Sound Off: Marvel's 'Captain America: The First Avenger' - Thoughts?

July 22, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Arriving in theaters today is Marvel Studios' fifth movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, our final introduction before The Avengers, and their first period piece taking place in WWII. At the helm is none other than director Joe Johnston, who cast Chris Evans to bring Steve Rogers to life on the big creen and transform him from a skinny Brooklyn kid into the hero who'll lead the Avengers next year. So how is it? One of the best Marvel movies? Is it entertaining or just boring? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your own thoughts on Marvel's Captain America.

To fuel the fire, I really love Captain America, it is no question my favorite Marvel Studios movie and I can't wait to watch it again. Johnston nailed the tone, it's not overly comedic, yet keeps a lighter, fun pace that makes it entertaining and ass kicking all at the same time. Evans is a perfect Cap, Hugo Weaving is a badass Red Skull, even Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci are great. It's just everything a fantastic Marvel comic book movie should be, and it ends on a perfect note leading right into The Avengers. The action scenes are awesome, lots of shield throwing, but they don't give us too much. I seriously wanted to go back and watch it again right away after seeing it for the first time, it's that good. I loved it and I hope everyone else does, too!

What did you think of Captain America? One of Marvel's best movies to date or a total mess? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the discussion civilized!

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  • Cinephile
    That is actually the most apt feeling for the movie I could have imagined. Besides being my favorite. I think it is just as good as Iron Man though.
  • NG
    Captain America is my favorite comic book character, so naturally I sincerely hoped that Joe Johnston and crew would 'get it right.' I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed the movie, but I'm conflicted on how much. I loved so much of it - Steve's characterization, the numerous references to the comic books/Marvel Universe, the cast (move over Agent Smith, cause Hugo Weaving IS Red Skull), the style and tone, and so on. The post-credits scene/teaser is fantastic, and it does a good job bridging it into the Avengers. But I found that I cared more about Steve Rogers when he was still the 90 lb weakling. Not that Evans didn't perform well as Cap, but I felt that he wasn't able to shine as much as he did before his transformation. Also, this is probably just the comic fanboy in me speaking out, but there were some moments that didn't quite feel right, such as the way ****SPOILERS*** Bucky went out. Still, the moments Johnston did capture the essence of Captain America outnumber those where he didn't. Other minor things that annoyed me were the vaporizing guns (I'm all for adding sci-fi elements to the story, but completely vaporizing bodies? Felt like too much) and the lens flares, which I never really enjoyed in Star Trek either. Overall, it's a solid and great film. I don't think I would go as far as to call it my favorite Marvel Studios picture without seeing it again, and my gripes are probably just because I hold Captain America to a higher standard than I did Iron Man or Thor. By the way, did anyone notice that all the SHIELD agents were driving Acuras?  When did they switch from Audi? :)
    • NG
      Just wanted to add that I completely agree with what Alex said on the video blog reaction about the scene that reminds him of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. It was very well done.
  • Bigsexy_90
    Love love love love loved it! I agree with you Alex 100%, I had a blast and I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see it again!
  • Rx37
    Amazing! I was holding my breath for a while now hoping it wouldn't suck; and to my great joy I was blown away. Damn it! I'm going to see that again and again!
  • DRM
    It was a good movie and all, but Red Skull was weak. He had plenty of scenes, but he barely accomplished anything after his intro scene. Cap was on his tail the whole movie, and he barely got his plane off the ground only to be dispatched by holding his own weapon. After the first scene, the only people he killed were OTHER NAZIS!
    • Medesigns
      Thanx @$$ for telling plot points. 
      • DRM
        "Sound Off" sections have ALWAYS been for people who have already seen the movie. That's the point.
  • Imthinking.Tyler
    I enjoyed this so much especially because the theater I went to cost $18 there were very few people at the midnight showing.  70FT screen with nice leather reclining seats made this movie experience relaxing.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    I’ve been a lifelong fan of Captain America and was really looking forward to seeing this movie, but it was let down.  Captain America on tour a selling war bonds? Are you kidding me?  Sorry, but he never did that before and to me it was a scene taken straight out of Flags of Our Fathers.  And don’t even get me started on Chris Evan’s lame portrayal of the Cap’!  One other thing, there should be a standard’s law when it comes to CGI.  If there was the CGI in Captain America would have failed.   To sum it up: It looked and felt like Captain America but …  Jurassic Park 3 looked and felt like Jurassic Park but … Guess who directed both?
