Sound Off: Tarsem's 'Immortals' with Henry Cavill - Your Thoughts?

November 11, 2011

Immortals Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "NOW I unleash the Titans!" Arriving in theaters this weekend is visionary director Tarsem Singh's stylish new take on the Greek Gods story with Immortals, starring soon-to-be-seen-as-Superman Henry Cavill as Theseus, the only hope the Gods have. How is this fantasy epic? It also stars Mickey Rourke as the insanely despicable King Hyperion, and Freida Pinto as Phaedra, plus Luke Evans as Zeus. So is it actually any good? Better than the Clash of the Titans remake, or worse? How is Henry Cavill? If you've seen it, write a comment below with your thoughts on Immortals!

To fuel the fire of the Gods, I actually really liked Immortals. I truly did, I thought it was visually incredible (I saw it in 3D, which was just okay) and entertaining from a cinematic standpoint, however I do recognize that the script & story were a bit weak. First of all, Henry Cavill is such a badass and gave a performance pretty much above every other person in the entire movie; I cannot wait to see him as Superman. Back to Immortals, the movie had so many stunning set pieces that were all so colorful, but sometimes just oddly placed, for example, was that random tower in the middle of the desert really practical? But I digress. The final fight between the golden Gods and the dirty Titans was totally awesome, bloody and badass, I just wished it wasn't intercut so annoyingly between the other boring fight, I just wanted to see it in its entirety.

My only other major complaint was that we never really got to see anybody use the incredibly awesome bow, which was odd because they found it and should've been used it a lot. It was shot about 3 times (and quickly taken from Theseus before he could use it), but I was hoping to see it used one of the bigger battles. Imagine Legolas with that thing! Other than that, overall I really liked the movie, but wish there was a bit more of a polished story. The Hyperion character got a bit old and repetitive by the end and I just wanted to see more Theseus kicking ass, but it got too messy in the final act. Still, one hell of a visual feast, nothing quite like it.

