Must Watch: Badass HD First Trailer for Tarsem Singh's 'Immortals'!

April 27, 2011
Source: YouTube

Immortals Trailer

"The Gods chose well." It's back again in high def! After debuting yesterday on YouTube in low quality, the official HD version of the trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals has debuted on Apple. I think this trailer just looks like an awesome, epic Greek gods story re-imagined by visual mastermind Tarsem. I can't wait! Henry Cavill (also Superman) stars as Theseus, and Mickey Rourke as his foe, the evil King Hyperion. Others include Luke Evans as Zeus (with the flaming whip), Isabel Lucas as Athena, Kellan Lutz as Poseidon. This looks so badass, but I've said enough, I'll let the HD trailer speak for itself. Fire this up now!

Watch the first official trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals, now embedded via YouTube:

You can also watch the Immortals trailer in High Definition on Apple!

Immortals follows the story of warrior prince Theseus as he leads men into battle against imprisoned titans in order to save mankind. It's a $100 million epic and will be converted to 3D in post-production for release by Relativity this year, after being shot on soundstages in Montreal last year. The screenplay was written by Charley Parlapanides & Vlas Parlapanides. Also starring: Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff as Stavros, John Hurt as Old Zeus and Corey Sevier as Apollo. "The Gods are like superheroes in the film," Tarsem revealed previously. Relativity is bringing Immortals to theaters in 3D starting November 11th this year.

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  • Guest
    300 rip off
    • JL
      The whole time I was thinking, hey this looks like 300 meets Clash of the Titans, and then pops up, "FROM THE PRODUCERS OF 300." I'll bet it was pitched that way. I like Mickey Roarke, but he looks ridiculous in this, and those graphic novel-esque visuals are starting to look cheesy. It worked very well in black and white for Sin City, it worked not so well for 300, but it was still kind of cool. And now it's just getting old. It would be really cool if someone would take the original Battle of Thermopylae, without the graphic novel treatment and overused special effects, and stylized fighting, and just make a historically accurate and coherent visual representation of what really happened. And after Apocalypto, I think Mel Gibson could really knock it out of the park.
  • looks good i like the effects :X
  • Ok, I wasn't on board till he did that arrow thing at the end. That was pretty dope.
    • Yes, but that laser-arrow thing was even more impressive when it first appeared in Lucio Fulci's 'Conquest' back in 1983...
      • Kmg1177
        Or in House of Flying Daggers
  • Croniccris
    that hood mickey was wearing looked hella stupid! lol
    • Nick S.
      not looking very good, i must say. i dont mean to be a "negative nancy" but the costumes where enough to turn me off to this movie alone. netlix, maybe.
  • McWilly
    Had some visual ideas I was hoping Clash of the Titans would of done!
  • Danimal
    Not sure what to think about that yet. First of all it looks a lot cheesier than I had anticipated, but at the same time the designs of all of the armor and costume work are simply beautiful. I REALLY want this blow me away though, cause from the looks of it, most of the action looks completely badass.
    • McWilly
      Agreed I didnt know how to say it, I was blown away at some of the visuals and torn on some of the over kill ....
    • Danimal
      Also I'm sick hearing people say this is a 300 rip-off. It's from the producers of 300, and it's and movie about greek mythology. Of course it's going to be expected to have some resemblance to 300, that's what makes it awesome.
  • Anonymous
    Its here? This looks like garbage. Seen it already and it was called 300.
  • 300? Can't see the resemblance with Snyders digital garbage...
  • Wow come on guys... this is very strangely negative feedback so far. Maybe you need to wait and see this is high definition or in theaters? It's the visuals that really stand out and this YouTube just looks like total crap. Give it another chance once the HD version is out!
    • Xerxexx
      Alex introduce a Dislike feature. Some comments need it.
      • I wish I could, but this is all Disqus, it's their system can't add anything or I totally would. 😉
      • Dislike
        • Xerxexx
          Dislike approved, you have disliked.
    • Manuel
      Mr Billington, that was not cool at all. The title of the movie might be "300,000" ('cause there's more people on this one).
    • rubix89
      I'm probably going to enjoy this for the same reason I enjoyed Suckerpunch, and Alex knows what I'm talking about. I'm looking for great visuals in this movie, which I believe is its overall goal. Keeping that in mind, I shouldn't be disappointed.
