One More Beautifully Epic Poster for 'Battle: Los Angeles' Unveiled!

February 18, 2011
Source: IGN

Battle: Los Angeles

No need for a tagline… or any words. Sony has debuted one more awesome poster for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles and it's the beautifully epic kind of design we've been waiting to see. As I was driving home from a movie last night, I had to stop and turn around because I caught this poster on display at a bus stop (see on twitter here) because I'd never seen it and it looked so awesome. But when I got home, IGN had already debuted it in high def online, so here it is. We've already seen plenty of trailers and footage for this and I don't want to see any more because it hits theaters in three weeks! This poster just rocks. Check it out!

Battle: Los Angeles Poster

A young Marine platoon, lead by Aaron Eckhart, faces off against a surprise alien invasion in Los Angeles.

Battle: Los Angeles is directed by South African-born director Jonathan Liebesman, of Darkness Falls, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Killing Room previously, but he is really breaking out in a good way with this. The screenplay credit, according to IMDb, goes solely to Christopher Bertolini, of only The General's Daughter and Madso's War previously. Sony / Columbia Pictures will be bringing Battle: Los Angeles to theaters everywhere starting on March 11th this spring! I'll be there on opening day, will you?

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  • Awtan90
  • Anonymous
    This movie looks so cool, can it live up to the hype?
  • Remco
    Although I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, the trailers are very promising, I don't find this poster that awesome. It's messy and it could have been so much more.
  • COOL!! but the helicopter look wired!!?
  • Snears
  • Jace
    I agree with Takit, the Heli's do look a little out of place. Good thing they are dominated by the other 95% of kick a** material. Very nice poster.
  • uboat77
    i really don't like that they have already shown "something" that's rising from the ground, like it was buried in there...i'd rather preferred to found out about it during the movie...and then they put it on the freaking poster :( besides that, can't wait for it 😀
    • I don't think you have anything to worry about, there will be PLENTY of epic shots with gigantic structures coming out of the ground, spaceships flying all over, and soldiers fighting aliens left 'n right, this poster isn't ruining anything at all.
  • Otavio Hollywoodiano
    It looks like "Vanquish"
  • Jarno
    Soldier very detailed, space thing blurry and no detail :-( doesn't thrill me.
  • Chad
    Jarno, that's because the attention is supposed to be on the soldier, not the space thing.
  • Marc McKenzie
    Works for me. Definitely gives off the "OH S*@%!!" vibe. Hopefully, this film will live up to the hype. The trailers and stills certainly caught my attention. Keeping the fingers crossed.... @Chad: Agreed.
  • Lars
    Ugh... That just looks like a very bad photoshop job.
    • Jace
      Please elaborate my good sir? I think it looks rad, but I certainly would love to hear what about it you think was a botched PS job.
      • Marc McKenzie
        Well, Jace, you know types like Lars...complaining about PS while never having touched the f@*%ing program in the first place.... And hey, it could have been done on another program besides PS, but some people just gotta blow junk out of their nether regions. Personally, I like the poster. Hoping that the movie delivers the goods.
        • Jace
          Haha.. Well Lars may have some good insight. I have used PS myself for years and there is nothing about this poster that screams "mistake!".. but hey, I'm all about learning, and if Lars can educate me, I'm all for it! :)
  • birddog
    Looks good...If it is successful I can see a franchise in the making Battle: NY and Battle: Chicago or Battle: Oklahoma City and the tenth in the series could be something like Battle: Disneyworld. I would skip the Emerald city because they already had a Battle in Seattle.
    • 306West
      I think that the director/creator(s) do have other 'Battles' in mind, in other places around the world....I read this somewhere, sorry can't remember where, but if this is very successful we could see just not here in the USA.
  • Anonymous
    Obviously the Helicopters are added to give us a perspective of scale, showing the immense size of the alien vehicle versus anything we have here on earth in comparison. Also there's always going to be jealous haters who look for anything to gripe about because it wasn't something they did. To Lars: Why don't you show us how much better you are at creating a poster for BLA? It would be interesting to see what such an expert as yourself can do.
    • Marc McKenzie
      He can't, Shadowman. Thanks to the 'Net, it's always easier to blurt out gripes than it is to actually prove what skills you have. I use PS myself, but I couldn't rock out a poster like this. Maybe after several weeks, but...
      • Shadowman
        I hear you Marc! I wish I had the kind of skills to pull off a poster like that.
        • Jarno
          Dude's admit it the artwork may be epic, but the background lacks all detail! and that is no artistic setup it is just plain lazy! For comparison check the link of D-9 wich has a simmilar setup. Just look at the detail of the spaceship, that is true commitement. And dont tell me that if you focus on the foreground the background will be blurry, because then they should also have blurred the antennas on top of the thing.
  • smallhero44
    This poster is Inception meets Flags of our fathers
    • Marc McKenzie
      Interesting combo! Hope it will be as good. (Although I do prefer LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA to FLAGS.)
    • That IS a good thing right? Not a fan of the film Flags of Our Fathers, but at least the artwork. Hell yea Battle: LA!!
  • Anonymous
    Dude their fighting on Cybertron... KEWL
  • Anonymous
    Oh, Lord, a curling "Inception" cityscape! Does this mean we're in for 2.5 hours of nonstop expository dialogue? What dream level are the aliens on? How many seconds does it take for the white van to hit the water? Can I take notes? Will the spunky chick have breasts this time?
  • love it *two thumbs up*
  • There's a few obvious things wrong here, the building robot 9/11 aftermath looking thing has been enlarged considerably from its original size, the detail has been lost in the process, this could have been fixed with a blur or by adding noise. The helicopters don't seem in scale and look as though are copy/pasted, a bit like the soldier. Apart from that it's awesome and totally rad man. It's funny that film studios have the greatest vfx people at their disposal but when it comes to graphic design, it seems Bill at the Copyshop is their go-to guy.
  • 306WestNC
    Just went to the movie website and they have this> , the interesting page of the site is the "Past Sightings" page. I wonder if there are any correlations one can 'simply' gather from this. My wife wonders if we'll learn that the aliens have been here, in fact, for quite sometime have actually, quietly, taking Earth resources for their needs...but now feel that they have to just get what they want and reveal themselves now only because, we, on this planet are muckin' it up so the aliens are gettin' what they need and have to take over.




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