Must Watch: First Hilarious Trailer for Seth Gordon's 'Horrible Bosses'

May 11, 2011
Source: Apple

Horrible Bosses Trailer

Is your boss a slave-driving psycho? Warner Bros has debuted the official trailer via Apple for Horrible Bosses, their upcoming summer comedy that I've been hearing nothing but fantastic things about. The film is about three friends who "conspire to murder their awful bosses." Playing the underlings are: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis. Playing the bosses: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell. Oh and this is also the movie where Jamie Foxx plays a guy named Motherfucker Jones. Yes, this looks hilarious, it may end up rockin' the summer more than Hangover Part II does this year. Have fun!

Watch the official trailer for Seth Gordon's Horrible Bosses, in high def from Apple:

You can also watch the Horrible Bosses trailer in High Definition on Apple

Three friends conspire to kill their awful bosses after realizing they are standing in the way of happiness.

Horrible Bosses is directed by filmmaker Seth Gordon, who broke out with The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary, then directed the comedy Four Christmases, and has also worked on some TV shows and did a segment of the doc Freakonomics. The screenplay was co-written by TV writer Michael Markowitz as well as John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein, from a story by Michael Markowitz. Warner Bros is bringing Horrible Bosses to theaters everywhere on July 8th this summer. Doesn't this just look hilarious?

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  • looks so awesome
  • Dantius
    A Miami Vice reunion! I hope Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx have scenes together!Is Kevin Spacey reprising his role from Swimming With Sharks (1994)?
  • Quazzimotto
    Only knock is Aniston. Looks good though, definitely interested.
    • Blueorangeny31
      Only knock??????? You serious? I was just thinking that if I was on the set during that scene she'll be in trouble. She's looking good especially for her cougar age.
      • Quazzimotto
        =) not a fan of Aniston. She's eye candy yes, but the only movies I've ever liked her in are: Office Space, and the Iron Giant. And that last one is mainly because I didn't have to see her live on screen. Plus its a great movie. Kind of how I feel about Megan Fox. Looks good, just don't like her as an actress. Aniston is better than Fox, but I'm still not a fan. Never will be.
  • Wwww
    • Wwww
      i missed a t""
  • RhythmDave
  • Colin Farrell's face !! :-) .. That was the funniest Make-Up face I saw from Tropic Thunder ..
  • Cody W.
    Im sold merely cause that was The Bunk in the interrogation room.
    • Anonymous
      He's a suit and tie-wearing motherfucker, that man.
    • snitch robinson
    • lmao i was about to say that !
  • Anonymous
    This has caught my attention
  • ZzFDKzZ
    LMAO @ in a Prius.
  • McNulty
    BUNK! Are cameos from Wired the new thing?
    • McNulty
      I mean, The Wire, of course.
  • Xerxexx
    Awesome! Colin Ferrall balding and criticizing handicapped people is just epic.
    • Anonymous
      agreed. i always like bateman too......looks to be very funny movie.
      • Xerxexx
        Bateman is always great, been a fan for a long time. Charlie Day is hilarious, and Sudeikis is just awesome. Plus we get to see Spacey as a d'bag. Aniston looks pretty funny too, refreshing to say the least. Fe
        • Anonymous
          true - it's a great cast, although (like many) i'm not expecting much from aniston. hey! no joke intended - has aniston had some facial plastic surgery? she looks different to me. i don't watch her too much but it looks like her face has changed.
          • John Doe
            Funny you ask. I was just wondering the same damn thing.
          • Xerxexx
            I think its just her hair color that makes her look different, its darker and she usually has a lighter color. Plus it looks like she's gotten a tan, so I doubt plastic surgery.
    • Jesusskills
      hank = xiaver lulz epic 
  • Neuromancer
    Day man, Fighter of the Night man, Champion of the sun, You’re a master of karate and friendship… for everyone. <3 Charlie
    • Xerxexx
      That song is epic. Night-man is pure evil.
  • Spider
    This looks to be even funnier than, "The Hangover 2"! Jennifer Aniston is SMOKIN' HOT in this! Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey in these roles is gonna make this flick brilliant than it has any right to be! I'll be checkin' this flick out and, "The Hangover 2" is going on my Netflix queue!
    • jah p
      I'm with you spider it does look funnier than Hangover 2...
      • John Doe
        Kinda like the "real" Hangover 2, right?
  • Duane
    Did I just watch a trailer in which Jamie Foxx was the LEAST funniest person?
    • JL
      Aaaand your point is?
      • Duane
  • Colin Farrell as an asshole am sold
    • Duane
      Yeah... Never saw him play one of those before.. :) :)
      • JL
        It's hard not to sympathize with his character in "In Bruges," though.
        • @JL what a great movie
        • Duane
          True dat.
  • great concept great movie didnt even recognize jennifer ansiton and the xavier joke, classic
  • Rick
    Ok, why am I just hearing about this now?! This looks awesome!
  • let kill this bitch
  • sukkyu
    "in a prius?" "i dont win a lot" hahahah
  • Asadaa
    Lol detective Bunk typecasted.
  • Anonymous
    "I was drag racing" hahaha
  • Chazzy
    Honestly never even heard of this till today. And it looks freakin' hilarious.
  • I really like Jason Bateman, reminds me of Evan McGregor.
  • Richie G
    This looks great. Comedy is really improving. Theres only a handful of comedy features with the re-watch factor 'n most of 'em are Leslie Neilson's, but in the last few years there are some real contenders showing up. Keep it coming
  • Looks funny
  • Sledge
    more importantly than the bunk being in the interrogation room is ron white is in the room also
  • Tonker
  • Tonker
    worth the entry fee just to see Jen Aniston eat that Banana..!!!!
  • Anonymous
    oh hell yeah im seeing this!
  • tonguepunch
     didnt really care for it
  • Whoa - is this the Judd Apatow/Todd Phillips remake of "9 to 5" ?
  • Geez... I start to think that Anniston is really funny..gosh who gonna believe it..




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