Must Watch: First Exciting 'The Adventures of Tintin' Teaser Trailer

May 17, 2011
Source: Apple

The Adventures of Tintin Teaser Trailer

"The Unicorn… what secrets do you hold?" Paramount/Sony has debuted the first official teaser trailer via Apple for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, the CGI animated adventure starring the beloved characters created by Hergé. Voicing Tintin (as you'll hear briefly) is Jamie Bell and I think there's a brief moment of Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock or Daniel Craig as Red Rackham. This actually looks quite epic, adventuresome, and fun, I can't wait to see more. This is only an early teaser with a bit of footage, so don't expect too much but it is a great first intro. Enjoy!

Watch the very first teaser trailer for Spielberg & Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin:

You can also watch The Adventures of Tintin trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn was originally directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson with a script co-written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. The cast includes Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thompson & Thompson, Daniel Craig as the villain Red Rackham, and Toby Jones as Silk. The animated movie, in the works at Weta Digital, will hit US theaters in glorious 3D starting on December 23rd, Christmas weekend, late this year. We featured a first look back in December and a few more photos as well. Does it look like this will be fun?

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  • Bltzie
     Looks great but we need to see more of the performances, certainly more of Bell's Tintin. This can't go wrong, can it?  This can't go wrong, can it? 
  • Anonymous
  • C Sidik
     can't wait for that day...
  • cinemabandit
    These books were a part of my childhood.   This trailers gives me the sense that the material is being treated with the reverence of someone who loved these books as much as I did. I am looking forward to this, and looking forward to taking my boy to see this.
  • Anonymous
     That last shot of Tintin already looked a lot less wooden than any Zemeckis movie before. I'm pretty ecxited for this movie
    • less wooden but still freaky 
      • jod
        how old is that avatar :)
    • Would you expect any less from WETA Digital? 
      • Anonymous
        Nope :) 
  • Anon
    tintin is the definition of adventure. this trailer got me really pumped up.
  • Dominic
    Wow this has all the characteristics of a cartoon and then verges neatly into a more realistic world - lovely lighting! :) Can't wait.
  • Guest
    Seems there is more then 1 teaser trailer out. Empire online magazine has a different version.
  • Lebowski
    Sweet bastard this looks good. These books are so great, I hope they accurately portray Haddock (and to a somewhat lesser extent, Snowy) as the comedic alcoholics they were. 
  • Duane
     X-almighty... let's go.  More more more.....
  • Looks cool. 
  • NeoSlyfer
    • Angelfigueroa81
      very dull, animation style looks ten years old, im good what a waste of talented peoples time
  • Guest
    Meh. Underwhelmed. 
  • Voice of Reason
    FINALLY. A worthy nemesis for Pixar. Cannot wait.
    • Lotus
      Not even close. Nice try 
  •  Awesome!
  • Rudy Louis-Charles
    Grew up reading all the books (Still have them in great conditions), I'm looking forward to this. It looks great. 
    I have been TEASED!
  • Alex C.
    Robert Zemeckis anyone? I revere the Tintin books, which are also part of my childhood. But everything I saw in this teaser reminds me of the dreaded Zemeckis CGI movies: cold and soulless. I would've loved to see what Pixar would've come up with.
    • Last Son
       I totally agree with you. This has Robert Zemeckis all over it and I have said a few times before leave the animation to those guys at Pixar.
  • Excel
    You have to be in to the Tintin books been has they were french... this Could be a hard sell for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson so lets hope they have got it right to be able to appeal to a much wider ordinance. 
  • jedibilly
    Looks Incredible! 
  • JL
    Though I definitely prefer practical effects and live action performances, I'm not entirely against computer generated visuals, especially when they are as well done as WETA's, but the closer these effects get to looking realistic, the more they have to intentionally make the characters look inhuman it seems, or they could just shoot it with actors.  With the capability of today's CGI animators to integrate live action with virtual effects, there doesn't seem to be a reason why something like this can't be shot with actors.  Having said that, I must confess that I haven't read the source material, so I don't know what fans of the Tintin books should come to expect from an adaptation.
    • jah p
      Let's not give WETA the crown just yet, because what ILM did with Rango was amazing!
      • JL
        I merely mentioned that they're good.  I didn't really take part in the WETA v. ILM fan war in my comment, and I don't intend to.  I haven't seen Rango, but the trailers sure look good, and though I don't usually go for animated features of any kind, I'm willing to give it a go just for the unusual look, and the fact that Johnny Depp voiced the main character.
  • Shige
    This looks exactly as creepy as Zemeckis previous animation tries. That, and that 3D slam the end of the preview is just horrible. Plastic crap in 3D. That is what I see so far.
  • Loser
