Sound Off: Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' - What Did You Think?

March 25, 2011

Sucker Punch

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Director Zack Snyder brings us his fifth feature film this weekend - Sucker Punch - which we've been excited to see since Comic-Con last year. Going totally original this time, he takes us on a fantastical adventure into the imagination of a girl hoping to escape a mental hospital. Emily Browning stars as "Baby Doll" and is joined by Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung. But is it any good? Did it live up to your expectations? How was the action? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Sucker Punch!

To fuel the fire big time on this one (since this movie seems to be polarizing people), I actually liked Sucker Punch, I enjoyed it for what it was, I was entertained by the visually astonishing, badass action sequences, and I had a good time watching it. That said, I do think the story itself is not only very confusing and messy, but really derails right at the end. It's not her story? So why were we watching it!? Despite that criticism, I don't disqualify the entire movie, because I really enjoyed watching everything else and I loved the various video game-like worlds that she imagined. Visually, it's an astounding movie, but story-wise, it's mediocre.

What did you think of Sucker Punch? An incomprehensible mess or awesome action movie?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • Lennard Picardo
    Storywise the film brought a hommage to Leonardo Dicapro: Shutter Island + Inception.
    • rodeo
      You forgot Heavy Metal...
  • yep
    You helps to know that MPAA rating screwed this over. I think the original ending and the dance sequences would have helped tell the story so much better. But, in the end, I feel people aren't watching it for what it is. I thought all the girls did a fine job with what they were given. They're chemistry was amazing one to another. Massive disappoint on the characters not having more to play with, but again, that wasn't the point of the film. Mindless fun and he did a great job with that. I'll leave it at that.
    • Anonymous
      Knowing that, makes all the difference. In all honesty, I thought the movie needed the dance sequences...and this is what really made the audience disconnect from the characters. No wonder everyone thought it was confusing...jeez.
    • Bjm72
      Unfortunately, the point of the dances have been missed by not only the usually over analytical critics, but by much of the public at large. It takes only a moment to ask oneself why Snyder and co. may have chosen to exclude those scenes; for instance, was it due to limited screen time, budgetary concerns, or similar concerns about the film’s ratings and potential audience? Unlikely. Snyder, despite the somewhat lackluster returns of Watchmen, has solidified his posi-tion as one of Hollywood’s wunderkind dynamos, and has certainly proven to be bankable as evidenced by the tremendous returns from 300. Therefore—and this conclusion is absolutely supported by the film’s narrative—is that Snyder chose not to depict the dance scenes because they did not happen! To explain, the story clearly explains—especially in the film’s opening and concluding scenes—that Babydoll et al were in fact NOT unwilling burlesque dancers cum pros-titutes bent on surviving with their physical assets, but WERE prisoners in a mental institutions. Of course, it follows that the dance instructor was not a mentor/protector of sorts, but a doctor, as was the mysterious High Roller. Similarly, the corrupt orderly was not an aspiring pimp be-decked in fine suits, but a miscreant who sold the girls to other orderlies, and hid his actions (and profits) from the Lennox House’s staff; his interactions with Babydoll’s stepfather were simply in keeping with his unscrupulous and criminal character. Again, all of these characterizations were firmly established by the narrative and the story—which, per Babydoll’s et al need to es-cape from the hellish confinement of the asylum—deliberately refused to present the unsavory reality of the main characters’ repeated rapings at the hands of the staff. This conclusion is sup-ported not only by the film’s story, but also by the anecdotal need of rape victims to avoid the sum total of their horrific experiences by escaping their fates via flights of fantasy that may hide the truth from the viewing audience, but never from the victims themselves. Thus, the sequences we witness as audiences are actually representative of the various victims’ attempts to survive their ordeal physically by withdrawing to an entirely fantastical world wherein they are not vic-tims, are not powerless, and are not being raped. Any other conclusion ignores the rampant symbolism inherent in patriarchal archetypes such as the notoriously macho samurai, the histori-cally tyrannical and perverted soldier-Nazis who were certainly not above sexism and sexual abuse, and a host of other hints at the underlying reality of the story; unless, of course, one actu-ally considers Babydoll’s metaphysical missions as factual occurrences—which is an ignorant conclusion at best, or stubbornly unobservant at worst. Therefore, Snyder’s film champions not CGI technology, steampunk coolness, or Kill Bill’s hyper-stylized aesthetics, but, rather, cham-pions the human spirit inside Babydoll that allows her to overcome her fear, assert her rights as a human being, and—in an act of humane compassion—sacrifice herself so that another (with a family who suffers with her absence) may find salvation. Fittingly, this theme was present in Snyder’s last two film’s, and indicates that he is much more concerned with the human condition than with pyrotechnics and paltry sexuality. Thus, Snyder and co., it seems, lived up to their mission of presenting powerful images of resilient women intent on survival and maintaining their sanity—not to mention their soul.