What did you think of Tarsem's Immortals? Entertaining action epic or cinematic disaster? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • Qweqweq
    Freida Pinto's ass in 3D was worth the price of the ticket alone
    • jah p
      What ass?She's flat back there, compare her to JLo and Beyonce, now that's an ass! Overall, great film, to me it's more like 300 than Clash though, and I agree with Alex, that bow should have been used a bit more...
      • Zach
        Jlo and beyonce cant act, so I would rather see freida's
      • Anonymous
        jah, the fact that jlo and beyonce have 80 pounds of flabby ass does not make them sexy at all......unless you're into fat, sloppy asses.
        • John
          • Anonymous
            oh, oh - i think john likes the jelly booty.
      • Brandon
        Ciaras ass please. I haven't seen Immortals yet. But this an important discussion. 
    • Cody
      She used an ass-double to stand in. It wasn't her ass.
    • Nbastreets240
      By the way. It wasn't her butt. She didn't want to get naked. it was a stand in.  Sorry dude. The movie was still epic. 2000x better then clash. and it fell a few points bellow 300. Nothing will ever beat 300. It's to way up high.
  • ak
    Hate to destroy your fantasy, but that ass belonged to Freida's double. Freida doesn't do nuds. Sorry.
    • Christohper Exantus
      Is it just me or is anyone else disturbed by the lack of actresses willing to get naked? 
      • Anonymous
        not disturbed, but surprised. seems like they all have nude pics of themselves on their cell phones - so, why not in movies too?
        • nate
          That was like a couple people and now you say they all do?
          • Anonymous
            nate, i barely follow this kind of stuff and i could think of a dozen without trying. and i did say "seems like". don't you have better ways take up space in the comments section than this?
      • My goodness, all this discussion about Freida Pinto's ass! I guess that may be the most "Immortal" part of this movie... even though it's not even hers! Haha crazy...
  • ak
    I agree with your review all the way, except this one point you make: "The final fight between the golden Gods and the dirty Titans was totally awesome [...] I just wished it wasn't intercut so annoyingly between the other boring fight..." I don't mind the intercutting, whatever. But if with "the other boring fight" you mean the Hyperion-Theseus fight, that was not boring at all, imo. It was the most savage, brutal, un-stylized, intence, mean body-to-body fight I've ever seen. And certainly the most convincing ever, of two men fighting so ferociously, not just for their lives, but to literally tear each other apart, to rip each other hearts off with their bear hands, like for real, not looking like choreographed-martial-arts-ballerinas while doing that. Even more, at the end of the fight, the acting of Cavill was really extraordinarly powerful. I was really impressed by this fight, I thought it was one of the best scenes of the film. And note that I'm a woman, I don't even like fight scenes, lol... But this one really got me... LOL at "Imagine Legolas with that thing!" hahaha!!!!
    • John
      "And note that I'm a woman, I don't even like fight scenes, lol... But this one really got me..."? WET?
      • ak
        What "wet"? I'm a woman. I like that fight. What don't you understand? "wet" lofl Here is a pic. If words aren't clear, maybe this is :)
  • Anonymous
    i loved it......yea, yea - story was a little thin and some acting wasn't perfect; but, that isn't the draw here. it's the great visuals; wonderful locations and cool action. i'll be getting this on blu ray when it's out. a good companion piece to "300".
    • Butthead
      Hey Beevis, I'm gettin a stiffy
      • Anonymous
        heh,heh.....heh,heh, too....heh,heh
    • ak
      Who's acting wasn't perfect? Just asking, no fan/hate here...
  • Very awesome movie..I can't wait to see Henry Cavill as Superman!
  • Dianne Sales
    We enjoyed it, liked the action, backdrops were fantastic, and visual effects were superb.  Was far better than the previews made it appear.  Actually, didn't hear any bad comments regarding it from those coming out of the prescreening.
  • john m
    "this is not SPARTA!" I am reminded why 300 was such a great film experience.  This film had a great visual feel but borrowed liberally from other successful films such as 300 in the genre.
    • Lagoya
  • Anonymous
    The movie was a decent film for sure.  You won't be upset if you waited till Blu-Ray, and you wouldn't be bummed if you spent time in the theater to see it as well.  It was a good action film with a flimsy script.  But its really not about that, the visuals, as others have said, are awesome.  Not enough of the bow for sure, but still a good flick.
  • Movieman
    I thought that Immortals was AWESOME, amazing visuals and some great battle scenes, I will need to see this again. At the session I attended some of the audience was cheering during the final fight sequence and the audience was very upbeat and pumped after the screening, surely a good sign for the film.
  • Vette4321
    Fucking Awesome.....  I loved it.
  • Buzzfunk
    Wow. The readers here are easy to please.  It is a really terrible movie. Yes, ok. A few good fight scenes. But, really is that all it takes these days? As a whole, it looked and played out like a bad theater piece. Horrible cgi montages with really bad acting. HOWEVER, I thought Henry C did ok with what was given to him. Also Mickey R is a badass. Love the guy.  If anything, it made me a believer that Henry could pull off a good superman...on the other hand, Sucker Punch was worse then this so I better keep my hopes in check...