    • fancy pants
      I actually think this looks good, and makes me more excited to see what Henry Cavil will bring to Superman
    • Anonymous
      hey, buddy - i'm with ya! this looks EPIC.......don't let the haters get you down. although i still visit the site (you run a good one) - i'm no longer posting. i'm breaking that rule here to give you a little support - i can't figure why so many are hating on this? i can't wait to see it in HD. i'm sure i'll buy it on bluray when available.
      • Xerxexx
        Where ya been man!?
        • Anonymous
          i'm still visiting the site - alex does a great job of getting a lot of great content. however i decided to not post anymore - too many idiots on the internet. i would think a site like this would draw people who love movies -but it seems to draw a huge amount of haters......too bad. i'll try and send you some comments, always have good comments and can have a rational discussion. are you getting the LotR entended versions on bluray? i've been waiting FOREVER to get them - i'm excited for june 28!
          • Xerxexx
            As soon as I can, gonna be epic!
  • Manuel
    Wow... that's Superman, dudes!
    • Yikes
      And that is worrisome, because the acting here was embarrassing.
  • Xerxexx
    This looks pretty damn badass. I was impressed by the scenery and the performances look awesome! In regards to the 300 comparisons...those who are saying that must not have seen 300 because this looks nothing like 300.
    • Manuel
      The slow motion takes with the CGI background?
      • Cody W.
        Ok so how the hell else are you gonna do Greek mythology without a crap load of CG? Omg theres men in greek armor and theres CG backgrounds its just like 300. Fuckin rediculous this is gonna kick so much ass cant believe the negative feedback.
        • Jrev
          this is gonna be great and the real point here is that there are DOZENS of EPIC greek stories yet to be re-told in the cinema, will they be similar? probably. but they are not the same thing. this happened a LONG time before the events of the 300 happened. this is more comparable to a story like Troy, not 300
        • JL
          That doesn't mean that it has to look fake. Consider 'Troy,' 'Alexander,' the Crusades drama 'Kingdom of Heaven,' or that other fantastic Ridley Scott movie, 'Gladiator.' This just looks like balls out action, so the subject matter really doesn't mean a whole lot. And to tell the truth, yes, it does look a lot like '300.' The stupid costumes, the slo-mo, the same unnatural looking sky throughout, come on.
      • Xerxexx
        you're saying it like 300 was the first film to ever do that.
        • Manuel
          I'm not saying that. My point is (at least the trailer) reminds me a lot the way Zack Snyder made '300'. I remember watching all the rampage and sudden all the action went to slow motion to match the comic book panel. Snyder used that to make you feel like you were reading the comic book. But, please, I'm not hating this movie trailer, I'm just saying, this trailer (not the movie), looks kind the way that '300' was made.
          • Xerxexx
            Well then my bad, lol.
        • Manuel
          It's gonna be legen... wait for it...
          • Xerxexx
    • Redguy
      This looks nothing like 300? check again. Scenery? CGI. Slowmotion: check. "Immortals"? check. Yeah not "those 300" immortals. Guys with great abs? check. Gold theme visuals...yep it's all there. offtopic: Perseus resemblence: check. i would say 300 with Perseus with a new twist. So please, unless you are blind don't say "this looks nothing like 300". I am interested in this movie anyway, only due to the visuals and action. 300 has been an inspiration (like Starz's Spartacus), nothing wrong with that.
      • Xerxexx
        At least you're gonna see it. the others here have written off due to its similarities. It will be better than Clash that's for sure.
    • Anonymous
      hey, buddy! you're still fighting the good fight? i couldn't agree more with your post - this looks epic and i'm really liking what i've seen of the acting. also, why is it when a trailer is released - so many people have to say it's like some other movie?.....that seems so meaningless to me. and - do you REALLY think a "dislike" button would help? anyways - just wanted to say hi.
      • Xerxexx
        Been wondering where you been Beavis, welcome back!
  • No wonder Cavill was cast in Zack Snyder's Superman - look how good he is at acting out slow motion scenes with unnecessarily over-the-top camera angles! Clearly perfect for the job!
