Sony is Already Developing a Steve Jobs Biopic, Acquires Book Rights

October 7, 2011
Source: Deadline

Steve Jobs Biography

Well that didn't take long. Beloved innovator and technology industry leader Steve Jobs passed away just two days ago, and there's already a Hollywood biopic about him in development. Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures is looking to make a $1 million deal to acquire feature film rights to the biography on Jobs that's being published later in the month. Written by hand-picked author Walter Isaacson, the definitive biography, titled simply Steve Jobs, was already moved up from its November release to October 24th, but has obviously gained heat in Hollywood. It's no surprise that Jobs' life story is worthy of a Hollywood movie.

The project is just now developing, but will be produced by Mark Gordon (Source Code, 2012, 12 Rounds, Talk to Me, Saving Private Ryan). There is no screenwriter attached yet either. The book they're adapting is a 448-page profile based on over 40 interviews with the Apple co-founder and over 100 conversations with friends, family members, colleagues and competitors. It's the first biography to get Jobs' full blessing and cooperation, and its author Walter Isaacson was chosen personally by Jobs, as he's written about Henry Kissinger, Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein before. Jobs story, for anyone who doesn't know, is fascinating as it follows the building of the world's most valuable technology company by creating the devices that changed how people use electronics and revolutionized the computer, music, and mobile phone industries.

Ever since I saw David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin deliver an incredible film on the founding of Facebook, I've actually been excited to see more technology/web stories, whether it's Google or now Apple. More than anyone, though, Steve Jobs' story is one of the most unique and inspiring, and one that would make for a great movie, as long as someone as talented as Fincher is at the helm. Jobs built the company originally from the ground up in his garage, was fired, then eventually returned, building Pixar in the meantime. This project may take years to develop anyway, and this is mostly news about the book rights being sold, so it may seem early now. I'm just anxious to pick up a copy of this book and read through it myself. Thoughts?

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  • Anonymous
    I know he probably won't, but a Fincher film about Steve Jobs would be astounding I am sure.  I loved Pirates of Silicon Valley, and that was a made for TV movie about Jobs and Gates.  I just hope a good director gets on board.
  • Becky Shaw
    Steve Jobs’ adopted mother was Armenian. A lot of people don’t know that.
  • Sony is disgusting these days. Two days? Come on guys, I know everyone's after the money, but you guys don't even care at this point..
  • Lagoya
    I don't get the hype about this glorified salesman, commiserations to his family and friends but come on, did he personally sit in his garage and build/develop all of this icrap or was it the talented people working for him? its been a couple days and already were going to be subjected to biopic of this 'great' man. Mark Gordon must be one of those quasi-religious Apple zealots.
    • Anonymous
      ENUFF..........the only thing more ridiculous than all the hype by the media are the shrines popping up all over the world near APPLE stores.
    • Ticketmaster
      I completely agree with you.
    • lossy
      you must have some high standards. i'd hate to be a person that is around you. 
  • RDG
    Stanley Tucci.. or William Hurt?
    • Nlott29
      Noah Wylie should reprise the role from Pirates of Silicon Valley
      • WhiteFace
        Steve Jobs Jewish? If not, then Noah Wylie is all wrong.
      • A_A
    • peloquin
      I like the idea of Tucci, good thinking.
  • Pilgrim_UK
    I agree that there is no sense of altruism about this whole thing. The pseudo  deification of this personality is a true measure of media marketing today.
    • Anonymous
      GMTA I just posted to same just now............canonization no doubt 😀
  • Anonymous
    the next in line would no doubt be canonization Is the Vatican aware of how saint worthy he is?
    • I think he was a Buddhist. Doubt the Papes would be down with that, even though baby Jesus ipped off chubby Buddha.
  • Antonypacker
    steve jobs... Stanley Tucci
  • Wow, was Job's body even cold yet when this was announced?
  • Anonymous
    this is wrong, way to capitalize on the dead
  • lossy
    Pathetic Sony. Just pathetic. Couldn't ever compete with Jobs when living so you try to cash in on him after he died.
  • mark c
    It's a lot of information to fill one bio, way more than facebooks. The Pirates of Silicon Valley(I recommend you all watch on youtube) had only 25% of the story. It seems like jobs made some calls before his realized death time, and approved some stories and pending deals. 
  • Anonymous
    Ambulance-chasing cinema at its finest.
  • JT
    Go back and read my comment on the Steve Jobs' death post. I called out this exact thing to happen. Disgusting Hollywood Is!
  • I sort of understand Sony  uying the rights, if they didn’t someone else would be in there doing it; I just wish that it was done more quietly rather than coming across as being opportunistic.   But when it does get made, hopefully a couple of years down the line I am sure it will be interesting especially if they get the casting right because whether you liked Jobs or not the guy had charisma.  
  • MRG
    I´ll love to watch a film about Steve Jobs ala Social Network. Start Now Please Sony.
  • Sony is more and more like apple every day so this does not surprise me.




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