Must Watch: Incredible 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Hits Early!

July 20, 2011
Source: YouTube

The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man

"Do you have any idea what you really are?" This trailer is arriving online early, but this isn't a bootleg, a clean HD copy of it has already arrived online and there's not much to do at this point besides give you guys a glimpse because it is awesome. I was expecting Marc Webb to do great things, but this is better than I even imagined. The first official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, has emerged on YouTube (via SlashFilm) and it will leave some of you with your jaw on the floor by the end. That sequence at the end is just incredible, I hope it's in the movie. Cannot wait to see more - enjoy!

Watch the first official teaser trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man:

You can download The Amazing Spider-Man trailer in High Def on Yahoo

Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, our hero Spider-Man, as well as Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Connors, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb is directing this new reboot of Spider-Man, from a screenplay co-written by Alvin Sargent (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 & 3), Steve Kloves (Harry Potter movies) and James Vanderbilt (The Rundown, Zodiac, The Losers) in various iterations. Sony Pictures will be bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to theaters next summer, on July 3rd, 2012, but in the meantime we've heard there's a lot coming at Comic-Con this week, so stick around here!

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  • Lord Denethor
    the ending sequence was inspired by Mirror's Edge game 
    • Jericho
      more like anything with pov parkour
      • Drayzoe
        I know but it still looks exactly like the video game. evn the part when you see him on the mirror. 
      • he's got the parkour luck.
      • No, it's easily able to tell that it's Mirror's Edge inspired. From the angles to the end scene. Stop trying to be "that guy".
        • Vision
          How is it easy to tell that it's inspired by Mirror's Edge?  Because it's a first person sequence on screen?  Maybe it was inspired because going through the city as Spiderman would be a cool sequence?
          • david
   Here it it. Even the reflection scene. But whatever it was awesome, and I hope it is in the movie.
          • Jericho
            wait...Mirrors edge is out already? WHEN!?!?!
          • Anonymous
            @ Jericho, Mirror's Edge was out last year. Great game, shouldn't have added in gunplay at the last minute... and YES the ending sequence is A LOT like Mirror's Edge, I know I nearly 1000'd the game on my 360. Time Trials were just insane.
    • Angelfigueroa81
      THEYLL BE YOUTUBE VIDEOS COMPARING THE 2 within the week i promise its almost exactly the same 
      • Anonymous
        Well, that would be funny, since a lot of people pretty much ignored or outright slagged off MIRROR'S EDGE when it came out. I liked the trailer, though.  Not going to over-analyze it, however--I'll wait until the actual film comes out.
        • Anonymous
          Good. I too will also do this, and so should everybody else.
    • Rift
      or the end of the doom movie?
  • Lord Denethor
    still cool though
  • 4k4k
    Really liked it except for the ending point-of-view scene. The CGI made it feel like a videogame. And the point-of-view sequence could of been its own teaser in my opinion.
    • Fuck You
      You are correct, sir.
  • just a guest
    sorry. the cgi at the end looks terrible...
    • Anonymous
      Hey, it'll probably look better once the film comes out.  The same thing happened with the early IRON MAN trailers.
      • Tester
        Scopedog, then what is the point of a teaser/trailer if its not a true representation of the actual movie ? Same goes for last few years with game demos where were are told that a shitty demo is not a true representation of the actual game.. Why the hell release it then !!!
        • Vision
          To hype the movie.  Rise of Planet of the Apes did the same thing.  The CGI has gotten progressively better in the newer trailers. 
    • Jaf
      I think its one of those sequences that won't be in the final film but merely for hype purposes
      • SDotKillsALot
        i agree
    • SDotKillsALot
      it doesn't premiere for a year. i'm sure effects are not polished.
  • Cburns77
    The part at the end looks very CG.  It's still early though.
    • Fuck You
      No shit!
  • Pricetag
    I've got high hopes. Saving judgement for a full trailer, but so far I am definitely interested. Love the cast, although I am surprised we haven't heard anything about Norman & Harry Osborn. Also, anyone else want JK Simmons back for JJJ?
    • JL
      J.K. Simmons is hilarious.  He really owned that character for good.
    Wow not what I expected going to pass so far
  • deltavoyage
    Loved everything except for the CG POV ending.  Otherwise, that was pretty fantastic.
