New Red Band Trailer for Kevin Smith's Indie Horror Film 'Red State'

July 27, 2011
Source: Official Site

Red State Trailer

"It's gunna get grown up in here." It's time to finally take a good look at the controversial new Kevin Smith movie Red State, described as a religious horror starring Michael Parks as Pastor Abin Cooper. The official red band (it's very red band for language, violence) trailer just showed up on their website, along with info about the limited theatrical release starting in August, as Parks gives an Oscar worthy performance and it needs an Academy qualifying one-week run. Say what you will, but I still think it's one of Kevin Smith's best films, and I'm not alone in thinking that. Be wary, this isn't for everyone!

Watch the brand new red band trailer for Kevin Smith's Red State:

Set in Middle America, a group of teens encounters religious fundamentalists with a more sinister agenda. Also stars Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, Stephen Root, Melissa Leo, John Goodman and Nicholas Braun.

Red State is directed by fan-fave filmmaker Kevin Smith, whose filmography includes Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Clerks II, Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Cop Out. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where Smith began his career with Clerks years ago. Smith is self-distributing Red State, with countrywide tours and more. Visit the official website for info.

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  • Guest
  • from did kevin smith just use his twitter as a credit ? yep twitter is going places 
    • Fuck You
      "from did"?  Nice grammar. LOL.
  • Eh, ill wait for the dvdrip of it
  • Kevin Smith's bringing the film to Toronto on August 15 and I already have my ticket to check it out.  Looking forward to it.
  • Loser
    i`m in
  • yeah it LOOKS god... but they cut out all the bullshit from the trailer right? Also promoting yourself through your twitter handle... tacky or smart?
    • Nah, there's not really any more bullshit in there. The only issue with the film (when I saw it at Sundance) was that it was a bit too long, specifically Michael Parks' first sermon, which you see a bit of it in the trailer. Smith then re-edited the film after Sundance, and that sermon is now shorter and it makes for a better movie.
      • well that's good to know... but what about the twitter thing. Tacky or innovative? 
        • DCompose
          Who fucking cares about the Twitter thing?
          • You might not, but social networking is part of everyone's every day life and the fact this guy marketed his film as from his twitter handle rather than his name says something. Even if you hate Kevin Smith the guy is WAY ahead of the curve as far as marketing himself in a guerrilla fashion on the internet. his daily radio shows, podcasts, and even a pair of sneakers as ay this guy is doing something and people are connecting. TV shows are starting to put their names with a hashtag over the screen while it's playing. Can we expect more stuff like this soon?
          • DCompose
            It doesn't say much because, like you said, it's being done elsewhere, so it's neither innovative nor tacky.
        • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    hell yea - this looks like a very fun watch!
  • Anonymous
    I'm pumped to see it!
  • I wanted to go see this when he was doing that promotional tour but tickets were $60 or $70.  Kevin Smith is an asshole.  He bought his own movie for no money so he went around and tried to make his money back by ripping people off.  Who the fuck would go see a movie for 10x the price of regular ticket?
    • garrett
      I, for one, would/did, along with a large number of his other fans. This tour was to help promote Red State to the people that matter most instead of wasting millions on advertising and to help pay off the movie. That evening also included a Q&A and Kevin talking in depth about the film. It was well worth the price of admission. Plus, on our night in LA he had most of the cast there. Also, having had the opportunity to speak to him on a couple occasions and having seen him interact with countless fans with genuine interest and appreciation, I can assure you that he's the farthest thing from an asshole.
      • To promote? No.  It was to make money.  If he cared about the people that mattered most he wouldn't have charged so much money for a movie ticket.  Oh.  and the Q&A, which is worth I guess 60 bucks or so.
        • DCompose
           Of course it was to make money. Are you mad about that? Don't talk about it like he was denying starving orphans some bread.
    • Shawn Keim
      OMG Really? He has always said he was a money whore. Plus he has to charge money so he can pay for the space he uses and the time and travel. Movies are not free. Plus to have the Q&A along with a movie that is not yet released. Pretty bad ass. You just like to cry.
    • Anonymous
      It was a chance to see the movie and chat with Kevin Smith. It's the sort of thing you'd see on a Kickstarter donation drive, only the movie was already made and done. People pay hundreds of dollars for good tickets to a big football or basketball game. Why not pay $60 for tickets to a film where you have the opportunity to give and recieve feedback from the writer/director. I'm not a huge Smith fan, but if this had been Aronofsky touring with some little indie film of his, I would have paid a hundred bucks easy.
  • Nope
    No one was forcing you to see it for that price dude, calm down. This trailer looks a shit ton better than the last one, I really want to see this now.
    • I guess you missed my point.  I'm aware that no one is forcing me to see it for that price.  Read what I wrote again.
      • Garrett
        I read it again, and you just sounded like an idiot again. Funny how the passing of time changed nothing.
        • Haha.  But you did read it twice after you disagreed with it the first time so I guess that makes you the idiot.
          • That guy
            I would imagine the angry nerd posting multiple things about a movie they haven't seen and apparently have no interest in seeing is the idiot. Just a guess though.
          • DCompose
             Wow what an amazing exchange this is.
  • Looks great, but a horror?... Really!? :-/
    • Garrett
      Smith's mentioned frequently in his podcasts and live events that the movie doesn't fall properly into one genre.  I guess that's as close as anyone can figure it.  It changes tone dramatically a handful of times, but it was done very well.
  • That's exactly what you're doing Nope.  Later toolbox.
  • Judasbarronx1
    Kevin Smith? REALLY? This oughta be goody!
  • SDotKillsALot
    Brian Ricci reminds me of somebody I know. And he is an idiot too... Movie looks pretty good to me. I'll definitely check it out at some point.
  • Anonymous
    Looks awesome to me. Religious people turned loony toons always scare me much more than whatever kind of monster Hollywood could dream up.  I absolutely believe that some people would do the craziest shit to appease whatever/whoever they deem their savior. P.S.: Has the kid from 'A Haunting in Connecticut' been in a movie where he actually survived, since? 
  • Spider
    This trailer is warped! Kevin Smith has just redeemed himself for the atrocity that was, "Cop Out"! I'm checkin' this flick out!
  • An experiment in (self) distribution is one thing - but what about the film? There's a subgenre akin to torture porn. I'd call it the nihilist-film. It's all bluster and self importance with a lack of narrative fulfilment. Secuestrados and Michael Winterbottom's The Killer Inside Me are two recent ones. If Red State fits that mould then Kevin Smith will be nothing but a fanboy filmmaker.
  • David Banner
    The 'twitter thing' and the 'Smodcast' thing in the trailer are ways to promote the film RED STATE without spending any money on it, is all. You won't see TV-adds or billboards for this film, other then 1 add in a news paper/magazine(forget which one) so that the cast will be eligible for an oscar nomination. That is all, not 1c spend on adds. Been waiting so long for this film, it saddens me I might have to wait for another year-6 months at best-to see it in Norway. That is unless Kevin Smith could come over and show it in Oslo? :)
  • I think this could be his best, but I fear this trailer stole the allure it once had for me... That's not to say I'm not interested in seeing Smith actually make a good movie though or seeing this eventually.
  • I am in!
  • Bebe
    I think it looks awesome.  I'll definitely see this.  It's about time a filmmaker took on these nutcases.  
  • grimjob
    Oh shit!! That looks great! Michael Parks is the man! Goodman, Pollack, and one hell of an endorsement from Tarantino. I love Kevin Smith, and I can't wait for this!
  • Bazzmosis
    This is gonna rock!
  • Wow. I didn't think I'd be interested, but wow, sign me up for a ticket!




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