Sound Off: Disney/Pixar's Sequel 'Cars 2' - So What Did You Think?

June 24, 2011

Pixar's Cars 2

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's Pixar weekend in 2011 and this time they're serving up another sequel, Cars 2, picking up pretty much where the first Cars from 2006 left off. John Lasseter gets director credit again, with Brad Lewis co-director, on an adventure all around the world. Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is back, but the story mainly focuses on Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) basically becoming a spy with Finn McMissile (Michael Caine). So how is it? Was it a bad choice for Pixar to make a sequel to this? Is it fun to watch? If you've seen it, leave a comment and tell us what you thought of Cars 2!

To fuel the engine with Allinol this time, I honestly really think Cars 2 is a lot of fun, it's not Pixar's greatest film, that's certainly the case, but I think it's entertaining and has a little bit of a heart - it tries to at least. And as long as you don't hate Larry the Cable Guy and can still laugh at Mater (which I can, I loved Mater's Tall Tales too!) then you might actually enjoy this as well. I found the whole James Bond-like story so awesome, mostly because I'm a big Bond fan, and I'm glad it carried the whole way through (and didn't give it up). Plus, I liked the lil' friendship plot, but that's the problem, it was too brief and whimpy, it needed to be more, it lacked more of that emotion, but it was still a fun movie to watch. Embrace your inner lemon!

