Must Watch: Full Trailer for Jim Mickle's Vampire Movie 'Stake Land'

April 15, 2011

Stake Land Trailer

"Welcome to Stake Land, kid." IFC Midnight has finally unveiled the official trailer for Stake Land, the gory indie vampire horror movie I've been talking about since Toronto last year. Written and directed by American filmmaker Jim Mickle, Stake Land is about a kid (Connor Paolo) who, lost in the ravaged world that is Stake Land, joins up with a grizzled, wayward hunter named Mister (Nick Damici) who takes him on as his apprentice in killing vampires. Yep, it brings back angry, gory vampires, and it's fantastic movie, too. Can't suggest it enough, I hope this trailer gets your attention, it's one of my fave horror movies of the year.

Watch the official release trailer for Jim Mickle's Stake Land:

If you want to see more or support the film, be sure to visit their Facebook page, too!

Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation's abandoned towns and cities, and it's up to Mister, a death-dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to help get Martin safely north to the New Eden.

Stake Land is directed by American filmmaker Jim Mickle, with a script co-written by star Nick Damici and Mickle. The film won the Midnight Audience Award at the Toronto Film Festival last year. IFC Films is bringing Stake Land to limited theaters on April 22nd this month. Here's my Toronto review. Thoughts?

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  • DavidPD
    This looks BADASS! I didn't really like the music towards the end, may some melodic piano would have fit better, but the trailer makes this movie awesome.
  • Anonymous
    ill see it. but most vampire movies piss me off.
  • The Arsonist
    Finally vampires the way their supposed to be.....evil bloodsucking bastards.....yay
  • Anonymous
    I'm with DoomCanoe.
    • Everyone
      piss of Xerxexx im sick of you
      • Anonymous
        wow. So you speak for everyone, Everyone? You can leave not one's forcing you to stay here...and no need to get angry. Also how is my agreeing with DoomCanoe enough to make you get all pissy?
        • Cody W.
          You out of all people xerx should be able to spot a
          • Anonymous
            I know, I slipped there...forgive me?
  • Anonymous
    not bad it kinda makes me forget the bad rep that vampires have...kinda.
  • Anonymous
    A slightly more serious zombieland except with vampires. OK Then.
  • RyanDP
    Jim isn't canadian. He is from Pennsylvania.
  • JL
    This looks like what I Am Legend should have been.
    • Manuel
      That was exactly what I was thinking.
    • Nah they're totally different, this has a very big The Road feel to it, but there's lots of "towns" of people existing, these two are just trying to survive on their own. It's not so much I Am Legend as it is Walking Dead + Road + 30 Days of Night even... It's still good though!
      • JL
        I also thought it looked a lot like The Road, which is one of my favorite books and I thought the movie was great. And I Am Legend is sort of a one man show, but what I meant was that when they made I Am Legend, they altered the story and the fiends to a great degree (especially the part that gives the title meaning) and it just didn't look like what I pictured. Also instead of using actors in makeup (with maybe some digital tweaks in post), they completely ruined the look with bad CGI. You ended up with almost brainless, purely instinctual, super-humans instead of vampires or what I pictured as I read the book; intelligent zombies.
      • JL
        It has the aesthetic I expect from an IAL adaptation. Just imagine if John Hilcoat made an IAL movie.
  • SV7
    Cool indie horror. Looks promising.
  • Judasbarronx1
    NICE 😉 I'm in!
  • Silencio!
    Worth a look!
  • Saw it at the Toronto Festival - brilliant!
  • Anonymous
    Eric sure has come a long way from the Upper East Side
  • Manuel
    Kinda Vampire-Zombie mash-up. Like it!
  • Yeah, I'm on board. Besides, I can never get too much Danielle Harris.
  • I'm not trying to pimp myself out here but if anyone is interested I interviewed Jim Mickle. Stake Land was amazing. I was lucky enough to see it at the NYC premiere. If you want to read it -
  • Nice. Take notes Twilight. Oh, that's right, those vampire films aren't supposed to be scary.
  • Looks good! I'm there.
  • Was that Kelly McGillis in the trailer?
  • Quazzimotto
    Viral video caught my attention. Trailer looks good, has The Road meets 30 Days of Night feel to it. Hopefully the story holds up.
    • Oh the story does hold up! For the most part... 😉
      • Quazzimotto
        Looks like I'll have to have a Stake Land On Demand party next weekend. Excellent site by the way
  • SS Demeter
    this is how a vampire movie, has to be done.
  • rocKKicker
    see, this is what i mean. if this came out before twilight and all that crap, then this would set the tone of what a vampire flick should be.
  • GrandDoc23
    I like it. Danielle Harris got my attention...oh and the vampires too. Lol
  • Fbehn4th
    I really don't like those Twilight movies, is there a platform were I can vent on how bad and how much i hate those, this btw looks pretty good can't wait to see it
  • Eric81375
    I watched the two shorts that were on iTunes and they were quite good. If the film is as good as that I will be pleased. This trailer looks okay. Somehow the acting looks like it could be a little weak.




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