Must Watch: Theatrical Trailer for 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'

April 28, 2011
Source: Apple

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Optimus is back! Paramount has debuted the theatrical trailer on Apple for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third and final movie in the epic sci-fi/action franchise based on Hasbro's toys. After teasing us with a glimpse at Transformers on the moon last year, Bay has finally unleashed a full-on two minute look at what we can expect and it looks awesome! Tons of action, gigantic robots (bigger than Devastator) and no Skids and Mudflap anywhere to be seen. Shia LaBeouf stars with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more, including John Malkovich and Patrick Dempsey. Turn up your volume!

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

You can watch the Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer in High Def on Apple

In this movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky must help his robot friends defeat enemies like Shockwave.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is again directed by everyone's favorite explosive director, Michael Bay, of the previous two Transformers movies as well as Bad Boys I and II, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and The Island. The screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote the Revenge of the Fallen script but went solo this time, and also worked on The Ring, The Skeleton Key and Brothers Grimm screenplays. Paramount is bringing Transformers 3 to theaters everywhere in 3D starting July 1st. Bring on summer!

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  • Link1983
    Ok, I'm in!
  • NeoSlyfer
    Jizz, Jizz everywhere
  • SDotKillsALot
    I'm preying this redeems Michael Bay for that piece of trash, Revenge of the Fallen. I already watched this trailer three times in HD and at the very least it will be orgasmic, visually, in Imax3D.
    • SDotKillsALot
      It definitely gave me goosebumps the first time through, maybe it was the music, but this may be the transformers movie we've been waiting for since the first one.
    • same here. I've been a big defender of ROTF, yet even so, I concede it was a pretty poorly constructed movie. I hope that DOTM manages to deliver
      • Anonymous
        Was no fan of ROTF, but Christ, the venom that was sent Bay's way was too much. I mean, from most people's comments you would swear that Bay committed genocide or something. We'll see how DOTM works out.
    • ED
      dont s*uck Michael Bay's c*ock u d*ick head!
  • Anonymous
    Fuck me, that was awesome. Looks a lot meaner and more serious than the previous movies. Wooooow!
  • "Tons of action, gigantic robots (bigger than Devastator) and no Skids and Mudflap anywhere to be seen." Actually no... Skids and Mudflap ARE seen in the trailer. They're in the back of the convoy of Autobots.
    • Anonymous
      Hah! Nice one. certainly looks nice. Dunno how the finished film will be, but that trailer had an @$$load of eyeball kicks. I'll see it...what the hell.
    • SDotKillsALot
      you can see them shooting it out on the streets too
      • Anonymous
    • Bat-Manu
      Hooray!! I see them back there as well, hope they'll combine this time around :-)
  • This trailer demans that we invent a new word for greater then awesome in its name.
    • Anonymous
      I dunno, man...that's gonna be tough. Gotta hand it to Bay, though--when he brings the action, he brings it in spades.
  • Lorraine
    Woooo! Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be the biggest movie ever! Watch out Avatar!
    • The difference is that Avatar was actually a good movie made by a great director...this is crap made by a hack
      • Darren
        ehhhhhhh debatable
      • Manuel
        I've seen "Dance With The Wolves" years before "Avatar"... great movie? really?
        • Steven
          Totally, Cameron needed to turn Worthington into a CGI character before his acting was passable :)
          • John Doe
  • Jack Easton
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is amazingly gorgeous. This sensual young woman is indescribably beautiful. English perfection doesn’t get much purer than her. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.
    • Chuckyourselv
      u are such a douche
  • Xamel
  • Cody W.
    Well like always Im eating my words and Ill probably be there opening night for the amazing visuals. Bay knows action, you gotta give him that.
    • Anonymous
      You can say that again. Hey, the film could blow anyway. But sheesh, man...that trailer just killed.