    • Why all the slow-mo hate? Is it really that bad? Just wait until you see this trailer in HD, Tarsem's visuals are gorgeous, especially in slow-mo!
      • I caught a screening of Sucker Punch on a giant crystal clear UltraAVX Digital screen abd that dream sequence with the robots on the train was exactly when my symptoms of slow-motion diabetes began to appear. :(
  • jah p
    This looks pretty good even if it does have some 300 comparisons, but for some reason I'm a bit let down because I love greek mythology and I wanted to see some of the monsters of greek mythology in this trailer.
  • Cody W.
    Looks awesome Im blown away, love anything to do with greek mythology and Tarsems visuals and story will blow away any Snyder comparisons.
    • YES! Now that's what I'm talking about! :)
      • Sparky
        Is it really that visually unique? Looks like a TV movie to me. Definitely not what I was expecting from Tarsem -- it just doesn't seem to have his sophisticated polish. I know it's a poor quality video but, really, neither the sets, effects, or costumes seemed very original at all. Definitely disappointing but we'll see once it hits theaters.
  • ate
    Looks too much like Clash of the Titans = no substance, dubious acting. The visuals looks great something Clash kind of screwed up in the end, but visuals don't mean crap if the product is poorly paced, boring, badly scripted etc. ie Clash.
    • Marcus
      No substance, dubious acting? There's no way you can apply these things to a film you haven't seen yet.
  • I think we're gonna need to see the HD version to settle this.
  • CisforCinema
    I'm not sure how I feel about that -- but Tarsem is amazing and you should ALL go out and watch The Fall starring Lee Pace if you haven't already. Incredible. Beautiful.
  • The Obvious
    RE: The "300" Comparisons etc. Tarsem and Zack Snyder were classmates at Art Center College of Design and Design, and Tarsem has been doing slow-motion since "The Cell"(2000), and has been known for it long before anyone knew who Zack Snyder was. In fact, Tarsem has been pointed to as the reason for its over use by certain directors. The slow-motion shot of the girl having the vision in "300" that was shot under water to get the fabric look that was done previously in Tarsem's "The Cell." The opening sequence from "The Fall" by Tarsem is shot in slow-motion and is on YouTube. It is 1000 times better than anything in "300." The slow-motion in the arrow shot in this trailer is identical to a slow-motion shot from "House of Flying Daggers"(2004) which also predates "300"(2007) and is...wait for slow-motion too! The only thing that reminds a viewer of "300" is the addition of the Greek subject matter and the use of washed-out sepia coloring to Tarsem's pre-existing(and better) style. This is likely due to the producers wanting to capitalize on "300"'s success with an obvious and unnecessary visual cue. Tarsem is known for his color use and elegant visuals, and I hope the color is less sepia in the final film. The costumes are by the incredible Eiko Ishioka ("The Fall" and Cirque du Soleil's "Varekai") and her work looks stunning here. From what I've read this film deals with the value of mortality and contextualizes it against the twisted nature of immortality. "300" was a brainless adaptation of a Greek epic that managed to paint the Spartan warriors as homophobic jocks with fascist tendencies (much like the Frank Miller source material as Alan Moore has so eloquently stated in interviews). If you are actually interested in exploring whether or not you will like this film, watch Tarsem's "The Fall"(his masterpiece and most personal film) and his other film "The Cell"(a film that is all style and no substance). Here's hoping this film is more like the former, but either way, it will be miles more interesting than "300."
    • (makes a note to never bring up Snyder or Tarsem when at a party with this dude.)
    • Ian Kuah
    • Jrev
    • Redguy
      there are a few similar things to add, but, well said. Really good comment.
    • Manuel
      Thanks for the data. Now we can understand why this looks like '300', because '300' looks like this.
    • Hlynurk
      I was going down reading all the comment about this 300 bullshit and thinking why nobody's commenting on the fact that Snyder was obviusly influenced by Tarsem. thank you for saving me the time writing what you wrote.
  • MegaMan3k
    I can't get a sense of scenery, which is striking for a Tarsem production. It's like every shot is up close on the actor and the background is hidden by shadow or conveniently placed obstacles. It makes it look really ... restricted.
    • Sparky
      Totally agree with this, well said.
