New R-Rated 'Riddick' Movie Greenlit Only if Vin Diesel Takes Pay Cut

May 25, 2011
Source: Facebook

Vin Diesel as Riddick

We've been hearing about a new Chronicles of Riddick movie being in the works, with Vin Diesel back as Riddick again, and franchise creator David Twohy back at the helm, for years at this point. Word is that they've been scouting locations, working on plenty of early concept art, and figuring everything out so that they can actually shoot a gritty, R-rated sequel that harkens back to the first Pitch Black movie more than its sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick. Well, Diesel himself took to his Facebook wall (via AICN) again to reveal a very interesting private detail regarding the sequel: they will only be able to make it if he works "for scale."

Working for "scale" is the industry term of basically saying this job is a freebie, but because of unions (SAG) they must be paid at least the minimum set by the union. Therefore he'd make a very low amount, the lowest amount a working actor in SAG can possibly make, in order to get this production a (lower budget) greenlight to start shooting later this summer. Here's Vin Diesel's full posting from his own Facebook wall:

"D T the writer/director just landed in New York with the good news. We can start filming this summer. However, there is a catch… in order for us to make a true R rated film, I must work for scale upfront. Not unlike the "Find me Guilty" experience (which I wouldn't have changed for the world)…

Money is always second to art, integrity and spirit… but the real issue is deeper. Can I suspend my life, to momentarily venture to that dark place… called Riddick.

Now, I need to hear from Our collective… you. Wisdom and clarity appreciated."

So he asked his epic consortium of fans to respond and got 7,824 comments, which prompted him to write another reply in the meantime, thanking them. "I have read so many interesting and intelligent responses to today's post. You all have such great insight… I truly love Our page." I, of course, say go for it, because I've been waiting for Twohy and Diesel to get back and make a damn R-rated Riddick movie, because I love Pitch Black and want more in the world, but wasn't a big fan of the sequel. As of early last year, the plot involved more alien planets and nasty creatures that Riddick would have to fight. Diesel added: "I am off to another meeting with David, the director of Riddick… to see concept art and discuss the potential schedule."

I'm just glad to finally see this project making progress and amazed to see Universal giving the greenlight (tentatively) on an edgy, R-rated sci-fi project. But then again, Vin Diesel and Fast Five have earned them an impressive $187 million at the box office so far. He's probably earned a good amount money anyway and Universal is happy with the success he can bring, so why not try it again with a sci-fi franchise? Bring it on, I've been waiting for more Riddick! Here's a great quote to end on: "We all have the dark Riddick inside us. You have a penchant for showing us our true selves." We'll definitely keep you updated on this new sequel.