So what did you think of Pixar's Cars 2? One of Pixar's best, or worst? Good entertainment? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • Moon
    Anyone that's seen this: Do you think this will be up for animated feature this year, cause if it's not that will be a first for Pixar.
  • A P
    Not the greatest, but enjoyable due to the fact I lived in Japan so it relates well to the experiences I had. And to have it in car form, like bugs life in real life is pretty neat. Overall its a good away to escape for a couple hours. Couldve been better but my score is 3 outta 5 stars. 
  • Apu29
    It takes ten movies to build a reputation, and only one movie to tarnish it. Yup, it's that bad.
  • Alexander Gramlich
    I did like it, I guess it was, as it supposed to be, more of a hit summer movie than a Pixar masterpiece. It's a great work of art, the thousands of cars, the locations, the FX, the Bond feeling to it and good humor. I feel the critics have been tough, but it will make a lot of money, and time will tell if it was a bad move or a different stile for Pixar.
    • Greg Good2013
      Did you really just spell style wrong with "stile?"
      • Anonymous
        Maybe he meant it was a pig of a movie.
  • Bench warmer
    I'm a big fan of Pixar, but this one was without a doubt my least favorite. Not bad, but not great. It was missing something.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Here's where critics and film reviews in general bother me.  They only take into account personal opinion and film as an art form.  Granted those are valid things to judge something by, but I believe for a kids film such as this there is another aspect we miss.  What do kids think about it? The first Cars is always mentioned as most peoples least favorite Pixar films, but I work with kids, and spend 90% of my time in the company of children and I can tell you next to Toy Story, Cars is their favorite Pixar film.  It's the one they ask for the most, and the one they play the most.  So this sequel has a place, and after seeing the movie I disagree with most reviews I've read so far.  Sure it's not a great Pixar film by comparison to their others, and it may even be their worst...but I guarantee you this film will be more popular with kids than Up!, Ratatouille, Bugs Life, The Incredibles and Wall E (my personal fav).   By that measure I don't think Cars 2 is one of their worst films.  It's a fun movie, and the kids in the theater were more excited, reacted more positively and were engaged more positively than they were when I saw Rio and Kung Fu Panda 2 early this summer.   Pixar may have missed the mark with us adults with this one, but as someone who works with and studies children I can tell you Pixar is still on their game when it comes to their target audience.  
    • ate
      Pixar's target audience is not kids. Just because it is an animation studio doesn't mean animation or their target audience is just kids. They have stated repeatedly they make movies they themselves want to see and movies for everyone.  It's not like Rio or KFP2 where some characters in the former and lines in the latter were so exclusively geared for kids. So, they did fail in hitting their entire target audience.
    • Jd
      you do not need to be working with kids.
    •  "still on their game when it comes to their target audience." If that were true then the movie would be thoroughly enjoyable for adults along with kids. Their target audience isn't solely kids.
  • Kristen
    I thought it was terrible.  It was way over my 4 year old's head and scared her.  This is a child who isn't scared of any Disney movies.  The constant shooting and blowing cars up wasn't necessary, and the storyline was over most kids heads.  Pixar failed.  They forgot their target audience.
    • ate
      Their target audience is the family/everyone, not just kids below 8. 
      • Anonymous
        Your response does not invalidate Kristen's point...
        • Zekumi
          One of her "points" was that "They forgot their target audience". No, they did not, as children are not their target audience. So obviously, it invalidates one of her points.
  • Marauder62
    I did not care for the "tree hugger" aspect of the movie. Now having said that; I loved it! I liked the Paul Newman homage, very nice touch. And I truly enjoyed the guest stars. I have always been one of those people that will LISTEN to a "cartoon" and try to figure out who did the voice for the characters. So, when I saw the "NORTHWESTERN" it was a no brained as to who was voicing the boat. And, Bruce Campbell one of my all time faves! Personally, I thought that "Cars 2" was better than the first, and thanks to my 2 year old grandson I watch the original A LOT! NOW, bring on "Brave" waiting on the edge of my seat!!
  • Shige
    Hated it. Maybe because I do not care about cars in general or maybe because the story and the treehugger shit was dull. 
  • Adri1730
    I was dissapointed what are we teaching our kids with this movie. It had to much violence guns and a twisted plot for toddlers. My son has been a fan of cars although when we took him yesterday to see the movie he got scared with all the shooting and bombs. He wasn't the only one reacting like that many more kids in the theater as well. My son has every item sold fir cars1 for example towels bedding bookbag books all the cars shirts etc. But we will not be purchasing any items for cars 2.
    • Towaway
       I hope you're not teaching any kids English. "It had TOO much violence..." not "It had TO much violence".
      • Anonymous
        Grammar Nazi.  Shoo, troll...go back to your bridge.
      • anon
         Towaway = DUMB TROLL
  • James
    It seemed a Mater Tall Tale that was stretched out way too long. Best part was the Toy Story short at the beginning.
    • Good because that is the only reason why I am going to see it today. (no sarcasm)
  • Moviekid
    It may not have the heart of Toy Story 3 or Up, but Cars 2 is pure summer fun, and I loved it. Terrific toy story short before the movie, btw.
  • Towaway
    All the beauty of any Pixar film but lacking any of the emotional tug at the heart. May just be the first loss for Pixar at Oscar time. Technically; wonderful. The story seemed too contrived; like a leftover plot idea from "The Incredibles". I liked the homage to Paul Newman but disappointed George Carlin did not get the same consideration in one way or another.
  • Adam
    Alex why do u like every movie? Go look at every what do you think. Halarious.
    • It's because I love movies, I can usually find the good in most of them, and most of them are entertaining to watch. Especially a Pixar movie. We usually only write about What Did You Think for movies I'm excited for and are good enough to deserve this. Hating every movie is called cynicism. Liking most movies is simply just enjoying cinema. Though I don't like plenty of movies (like X-Men, Jonah Hex), I just don't care to write about them as much.
      • Danimal
        Thank you! I definitely feel like everybody is looking for the bad qualities of films with they go to the movies anymore, instead of just sitting back and enjoying what they just paid $12 for. Some of my favorite movies, quality-wise, are absolutely terrible, but they're a frikkin blast if you just sit back and try to enjoy them for what they are.  Anyways, I just saw cars, and personally thought it was completely underrated. I hated the first one, but loved this one. But that's just my opinion of course 😉
        • Aub_smith13
          I totally agree with you I loved it. I didn't think it was scary or directed at adults as a lot of the people on here commented.
      • Adam
        Alright I agree lol accept cars 2 sucks
    • Anonymous