      • Bjm72
        p.s.:sorry about the hyphens; I created this comment in Word and failed to take into account the website's word-processing paramaters.
      • Suckit
        get a job.
  • ash
    did you just spoil this? awesome.
  • Anonymous
    We should keep track of everyone who "enjoyed it for what it is" and bring it up the next time they trash another action movie for being what it is...
  • SlashFilm is better
    Spoiler alert! Come on man
  • McFly
    Nice job spoiling the plot moron.
    • Jace
      One ability we have as human beings is the ability to stop reading. I read the first two sentences and stopped. Maybe it's not a human ability, I could just be an X-men?
  • thx1138
    I don't care what folks say, I have enjoyed all of Snyder's work up to now, so I am going this weekend...
  • Chris Hunter
    Seriously, Alex. Spoiler alert or something, man! I haven't seen the movie! Jesus, man!
  • Leinergroove
    I was about to comment on the spoiler, but... man... you're right. This section should be for those who already have seen the movie and want to discuss it. Nothing more to say, but tomorrow I'll come back with some fair and objective words about Sucker Punch...
    • Anonymous
      Damn it! You beat me to it... :)
  • Anonymous
    Hey guys, give Alex a break! This post is for those who have seen this film in order to discuss about any aspect of the film. So if you didn't see it then don't read! Of course, a spoiler alert can't hurt ;))
  • Your Momma
    Honestly, people! The title of this is "So what did you think?". The first line is "Now that you've seen it, what do you think?" If you can't figure out that this is for people that have seen the movie then I don't think you are in any position to be calling others morons. Stop blaming others for your idotic behavior.
    • David
      i was just looking for opinions about what peopele thought about the movie but according to you i'm an idiot. :(
    • Huh
      A little full of yourself, eh? Typically movie discussions of all stripes provide a warning when they intend to reveal a major plot facet. Particularly if the article occurs on or near the drop date. And if you're going to accuse people of "idotic" behavior, at least spell idiotic correctly.
    • ash
      except some people came to hear his opinion of the movie. i don't think people care that he spoiled it, but that he didn't post "spoiler alert".
      • Well I didn't spoil it at all. I didn't explain anything about what happens to anyone or how it plays out or anything like that. Second, ALL readers should inherently be familiar with these posts being full of spoilers as they have been since we started them YEARS ago.
    • EXACTLY!! You are dead on!! We have been posting these for YEARS this way. If readers don't know that by now, it is not our fault. Plus, nothing was even spoiled at all anyway - go see the damn movie people!
  • Jjabrams
    movie sucks donkey .....
  • Invictuz
    I absolutely enjoyed it, but definitely not for the reasons I thought I would. I would consider watching it with an xbox controller in your hands though, because this movie is set up like a video game like no one's business.
  • Brother
    alex can you quit the 'to fuel the fire' line its so damn annoying
    • The sound off won't be the same without that line
    • It's a part of this kind of post. Can you quit using the name 'Brother'? No because it's your name and part of your online persona that you use all the time. Every. Single. Sound Off we have ever written includes that and they always will. That won't be changing anytime soon - sorry!
      • You rule Alex
      • SlashFilm is better
      • crumb
        Dude, i'm pretty sure I read a review last summer where you didn't include, "to fuel the fire." It was very odd indeed. also: I was kinda surprised at the spoiler in the review; you tend to not throw around spoilers without warning, even if it is in a sound off thread. Not that I care -- you can't really spoil a film with no story, and last I checked this was a Zach Snyder film, yeah?
      • RolloverTomasi
        Hey Alex, to defend Brother just a bit (but say it in a nicer way), your use of the phrase "to fuel the fire" is incorrect in the way that you use it most of the time. It actually means "to make a bad situation worse", or "adding to the problem". In other words, it doesn't actually mean what you think it does. I apologize if that sounds harsh. I honestly don't mean it to be. I hope that you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism. I think what you mean to say is something like, "To get you started...", but that's not what you're saying.
