Shia LaBeouf Joins the List of Contenders for 'The Bourne Legacy'?

March 2, 2011

The Bourne Legacy / Shia LaBeouf

Just last week we heard about a huge list of contenders that included nearly every hot young actor in the industry vying for the lead role in the franchise spin-off The Bourne Legacy. Names like Jake Gyllenaal, Paul Dano, Josh Hartnett, Alex Pettyfer and more were mentioned to be in the running, but now another name has come out of the woodwork, and it's surprising that he wasn't included in the first round of names. Both Latino Review and What's Playing have learned that Shia LaBeouf is in the running to lead the film that takes the title from Robert Ludlum's book, but for whatever reason won't be using the story at all.

LaBeouf has had plenty of experience in the action department with three Transformers films under his belt along with Eagle Eye and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. LaBeouf doesn't seem like the most intimidating guy to become a Bourne-like agent of the government, but of course this is a whole new hero, and a whole new chapter of a standalone project, so he doesn't have to be just like Matt Damon or anything.

Latino Review's source says there's a good chance the role may end up going to LaBeouf (it sounds like he's already met with writer/director Tony Gilroy), but with all these actors in the running, anything can happen. Would you like Shia LaBeouf in The Bourne Legacy?

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  • Anon
    I can't imagine any worse or more annoying. Way to ruin a great franchise.
    • $ob Btencil
      Couldn't have said it better myself... Epic Fail!
    • Just 'No!'. NO!
    • Sumar
  • Sparky
    Horrible choice. For starters, he's like a little boy. Plus he's just one of those guys who is very hard to take seriously and Bourne is a no nonsense kind of guy. If Jeremy Renner weren't already signed on for Mission Impossible I would say that he'd be a perfect fit.
  • Gill
    Totally stupid. There are so many actors who could do more with the part. Sparky's right on the money with Jeremy Renner, but since he's busy, how about James Franco? Dude's got talent, and even if he doesn't quite fit the role, he'd be way better than The Beef.
  • sonnychiba1
    No, oh dear god no.
  • Risk
    Oh fantastic. This just became another movie I won't see thanks to him. Well done Shia ledouche.
  • Jcs01287
    Fail!!!!!!! Without Matt Damon I could care less to see it! oh by the way did I mention Fail!!!!!!!!
  • Breck
    I can never again hear or see "Shia LaBeouf" and not think of Lou's money shot.
  • Anonymous
    Hartnett or bust.
    • Quazzimotto
      With this all the way.
      • Anonymous
        My reasoning, Hartnett has the stoic attitude neccessary to play an asset liking to Jason Bourne. What's your reasoning?
  • Boon
    Under two conditions... they change the title of the film to Eagle Eye 2 and it's straight to video then I'll be fine with it but doesn't mean I'll bother watching it
  • Day
    I am thinking on the contrary than the most of you. I actually think Shia fits this role the best, in comparison to the other actors sought after. I stil think if they want to hire a white actor, get Joseph Gordon Levitt if he is available... I still think over all options considered that they should go with an unknown minority actor
  • Spider
    I think Hollywood should just leave it at the 'Bourne' trilogy with Damon! There are plenty of other books in the same vein as 'Bourne'! Why not just start up one of those, if they are looking for another tent-pole franchise?
  • mochonko
    I Fucking Knew It!! 😐
  • MikeF
    I KNOW THERE ARE IMPORTANT INDUSTRY PEOPLE WHO READ THESE THREADS. THIS IS FOR YOU. If there is ANY hope of this franchise continuing, DO NOT let LaBeouf or his people within 10 miles of ANYBODY who makes casting decisions for this role. Please. Please.
  • Anonymous
    I guess they wanna switch it up to a half witted comedy series then.
  • Craig
    Hell no.
  • George
    sam witwichy ha ha, is the worst thing along with goku from the dragon ball movie, Jason Bourne is Matt Damon, they should change the tittle first if they want to make another Bourne movie, without Damon and Greengrass the movie will suck!!!
  • Fukyu
    Why is everyone so mad lol? is just a movie. Plus the franchise died when they titled it bourn with no bourne in it.
  • Anonymous
    what about Matt Damon?
  • Lamar
    I know I'm throwing myself in the lions den but... I like Shia. He's a decent actor and he might do well. And before anyone gets to mad, the title says he is A CONTENDER FOR THE ROLE. It doesn't mean he has it yet, and even if he dead he won't be Jason Bourne so what's the problem?
  • Dgfstyle7
    No way. He's a total wimp even the original Bourne was tougher ugh, Hollywood always trying to Bieberfy everything nowadays
  • Rockymtngirl3
    Taylor Kitsch please. He's perfect for it. A smasher that no one sees coming, you won't regret it.
  • Rqcarpio
    Hartnett x 10... i still don't understand why that guy doesn't get more roles!!!
  • Paladin7
    Death of a great franchise. SO sad.
  • bre$$$
    shia FTW! :)
  • Leslies Taylor
    Ironically enough, my husband & I were watching Bourne Ultimatum lastnight. I think Matt Damon is an excellent Bourne. Not that I am a Matt Damon fan or anything. Which I am. Damon is very talented and versitle. He can go from a role that is very talkative (Good Will Hunting & Ocean's movies) to something more action oriented (Bourne movies). He's talented as well as athletic. I think you have to be both to pull off the character of Bourne. If The Bourne Legacy doesn't have to follow along with the Damon character, I think it should still hold true to the integrity of who Jason Bourne is as the character. On the other hand, I think Shia LeBeouf is good for the Transformer series and he was great in Eagle Eye. I still think if he wants to get the Bourne role, he should work for it. I think it is always hard to change characters out in the middle of a series. What if Hawkeye didn't have the right person as his new buddy, Monk didn't have the right assistant or therapist for rest of the series? When someone new enters in the middle like that, there is a new feel to things, but at the same time, you want to choose someone who is equally strong or stronger to hold their own. I think the series deserves that. I think it could be anyone's role, but if I went to see the movie and the actor couldn't portray who the character Jason Bourne was, I might walk out. That would be the second movie in history I walked out on. Since everyone loves voting, we should vote on who the next Bourne should be. Take actual audition footage of each serious candidate and see who we think would be the best one. Fanthom events could even hold that event. May be the best Jason Bourne win!




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