  • Jericho
  • GMB
    Another brooding super hero huh? Great.
    • Eric
      I don't know if you've seen Captain America but there has definitely been a shift from goofy-leaning superhero movies to serious films with real, human themes and characters to which people can relate. I think this film is going to be great and it's made me more optimistic about future hero movies. I think Batman Begins and The Dark Knight set a new bar for this genre and it'll be for the better.
  • Voice of Reason
    Ok, Im sold on Gwen Stacy.
  • Hallospaceboy
    Geez, I liked the POV stuff. This looks good. Just wish it was not ANOTHER Origin story. I hope they deal with that quickly.
  • Odball
    i foresee a vomiting feeling when seeing it in 3d
  • TooSoon
    Too Soon! 
  • Gadget
    I'm Really tired of reboot/remake whatever they want to call it. Therefore I'll pass.
    • Yea, I hate movies too. Especially movies (which don't come out for a year) that try to revamp a dead series. Simple minds think alike.
      • Cburns77
        Sheesh, didn't realize being tired of something was such an offensive position.  Gadget didn't say anything about it being a good or bad movie.  Just that he/she was tired of the familiar.  Oh that's so terrible!
        • If he's tired of the familiar then he really shouldn't be watching movies. They all borrow from one another. Yes. Even Inception if anyone wants to bring that up. The ones with somewhat original story (Coincidentally Memento) are far and few in between, you can't expect the majority of movies to be like this. 
          • Cburns77
             Um... in the original post he said he wasn't going to watch the movie.  So there you go. I was just trying to point out that there really isn't anything wrong with watching a movie trailer and saying you don't want to see that particular movie because you feel it's too familiar to what you've seen lately. That doesn't make a person simple-minded.
        • JL
          There is no new thing under the sun, yet we still continue to go to the theaters.  I may see repeat in something you perceive as totally new, and vice-versa, but truly, all of these stories have come and pass hundreds of years before us.
          • Cburns77
            Yes I know this.  But it doesn't mean that people can't get bored with movies.  I'm 26 and I find it harder and harder to find a movie I actually want to watch.  And it's because as you said there is no new thing under the sun.  Don't confuse boredom with seeing the samething over and over again, with being oblivious to recycled themes.
          • JL
            @cf739b7ea307b8a189d3bf29daf813cf:disqus Don't get me wrong.  I'll take repackaged goods.  I just watched The Deathly Hallows Part II, and it was awesome.  I know it's the same old Good vs. Evil, Love Conquers All story, but it's wrapped in such a pretty package that I can't help but delude myself into thinking I'm seeing something new.  I got bored pretty quick with the Saw movies and the plethora of other gore-a-thons that followed.  However, I still get excited for stuff like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Batman.  I think most people are biased one way or the other and those who aren't probably don't watch that much TV or cinema.  Perhaps that's the best thing to do.
  • You mean this red band Conan trailer we posted three days ago? We don't miss trailers, ever, so always watch However if you're referring to the recent "battle clip", we don't ever post any "clips" from movies, so we won't be posting that.
    • LOL. "We don't miss trailers, ever"  I love it <3 ^^
  • Meh not sure if i like the replacement. as much as TM was whinging the whole spiderman franchise
  • I'm a little underwhelmed by it. Thought they'd have more Spidey. I hope the Mirror's Edge scene isn't in the final film. What I do like is Andrew. He seems like a good choice, as I never liked Tobey...Toby....Tobeh?
    • Nick
      kunta kinte
  • Brandon
    I enjoyed the CGI part more then the acting. So basically over Spiderman on film. 
  • DevilSpider
    He's still swinging through the air like he's uncoordinated.  I wish he would for once in the movies look like he does in the Todd Mcfarlane comics (posing like a cool Spiderman).  The dark tone of the trailer is awesome though.  If they get the comic relief right than it will be more faithful to the comics. 
    • Anonymous
      But DS...remember that he's just starting out in this.  And while a McFarlane look would be awesome (and a headache to the stunt crew and VFX guys), you have to realize that by the time McFarlane did his run, Peter was Spidey for a few years, he wasn't a newbie. I dig the tone of the trailer, but I'll reserve final judgement for the movie.
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  • Postogirl2006
    I just can't get excited for a film with so much CGI. And the kid looks so dorky.
