Must Watch: Second Awesome Trailer for Tarsem's 'Immortals' Lands

June 27, 2011
Source: Ryan Seacrest

Immortals Trailer

"Fight for honor, fight for your children, fight for your future, fight for immortality!" Ahhh this will definitely get your blood pumping for a Monday morning! Relativity has debuted the second official trailer via for Tarsem's Immortals, the new Greek mythology epic starring Henry Cavill as our hero who fights for the Gods. I thought the first official trailer we got for this back in April was quite badass, but this may even be better, I just think it looks totally awesome. Visually stunning, no question, and I love epic Greek mythology, so bring it on! Featuring Mickey Rourke and also Luke Evans as Zeus.

Watch the second official trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals:

We'll update this with a high res version once it's available. For now, watch the new trailer above!

Immortals follows the story of warrior prince Theseus as he leads men into battle against imprisoned titans in order to save mankind. It's a $100 million epic and will be converted to 3D in post-production for release by Relativity this year, after being shot on soundstages in Montreal last year. The screenplay was written by Charley Parlapanides & Vlas Parlapanides. Also starring: Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff as Stavros, John Hurt as Old Zeus and Corey Sevier as Apollo. "The Gods are like superheroes," Tarsem has teased before. Relativity is bringing Immortals to theaters everywhere in 3D starting November 11th this fall. Thoughts?

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  • Sweet! I'm so there.
  • Wow, that looks nice. I'll happily give it a go seeing as I enjoyed 300 and this could be a good fix. Plus Tarsem Singh's The Fall was beautiful and I have to get the horrible test out of my mouth called Clash of the Titans remake.
    • Richie
      Yo Johnny, I think you meant to write "horrible testicle" there... or maybe "taste"
  • Anon
    whoa awesome. tarsem singh is gonna give us some brilliant visuals as usual!
  • Danimal
    hoooooly crap that was 1000 times better then the first trailer!  
  • Ben
    Looks like Theseus (from the clip of him in the armory) borrowed Maximus' sword from the opening of "Gladiator." 
  • Looks awesome! Cavill is gonna certainly look the part for Superman. But one thing...
    • Danimal
      all the cool kids are checkin out
      • "That message was sponsored by Whenever you need up to the minute nonsense of the goings-on of 'celebrities', just visit and you too..." ...well, you get what I'm saying.
    • Yeah I know that guy has power, that's scary he's actually hosting video content, bad enough having to watch the MTV or Yahoo trailers.
  • I don't know...
  • Roc
    The first trailer was far better. I loved The Fall, but now this just looks cheesy. It's hard not to make 300 comparisons when even the lines and dialogue are similar. But the CGI is surprisingly disappointing and kills the overall feel of the movie. I was really looking forward to this too.
    • Anonymous
      I agree. The acting was hard watch too.
  • Looks cool, but obviously VERY inspired by 300. A bit of a shame that Tarsem couldn't bring something new to it.
    • nate
      Be ashamed when you actually see the movie instead of judging Tarsem's overall work by a trailer. You can't tell if he didn't bring anything new to a whole movie by viewing a trailer.
      • I was obviously referring to the trailer, not the entire movie, but fair enough. Stylistically, it does look a lot like 300 though, and since Tarsem is a very visual director, I was hoping that he'd give this movie an unique look instead of sticking to what worked on the producers' previous blockbuster. 
      • jah p
        Are you blind or what?what trailer did you watch?pretty much the whole trailer looked awhole lot similar to 300, especially with the tone and slow-mo battles...
    • jah p
      I also agree! I so wish they didn't have that "from the producers of 300" in the beggining..and I hate all those slo-mo/stop in mid-air fighting either! It seems they're trying to make Tarsem imitate Snyder's's very obvious...
  • Anonymous
    Gorgeous cinematography! I was pretty much sold when I saw the shot of battle that looked like a painting on the ceiling of a chapel.  It obviously seems very 300 in terms of the story and the general tone of the movie and the color palette, but it's just beautiful to look at.  Every once in a while I don't mind paying money for pure eye candy. 
  • uberman
    WOW! That video game looks AWESOME!!!! Are they going to make this a movie also?
  • Loser
    I am in, Mickey is the coolest bad ass ever to have walked the earth.
  • Xerxexx
    I'm in the front row.
  • Adam L
    3d baby!
  • Steven Garcia
    we will put their name to the test....
  • I love you Tarsem Singh!!
  • tir na nog
    Looks good,I'm there.
  • Anonymous
    Tarsem is amazing and ill see everything he makes. i don't even need to watch this awesome trailer to guarantee that ill be there opening night
  • Richie
    Definitely going to see this. Does anyone know any movie beyond "The Fall" and "The Cell" that Tarsem was involved with? He definitely seems to have a style up there with Nolan or Aronofsky
  • Loser
    If you look at how Singh works with light, "brightness", "colour palatte" and "camera placement", even the slo mo and editing but that is harder to notice Singh and Snyder are worlds apart but sure they have similarities to
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Damn, that was one of the most well put together and perfectly paced previews I've ever seen.  One of my all time favorite trailers has always been the original "Random" (yes the Mel Gibson one) trailer....but this trailer is phenomenal.  I hope they run with this one in theaters for awhile. Tarsem is an artist, love his coloring and perspective in every film he's made so far.  This is going to make him a house hold name and show that while there are others like him getting a lot of credit (Snyder)....he's the most artistic of the bunch.  Hopefully he can keep the storyline of this film together to match the styling. (something those like him can never seem to do)
  • alejo
    i have been constipated for quite a while with all the shit thats been out there.  i need to find a mop and some new shorts. 
  • Singh's imagery is unreal. I look forward to seeing this.
  • Black Dynamite
    I'm there, but dang... no black dudes??? C'mon son!!!!
    • Nextguyspeed
      the first shot of the trailer is of a black guy.   he's dressed as a warrior and rings the "bell" for lack of a better word.  Also one of the oracles with Frieda is black.
    • redguy
      you must be color blind the trailer again.
  • Cody W.
    I was there when the synopsis was first announced and Signh's name was attached.
  • Wellington
    First Trailer was much better +1
  • UNC
    Cant wait to see this. Next up.....a damn God of War movie. 
  • Love the visuals Taresm has pulled out, this is going to be good! 
  • RingleP
    A friend just told me about this movie, the trailer looks AWESOME!




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