  • Mauricio1999
  • Nick
    haters gonna h...wait a minute. positive feedback? jizzing? awesome action and the end of human civilisation as we know it in the mix wowz... michael bay, consider yourself on the cusp of redemption. i'll see it as i saw the others excpt hopefully without the upside down smiley face i had when i came out of 2....
  • Roderick
    my jaw was dropped the entire time, at how different Megan Fox looked. lol
    • John Doe
  • And Michael Bay has just silenced the haters..
    • No.
    • He did?
    • I maintain my faith that this will be a epic return to form for him. But yah, I won't lie I am a bit nervous, ESPECIALLY since this trailer seems to command a drastic improvement over the previous installments.
  • Mac 306
    Did anyone noticed the guy that was on the wheelchair at the almost end of the trailer, i think that's Simmons!, looks like we they're really gonna sacrifice a lot in this one, Looks great, but didn't Michael Bay said this one was gonna be more about emotion then going big with the explosions?, well, he outdone himself, he went world big, hope the story line and plot is better then the visuals, looks cool though, midnight premiere all the way!
  • Frances Mcdormand, John Turturro and John Malkovich, whu? Did the Coen's ghost direct this, would explain why it looks so good. The Big that's a terrible idea.
    • indyjack
    • Anonymous
      Heh heh...but it sounds funny though.
  • SDotKillsALot
    I just hope this isn't one of the hundreds of movies that are better trailers than movies.
    • JL
      It will be. These Transformers trailers always look so "epic" and completely convince the potential theater audience that they will be witnessing the greatest display of action drama in history, and then don't deliver. I'll admit that Michael Bay has a bit of a flair for stylish, dramatic action, but he ignores all the other aspects, and he has never, ever directed what could be considered a good movie. Now, sure, I liked his movies like Independence Day and Bad Boys when I was a kid, but going back and taking a second look always induces riotous laughter. Let's just face the inevitable, here. These trailers induce the greatest thrills you are likely to get from this movie.
      • John Doe
        Sad but probably true. And by the way... Michael Bay DID NOT direct Independence Day! That was Roland Emmerich.
        • JL
          Oops. It could very easily have been done by Bay, though. They both suck.
      • Olymctavish
        Sorry JL, but that is garbage. Mr. Bay is the great director of our time. Movies dont gross 700-800million dollars if they are not amazing and loved. You low-gross loving, think you're creative and deep, wannabe-critics need to go eat shit. Bay entertains the masses and I willingly give my money to his films. So go watch Black Swan or whatever...
  • saw this as soon as you guys tweeted it thnx! looks totally epic!
  • PimpSlapStick
    As George Bush said.."Fool me once shame on Me fool me Twice? I..can't be fooled."
    • John Doe
  • Piotras A
    I still think that Megan was better. Rosie really looks like a stupid bimbo... sorry. Maybe after watching the movie she'll convince me to think otherwise.
    • She may look mildly retarded, but then again Megan Fox didn't do much to come across as intelligent either.
    • Anonymous
      they haven't even let her speak in any of the trailers. so far all she's done is stand, fall, or look... curiously inflated. although that does fulfill all aspects of a Michael Bay film female character arc!
      • John Doe
        Ain't that the fuckin' truth.
  • Ross
    It will be rubbish, it will be rubbish, it will be rubbish Sorry, just trying to keep my expectations in check Bay really does know how to blow shit up doesn't he
    • ED
      u f*ucking asshole,shut ur mouth.
  • Xerxexx
    Get Whiteley outta there! Looks pretty kewl but so did the trailer for RotF...and it left a bad taste in my mouth for months. The lack of Megan Fox is boner killing, Whiteley is not as pretty. As of right now its a rent, unless someone buys me a ticket.
    • Anonymous
      I hear you Xerxexx...but I'm buying my own ticket. (It'll be a matinee showing, so....won't have to spend much!)
      • Xerxexx
        Chances are I'll be taken to see it by a group of friends, and I'll just "forget" my wallet.
        • Anonymous
          Now that's the way to do it! 😎
          • Xerxexx
            The best way!