    • Anonymous
      How do you know it's "so much CGI"?  Did you see a breakdown of the effects in the trailer?  Or is it just so darned easy to cry out, "Too much CGI!!" every time a new SF/Fantasy/Superhero film comes out?
    • Frank
      Yes, because Peter Parker is such a stud in the comic books.  Here, we will use your line of thinking for another movie."Man, Conan has too many muscles in this new movie, and looks to much like a barbarian."
  • Anonymous
    Clearly they havent finished the CGI. It is the same thing with the iron man 1 superbowl spot when he blows up the tank everyone was complaining that it looked so fake...but when the trailer came out it looked so real and awesome and turned from a low point to a high point. This isnt a good teaser but Rami's version wasnt a good origin story. they went from early highschool in like the winter to graduation in less than 10 minutes. Never explained what happened to his parents. Didnt bring in Gwen Stacy even though she came before MJ. EVERY VILLIAN KILLS THEMSELF IN EACH MOVIE!. Green Goblin...glider Doc Oct...his machine drowning himself. Green Goblin 2...jumps infront of the glider..again..Venom Jumps into a sandman got away. One villian out of 5
    • Anonymous
      "Clearly they havent finished the CGI. It is the same thing with the iron man 1 superbowl spot when he blows up the tank everyone was complaining that it looked so fake...but when the trailer came out it looked so real and awesome and turned from a low point to a high point." Yep.  A prime example right there.  I mean...c'mon, do people even bother to read CINEFEX nowadays?
      • dgeeter
  • Staatz
    Wasen't emo Parker one of the things everyone hated about the last one?
  • Tester
    Wow, very original, cuz we havent see this story before. Come on, was this really needed ?  But I am still hopeful and it's only a teaser.. And I hope the actual movie does not look like that terrible CGI Mirror's Edge jaw dropping end !
  • klaviatura
    It's a shame I really liked Maguire, Dunst, Franco (i know he wouldn't be in 4th part but still) and Raimi, and lets not forget Rosemary Harris, who was perfect as May Parker.
  • CisforCinema
    That end sequence -- I've seen it before. It was in a game called "Mirror's Edge." Sigh. I was hoping it would be real, wire-based camera work, not same ol' same ol' 3-D.
  • Nic
    meh.  So far I don't really care about this movie and will pass.  Maybe when we see the villain...or emma stone naked.  
  • Jackson
    Emma Stone, Mark Webb, and I'm in.
  • Judasbarronx1
    I likey. I LIKEY ;-P
  • Spider
    Not bad! I like the dark tone of the trailer. I know it's early and the CGI of 'Spider-Man' swinging towards the mirrored building at the end looked as if the CGI web was actually linear to the sky! 'Spider-Man' was swinging from the actual sky. I'm sure they'll fix this, though. I'm in, come July 2012.
  • Anonymous
    so far good
  • Astroboy101
    Cool!  People keep saying the end sequence reminds them of the Mirror's Edge video game, but I'm reminded of the Nicholas Hammond tv show from the 70's where we saw Spidey's POV as he climbed walls.  Even the costume has the feel of that show's look IMO. (I have a soft spot for that show so don't flame me)  Coincidence?  Hmmmmm....  Anyway, looking forward to seeing more.  So far so good.
    • Anonymous
      I won't flame you, but that show was a POS nevertheless, mostly because of the story, and because of how effortlessly Hammond's Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man just like that. Plus also for a lot of other factors (trying to do a character like this on a TV budget, and when effects weren't advanced enough to do said character-although I must admit, at least he wasn't so poor like Parker usually is.)
  • Whoa, that was a STRAIGHT rip-off of "Mirror's Edge"! Just like when the Prince of Persia movie ripped off "Assassin's Creed" with the rooftop eagle vision! Although I feel that this reboot was uneccessary, I do like how they use Gwen starting out and more depth with Pete's parents. Oh well, it's like that South Park episode..."Whatever, you'll see it, f*ck you!" lol
    • A Villa88
      A lot of hater on here... these are the same people that said Heathe Ledger will suck as the joker. To be honest Spirder Man needed a reboot the cast was getting old, the story was getting stale and tone was too soft and childish. 