    • Medesigns
    • Bigsexy_90
      Before you compare captain America to flags of our fathers, read your comics or do your research, captain America did promote the sale of war bonds, what better way in 1940 was there to get kids interested in helping out during the war! I loved that they incorporated this into the movie, it also gave us a chance to see the original costume on display in the film
      • Hattori Hanzo
        So did Bugs Bunny, but if you didn't see Flags of Our Fathers in that something is wrong.
      • Murph
        While I haven't seen the movie I have to point out that all comic book and comic strip characters of that era from Superman to Batman to Blondie and Dagwood incorporated the selling of war bonds into the storyline at some point. Captain America was just one.
    • Splinter
      1- If your questioning if there was CGI in the movie then you obviously were not paying attention 2- Though he did not sell war bonds in the origins he was still used as a poster boy before they sent him off to actually fight. You have a better chance of picking on the fact that Dr. Abraham Erskine was a man and not a women 3-Chris Evans usual smart as obnoxious character was the first reason i did not want to see this movie, at comicon he confessed how a lot of people doubt him and he hopes to really pull the character. He did just that in this movie. He has shown that he is not that witty annoyance of a Ryan Reynolds duplicate.  as for the director, dont leave out The Rocketeer which was what aided in the over all feel of this movie, Hidalgo, The wolf man was not all that great but he has a neck for creating a solid tone,  not to glamerize but he also did a lot of the vfx for the original trilogy .. yep you guessed it Star Wars. I understand people will try to bash any movie they can but before you do make sure you can back up why with a logical reason. and coming from someone who works the gaming and film industry doing vfx and characters, your just a disappointing fan boy who does not like change.
      • Hattori Hanzo
        Splinter, maybe you need to pay more attention to what someone says before going off your nut. Here's what I said above: "One other thing, there should be a standard’s law when it comes to CGI. If there was the CGI in Captain America would have failed."" I never questioned if there was CGI in the film I said it was poor. For those who like the movie, no need to go jihad on me for not sharing your opinions; I read what you say and while I disagree, I respect them.     This movie sucks balls compared to the real Captain America.  Oh, sorry, I expressed an opinion again.
        • splinter
          "IF THERE WAS THE CGI IN CAPTAIN AMERICA" yeah you did not question it at all.  maybe its your wording, there was plenty of CGI in this movie and it was done well, the apparent balls that this movie is supposed to be sucking may be in your mouth, take them out re- word your post and maybe ill understand you
          • Hattori Hanzo
            Okay Splinter, let me give you a basic lesson on reading. I'll break the sentence down to make it easy for you. Here is the entire sentence: "One other thing, there should be a standard’s law when it comes to CGI. If there was the CGI in Captain America would have failed." Now here it is broken down: 1. One other thing, there should be a standard’s law when it comes to CGI."  -meaning exactly that 2. If there was - meaning if there was a standards law 3. the CGI in Captain America would have failed. - meaning if there was a standards law the CGI 'in' Captain America would have failed. See, I actually said from the start that there was CGI in Captain America but you reacting like an asshole was too hell bent on crapping on my reasons for not liking Captain America.  Maybe the next time I'll use more suck balls lines in my comments so you get what is being said right away so you won't have to use what little edcuation you have.  
    • Garrett
      This are some of the most absurd qualms to have with a movie.  Sounds like someone really stretching to complain about something. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, just like most everyone else here.  I was nervous that my high hopes would be dashed to pieces, but I left the theater feeling extremely satisfied (though that satisfaction was greatly amplified by the Avengers teaser.  Incredible!).
  • karl
    it was okay. I can't help but to feel that CA and Thor were rushed just to set up the Avengers. the story was decent but not enough action. kind of the opposite of most movies - to much action not enough story. the fight scenes seemed like an after thought. for a guy who has been transformed into the greatest physical specimen Cap spent a lot of time talking. one monster battle with Cap kicking ass would have helped. heck the trailer for mission impossible was more exciting. not saying it was bad just okay.
    I went in thinking it would be crap..especially because of the horrible thing that was Wolfman by joe johnston..and that the trailers looked campy. BUT i was was good...and it was TOMMY LEE JONES that did it.  He's comedic timing and little statements made the movie really come together at the right moments for me. I loved the post-credits avengers scene/trailer. One thing they could have done more showcase Cap's super strength and other abilities a bit more....where was the customary training/testing scene?
    • Anonymous
      I liked the film a lot, and I agree--Jones just owned the scenes he was in (Tommy Lee, but heck, Toby was great too!).  Great film, and I was glad to see that Johnston pulled it off.  Seems like people have already forgotten the great job he did with THE ROCKETEER.
    • Moester
      Cap does not have super-strength...