        • N.
          You stole my Idea!!!
    • John Doe
      "Whiteley is not as pretty."?! Xerx PLEASE tell me you're joking!
  • Great, did Linkin Park work on the score again? Sounded like them. I hope Steve Jablonsky returns with some fresh tracks love the guy!
    • Darren
      yeah, their song iridesent or something like that is the main theme song...kinda slow not like the other ones
  • Bay's Best Movie Evaaaar!!!!
    NO MATTER if this film sucks balls like TF2: Revenge of the Fallen (which my opinion it will not) will still rake in $1,000,000,000 in global ticket sales. Yes, I guarantee it will make a billion! Story seems epic, and will end up likely the best of the three. MICHAEL BAY and STEVEN will have redeemed themselves. THE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER.... Bigger than Potter, Thor, or Captain America!
    • Markj765
      Yeah this trailer changed my excitement to another level. However I think pirates ... On stranger tides will surprise every one as well remember that dmc has made over a billion with no 3d ticket sales which is more than any of the potters has made...
  • Eh, not really impressed, I'm sorry to say. Just the typical things the Transformers trailers always show(with the crappy shit hidden until release). Don't judge me.. 😐
    • Cody W.
      Nah your totally right, everyone had the exact same reaction for the 2nd one....and yeeeah we all know how that turned out.
    • Tofer
      Agreed, Brandon. For anyone who was excited about TF2 and then felt completely let down and vowed to not see TF3... did that trailer seriously win you over? There was nothing special about it at all. I mean, we all look for different things in movies and I can respect that. If you like big, loud, action movies, that's great. I hope this movie is exactly what you're looking for. Personally, I'll pass. I already saw this movie 2 years ago.
  • NeoSlyfer
    I am spending my hard earn cash because of SHOCKWAVE screw everything else. Shockwave has a big ass gun to blow shit up. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH THE JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ!!!
    • Anonymous
      Someone get this man a towel, stat!
  • Leinergroove
    I can't believe what i'm about to say but... that was just too much action! What I saw, crossed the thin line between a superb action flick and a messy orgy of fighting robots, metal, soldiers and collagen lips.
    • ross
      other than the lips i have no problem with that. Id prefer a basic story with good mindless fighting than the twisted garbage served up last time with holes unicron could fall through
      • Leinergroove
        I don't think they could do worst than part 2. That is my hope at least...
  • I gotta be honest here, I just wanna see the Dinobots.
    • Manuel
      LOL. Me too, my friend.
    • Best Comment Award! :)
      • Drakedawson18
        remember in january, u guys did a podcast on movies you want to see and you guys give this movie utter shit, because the last one sucked, remember that.
    • Anonymous
  • I think i just jizzed in my pants a bit, SO FKING AWSOMMMMMMMEEEEEEE. Dont diss Rosie! Shes hot, maybe not as hot as megan but its no like you wouldnt say no to her!
  • Chris A.
    How have they managed to complete all this EPICNESS in just one year!?!?!? I CAN'T WAIT
  • Megan Fox doesn't look as good as a blonde. I liked her hair in the other movies better.
    • Manuel
      That's not Megan Fox.
      • JL
        You know, I think there's a seminar on sarcasm in your area this week. You should definitely go to it.
        • John Doe
  • Anonymous
    The trailer for Transformers 2 looked awesome as well, and we all know how that turned out.
  • As I always said .. Transformers is all about CGI ... Forget the plot .. screenplay and acting ... Such movies have no place for these stuff .. specially when it is directed by Michael Bay who is for me a great action Director .. But this ability is making a bigger problem for him .. that he can't direct other than Action !! And as I mentioned before : His background as a short musical clip director made him think and direct his movies the same way ... and I believe it is the reason that Transformers doesn't took an Oscar for best Visual Effects until now !!! However.. It is a big opportunity now that Both Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Digital Domain win the Oscar .. as most of the other movies with their trilogies did before : Matrix .. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest .. Spider-Man 2 .. Lord of the Rings 1-2-3 .. Jurassic Park .. Terminator 2: Judgment Day .. etc .. No one can judge from the trailer and tell how good the CGI are !! ... But I just I believe it is time for that Oscar .. ! 😉 If not then it is another big lost on the face of Michael Bay and both companies ILM and Digital Domain ... !!!