      • Danimal
        That's exactly what I'm sayin! The fact that this movie looks this good, this early should be getting everyone amped up! And to those who are complaining about another "origin" story, those are usually the most interesting ones. Just the fact that they even mentioned Peter's parents in the trailer shows that they're taking the detail of this story to a whole different level. Can't wait! 
      • Anonymous
        Agreed.  And they also claimed that THOR would tank, that X-MEN:FIRST CLASS looked "gay", and....ah hell, they're so busy moaning and groaning that it just gets old and stale.  F**k 'em.
      • It must be very easy to throw that word "hater" around, isn't it? I have an opinion--something that's encouraged on this website. The movie is coming out anyway, so why can't I have my opinion? Geez.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah, but at least these folks are aware of ME, since that great game was basically kicked to the curb by the public. "Oh well, it's like that South Park episode..."Whatever, you'll see it, f*ck you!" lol" Yep.  So very f*cking true!
  • Not to spark a debate here, but I guarantee that if we lived in an alternate reality and this exact trailer had 3 more seconds added to it that read "From Christopher Nolan" - everyone would be saying how incredible this movie looks!
    • Zee TX
      1001% TRUE!
    • Anonymous
  • quityosleanin
    i think it looks good. if you're a spiderman fan, than you should feel lucky that you get different directors takes on spidey.  i dont think its "too soon" for a reboot, i think its pretty cool we get to see a different take on the whole thing. i love chris nolans "batman" universe, but when they reboot batman in 5 to 10 years, i will be first in line to see it, because i love movies. and girls.
    • Fuck You
      "because i love movies. and girls" Oh good for YOU.
  • BlackFantasyFilmmaker
    I'm 75% sold. The other 25% will depend on the look of the villain.
    • Zee TX
  • Animal
    I still think it looks crap.
  • SeanJ8
    I'm not impressed by the trailer. It might be darker, but that first person view of Spider-Man looks bad. It makes no sense to reboot a franchise five years after the third film. Sure, the third film wasn't as great as the first two, but it was still enjoyable. All this tells me is that Sony is more concerned about making money by starting from scratch and bringing in a whole new cast so they don't have to pay as much as the original cast. I feel bad for Sam Rami because I was looking forward to the planned fourth and fifth films and then Sony just threw that idea out of the window right before production started. Not to mention no one will ever be able replace JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson, easily the best character in Rami's trilogy.
  • looks the same..
  • andrew
    looks better than the other so called Spiderman movies, and no Tobey Maguire
    • Fuck You
      More like it looks the same as the other Spiderman movies minus Tobey Maguire.
  • Emailrossadams
    Toby Maguire looks a little different these days - am I'm watching a repeat? New Spidey film just too soon. Would you be happy watching a Batman begins remake in 2 years time??
    • Zee TX
      I agree with the Reboot thing.. They should have just moved ahead with the new Cast and new Villain(s).... BUT.. The First Spiderman movie was released in 2002.... So 2012 will be a ten years time frame and Yes.. I think people would want to see Batman Begins.. New movie again after 10 years since the first.. Batman Begins.. If the upcoming movie.. TDKR is the last of this series.
  • Cbarnicle
    I was doubtful when I first heard of new Spider-man but since he is my all time fav I will give it a shot. Nice trailer though.
  • Anonymous
    Tester, as I see it (and it's just my personal view, so...) a teaser/trailer is supposed to wet your appetite, but it's not supposed to BE the whole film.  It's just two minute worth of film from a movie that will be closer to 120 minutes.  What
    • Anonymous
      Very true. The star wars trailer was good because they LEFT all of the bad parts out. ie the acting and most of jajar :)  However this one, you can get a sense of 'woa' or 'meh'. I think why tell the same story again? why? Garfield looks uncomfortable and someone said it looked dark??? Musta been a diff trailer.  Anyways, i can at least say unimpressed and I would have no idea why someone would call this teaser Incredible. Again, everybody's standards are diff. Just sometimes scares me how easily people are wow'd.
      • Anonymous
        "Just sometimes scares me how easily people are wow'd." Agreed, buzzfunk...but also, how easily people fall into the "meh" mode too! But again, I'll still wait 'till the final film before bringing the hammer down.  I learned my lesson from THE IRON GIANT and TPM!