     Awesome, can`t wait. I will be the first in line when it comes out here. Waited far to long for this.  Indiana Jones can retire Tintin is our new hero
    • The Direction
  • Ron
    I am disappointed to say I didn't enjoy the graphics. The characters don't seem to emote too well. And as someone said the effects really looks like a a R.Zemeckis movie and I was expecting it to be more of a betterment of what J.Cameron did on Avatar.  And I know it is just a teaser but it doesn't seem to convey that since of adventure Tin Tin animated cartoons and comics were known for. I guess we need to see more footage for that.
    • A lot of people complained abotu Avatar's trailer
      • Ron
        About the predictability of the story line? or the actual special effects? Nothing replaces actual actors with expressions but I think they were able to convey that effectively to the CG characters in Avatar.  With such a high expectations especially it being Steven Spielberg AND Peter Jackson and they taking forever to complete the movie, I expected more..effects-wise.
  •  Shoot, there is another version out with a cooler ending line...... but anyway this looks so amazing. When I found it last night I was on top of the world.They still seem super reluctant to show us any faces though..... btw, could anyone else totally see Jamie in Tintin's face?? 😀 I did. 
  • Xerxexx
    good teaser.
  • Sur@z
     I can see the mustache of Thomson & Thompson while they watch Tintin pass by through the news paper hole(00:30 sec).
  • Anonymous
     As a life long fan of Tintin (looking at all of the comics here on my shelf and on my ipad via hires pdf), the teaser was underwhelming.  I really think using generic zimmer music is a mistake. I know they usually never use final score on teasers but Williams finished work on this earlier this year so I still have a lot of hope left.  But its too early to judge yet. I mean, HOW many teasers did you find amazing only to find the final movie to be shit?  After the last horrid Indy movie, Spielberg needs to bring on his A game. I hope he does. 
  • Scott of the Antarctic
    This Is Fuckin Spielberg and Jackson for christ sake! I should have gone blind, or lost control of my bodily functions or at the very very least have gotten shivers. Yet all I come away with is doubt, doubt that Im not very happy about.
    • Nick
       does it make you want to scream and shout? cry and pout?peace out girlscout
  • cinemabandit Slighly different version.  I do love how it retains the feel of Herge.  The pace of the trailer is exactly how I would have imagined it as a boy.
  • Haddock
    I have all the Tintin comic books since childhood. I love this teaser, but it´hasnt show any performance.  Was there really a need for CGI? Not really. Uncanney valley here we go.
  • I don't remember this as far back as the books, but do remember at some point in the mid-nineties Nickelodeon showed one of the cartoon versions of Tintin, and it was absolutely my favorite show while it was offered. Happy to see anything mentioning Tintin again, a movie by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson is more then I had expected :)
  • Cody W.
    I wasnt expecting much from this so consider me pretty damn interested that looks like fun.
  •  The cg could have looked like a cartoon, the models could have been cel shaded and looked better I think, like, you know, the comic? But saying that the cgi titles were good. the rest reminded me of that evil xmas train film with Tom Hanks in it.
    • Anonymous
      Nah, cel shaded would have been worse, imo. I do agree however that the "Zemeckis cgi", is not a wise choice. Maybe a bit more 'harscher' colors ala Rango...I dunno. Need to see the whole thing.  Also, its impossible for this one to live up to everyones imagination. Lets hope performance, score and voice overs are good.
      • Maybe Buzzfunk, but possibly a combination of the two would be good, so that the outline was dropped in opacity over a previously rendered 'realistic' looking scene. Rango was pretty well rendered from what I saw in the trailer, I still haven't watched the film yet. As for living up to expectations, I don't expect much from Tintin, I think i'd already read Akira, Heavy Liquid and a bunch of Moebius before I even found Tintin, I had little interest in it, but I  did watch the cartoon and enjoyed that. I suppose a little ginger kid battling racially stereotyped people whilst plundering their homeland is always amusing.
  • LW
    OHHH MYYY GGG- *brain explodes* 
  • bucker96
    Man, I'm so glad they got Conan O'Brien to star
    • Anonymous
      It looks nothing like Conan.  
  • Jptoral
     Actually the Tintin books are from Belgium. Asterix is the French one.
  • Rp1n
    I didn't know they were making a sequel to Polar Express! 
  • Hellfire
    Spielberg should retire. And stop chumming Shia LeBiff down our throats. BTW Transformers 2 was crap. I won't be putting any more money into Spielberg's pockets with Transformers 3. He can kiss my arse. 
  • Angry Chief
    I don't think this was 'teasy' enough. Though, the plane crashing in the desert, the close up on the faces, etc, look damn fine. Speilberg is keep the film industry up on it's feet, while the rest of the industry keeps piling bullshit onto it's shoulders.  (just saw the super 8 trailer today, too). Pumped.
  • stevenfreestyler
    Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson... Two of the biggest guns in the movie industry... Certainly, this is goin to be a really interesting movie.... 
  • Jackmooney
    The trailer is really good I cant wait to see how good the movie will be.




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