    • Anonymous
      Unfortunately, Shero, when Bay did try to step out of his zone, the result was box-office failure (THE ISLAND). If all he can do is action, well, that's just his own cross to bear. I don't expect him to be directing something from Merchant and Ivory anytime soon. (Although McG surprised the hell out of me with WE ARE MARSHALL. Damned good film.)
  • John
    ILM is outsourcing to Singapore, I say fuck em!
    • Manuel
      • John
        Do a search you'll see that's true!
        • Manuel
          Well, Family Guy is made in Corea. Cheers!
    • Ssder
      they do the same thing to vfx that did to industry by fucking china
  • Those many explosions I dunno where to look. A lot of fanboys just totally wet the bed. Did look pretty decent in the HD version though. I reckon if your brain is removed at the door and your just looking at the visuals it may actually be ok, the speed of the machines was a bit slower looking which is better than before. I've always though Transformers is a B-Movie, but with a ridiculous budget and attention to detail, but it could still be plums.
    • Anonymous
      "I reckon if your brain is removed at the door and your just looking at the visuals it may actually be ok..." That's pretty much the bottom line. I's giant robots beating each other up, not CASABLANCA or CITIZEN KANE; a series of movies based on a series of toys. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I'm not looking for the meaning of life here--just a good time at the movies. (However, I still did not like TF2. But if others did, hey, no sweat. They saw something in the film that I did not.)
      • Manuel
        I've just read CASABLANCA and start to thinkin about making a Transformers movie in black and white, actually, in Casablanca. That can't fail!
        • Anonymous
          Hah-hah! Go for it, Manuel, GO FOR IT!! 😎
        • Anonymous
          i read your post, Manuel, and at first had this scene in my head: Optimus: play it once, Sam. for old times' sake. Sam: i don't know what you mean, Mr Prime. Optimus: play it, Sam. play "As Time Goes By." now *that* might fail.
          • Manuel
            Sam Witwicky: "But... you're not from here... where you learned to play 'As Times Goes By'" Optimus: "The World Wide Web"
      • Anonymous
        I liked both so far, but Amen Scopedog!! We know what to expect and who made this.... (Bay as director, Steven as producer and ILM FX) And to be honest i would be disappointed if the movie DID drag along and wasnt FX heavy. When I'm in the mood for a big mac, I dont McDonalds Lookin for a porter house. To each his own peeps. 😉
  • entares
    OK, so the trailer didn't show any real story other than there's Bots on the moon, and now they're attacking earth. The movie is going to open up with the Bots being featured (either the scenes from the moon, or the Autobots waxing poetic about how their planet was destroyed, yada yada yada). Yeah sure, we can all relate to the perils of sentient machines. Just throw some more balls in my face, Bay.
    • Tim
      wondering what the opening domestic weekend could hit here, we could be in record setting mode with this one....
  • Kidgamer
    Looks like everyone involved really stepped it up a notch in this one. Maybe the third time will be a charm and Michael Bay finally gets its right. $1,000,000,000 in worldwide boxoffice is a real possibility.
    • Chojin996
      It's highly unlikely that this movie can manage to go anything beyond $500-$600million at best. They screwed it up completely. It's a real mess. It's not a trilogy anymore. They should have released this movie in 2012 and think dozen times before firing Megan Fox, most stupid thing ever done by a director on his first trilogy.
      • Englishman in Reno
        You're completely correct... Replacing Katie Holmes clearly ruined the Batman trilogy, Christopher Nolan's first trilogy... How about you just go and hate somewhere else?