  • Cracky
    I'm totally okay with this. It looks breathtaking. I DO, however, believe that the trailer was cut together with a familiar feeling (300) so people will respond thus. But anyone with a pair of decent eyes can see that Mr. Tarsem has done something truly gorgeous/special with this film... and it will absolutely stand alone against the other Greek-mytho jabronies. Also: That one-two slam at 0:37 was RIGHTEOUS. This movie will have stunning fight sequences.
  • Jonah
    cool! this looks kinda fun! i had no idea what to expect up to this point, but i like what i saw
  • Ron
    Wow! This has Tarsem Singh written all over it! I love it! From what I have seen of Henry Cavill from this trailer; he is going be great Superman!
  • jedibilly
    Not too crazy bout the slo-mo scenes, it can be annoying like the old Bionic Man series LOL!
  • Anonymous
    Been looking forward to seeing this for a very long time. This looks wicked epic in so many ways. Just having Tarsem at the helm promises this will be a rich, visually stunning work that will make other movies of the same genre pale in comparison. The cast are all fantastic (come on, Rourke just oozes bad assery). This is not your typical popcorn action adventure. This will be a journey into the surreal.
  • Always Tarsem Singh rock the visuals, but that motivational speech bit before the battle was shantos. It looks fun enough, but Tarsem himself says he does films for the cash, so this might well be one of them. I'm not saying it'll be gash or anything, I reckon it'll be decent and I actually dug 300 too, I suppose it is challenging the way films are made which can only be a good thing. One day a director will combine the visual aspect with a super decent story and the formula will create gold. Maybe this will be it.
  • I think if anything this makes Snyder look great. Some think that his movies have done well just because of their look. Well, this shows that when it comes to the look and feel of a movie, slow-mo alone doesn't cut it. This looked flat to me. When I watch a Snyder film I know I'm getting some style over substance, but it's dam good style (Maybe that's why I, and I alone, loved Sucker-Punch so much). I can't wait for the Supes movie, and might just give this a chance. They can't all br Snyder. lol.
  • Is this on HBO or Showtime...
    • Crawfordjk2000
      I dunno, didn't see any nudity so I doubt HBO, maybe NBC movie of the month?
  • Rp1n
    This look is dated now. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  • Quazzimotto
    Kind of entertaining how defensive people get about this, or about it's comparison to 300. Of course everyone is going to compare this to 300. Every action sequence was in slow-mo with identical backdrops and overtones as 300. Oh, and the scrawl across the trailer half-way through, "by the Producers of 300," kind of sealed the comparison. Almost like they meant to do crazy? Looks like the New-Aged Clash of the Titans had a love child with 300 and I'm not so sure thats a good thing. This looks like it wants to be good. Have a feeling it won't be. Another visual PG-13 feast lacking a legit script, being played by hollywood's best up-and-coming beauties. Rinse, recycle, repeat. Gets old.
    • Cody W.
      A comic con preview said it was a hard R.
  • indyjack
    instant queue at best.
  • Boon
    I'll repeat what everyone probably has said... 300 II.
  • JP
    Yeah so nobody realizes that that last shot is A COMPLETE RIP OFF OF "HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS"? Seriously, it's the exact same shot. Look up the trailer for that movie, it's in there. Oh, and it's totally not 300. Here here for originality.
    • Redguy
      the look and feel of the trailer is 300. that shot however, House of flying daggers 100%.
    • JL
      Whoa. Just watched that trailer on youtube, aaaannd... yeah, total rip-off, that scene. This movie looks like a smorgasbord of been there, done that.
  • Alex, you certainly know what you're talking about since you have seen it in HD on a big screen. What I admire about this trailer is the lack of excess footage, which I foresee in months to come, but also the action and cgi scenes appear to be subtle additions to the meat of the film. These were the things that I felt did not work in 300 and the latest Clash of the Titans, where unnecessary spectacles were immensely featured. I have my hopes up for this one!
  • F' EM! I LOVE THIS! I love Tarsem and I truly believe that this will be awesome. I'm not sure about the trailer, because you can't really see the amazing visuals this surely has, but I know what this guy can do, and he will deliver. I will be waiting for the HD version, I'm sure it'll be a lot easier to give an objective opinion.
    • He doesn't rush his films either. For being only his third feature film in over 10 years, that makes his work all the more interesting!