  • eru88
    I really liked the first person part, I think that would be cool to see that but to anyone that is saying to much CG you should take a look at the marc webb interview. "We spent months and months and months developing rigs so he could swing in a way that wasn't computer-generated." "I wanted it to be more grounded and more realistic and that went for the emotion of the scenes, the physical action and wardrobe." Either way Im really insterested in this movie, the acting and the vision that marc webb has.
  • Chuckso17
    im in
  • spyder
    this movie is gona be just as badass as Sam Raimi "spider-man" movie
  • Jackmooney5
    This Spider man movie will be awesome just like the teaser.
  • norm
    Slap a superhero on the screen and audiences will flock to it these days, even if they just saw the same damned story a couple of years ago. Thankfully, Chris Nolan is the only one that gets it right.
    • Zee TX
      Chris Nolan gets it right with Original stories no doubt.. But as far as Superheros are concerned.... He was lucky to have Heath Ledger as "The Joker" in the movie "The Dark Knight".... And earlier to Batman Begins.. Batman movies were treated with poor scripts and less serious efforts. So, he did gave Batman a respectable scale on screen with Batman Begins.... BUT With TDKR it feels more of a hangover of the last movie...!!
      • Anonymous
        I know...I love the "only Chris Nolan gets it right!"  God Richard Donner, Tim Burton, Guillermo Del Toro, Matthew Vaughn, Joe Johnston, John Favreau, Sam Raimi (yes, him!) and yes, Brian Singer can all go pound sand, right? I agree that Nolan is solid at bringing original stories--or rather, an original slant to some familiar tropes--to the big screen.  I respect him for that.  But he is NOT the "only one who gets it" when it comes to superhero films.  There have been others who have done solid work too..
    • Awtan90
      I agree. But hey get ready for the backlash for saying so.  "You just can't compare Nolan's Batman films to other super hero movies it's not fair" Blah Blah Blah. 
      • Fuck You
        LOL! True.
  • SDotKillsALot
    I think this will be good. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises comes out in the same month. It will definitely be overshadowed, but I will surely check em out
    • Zee TX
      As far as overshadowing is of a concern.... Of course people will be all up and down jumping to see how Batman dies and rises to the Bat heaven/hell.... hence..TDKR! There are fans for each of the Superheros and the one which has already made about 3Billion Franchise..(SPIDER-MAN)... You are in it to be surprised and dissapointed hoping for overshadowing effect!
  • Zee TX
    The Trailer looks good.. Only wished that if Spidey had natural web shooters rather than the ones shown in this movie and instead of rebooting the series altogether.. They should have just moved forward with the new Cast and New Villain(s).. Anyways, Still good news as we get to see more of SPIDER-MAN movies..
  • Para
    i'm just sick of all the reboots. there was no need for this series to be rebooted since the first 3 spiderman films were arguably the greatest comic films of all time. who is the lead actor? he looks like a prawn. mary jane looks ugly. graphics are horrible. yet another bad film from hollywood. :(
    • Fuck You
      Are you fuckin' retarded?
  • Anonymous
    the "Doom" sequence made me dizzy...  Still holding my tongue until i see next year.   
  • Vondoom88
     I'm fine with the guy they got and with Emma Stone for sure. But damn do we really need to see spidey back in high school? Just pick up with him in college or going to college for crying out loud. Nope we get to see him:  1. Beat up another bully, Again  2. pine away for a chick, Again (ok its Emma Stone so I get it)  3. be all dorky & awkward, Again  4. Its pretty much the same movie, Again  I saw the EW photo spread looks like its damn near spidey 1 Again.   If the trailers don't blow me away before next July I'll rent the blu-ray.
    • Anonymous
      you said it, buddy! i wasn't "wowed" by this at all. it'll be a blu rent for me too.
  • Cracky
    Lol. This is ridiculous. Instead of the "unrealistic" swinging we get CG parkour crawling. Instead of agreeable comic book Spidey we get MTV outsider secret smarty Spidey. Oh and that subtle ''give em the lowdown'' hallway walk where other teens stare at him... Brilliant. This has ''I can do better'' written all over it. I don't give a shit about the POV scaling. It's not that special. Call me a hater, but this looks like a waste of time.
  • Jalts4
    Who suppose to be the villian in this one?
    • Anonymous
      Supposed to be the Lizard, I believe.
  • AP
    Impressive. Didn't think much of it but seeing AG in movies like The Social Network and Never Let Me Go he's on the Cole Train to stardom. Something that I actually thought Orlando Bloom would've done being in LOTRs. Im sure this will be a fine movie.