    • Chris
      Then don't read the sound off posts anymore. simple as that.....
    • Anonymous
      no he did that once and we demanded it back, go away. "To Fuel the Fire" is awesome.
      • Angry Chief
  • Mr Cupic
    SPOILER ALERT! That's it...Final verdict for me definitely is: avoid first showing, cause it's more like 100th showing without spoiler warning. Thanks, man.
  • woopsie daisies
    Damn that of the biggest spoilers I've seen in a while. Watch out, Bruce Willis is a ghost.
  • JayC
    So now that we've got the lack of a spoiler warning out of the way, let us get back to our opinions about the movie. Does EVERYONE really need to tell Alex that there was not a spoiler warning? Once should be enough. We allways have to read through so much doodoo to get to the "real" comments. Great movie. Superb action sequences. It is what it is, don't look for the story it's ordinary.
  • Chris
    I'm still on the fence about this one. REALLY ON THE FENCE hahahaha. Up until a few days ago when Zack was on 106.7 KROQ here in los angeles I was really excited. Then he mentioned musical numbers......are they the type of musical numbers that garner a collective groan from the audience? But the action does look like 32 flavors of kickass......HELP! I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND!!
  • Buzzfunk
    I think after the horrible horrible crap that was Battle LA, going to the movies these days, is a lot riskier. I really cannot afford to waste 2 hours on my life on crappy movies...and there have been too many of them in the last couple of months....
    • Stevebeer
      Battle LA is not meant to be taken seriously. It's just a government sponsored, flag waving, patriotism increasing excercise in gaining more public support for the military and the war that is being lost in the stan. Where our ass is being licked this very moment.
  • Ev
    This movie was visually amazing and thats where it all stops the story is lacking in any substance. Zach Snyder will ruin superman if this is how he will approach it. Extreme slow motion every two seconds, dumb girls with a half baked scheme "we need a map,fire,a knife and a key and then we will be free" ....uhhh excuse me i think we need to think this plan out more, these guys have guns! wtf! if this is how our generation of films will go then we are going down the toilet. It was like a giant video game that was pointless. It was a mixture of Annie,Showgirls,Kill bill, 300, & Moulin Rouge. I give this a D+. Zach Snyder u fooled me again. Zach Snyder=M. Night Shyamalan(with visuals & slow motion).
    • Mayhem
      Zach Snyder is only Directing Superman, David S. Goyer is the one writing it, so I don't think you have to worry about the story there, because Goyer knows how to write a good story, especially for a comic book adaptation. Blade, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight are all fine examples, plus he has been tapped for the Ghost Rider sequel. And if that wasn't good enough Christopher Nolan is set to produce The Man of Steel, so I don't think you have anything to worry about Ev.
      • Ev
        Ok I'll give credit where credit is do for Goyer. He can write a great script and a great super hero script BUT we all know that there can be a great script attached to a film and the director doesn't execute it the way it was meant to be. A script is just a blue print. The source material may be a amazing but look at a film like the Watchmen where the graphic novel was GREAT award winning and Snyder figures out a way to mess that up too. I am loosing faith in Snyder quickly to be that director we all thought he could be. Before you have a chance to bring up Christopher Nolan being attached as a producer, he often sticks to one movie at a time and focuses on that one movie. I doubt he will be as influential as we think and hope he will be. So it all comes down to Mr. Snyder to execute this daunting task, and I am not too optimistic that he can do so. Mayhem.
        • Mayhem
          Just got back from watching Sucker Punch, and as far as story goes, it is very messy, but the visuals, especially in the battle scenes are amazing. If Snyder sticks to directing and lets Goyer's story play out as its written, it should be what we are expecting and hoping for.
      • Quazzimotto
        Goyer also wrote The Unborn, Jumper, Crow: City of Angels, and Blade Trinity. I like the Blade series, he did a decent job, but Trinity fell short. Way short. He's done some good. And then he's done some really bad.
  • Honestly I live the movie. I think people who watch it are forgetting that everything that is happening in the action sequences and even the whole girls working at a burlesque club is in Baby Dolls head. Theyre in a mental asylum. Their arent armed guards in the mental asylum just F'ed up orderlies. In reality the plan of getting a map, fire, a knife and a key are all valid things one would need to escape a mental institution. All the guns action and sexy girls are a way to visually make the escape look more expansive instead of just making a movie about girls in a padded rooom trying to escape. 8/10 for me. I think Snyder will do more just to Superman than any other Superman movie. I'm still a huge fan of his.
