New 'Pet Sematary' Re-Adaptation Coming Together at Paramount

February 2, 2011
Source: 24 Frames

Pet Sematary

Another day, another remake. There are so many horror remakes/re-adaptations/reboots in the works right now, I can't keep count, but yet again we have another to add to the list. 24 Frames says that screenwriter Matthew Greenberg (Halloween H20, Reign of Fire, 1408) is finally turning in his script for the remake of Pet Sematary - or rather re-adaptation, as Greenberg went to Stephen King's novel again. Last year we knew that he'd been hired, but they add that Paramount is currently looking for "high-level directors" to get attached to this project. It's not much of an update, but it sounds like they're hoping to get going fairly soon.

The original Pet Sematary movie, directed by Mary Lambert and starring Fred Gwynne, told the story of a family that moves to rural Maine and discovers a pet cemetery nearby that lies on an ancient burial ground. I just watched Pet Sematary for my first time last October and it was one of the few horror films I watched around then that really stuck with me, totally got into my mind, it was just creepy and incredibly well made, especially because of King's script. It's one of those seminal classics that kids dare each other to watch. This remake/redo has been around for a while, once even attracting the attention of George Clooney, but this new iteration is getting a completely new team. We'll let you know when they find a director for this. Worried?

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  • Depends. If it sticks with the same story it shouldn't be too bad. I'd like to see this remade.
  • Anonymous
    no, leave it where it is.
  • Anonymous
    the original is one of the creepiest most fucked up films I've ever seen. i don't think they could top Mary Lamberts directing and if they change up the story they are doomed. i say pass
    • Anonymous
      the movie gave me nightmares, couldn't open a door without thinking Zelda (The Wife's sister) is laying there choking! AH! In the words of Gage, regarding this remake: "No fair, no fair, no fair." Just watch this and know it needs no remake.
      • Anonymous
        couldn't agree more about the sister - that scared the heck out of me when i saw it. how about the scene when fred gwynn realizes what lewis is going to do and tells the story about why "dead is better"........ and how about when gage calls his dad near the end - and then dad finds mom hanging - that STILL makes my skin crawl. i guess what i'm saying is - there is NO way they could make that any creepier or have a better cast original PC will always be a "must watch" at halloween at my house!
        • Anonymous
          *shudders* pet cemetery will live on forever in the minds of those who saw it as kids, the cat was a British Shorthair and I have one! and he showed up outta nowhere and I do not, DO NOT trust the demon cat. O.o
          • Anonymous
            yea, pee cemetary is a classic. as far as the cat?.....that's a little creepy. i hope he doesn't "smell bad" like church did.
      • Anonymous
        ha great video Xerxex. and you're right Zelda still haunts my dreams to this day!
        • Anonymous
          She was the embodiment of evil! @beavis he doesn't smell yet, yet being the key word.
  • Jeebus
    Oh, cool... except: why?
    • There is no answer to "why"... it's just because they "can", so "why not?" I guess...
      • Jeebus
        It's true. ArGH! Damn this ArGHness!
  • Anonymous
    Now we have Re Adaptions lol
  • jah p
    Yeah, I agree, that sister scared the shit outta me when I was younger too! And that damn cat!! On that note, how bout this: "I don't wanna be buried, in a Pet Cemetary! Don't wanna live me life again!" Great song to the soundtrack!!
  • FOOM
    Leave this classic alone...if you want to reboot a truly awful Stephen King Christine and for heavens sake stick to the book this time!!!!
  • uberman
    The male and female leads in the 'original' were about as wooden as a viking floatilla. I HATED this adaptation. If any King story deserves to be done right, it's this one. It should be done in Black and White, no soundtrack, and a limited budget. Oh, and please do not let King write his own screenplay ever ever ever.
    • Craig
      Which screenplays has he written in the past? The only one I can think of is for the mini-series Storm of the Century, and I loved that.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    I saw The Exorcist when it was first released and I was shitbaked, then came the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and that scared the bejesus out of me, but man, nothing creeped me out liked seeing the kid after he was brought back to life in Pet Semetary. One of the few King books that was adapted just right for the creep factor. This is one movie that should be left dead and not remade.




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