        • Betaray100
          Katie Holmes is NO Megan Fox. And neither is that pug-faced troll they replaced her with. I'm sorry, but HOW many times has that chick been smashed in the face with a shovel? Her nose is flat and as wide as her puffed up mouth! Fugly as I've ever seen!
  • Cracky
    Wow. That trailer was put together incredibly well. Big time props. But I'm sorry to say that I won't see it (didn't see Revenge, either). I swore to myself years back that I'd never pay to see a Bay film. And I know your suppose to "turn your brain off" at the door... but come on. I will say that I am actually really excited to see if Bay can mix his amazing visuals with a good story/characters for once. I'll be checking in to see the results in July.
    • Anonymous
      Cracky...props to you for saying you wouldn't see ROTF (and following through with). But.... "I'll be checking in to see the results in July." Be careful. Someone might assume that you WILL see it, even though you said you would not. (Not busting on you here...just that some might misunderstand you. Cheers.)
    • Anonymous
      Very Priest-like... props for fightin the urge.
  • AK
    I think that new chick isnt that good looking. Megan fox was way better. Is that the best they could do for eye candy? EPIC FAIL
    • JL
      She's not pretty. What is up with some of these supermodels' faces? For the record, I don't think Gisele Bundchen is pretty either, even though she does have a crazy hot body. (DAT ASS)
  • Michael Bay has fooled me twice before...I'm not falling for his FX orgy a 3rd time. This trailer shows why directors like Christopher Nolan are brilliant and why Michael Bay is a glorified director of action porn. This is the cinematic equivalent of a Happy Meal. Your brain checks out after the 9 billionth explosion two minutes into the movie. Please let this one flop....please!
  • Ken7eleven
  • Almartart
    It looks like Bay fest all over again, great FVX but I still don't have a reason to care
  • Awful choice for as a song
  • YEEEEEEES!!!! Michael Bay is BACK!
  • Manuel
    The trailer looks just fine. My question is... Are we gonna have 2 hours of meaninless faces looking to each other, meanwhile the entire world is cutted into pieces by robots? or actually we are going to have some plot too? I'm just asking, because, for 2 minutes and a half this looked great... but you have to put something else to make a good movie. (Yeah, I still recall last Transformers flick)
    • Anonymous
      Yes, exactly. But Bay is known for just providing a lot of noise and explosions. This movie is aimed at people who appreciate video game plot depth.
  • Anonymous
    Could this visual diarrhea be Bays biggest explosive film?
    • McWilly
      Bay did step it up.... unlike the negative dribble of comments you produce. When I read a comment from you my middle finger gets a boner.
      • Anonymous
        Oh my god any more sexy talk from you and i might just have to buy you a drink!
        • Cody W.
          Haa man blog arguments are just so priceless sometimes.
          • Anonymous
            maybe that little exhange'll make fail blog... :)
          • Pritchard Robert1
            lets not spoil the moment , leave them to their flirting...XD
        • McWilly
          Bahaha! I still hate your comments.
  • cooper
    when Bay said there was gonna be emotion for this one, he sure was right...the trailer certainly seemed to make it feel a lot darker than any of the other movies and it helps to have a massive robot invasion mixed in and was it just me or did it sound almost like optimus and the autobots were abandoning the humans when he's talking to sam which looks like it could very well be one of the last scenes of the movie???
  • Voltage
    Inception much!? Still not buying it. Bay can try to plagiarize from better filmmakers and still turn out complete and utter garbage. The one and only good film he's made was The Rock. Since then, it's been one long parade of amazingly stupefying films. At this point, it seems as if he is virtually incapable of making a coherent film. Spielberg should just take him aside and teach him some filmmaking 101. I honestly hope Bay has some sense left in him to make a decent film.
    • Lebowski
    • Bay's judgement is off...Anyone remember when he said he thought Raiders of the Lost Ark was going to be garbage and Speilberg was a hack? Sigh. Poor Michael. Poor silly man.
      • Adernalin
        when he said that? do u have any Proof?