  • dave
    .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................looks crap.
  • Anon
    Oh man cant believe the comments here. People can hate on anything anyone comes up with these days. Tarsem Singh is a brilliant director. his visuals are epic. really looking forward to the movie and cant wait for the HD trailer tomorrow.
  • Anonymous
    removed :(, boooooooooo i want my money back 😛
  • Synder has no, really no sense for shadows. His scenes are either overall dark or high key. Tarsems use of chiaroscuro shadowing is pretty damn obvious in most shots and really sets IMMORTALS apart from the all shiny 300...
  • Lebowski
    "visual mastermind". really? Sure, there were a few nice shots in the cell, but that whole film was paper fucking thin. Kubrick you could describe as a visual mastermind, and he directed about 5 classics. This muppet has directed a few middling films and he is credited on his last film as "Tarsen", singular. douche chills! In conclusion: this will probably be fun if I am wasted.
  • Desi Singh
    The comparisons of visual feel. style, color palette and overall thematic tempo and beats, even down to the guy leaping in the air with his sword raised high above his head, ready to strike down his enemy, that this movie shares with 300, as displayed in the trailer, are indisputable. A blind man could see it, if only by listening to that same old pep rally speech that has been beaten to death since Braveheart. But hey, that's Hollywood for you. Everything is done based on statistics and formulas. If it worked once it will work again or so they think. Is the storyline different? Most definitley! Is the director credible? Absolutely! Will this movie be any good? Hopefully. As a Singh myself, and a filmmaker, (though as yet I have not proven myself as a good filmmaker, with only one, not very stellar film released to DVD) I have high praise and hopes for Tarsem. Like any director in this business, hopefully you grow with each film you make and get better at it as you go along. Tarsem is growing and will probably be one of our great directors one day. I personally loved The Cell for it's powerful, original visuals and effects. Great filmmakers aren't born, you know. They're made by getting a grasp and understanding of the art, through practice, lots of study, hard work, persistence, surrounding yourself with the best supportive and knowledgeable crew you can find and a great deal of luck. Heavy emphasis on the luck, stiking the right chord with an audience. In the end all we, the audience can do, is wait and see. Give the man the benefit of the doubt and go along for the ride.
    • Anonymous
      i think you're right to an extent. anyone who has seen The Fall knows that Tarsem Singh can genuinely - and literally - be described as a 'visionary film-maker'. however, the way the *trailer* has been finished suggests that the producers / trailer-makers really want to pull in the 300 crowd and, to be fair, they are more likely to get a quick win at the box office by doing that than by putting up 'by the director of The Fall'. as a fan of cinema, that's a shame. but, like you, i'm more than willing to give this a go. good luck in your film career.
  • Wow, what is this the IMDb? So many ignorant people. The movie looks great, deal with it. Obviously we're gonna have those useless "style over substance" discussions that lead nowhere and just prove how little people know the director.
  • Peter
    I'll go see it
  • ups
    I physically cringed all through Cavill's speech. That is some of the worst acting I have seen in years.
    • miko
      whats wrong with his acting????looked ok to me
  • $100 million epic fail
  • YES! Now this is a badass trailer, especially when seen how it is meant to be seen, in HD format!
  • Asassa
    Any puppies getting out?
  • Chris
    11.11.11? Sorry, nope - I'll hopefully be booting up "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". That'll probably keep me tied to a computer for the next month or two...
    • Xerxexx
      Yeah I'm torn, on one hand you got Immortals...but the other hand you got Skyrim...and I'm leaning towards the other hand right now.
    • JL
      Effing DRAGONS, man! Going to be the best RPG, hands down. GOTY 2011.
      • Xerxexx
        I know! Its going to be absolutely amazing!
  • them bones
    I wonder why haters only know two words: epic fail. Must be a reflection of themselves for not knowing films and not doing anything else than er, comment (nonsense). Relax, the trailer isn't perfect unlike the one they delivered for 300 (and I don't want it to be perfect) If you judge the film by its trailer, what's the two words again? In Tarsem, we trust. There's was a bit of awkwardness in Cavill, but that's what makes him interesting. Those who worry about him as Superman, go ahead and hit the panic button. We don't need you.
    • Xerxexx
      Well said!