      Dumb question to ask a guy who make a living on watching movies.  Kind of would be like asking a porn star why they like having sex.
  • Kenneth
    Cars 2 was not horrible. But it was bad, the humor was so forced in most parts. Disney/pixar are slipping real hard
  • Anwar Sosa
    I have to agree with other comments, PIXAR doesn´t make pictures for children , the animators have sayed in interviews that they make movies based in their life experiences, not because is animation it has to be for kids. As a fact I think PIXAR movies are very mature and sure a kid enjoy the characters but as adults we fully understand the message of the movies. Speaking of the "Cars 2", I enjoy it is something different and bold, but it's a good thing because goes in new territory, basically is a story of international spies and the star is Mater. It has brilliant moments and the art direction is splendid, and it gives a  good message about acceptance with oneself. Yes it is totally different from the first movie, but Lasseter and his crew again risk it all and did a very good second part, I wasn't dissapointed and for fans of spionage movies it a time trip to old movies of that genre.
  • Rjdoyle27
    I'm a little surprised by the fact that people can't spell at all on this board.
  • Notalent
    The only reason this was made was because the merchandising aspect of Cars 1 was a cash cow for Disney/Pixar. So they couldn't resist making another one that would make them a boatload of money apart from ticket sales.
    • Anonymous
      Right. And this movie was targeted at kids not the whole family this time purely because of the merchandise dollars Disney makes off the Cars franchise. There's no other reason this was made. Just look at the numbers (billions) from toy sales.
  • MrsPearls08
    I was very disappointed with this movie. My four year absolutley LOVES Lightening McQueen and all of his comrades. In fact he loved the movie, however as a parent I felt there was way too much violence and adult content. Mixing and serving martinis, cars getting killed/blown up, automatic weapons, and Lightening McQueen's life being threatened was a little to much for me to be comfortable showing my child. I understand that Pixar does not make movies for children alone, however the majority of their audience will be children under 10. The MPAA rating on this movie should have been' PG' and not 'G'. As a parent I would have liked a more suffient rating on this movie so I could have had an idea of the content of the film.
  • Tahoemike1
    Saw it yesterday! My 8 and 9 year old boys were bored. I fell asleep at one point. It was bad. You didn't care about any of the characters and were happy when the whole mess was over.... Way too complex with no relevant message.
  • Caroapril05
    i loved the movie but what happened to doc. he was my favorite character from cars 1 and they talk about him like he was dead. i wondered what pixar would tell the audience what happened outside if business but more of a what happened to the actual character. did he die? in the movie of course  
  • Jedibilly
    The sceneries were spectacular but overall this Cars is just creepy! I just can't get over how silly and creepy with cars that and their eyes move about in the windshields. Where did the humans go? The Cars ate them! LOL!
  • Nancymooney5
    Well when I walked in the theater I thought the movie would be ok but the movie was really good and I thought John Lasseter made Cars 2 better than Cars. But I thought some parts were weak and some were really sad I give a B+ to Cars 2.
  • Foamhands713 Tl;dr = Not so good, for adults or children.
  • Boatntime13
    I took five kids to this movie yesterday.  Ages; 7, 6, 5, 3 & 18 months.  The seven year old asked to leave the theater, she thought it was scary, and hated it that the cars were hurting each other.  The six year old ended up in tears because he thought McQueen was going to die.  The five year old was hiding her face in her mother's shoulder and the three year old asked why everyone was hurting each other.  I really don't think this is a "G" movie.  There were several sets of parents in the lobby and hallway of the theater with children who were too upset to watch the rest of the movie.  I thought the humor was aimed at adults and it was way too violent.  We were still calming the kids down long after the movie.  Disney - you blew this one and it will be a long time before I trust the "G" rating again!  What a waste of money -- we could have gone to the zoo.
  • Jd
    cars is not a G movie period.
    • Jd
      sorry, i mean cars 2 is not a G movie. cars 1 was great for the entire family.
  • Durga
    I took two 1-year-olds and two 3-year-olds to see Cars 2. It wasn't that great overall, but it wasn't that bad. I will still buy the DVD; it was better than WALL*E and Ratatouille, for sure. I'm laughing at these people with the crybaby kids, though. Seriously? Your grade school kids are SCARED of this movie? No wonder this country is going to pot. Nut up and let your kids experience a little excitement. It's not a scary movie by any standards - your kids are pussified.
  • lisa hall
    i was really looking forward to this movie... then not so much after reading several bad reviews... over all i was bored out of my mind! i fell asleep a few times. It felt like a mater short that lasted for two hours. The beginning was confusing it tried to pick up right where the first left off but failed epicly... expecially considering it was supposed to be a few years later. I love pixar movies but this was a giant fail.
  • ms.v
    wow really? ANOTHER cars movie? The first one wasn't bad enough? It just amazes me that Pixar will leave its other great creations like The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. hanging for so long, yet they pump out another crappy cars movie. I think they are mistaking themselves for Dreamworks. 
  • Aub_smith13
    Pixar is an imaginative company that makes movies for children and I believe that you guys are looking at the movie through the wrong eyes. Instead of looking at it through an adults eyes with a small imagination that knows cars don't talk, look at it throughout the eyes of the child that thinks when he/she closes the bedroom door the toys come to life isn't that the whole point of Pixar. I'm 18 years old and going to college and I loved the movie because I kept an open mind instead of a judgmental eye to this movie and I loved the story line, animations, and the action was an added bonus as well. Next time you go to the movies to watch a cartoon watch the fantastically amazing Childs version instead believe me you will enjoy in more
  • Alex Lewis
    Awsome second movie. Showed more than I thought. Wasn't predictable Hoping a 3rd will come out like toy story 3
  • Ciarrai
    I seriously LOVE these films - Cars 1 & 2, as so do my intelligent, well adjusted 5yr old son & 3yr old daughter!!  I don't understand what isn't to like about either of them.  The first film was so sweet & the second one full of action & intrigue which wasn't at all wasted on my kids!   And both are always full of comical lines, great characters and visually stunning.  Those kids who found the film scary sound like they may have some serious issues outside of the cinema!  My son can't wait for the Cars 2 DVD to come out.  His 'Cars 1' DVD is well worn!  Maybe cinema debates really just come down to personal taste.  I can't abide the 'Toys' films, nor 'The Incredibles'.  My favourites would be 'Up', 'Monsters Inc' and 'Cars 1' and 'Cars 2'.  Bring on 'Cars 3'!!!  We can't get enough!!
  • Asummer1
    The words "Kill" and "Die" are mentioned early and often in this movie.  My kids play with toy guns, but their is no way they are watching this movie.
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