      • Anonymous
        Compared to who? Superman or an ordinary person?
  • Overall, I can say that I enjoyed the film, but it felt average.  It was not terrible, but nothing that blew me away.  The CGI felt awkward through out the film, almost out of place.  The dialogue was cheesy at times (though isn't that what we love about comics?).  Also, why not call the Cosmic Cube the Cosmic Cube? Besides that, everything else was good.  I really enjoyed the cast, top to bottom.  Evans does a good Cap and Tommy Lee Jones had me in stitches.  The story was pretty decent, though more development with the Red Skull would have been nice.  Speaking of which, I am really glad Mr. Weaving played one of my most favorite villains ever! Any way, for those who have not seen it, enjoy and stay around after the credits.  For everyone else, bring on the Avengers!
  • I thought it was as good as Iron Man, Spiderman 2 and X2 (my favorites of the Marvel movies). It had it's own flavor that reflected the time period and it was highly entertaining. I felt that Evans carried the character from his 98 pound weakling all the way through to the end and his supporting cast did a great job as well. Joe Johnston gained a lot of my respect this this film.
    • Anonymous
      I thought Evans was great as Cap, but my cousin couldn't help but throw in a FF joke during the scene with Bucky on the train.  I thought the end before the credits was well done, but sad.  The last line was perfect. And the AVENGERS clip at the end brought cheers from the audience.
      • Yeah, we had cheers and applause at the teaser clip. And before that a handful of people left when the credits started to roll. Guess they don't frequent !
  • Ron Torque
    I wasn't excited about the movie but seems that it's gonna be a good one.Will do when it hits theaters here.
  • Shawnlancekeim
    I will say the movie was AWESOME! It was a great movie, well done....BUT after the credits....The Avengers trailer played. HOLY SH*T. That just got me excited like no other. Be sure to stay. I think anyone who doesn't like certain Marvel movies compare them to the comics, as you should. But it seems everyone wants them to follow the comics word by word and panel by panel. It will never please everyone, but it was a hell of a movie. I loved it.
  • Risk
    Oh yes.
  • PimpSlapStick!
    This might be Marvel's Donner/Superman moment! Captain America gave me that Chris Reeve, "You'll be a man can fly..or soldier Superly?!" Feeling! It's That Good.
    • Pimpslapstick
      "Believe" I'm excited! Just got back from seeing it! Oh my Money on Gabe Jones(Derek Luke) is gonna turn out to be Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) in the MARVEL MOVIE-VERSE.
  • splinter
    It was a great movie i was very skeptical but seeing what Joe Johnston and Chris Evans were doing i began to enjoy it more and more, Chris did an amazing job portraying Steve, and that was my primary worry, i am glad they stuck with shrinking his body digitally instead of body replacement. I wish they had more time to give more details in the story but for the time they had ... this is one great marvel movie living up to expectation.
  • Alboone
    brilliant. the best marvel movie ever. hands down.
  • Logan
    I though it was great. This one is up there with Iron Man and the Dark Knight. I love and and read the comics. Glad to see Ed Brubaker's name in the credits.
  • Jackie
    This was a wonderful movie....just can't decide who's hotter Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds! I would highly recommend this movie, it contained lots of action and lots to look at!!
  • Kmamou91
    Chris Evans proved me wrong,he played a great Cap. The movie overall was great also and I don't mind watching it over and over. But I know one thing though May 4th 2012 needs to hurry the hell up,I'm glad Loki is returning as one of the main villians.
  • Had the Pleasure of waiting with around 3 thousand other people at Comic Con to see this Screening. Best Marvel Movie yet. It had an old school feel to it. Extremely well done.
  • Tilane7
    I just came from seeing it and I'm still smiling. I loved the movie and Chris Evans did a great job all the way through, completely obliterating my expectations. The cast was good all around and I thought that the action sequences were just enough for an origin film like this. (**near spoiler alert**) A very small quibble-the last scene didn't seem to have surprise and/or disorientation with Rogers' reaction. Stick around for the after-credits scene, you'll be very happy you did. 
  • Ian
    Highly entertaining.  Loved the old-fashioned vibe. Sidenote:  if my audience's extremely negative reaction to Amazing Spider-Man's trailer is indicative of others', Sony may have big trouble on their hands.
    • The Spider-Man trailer was met with ambivalence in ours. Interesting what you got though.
  • Anonymous
    Marvel has had more so so movies than great, but they have been on a tear lately and looking forward in a grand slam next summer! Captain America was fantastic. Saw it twice in one day.
