • Redguy
    sorry but i don't like it. The plot looks childish and '70's. Whenever i see Ryan Reynolds i see Deadpool. I would hate him if he dropped Deadpool for lantern. My 2 cents.
  • Raji
    This is the same old crap they've been showing. Just polishing a turd hoping to make it into a pile of gold with our money via ticket sales. I'm not falling for it. The VFX look horrible. WB has to stop hiring Imageworks for their tent pole films. Imageworks screwed up Harry Potter 1, Matrix 2 and 3, and Superman Returns. How many more times is WB going to keep making that mistake? Will not watch. Will wait for Bruce Timm's GL series.
  • Lebowski
    I might have been impressed by the CG in this if it had shown as a trailer to The Matrix, when I saw it stoned out of my mind in 1999. But for real, these look like outtakes from Smallville.
  • Anonymous
    All the CG doesn't impress me... though I suspect they are just going after the 3D glasses gold at the box office. That just looks green and goofy. The dialog clips in the trailer are absolutely horrible.
  • Thanos
    The first comments on here are completely premature and shows that once one person starts hating, then it's cool to hate. Forget you guys. The movie looks amazing.
  • I love movies period. Super hero and otherwise but this looks a little cheesy.
  • Boon
    turn off your brain and you'll be blown away!
  • Lalynn
    Son of Jorel! The Guardians look exactly like in the comics!!!!
  • fem!anon
    Just get Blake Lively out of here.
  • Cookiex
    Didn't like it. The VFX still looks dated and Blake Lively is just awful. There are also reports going around SuperHeroHype that test screenings got horrendous responses. Sorry, but I have very little faith in this, which is a shame since I remember the time when I was actually excited for this.
  • Achizmar1000
    Ok, this looks fuckign epic. i love that they tell the back story of the ring and the CGI effects look amazing. Im sure it will look better in the theater. I definitely want to see this now.
  • Mad Max
     Crap. Horrible acting. Reynolds cannot act without whispering or running around acting like he's about to pee his pants




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