Review: Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' is As Awful As You Expected

November 11, 2011

Jack and Jill Review

Sometimes a movie will come along that irks you, causes the veins on your head to pop out with frustration to such an extent that you don't even want to mull it over for days before blasting it with an angry retort. I'd like to take a moment and congratulate Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan, an actor/director combo that usually brings out this kind of ire but never like this. Never like this. The movie is Jack and Jill. The premise is ridiculous. Sandler plays both Jack Sadelstein, family man and ad exec living in L.A. with his wife—a characterless mannequin that looks an awful lot like Katie Holmes—and two children, and Jill, Jack's annoying, noxious, abhorrent sister who comes to her brother's house for Thanksgiving.

Oh and did I mention ugly? Jill is ugly, too, and not just in a physical sense. That would just show an ignorance and cruelty extended forth only by someone in a movie like… well, Jack and Jill. Jill's soul is ugly, and though she says she just wants love from her family, she proves with every fiber in her makeup that she isn't willing to be understanding of their needs.

But that's not the message Dugan and Sandler want to convey here. Judging from Jack and Jill, they believe you should love someone no matter how intrinsically unappealing they may be. Maybe that's the message Dugan actually wants people to take from watching in his movies, works that have no sense of structure, style, or cohesion. Literal scenes seem chopped from Jack and Jill, moments that might reveal some sense of clarity as to character actions or even reactions, but probably not. The same goes for Sandler and his idea of comedy, the kind that seems satisfied with prat falls and fart gags. Seriously, when was the last time you laughed at a fart gag?

Those aren't even the crux of the comedy in Jack and Jill. The term one-joke movie gets bandied about like a rubber ball tied to a paddle, but Jack and Jill seems happy with cutting that string so the ball can bounce around the room hitting everyone in the audience right between the eyes. Jill is a woman. Jill is played by Sandler dressed as a woman. Jill is supposed to be unattractive, manly some might call her. Everyone in the world of this film realizes this. Cue "witty" line about said set-up and yuck yuck yuck about it for 90 minutes. It's a joke that's hateful in its very essence, but that doesn't seem to occur to Sandler, who seems to enjoy playing both straight man and funny woman here.

All the while Jack and Jill plays like one, big, inside joke between Sandler and others on set, most of them Hollywood notables offering their appearance to be shown in the movie. Chief among them is Al Pacino playing himself, who coincidentally is both being hunted by Jack for a new Dunkin' Donuts ad and falling head over heals in love with Jill. Pacino plays himself with a lunatic's mask attached. He seems to embrace the "full Pacino" he's been playing recently and doesn't mind mocking himself. That aspect to Jack and Jill might not be as hateful or as annoying as the rest of the movie, but it's certainly not funny.

But that isn't even where Jack and Jill's ability to pull in A-list stars reaches it chilling pinnacle. Left and right you'll notice familiar faces, some playing themselves, others playing ludicrous characters. It's nice seeing Dana Carvey show up in a film after a nine-year absence, but good luck recognizing him. However, it's a certain A-list superstar who makes a brief appearance that will have you disregarding everything he's saying as you scream "WHY" at the screen. Of course, we know why, as Sandler's pull in Hollywood seems to be expanding ever greater with each passing trash heap he headlines.

That might be where this anger comes from. It's one thing for awful comedies like Jack and Jill to be made independently, by people who will probably never make it in the industry and will simply slink into obscurity before their "works of art" are even introduced to daylight. You don't even have to pay them any attention unless you feel some masochistic tendencies coming on. It's another for something this insulting and disgusting to come from one of the biggest players in the field, something Sandler has been for a very long time. You have to take notice when someone is this big, and it's only that much more infuriating when he delivers tripe like Jack and Jill.

Of course, that's just in the comedy, something that is the most subjective form of art imaginable. What I find funny is different than what you find funny. However, there's no denying the ideas that are put forth in Jack and Jill, the message Dugan and Sandler seemed to want to instill on their viewing public. That digs deeper than any subjective comedy bit can possibly imagine. That's the real reason movies like Jack and Jill cause hatred among so many of us, not because of how it's trying to keep its audience entertained but by what it's trying to say to them while doing so. No amount of surface-level makeup can make that attractive, but I don't expect Sandler or Dugan to understand that.

Jeremy's Rating: 1 out of 10

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  • Christohper Exantus
    Sadly, this is the kind of "broad as fuck" comedy that people are looking forward to.
  • couldn't you have given it a -1 out of 10?
  • Adam is becoming the white version of Eddie Murphy. Doing all these horrible movies.
    • Lilit
      Dude u must have no sense of humor if u think Adam sandler movies r bad
  • Alex O
    Well written and articulate. Great review. 
  • boriskat
    Adam Sandler, go sit in the corner.
  • Voice of Reason
    I would be shocked if anyone on this comment board went and saw this movie, I know I wont—even Brooklyn Deckers super-fine breasts weren't enough to make me even pirate Sandlers last piece of crap—so, who is the A-Lister you mentioned in the 6th paragraph?
    • Indiag
      It's Johnny depp....
  • Powerful Jewish and African-American males dressing in drag to spew misogynist hate graffiti on screen about how much they hate Jewish and African-American women would be funnier if Jewish and African-American women were allowed behind the camera more often to direct the occasional retort. But we're not.
  • Truog18
    sadly this kind of movie will make a lot money at the box office.
  • One of the worst movies I have ever seen and I saw it for free.
  • Bubbab
    This movie has to be an elaborate prank by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It just cant be real.
  • The fact is: most people who see Adam Sandler movies are KIDS. Grown-Ups was seen by a ton of kids who begged their parents to see it or their parents were just desperate to take them to the movies and there was nothing better out at the time.
  • he needs a fat suit next time.
    I took my kids to it.  I cringed through most of it.  We had previously seen Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence pull off similar movies.  This one didn't work as well because Adam Sandler's female character was not really very funny, but just a bit absurd. 
  • Blake
    his wife—a characterless mannequin that looks an awful lot like Katie Holmes Isn't it ACTUALLY Katie Holmes?
  • Miranda
    yes blake.... ur an idiot
  • jenna pierce
    how did they say i love you in theyre secret language?
  • David Banner
    I just saw the review of Jack & Jill at, I must agree, the production budget of $79 million for this is just fraud.....
  • Anonymous
    Wow, harsh review, harsh comments.  It's just a movie people.  Not a good movie, but we just wanted to see a comedy and it did it's job and we had a few laughs. 
  • testigo ocular
    what a fuck? i really like it, i laugh a loot,, ,, why so serious?
  • Niche
    to make is simple, is it funny like the grownups or awful like funny people?  Funny people is so awful, i feel like killing myself coz i have to force fake laugh so my money would be of some value.. Grownups, i really laugh hard. watched it twice.
  • Service Scrapaway
    I could not agree more . I found myself you tubing how to tie a noose half way through. Get back to entertaining Sandler or give it in.
  • Lilit
    This is the stupidest review ive ever read! If u don't get the actual theme of this movie u must be the dumbest person on this planet and have a sense of humor asshole
  • Adam sander is awesome
    Umm this is the best movie ever....Adam sander is a genius u idiots.
  • linda stralberg
    We in sweden believe that this is an awesome movie! Stop nagging about it. You have no sense of humor at all. It's hillarious! 😀
  • linda stralberg
    And "jenna pierce" it's "ook maga do do" :)




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