  • Spider
    Great flick! Chris Evans impressed me. Hayley Atwell is just the most delicious eye candy to grace the screen in recent years. The old-fashioned, nostalgic tone did wonders for this flick. Tommy Lee Jones stole the show- hands down. Overall, the story was top-notch and everyone including, Stanley Tucci did a hell of a good job. The effects were awesome and Hugo Weaving was as sinister as they get. Major props to director Joe Johnston. He did what many were calling, 'the impossible'. He is to, "Captain America", as Christopher Nolan is to, "The Dark Knight"; he did fantastic! The Easter egg scene after the end credits was an awesome bonus that got so many fans literally jumping for joy and rocketing into applause!
    • Jwb3
      Spot on Spider, spot on! There's no possible way i can write my own opinion, when you've pretty much summed it all up for me. And shit...the end credits teaser trailer......OH MY F***ING GAWD!!!!! I literally was jumping off the walls with excitement/anticipation. This summer has had such a fantastic lineup of films, but damn, i wish it was the summer of 2012 already!! I'm curious to see how they'll bring Thor back to earth? And I found it interesting how Loki was being walked in the room in hand cuffs it looked like? I really hope Mark Ruffalo can sell his part as the Hulk!  Lastly, it begs the question for next summer (Alex if you're reading this, you should somehow post this question in an article to get everyone's opinion) not that the two movies are rated as one being better than the other, cuz they're both gonna be GREAT films, but I wonder which film people are more looking forward too even by an ounce: The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises? ......Avengers for me!!!
  • Staatz
    I didn't tear up at the end at all...
    • Staatz
      Okay , maybe a little, but it was mostly allergies...
  • I thought the film had a lot of excellent actors. There was enough acting skills to offset the slow pace of the story (in my opinion). Once it got up & running, it was a non-stop ride. I loved every second of it (despite my 3D glasses slipping off my nose). I can't wait to see 'Captain America' again, and I am highly anticipating the 'Avengers'. All in all, I'd tell anyone, comic geek, fairweather fan, or just avid movie-goer to SEE THIS MOVIE. 
  • Anonymous
    I loved the whole thing. Perfect casting made for great characterization, and the old time War era tone was spot on. Love how it ended with its lead in to The Avengers. I think Chris Evans embodied Captain America perfectly, and made us all forget about The Human Torch in Fantastic Four.
  • Millerhawk166
    I loved it from beginning to the end!
  • Ironmen
    Just saw the movie.  Great job.  Stunned Evans mad me care about the character.  Didn't see that comming. Ending had me in tears too.  Well played!
  • Ryan
    At a theatre in mid-town manhattan last night and Captain America was the only film not sold out for the 7-8pm showings. 
  • Poison
    Nobody else thought Dum Dum Dugan was awesome? Anyone?
  • Csaver99
    The movie was so good, it's a shame the Captain America story has to leave the WWII setting behind.  One of the best scenes was the "montage" of Captain America and the Howlin' Commandoes doing their Hydra hunt through the whole war.  It almost makes me sad we couldn't have an entire movie JUST with that alone, but that's simply not the narrative the story allows for a two hour movie.  Here's hoping for some real long flashbacks for the sequel.
    • Anonymous
      I'm thinking they'll do an "in-between-quel" for Captain American and the Howlin' Commandos.
  • I thought the movie itself was great, but the action scenes did feel a bit flat. Hard to explain really as to why they felt that way, but they just seemed to go down without any excitement. Maybe because Cap just used his shield the same way over and over and then the scene was done. Otherwise the movie was well made and it certainly has the better supporting cast of all the Marvel movies so far.
  • I loved Captain America and I nearly pissed myself when I saw the trailer for the Avengers
  • Jackmooney5
    I just came back from Captain America it is a good movie. It has action suspense but some scenes didn't make sense but only a few. Over all the movie was good I give the movie an A-.
  • Film Fan
    Yeah, this was a great film. I had a blast watching it. And the production and set designs were gorgeous. Worthy of an Oscar nomination for sure. Also, I guess I'm one of the few who loved "The Wolf Man".  Another retro feeling film Johnston nailed. I can't understand all the hate for it.
  • Shonuff
    Movie was great as a marvel medium popular period piece. i'm glad they didn't go with a modern plot, and stuck with the red skull/nazi angle. But those who didn't stay till after the credits.. you missed the 2 minute preview for THE AVENGERS!  STAY TILL AFTER THE CREDITS! Cap'n America = 7/10 Averngers Preview = 9/10
  • ThaXfactor
    Have you guys checked out "The Couch"???....As a fan of Comic Books/Movies and Humor; This the place to be
  • Anonymous
    CA is 4 out of 5 popcorn boxes. Had enough minor flaws that lowered my rating but underneath had some really magical moments for us who knew this Marvel character. Me. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn was a great line. Had a Norman Rockwell feel to it. And the Avengers tease, a great Easter Egg at the end. I bet there are some scenes that were left on the cutting room floor that would make for an extended director's cut DVD a good thing. Also the reference to the Indiana Jones was great.