  • Guest
    maybe it's my untrained eye, but i still don't get why people hated part 2 so much. Was it bad CGI, bad writing? enlighten me. I mean this looks about the same - big production with little story, and great background music again.
    • Guest
      could it be a case where everyone jumped on a band wagon, yet didn't have an opinion on why t was bad. I admit, i watched it thought it was good, but then my mind started changing based on what i heard in the public. I stopped, because i didn't know why i was hating it.
    • Gex
      They hated it because of the 2 "racist" robots (which imo were only mildly annoying at best; didn't bug me as much as they bugged everyone else), the storyline (which I thought was fine), and some twiddly-bits here and there, such as transformer girl (I'll admit it, I didn't like that plot point), high mother on campus (meh, neither hit or fail for me), the computer wiz (yes, he was annoying and should never have been given that much of a role in the movie, give me back the black guy from the first movie anyday), the robot testicles (...), Sam's resurrection (to be honest, I should be annoyed at that plot detail, but for some reason I'm not; I just went with it), among other things. That said, I enjoyed the 2nd movie a lot, more so than the first movie, despite its faults, which I really think people are blowing out of proportion. They complain about a storyline based from a line of toys? Who the hell are we kidding? I'd say the storylines are pretty frikkin good considering. I mainly watch them for the action, and it is delivered wonderfully, more so in the 2nd one than in the 1st one (I still like the 1st one, for the record). And I really don't know why all this hate gets stuck up in people's craw. They have to have some other reason besides RotF to hate Bay for all this. Probably expectation let-down or the fact that it made more money than other movies they enjoyed more during that time. Either way, I'm taking this movie for what it is, a nice popcorn action flick. I mean, it delivers all the action anyone could hope for in an action movie. It's sole purpose is to do that, nothing less, though I'd be lying if I didn't think there were times that it didn't strive for something more, which I have a feeling they're trying to do with this 3rd one. I, for one, am going to see it. I came out with a smile on my face from the first 2, I'm expecting to do the same for the 3rd one. There can't be that many haters for Bay in existence. Otherwise, why else would the movies be so successful?
      • Anonymous
        Gex, while I wasn't too thrilled with the second film, I never got the vitriol that was sent Bay's way. I mean, there are people who liked it (check the box office), and I did dig some parts of it. Never understood the alleged racism (and I'm a black guy), but I also like the fact that the college stuff was filmed in Princeton. "And I really don't know why all this hate gets stuck up in people's craw. They have to have some other reason besides RotF to hate Bay for all this." Some of it seems like Bay committed a crime against humanity or that he's a war criminal. I don't get it myself . If you even can get through some of the spew on AICN's talkbacks about DOTM, it's enough to make you wonder if some people really need therapy. Bay does his own type of movie, and does it well. He makes popcorn films bursting with action. This is in no way sucking him off--it's just stating what he does, and has been doing, for most of his directorial career. The TF films are action-adventures, based on toys and a cartoon series. There's no raping of childhoods here (and whoever came up with that line is, pardon my language, a f**king a$$hole). Plus, no one is holding a gun to your head to watch these films. If people don't like Bay and his films, fine. They're entitled to that. I just wish they wouldn't make it personal.
        • Bettybmusing
          I agree 100%, it's strictly hyper- entertainment filled with "fantasy characters, science fiction, and Super Heros we all love. MB has played a huge part in bringing us some great movies. Geez, give the man his due.