  • Cody W.
    5 years ago I wouldve been wowed by this, I guess Im just sick of these run of the mill superhero movies. When DKR comes out, I hope the superhero movie fad dies out. This doesnt look that good.
  • Soul_reaver265
    Still not digging the new Spidey costume, but the rest of it looks nice. As a comic geek, I'll say that I absolutely love that his traditional mechanical web-shooters are making the cut. Not that I hated the organic webbing, mind you. I also hope this reboot places a bigger focus on Peter's intellect, something the Raimi trilogy only really scratched. And also, The Lizard is apparently going to be the villain this time around. I'm willing to bet this carry-over from the Raimi trilogy made it in at least partially due to fan demand.
  • Agree with the people who said the ending was too CG and I'm not totally convinced I want to sit through a slight variation on the same film so soon (I swear, some of the locations and scenes look identical to Raimi's first), but on it's own merits, as a stand-alone Spiderman film, it looks great.
  • FFrank
    ....will it be in 3 D? if so - the have to hand out sick-sack's with the glasses...;)
  • Hattori Hanzo
    They could have saved themselves a lot of money by simply buying the first Raimi Spiderman and pasting over the actors with the new ones. At least that way we'd still get J K Simmons as J Jonah!
  • Anonymous
    Looks really good except for the CG bit at the end. Just get the important parts right -- characters, story, script -- and the rest takes care of itself.
  • Anonymous
    I'm sorry, but no gamer would ever be impressed by that scene, we've seen better! I like parts of the trailer, but it wasn't as good as i thought it would be, it just feels like "been there, done that". Can anyone explain to me why did peter's parents leave him as a child?
    • Staatz
      I thoguht they died...
  • JayMaxwell
    CGI, give it time like Iron Man. But the tone of this trailer just isnt Spidey! Maybe It'll be too soon to say, but the way they presented it just is too dark and brooding! Not every superhero suddenly has to be like Batman! The Dark Knight did amazingly well, but Spidey isn't a "dark" character! He's wise-cracking and fun-loving! Now Peter in this seems very dark and depressed. Yes, he was bullied in high-school, but he is just bullied. That's all. No reason to have him be all depressed with an emotional past. His parents left him, but he eventually got over it. But maybe this isn't how the movie is gonna be. Maybe it's gonna be a lot like the comics and appease much as much as the original movies if not more so! But even though it's too soon to say, I personally blame the trailer. It showed mostly Peter and not enough of Spidey (the title character mind you!) But maybe they're waiting to build up to him! Who knows? But I as much as everyone else do not want to see another full-fledged origin story! I can't rate the movie yet, I'll give that time, but what I can rate is the trailer, and I rate it as being poor.
    • JayMaxwell
      Though I am not very thrilled with a "reboot" Spiderman movie (was the third one really that bad?! It was screwed up? Ok learn from the mistakes, if not learned in 4th movie, then reboot can be done. But wait a couple years will ya?!) I will give the movie a chance. In my personal opinion Marvel Studios has come out with fantasic movies such as Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America looks very good! Wait?...Is Marvel Studios even a part of this?! *gulp* Well, all I can say is, keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!
  • Anon3
    Meh...(fart sounds)
  • Ezza72
    At least this Peter Parker is better looking than bog eyed, sooky la la Toby McGuire!  In addition I hope the focus is on Spiderman and not this love story crap over MJ like in the previous movies.
  • Circusninja25
    SM needs a reboot the other 3 were pure garbage.i dont care how much $ it made..all comic/novel movies are the same OK to watch but super fu ckin cheezy and lame a ss punch lines...only decent ones were TDK,kill bill, and blade 1 and 2...zach  is making man of steel i have high hopes for that one as well
  • It's like a party you go to with the same people that were at the last one...except this time they're all saying more interesting stuff.
  • Azn2newbie
    End sequence reminds me of Crysis 2 :S
  • This trailer is very bad. Plain and simple. Not because of the origin story, not because of the CGI, and not because of the characters. It's just a terrible trailer, with an idiotic ending sequence. I hope the actual film uses better filmmaking skills than this. Good day.
  • Hern3023
    Ok, I was skeptical, but this looks pretty cool.




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