  • TreyH
    The best part is the back hand followed by the punch to the ground in the beginning
  • Brandon
    Well that was surprisingly underwhelming.
  • Han
    wow that last arrow shots are straight rip off from House of Flying Daggers, even the way those soldiers fell.
  • Danimal
    OK....burn that low-quality video...this HD version seriously made all the difference in the world. I'm frikkin in. Before, the special effects looked as bad as 'Stardust', but now THIS is more like it!
  • Zorro
    Cavill's strained acting was below Twilight-quality here. Ouch.
  • Anonymous
    On board for most of it but does Mickey Rourke just seem out of place/miscast?
  • jah p
    I just want that golden bow and arrow for next christmas!!!lol
  • TTumMM
    Wow this looks good IF it's a parody movies by the title of "Rip Off Movies" or "When Spartans meet Flying Daggers" Fight for your future, Fight for your children ,Fight for Immortallity,for tonight we dine in HELLLL!!!! oh wait..
  • Looks OK, definitely not a "Must Watch".
  • Holy crap lots of coments, took a bit more then usual to get to the end to coment lol Anyway i'm sold, i'm just a bit afraid of post conversion to 3d... hope they dont ruin it, or just let it come out in 2d as well...
  • I like the concept of gods basically as super-heroes, but I really wish it didn't go for the over-done 300 aesthetic. Boring.
  • Blaa
    Anyone noticed that he fires his bow 3 times in the last scene and 4 arrows are flying?
  • Jo
    Why is everyone so miserable? If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. I'm liking this. Thanks for posting the trailer. Blastr had it earlier, but it was taken down and I'd missed it, knew FirstShowing would come to the rescue!
  • Fletch_1983
    where were the titans?
  • Now that was a fun trailer. Can't help but feel it still needs some touchups. Anyhow looking forward to it as I always though The Cell was good looking and The Fall was great. Tarsem Singh knows how to tell a story and make it look amazing. Fingers are crossed he doesn't do an all looks but no soul Sucker Punch here. Ed Note: I haven't seen Sucker Punch even if I dig Snyder's past movies. Reviews, pro and from pals, were too harsh for me to justify getting a sitter to see it. Bluray for me it will be right next to Tron Legacy.
  • Baron the Curse
    Oh, I get it, this is a parody flick, like Scary Movie was to Scream.
  • Nathan Cook
    Wait. This is a Tarsem movie? I don't get it. I've never seen him use sepia before - there's a distinct lack of his gorgeous use of color.
  • i honestly dont know what to think
  • David Darida
    Effects look great, but I was expecting something different. This is exactly like 300 but under different studio. I love Legendary Pictures 😀
  • ;)
    OMG! Finally! that was so awesome! It's about time the Gods are young and sexy and not old and ancient. 😀 😀
  • Nodin
    I see I've arrived late for the argument.....shite....
  • timetraveler014
    As a Tarsem fan, I'm feeling a little disappointed only because I'm seeing more influence from the "300" producers than from Tarsem himself. Not that how awesome the visuals for this look shouldn't be credited to Tarsem -- it's just not purely his vision anymore. Also a let-down is what we see of Henry Cavill's cheesy performance here -- a major let-down knowing that Tarsem was able to direct his last lead to deliver such a powerful performance.
  • stfugtfo
    why the hell is zeus soooooooooooo young ???
  • Phil
    One of the best trailers I've ever seen.
  • L3onidas
    I think it looks great and will definitely see it. With that being said; not a fan of the post-production 3D conversion UGH
  • Anonymous
    will definitely be the first at redbox for this one.
  • Terry the Saint
    I'm soooooo in,I liked Clash but this is how epic it really should've been.
  • Crawfordjk2000
    I will see it but I am 90 percent sure I will be let down so I will ignore that fact that I saw 300 and loved it. I hate bow and arrow hero's and actors that have been type casted to use a bow and arrow(orlando bloom). This looks like a video game, the type of which I would never play. So if I ignore all that maybe just maybe I will enjoy it but if I walk out have way through the movie that would be fine too.
  • Betaray100
    People are complaining this looks like '300'? Everyone on this board LOVED '300' when it came out! Now you're all too cool for it? What? This movie looks great!




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