    • Chad
      x2 also it really sucked in 3D... Micky R was defiantly baddass. So much wasted potential with this film..
      • Buzzfunk
        haha yeah 3D was done in Post so it was an obvious skip I thought. Sorry you had to endure that.  And wow, I paid $32 bucks (Arclight Hollywood) for 2 tickets. I mean WTF is going on??
    • Lagoya
      I agree, Rourke was the best character in the film. Action was ok, but I think they tried too hard to make it exciting and it wasn't. this doesn't compare to 300. There were also many inconsistet scenes. How can he fire 4 arrows in succession but they arrive simultaneously? Why didn't triton just destroy the boat instead of causing a wave that would have potentially killed Theseus? Etc.
      • Redguy812
        yes, i agree to everything you said (including the arrows thingy). Still, it was OK, i wasn't dissapointed. Still it shall be forgotten, unlike 300, a movie i'll always watch with pleasure.
        • Lagoya
          I must have seen 300 at least 10 times! After walking out of the cinema after seeing it the first time, I grew a beard for like 2 weeks I was so pumped lol, absolute classic!
    • Sinasazi
      "A few good fight scenes. But, really is that all it takes these days" When going into an "eye-candy" or "popcorn" movie... yeah... that's all it takes. I don't go into these types of movies expecting exceptional plots, perfect delivery, and top caliber performances by Hollywood's elite. I go into these movies looking for some good fun, some kick ass action, and if I'm lucky a nice ass and some side-boob. If I want a Shakespearean opus I'll pop in Branagh's Hamlet.
      • Lexicon-Urthus7
        I didn't go into this movie expecting exceptional plot, perfect delivery, and top caliber performances either. I went in with very, VERY low expectations, and YET I found it stale. A few sparklies here and there (Rourke, Cavil, the metal bull for roasting people used during ANE times by the friendly worshipers of Baal), but it failed miserably to pull me in emotionally. The film was, however, extremely good at butchering up mythology and turning it into a very long and pretentious metrosexual MTV music video. Huzzah!
  • Djfrenzy Ny
    I agree with everything stated above (accept maybe the Superman part). My main problem was the script/story. Knowing this wasnt built up as a prequel/sequel, it still left me wondering timeframe and /or what relevance it has to Clash (after all Zeus is still Zeus,right?) Freida is a GODDESS (no that she gained some weight finally) and the costumes and fight scenes are Visual CRACK!!!
  • Pincode
    Tarsem is a genius his past movies: The cell - the fall
  • mace
    its amazing that no one never mention how director Tarsem Singh rip-off a scene from 2004 House of Flying Daggers heres the scene
    • Buzzfunk
      Flying Daggers, one of my favorite movies.  And yes, that scene is an obvious rip. A bit too close for my taste.  It was disappointing esp. after the Cell was rather weird and unique, in a good way (minus Jlo). 
    • ak
      Yes, you're right! I love Flying Daggers, saw it 3 times, but oddly enough I didn't remember that scene when I saw Immortals (twice! lol). I guess Tarsem embedded that scene in the story in a way that it fitted perfectly, w/o triggering any doubts to the spectator, what can I say? Well, whatever... I still think Immortals is a great film and, as we say in Greece, there is no such thing as parthenogenesis in art. Everybody copies others, the thing is how well he does it...
  • awesome visuals great fight scenes but the story fell a bit flat, Pintos acting is head and shoulders above all else
    • ak
      Ha ha, you fell for the lady, obviously!! Not blaming you, though, she's a real beauty!... but best acting? Not in this film... She is a good actress, and in Immortals she was descent, given her plain dialogues, but nothing that could top Cavill/Rourke/Evans.
  • Redguy812
    movie was ok for a popcorn flick...but the near ending fighting was spectacular, i trully loved those 6-10 minutes.
  • Dom
    I really enjoyed it too - I would have gone for 2D had I had the choice - and having seen it in 3D, I would have probably enjoyed it even more in 2D. Overall a good flick - the lead was excellent - roll on superman. The visuals stunning - especially the fights and the girls were stunningly beautiful.  I liked the story too and how dark it was at times... it didn't opt out of being brutally real which was good in terms of the context. This was a much better Clash of the Titans. Weak points were - Stephen Dorf who just seemed to hang around in the corner of the screen for no real reason and I didn't think the end fight (not the gods) was very fairly matched given the baddie just ate and sat around looking fat. I also thought some of the production was pushed down the blue screen route a little too much - i.e. the village on the cliffs. Not so good. B+ - Fun and thrilling.
  • Pierre
    It was a great movie. Better than clash. It was like 300 but amplified. Although there were also a lot of similarities to 300. Like funneling hyperions men into that tunnel. Just like the hot gates in 300. Also. Not to burst anyone's bubble but that ass in 3d which great. Was not freida pintos. It was her butt double. But I'd say it was an 8/10. Lots of ass kicking.
  • One of this year's favorite :) I still did not watch it, hopefully tomorrow. Hope to like it :) Lets see... 
  • I quite enjoyed it, from the reviews here I really thought it would be mince, but it was good.
  • Noah
    Great discussion about the film/ass.




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