        • Englishman in Reno
          I have a tiny insight into this Scopedog... Maybe the people who hate these kind of movies didn't leave their parent's basements in times past. Unfortunately, since the rise in use of the internet, these people now can have a voice and project their hatred of the world via online guises. Furthermore, they can download the movies they vow "never to pay for" so that they can remain anonymous to the world. It's a shame, these people should see some kind of therapist because it feels like pure evil coming from the words of the few. It almost feels like they were raped as children, down by the bay, by a chap called Michael - it's THAT obscure. For the record, I prefer the first movie to the second, only because of the plot holes that were forced into the second from having a story too large for the length of movie it was to fill. The action was much better in the second, and the story would have been better had it been delivered in the correct pacing. At least, to give MB credit, he came out and acknowledged that RotF wasn't his best work, and that there were many things that they all were disappointed in. He stood by his guns and removed Megan Fox from the picture when she wouldn't back down on his creative opinion on what he wanted in his movie (one less Diva being paid millions). He took the criticism from the second movie on board, and HOPEFULLY we shall see the fruits on that labour in this movie. Anyway, I'm going to get back to work now. All of you haters should just go, take a chill pill and try and correct your miserable lives before imposing it on others. The world will be a much happier place.
  • Moon
    My jaw dropped....from how bad it looked.
  • Holy colored contact lenses Rosie! Did Bay put another Austin Powers fembot in his script of did Spielberg decided to micromanage him again?
  • ED
    Amazing! welcome Optimus Prime!
  • Anonymous
    the action looks nice but i hope between that there is something interesting(39% chance) and that most of the characters do a good job.
  • McWilly
  • John
    Is Optimus going to be cynical and an executioner in this one too like the last travesty to his character?!
    • ross
      Its been a long time but I thought Prime had a mean streak even in the comics when he needed it? In transformers the Movie he sure as hell didnt hold back the firepower when he got to earth.
  • John
    If you lose or give up your honor you have nothing!
  • Anonymous
    This trailer defiantly has me interested but I'm gonna try to save my excitement for a trailer that reveals a little more about what is going on in all of that. As good as it looks right now I can hope this isn't a repeat of TF2.
  • jedibilly
    Looks awesome! Except for his girlfriend's collossal collagen lips! I will hate to see that on IMAX, Gross!!!
  • Who is that Spaceship? Shockwave?
    • NeoSlyfer ........wait Shockwave was never a ...... Dude Shockwave is shown clearly in the trailer the one eyed decepticon with the BFG.
  • Anonymous
    This looks like complete and utter shit.
  • …………..
    Congratulations Are In Order Because Michael Bay Is A True Pimp. Only A High Caliber Con Artist Can Give You Pieces of Crap Not Once But Twice And Then Trick You Into Seeing The Third Piece Of Crap All Because Of A Very Slick Cut Trailer. Get Ready For Shia LeBeouf -a - Thon III, with 30% More Shia LeBeouf And None Of That Megan Fox To Get In The Way.
  • Shige
    Everything looks good except that new chick. Im sorry but she is dead ugly and not only in that trailer but in other pictures I have seen of her. Could they not find anyone better ?
    • Cody W.
      I think Bay saw supermodel and casted her. Chicks not the most beautiful woman but damn dead ugly? Please let me see a pic of your GF Id love to compare em.
  • Pritchard Robert1
    looks waaaaaaaaay better than the R.O.T.F. piece of crap.!
  • Just that trailer destroys the 2nd movie, definitely excited for this now.
  • Chojin996
    This movie is a major disappointment. When Michael Bay fired Megan Fox he screwed it completely. Then he cast this Rosie topmodel that looks pretty ugly and can't act a little bit. Then even dumber he decided to destroy characters plot continuity and consistency from the first two movies by having Sam Witwicky with a new girlfriend Carly played by this Rosie. Big fail. Huge fail. And then they came up with what they think is going to be a funny idea to get rid of Mikaela Banes character that of telling that she dumped Sam Witwicky and she was only interested in Autobots... WHAT? I mean.. WHAT? They are just plain stupid. Is the most stupid thing ever done to a blockbuster franchise, ever.
    • Cody W.
      Guess youve seen the movie already huh?
  • TinTin
    Girl's lips are just too big for her mouth.agree?
  • Cruzer
    Can't lie, that was a badass trailer. My only complaint is Whiteley, they should have just done without a love interest entirely, I feel it's going to be one of the anchors that bring the movie down a notch.