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  • Ha! Good luck with that.
  • first I am thinking, yayyy. But then; pay cut means low budget, hmmm
  • David Banner
    Nah, instead of paying Vin $10 million(or mooore?) upfront, he gets scale and the rest of the money is poured into the film. Ofc, I do suspect he'll get 10% or of gross, or after the picture breaks even.   If you think about it, that is the way actors should be paid. Well, maybe not scale, but more on the back end, if the movie does well.   No?
    • Jericho
      agreed and it looks like he is mostly ok with it....
    • Right, which is why this seems like nothing to complain about, especially to return to a character that I feel like quite a few fans want, but who knows. Do you guys want another Riddick movie?
      • Cracky
        You know, I do want another Riddick. There were times when I was watching COR and heard buzz from Butcher Bay and the comics and other jazz-- that it seemed like this character could go many places. And who knows? Maybe this go-round will be the Dark Knight of the series, eh?
      • JL
        Definitely!  I loved Pitch Black, it was one of the most impressive and memorable sci fi films I've ever seen, and as long as they make up for the mess that was "Chronicles," and use their budget effectively, this will be a must see for fans of the character.
      • Michaeguadamuz415
        hell yeah i want another Riddick movie. That character has potential for a lot of stories. I enjoyed the games a lot a like with the movies.
  • Ryderup
    He'll do the Jach Nicholson thing. He'll get a huge cut of the profit instead.
  • Redguy
    well, i can't wait for another Riddick movie, nice of him put art first, money second. Diesel fan!
  • Anonymous
    I really liked Pitch Black and I remember thinking Chronicles of Riddick was the bees knees. Then they just recently showed the latter on tv and I had to realize that it was actually really bad. >.< Well, we'll see how it goes this time around. 
    • Exactly how I feel... Chronicles of Riddick really isn't that great, it got screwed up by a watered down PG-13 and budget that prevented the depths they really wanted to go, at least I thought. I'm hoping we get something really good again with this new one.
      • JL
        I think a big part of the problem was too many characters you just couldn't really care about, and a few special effects that just weren't necessary.  I liked the Butcher Bay part, but did they need those space cheetahs?  Also, Colm Feore just isn't that menacing and intimidating.  I didn't buy him as an unstoppable, supernatural warrior king.  And I don't think it would have hurt to have a bit more Linus Roache and Karl Urban in it.
        • xFrosTx
          The cheetahs were a big part if you noticed there eyes. Yup thats where he got his from.
  • The reason he's likely being asked to work for scale is because they want to make it as an R-rated film. R-rated films simply aren't as financially enticing to financiers as something with a much wider audience like PG-13 (which is why a lot of really stupid filmmakers and studios are intentionally neutering their R films to make them PG-13). It doesn't say anything about the quality of a film, only that making something R rated is a much higher gamble for investors. Having an actor work for scale means more of their meager budget is spent towards the film itself, and they have a better shot at making their money back. It's a smart move.
  • jah p
    They should just throw Riddick into a crossover into the Alien franchise!
  • Quazzimotto
    Loved Pitch Black, Chronicles not so much. Great character, great role, I hope he moves to make this. Universal doesn't have much of a spine when it comes to R ratings. They need to seize the opportunity before Universal pulls the rug out.
  • Anonymous
    My only question is where can he go with the story?...  I'm all for another great series along the same vein as Riddick & Serenity but didnt he inhert a race of supernatural planet mongers??  :}   
  • Xerxexx
    Yay! Richard B. Riddick is back!
  • Luke Robinson
    lower budget means less cgi, an more thought in to effects an realism.
  • Pitch Black was all about the characters! the pilot with the guilt, the shaman, the uppity rich guy, riddicks handler with the drug problem, and the deeply mysterious riddick who you could never really tell if he was going to turn on them at any second, never really part of the group and never knew what outside angle he was working. Chronicles of Riddick lost all the mystery and subtlety of Riddick! He was turned into just another tough guy, arguing with the (now hot??) girl/boy from the first movie about who left who behind. Riddick has lady problems? This is not the dark kick ass Riddick i once knew! Hopefully with things scaled down this time they can get back to what made pitch black so different when it first came out, and not force him into to some "you are the key to saving the universe!" storyline.
  • Furious911
    I loved Pitch Black and honestly cannot fathom why any true sci-fan fan wouldnt love Chronicles, it was so great, we see his world, learn about Furyans, not just killign aliens but saving fucking planets! Lol, but seriously I really want another Riddick movie. I think I have consumed every bit of media this franchise has to offer.
  • David Banner
    Spoke to a friend of mine today,told him about the new Riddick movie, he claims that there exists an R-Rated version of Chronicles of Riddick(just like Pitch Black has a different version), but he could not remember if it was only released in Asia(Japan?) or that it is a promised release in the future, a "Director's Cut" or something similar? Chronicles of Riddick was fun cheese, maybe the entire franchise is, but I have the ability to enjoy stuff like this without feeling I am compromising my time(lol). I welcome another Riddick movie, and feel a grin over my face when they say it will be R-Rated. Jummy!
  • Alicemd74
    Can't wait for new Riddick movie!! Who cares how much he gets paid, it is worth every pennie!!
  • StandingThree
    Fuck Yeah! Riddick Fan here! I forgot about the Series.. I seen Pitch Black yesterday on TV & just thought in my head I need to watch Chronicles of Riddick again.. My third time watching both & tell you what, I Fucking Enjoyed It! +1 Diesel! I'm a Diesel Fan!
  • Josh
    Honestly, i don't get why everyone despised CoR so much. The only thing about the film that i felt was unnecessarily distracting was Feore's role as the all-powerful pharaoh-like bridge between life and the "underverse" - and as a sci-fi fan, i think i've grown to deal with poorly-casted villains. I LOVED Riddick's development as a human being. You can all moan and groan as much as you want about Diesel's character having more than an animalistic side to him. I wont listen. For his character to progress in the story line, he needed to develop more than one facet to his personality. You can't recreate the sense of unease we felt in Pitch Black - the plot took care of that. We know Riddick has a tidbit of gooeyness in his heart. We trust him. Now all that can be done is expand on that while giving us an epic plotline and plenty of badassery.  To be quite honest, I want Riddick to find a friend / sexy female that doesnt die in an hour. He's too damn lonely. This entire series should symbolize the human soul's incredible ability to rehabilitate through our interactions with other people. I want Riddick to be the killer-with-a-conscience that we saw at the end of Pitch Black. Tortured soul finds happiness. Sign me up. Let's go.  Not only would i see that movie in theaters, buy a copy when it came out, and heckle my friends who HADNT seen it - i would frame it, tie a big fucking ribbon to it, hang it from my wall, and kiss it goodnight every day before bed. 
    • Josh
      and if you want to contact me so i can pound my opinion into your brain, my email is >:[ !!!
  • No
    I'll kill you with my tea cup! I love Riddick, both movies, call me crazy, but bring it on! I liked Pitch much more but still loved both.
  • Beau
    Anyways kids will go with adults to watch it anyways, like ages 14-17, and rest viewers will be 18-65. this movie should kill it in box office even with its R rating
  • Anitaamoody
    i am sooo excited and happy to hear that ther will finally be another riddick no matter how much he gets paid for it.. that shows the true talent of an actor to care more about his talent of acting compared to how much money he can make... GOD BLESS YOU VIN DEISEL there should be more people like you in the acting world...I love all of vins movies and will watch them all no matter what....
  • Jlynn
    anyone know if they're filming yet or has a release date been set? just reading posts on here makes me want to go watch Pitch Black now :)
    • Yeah I feel you...I have been doing research on this movie for a while and I haven't found anything of good use but this article was GREAT! Can't WAIT!
  • Slickinator
    He will always come on top with these movies cause he has the actor down pat and no one else could come close .... he kicks ass




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