  • Big Daddy Cool
    For me, this has been the best of the Marvel films so far. Really fantastic. And relatable!
  • Dr. Shitstains
    COOLIO!! This movie was FABULOUS!
  • Maximum Lightning 007
    I agree with Dr. Shitstains it really was absolutely positively genuinely FABULOSO!!!
  • Maximum Lightning 007
    Really Dr. Shitstains you had to back up your own comment how pathetic you truly are a shitstain. Oh yeah andthe movie was radical and fabulous (i apologize for quoting Dr. Shitstains)
  • Dr. Shitstains
    WTF is up with Dr. Shitstains why would he post three times mocking out his own comments what a doosh i totally agree with his review though it was a fabulous movie.
  • Dr. Shitstains
    I am truly sorry about those past comments my mom is making me apologize for anyone i may have offended with my stupidness and cursing. My real name is Bruce...
  • Dr. Shitstains
  • Dr. Shitstains
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You will never find me for i am Dr. Shitsains Lord of the Shit
  • Dr. Shitstains
    I want to kill that Dr. Shitstains Motherfu**er anyway the movie really was a fabulous action packed adventure for my son Franklin... the turtle. Everybody have a swell day. Thanks for listening. Well i got to get going i have buttcracks to suck. Keep on keeping on farewell your pal BW (Bruce Willis).
    WORST Marvel movie yet!!! Should have called it Nappin in America cause thats all the people were doing in our theatre. Wanted to walk out a few times. Only saw people shaking their heads in dissapointment on the way out. After this crop of crap i dont even care about the avengers! Captain America = complete waist of time! Not even worth a dvd rental. Should've have gone straight to tv and scyfy channel.
  • Dr. Shitstains
    ZZZZZ you are a stupid waste of time not Captain America the movie was fabulous like Dr. Shitstains said. How come nobody posted anything about Dr. Shitstains yet the guy is probably looking on the same site everyday waiting for someone to post on his comments so let me be the first. Here is to you Dr. Shitstains. (Even though you are pretty pathetic)
  • DaSchotts
    Just saw the movie with my kids and loved it. Love the Stark tie in. 
  • AonghusBM
    Just a bit bland and only really worth it if you're really following the Avengers lead up. Even then, I feel you wouldn't miss much if you skipped this instalment entirely. It was generic, with little character development across the board and whilst the action set pieces were somewhat impressive, they were done better in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a movie which is, for some reason, the closest comparison to this latest Marvel adventure I could draw; not just for the style and tone, but also for the shortcomings in the script.  In addition, the whole second half of the movie seemed to have been shot in 60p, presumably to accommodate the slow mo shots, but the absence of motion blur makes it feel like you're watching reruns of the A-Team. It was okay, I suppose, but definitely the most disappointing since the Incredible Hulk.
  • Tomyz
    I hate to write this down, as I am a big marvel fan.. The movie sucks. waste of time.  Story scenes were actually way better than action scenes.  Tommy lee jones saves the movie with fun humor. Not hyped at all about the Avengers... = 
  • silver
    80% of my packed theater stayed for the post-credits scene. its catching on
  • batsupe
    This movie was great! I was very impressed with Chris Evans as Steve Rogers. I felt like a kid watching this! I havent seen a character like this on screen since Christopher Reeves played superman. It could have used a bit more action but i loved all the characters, Tommy Lee Jones was awesome as usual, as well as Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. The best of the comic book movies this year! 
  • Anonymous
    Finally saw it, and it was very good. Only gripe is there should've been another mission, or expanded the train mission, rather than the montage. Chris was great as Cap, Hugo was very good (happily he changed his one-word-at-a-time-speech-pattern lol), but why is everyone saying Tommy Lee Jones saved the movie? Or was suup3r aVV3S0m3!!! It was typical TLJ, crass straight-faced yet witty go 'old TLJ. Great actor and reliable as the sunrise, but yeah... no surprise really.
  • Guestsam
    chris evans played the best captain america he was a great choice the best choice  but the guy who played thor was horrible the whole thor thing was horrible but the make us sit there through that whole origin crap in the 50s was a joke and thats why im glad marvel is now owned by disney
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