  • Aa
    @1:24 " You'lll be fine my inflatible sex doll, I promise" DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM
  • Edward
    Great Trailer,but that girl's lips are just too big for her mouth.
  • TinTin1948
    I missed Megan Fox,why they used that big lips girl?there wasn't other actress?
  • Cuddles
    Ok... That was amazing.
  • Anonymous
    They better give Chicago some credit. Filmmakers love to use Chicago for its awesome skyscrapers, but somehow it's never actually mentioned in the movie.
  • Anonymous
    Nope, you're not wrong, ross. Prime would certainly bring the pain in the comics (only against the Decepticons, though). And there were times in the comics when he had doubts about whether the Autobots could ever really co-exist with humans.
  • Anonymous
    TinTin...honestly, are the size of her lips really going to be a factor in whether you like the film or not? Just askin'...
  • Anonymous
    Does anybody else feels that the moon gravity in the trailer seems too... earthly?
    • Xerxexx
  • 97point6
    Being an old fart I can't tell the difference from one particular robot and a vacuum cleaner. However this trailer will get me back in the theater to see this one.
  • Anonymous
    VERY cool lookin. Having seen the 1st two installments it's safe to say we all know what to expect and I'm soooooooooooooo willing to have fun with this one. Here's to a fun summer!
  • Brian
    Afraid they showed a little too much; having said that.......that looks freakin' EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!
  • N.
    Looks like another let down to me! But I'll still go see it besides I get into my Theater for Free anywise so might as well Im sure the battle scenes will be Epic but other than that Nothing!!!
  • Last Son
    If I remember rightly everyone went nuts for the trailer of the last film "Revenge Of The Fallen". I don't trust trailers anymore. I will wait until the second week and hear what people have to say about it before trusting in Bay again...
  • pocket
    It's funny how trailers are based on Inception- i am talking here about the first scenes, just listen to the music, what does it reminds you?
  • Quazzimotto
    Another fun summer action movie. Nothing more. Should be more entertaining than the last. If not...I don't have my hopes up, so I won't be disappointed.
  • Anonymous
    why weren't the 1st 2films packed with much robot action as this one ?
  • Boon
    just watched the whole film. that saved time and money
  • Black Dynamite
    Goddamn that looks FIRE!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! The music just gets you so amped to see this. If I could buy tickets now, I would. Michael Bay, I salute you sir! I wonder who is the white car Laser Beak is firing on?
  • Jasonmd2020
    I know it's a bit petty, but I can't help but mention how beautiful my home town of Chicago is on film. Suck it NY & LA!
  • arno
    ...despite all those comments about that not good and this not good....I dont care...this looks like tons of fun to be entertaint...and thats what its supposed to be....and Im sure it will....2 hrs of fun and action...what more can you expect.....I
  • Glock
    Where the hell is the "Governator" in the midst of this???
  • Roboticheart1
    dude, that one eyed decepticon is SHOCKWAVE!!!!! YES!!!
  • Darth Pimpin
    ILM is a beast.
  • TT
    Very cool, Shia LaBeouf is wearing the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger backpack.
  • Betaray100
    Looks terrible. I hate this Bionicle Bayformers crap. I'd rather watch a Go-Bots movie than this garbage. Shockwave does look amazingly cool, though! Too bad Bay already ruined Soundwave by changing his voice, so I'm sure he's ruined Shockwave, too. He already ruined the Optimus Prime-Megatron focus, the Megatron-Starscream relationship and don't get me started on Skids and Mudflap. Seriously. Bay, I hate you.
  • Betaray100
    Okay, all you fanboys that think this is the best year ever, need I remind you about a few years ago when we thought it was the best year ever? We had Transformers 2, GI Joe, Wolverine, new Terminator, new Underworld, Dragonball and Street Fighter. How'd that work out for us? Other than Star Trek, NOT TOO GOOD!




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8. Kubo & Two Strings
9. Everybody Wants
10. Wilderpeople
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