    • Ev
      I'll go with you on the fact that this is a very serious issue and the "video game" world she escapes to is a way of letting go from reality and you are right they are just guards that don't have guns. But she has A (singular) knife to take out all these guards for her and her four crazy friends. That's not at all realistic. The never killed any of these orderlies only stabbed the warden ONCE come on that's ridiculous if they really wanted escape then they should have KILLED them. Sorry. This was a fail of a movie and a waste of time. My expectations were FAR too high for this.
      • Spleen Machine
        I feel like they wanted to escape as opposed to murdering random people who work at the facility.
        • Ev
          true but if they are desperate enough to escape to a distant fantasy land then they should b willing to kill or hurt anyone who gets in their way.
      • Jake Garren
        I think you set your expectations to high Ev. Seriously, when seeing the trailer, hot chicks with guns, dragons, WW I German zombies, Shogun giants with mini-guns, robots ninjas...were you expecting something like "The Usual Suspects" or "Apollo 13"? Seriously, it was meant to be intense graphics and over the top fight scenes, glued together with hot eye candy. You don't go to the strip club and complain about the unintelectual conversation.
        • Man I was thinking the same thing! I loved it because its a ballzy risk of a movie. Something different than the typical stuff the general public thinks is a "good" movie. Man people need to chill and enjoy the ride!
        • i 100% agree. people are too critical and forget what movies are supposed to do... entertain. suckerpunch did more than that. on another note ev u must be a complete homo cause this was a movie made for men
        • Jpeters1138
          In our defense, the trailers and taglines all propped it up as a "mind blower." It was supposed to be a fantastic tale between the imagination that was going to leave us feeling "suckerpunched" because we were "unprepared." So...that was MY expectation because thats what it was supposed to be. Maybe I was spoiled by Christopher Nolan, but I expect directors to come through with their promises. If I wanted to watch mindless action, there's tons of 80's action flicks I can rent for cheap.
      • Waldersong
        so the movie definitely had different levels almost representing waht she was going through at the asylum. theres waht is actually happening at the asylum which is represented by the strip house and the battlefield the girls take on. my take is they view the asyluum as thought its mental slavery similar to that of the strip house. therefore is she really not dancing at all? is it rather a mental rant that draws everyones attention? after watching it over the quotes that they use to describe the "high rollers" anticipation after each dance leads me to believe it is. any takes?
  • Hmmmm
    I work at a gaming house Pretty much fan-boy central. As a group we regularly go out and see movies of this genre. Just saw this movie with 14 of my co-workers this afternoon. It's the first time I can remember when every last person I work with thought a movie was down-right crap.
  • Max s.
    And now I will like to say to all of those that said that this movie was going to be awesome and I said it would suck, I would like to perform the "I told you so dance."
  • Max s.
    And now I will like to say to all of those that said that this movie was going to be awesome and I said it would suck, I would like to perform the "I told you so dance."
    • B.
      Cool story bro.
  • I loved how as soon as they doped her up, she went to the 2nd level which was the girls "dance" house. From there it just opened up my immagination and brought me the type of movie I love. A stylized fantasy story where anything can happen. I had a blast watching it and can't wait for the rated R Director's Cut Blu Ray.
  • spb
    liked it, definitely felt "sucker punched" afterwards. PG13 version, if anythin, made several of the scenes creepier than if they had shown things (missing dance scenes easily could turn into "Aristocrats" jokes). really well done, and some of the best visual effects/fight scenes ever (if you like Snyder's previous work and/or console games), though the first fight (three samurai) scene was easily the best. noticing a lot of comments along the lines of "this is inception / shutter island", but more precisely [SPOILER WARNING] this is One Flew over the Cuckoo's Next meets Brazil.
  • Cracky
    I won't bash Alex about the spoiler or how these articles usually don't spoil the movie even if you haven't seen it yet (odd, they never have up to this point) because I won't be watching this movie. I just came to hear some interesting opinions on this flick. It's usually why I read the "sound-off" articles. Because you FS lurkers are amusing and at times insightful with movies I don't care to watch. But I still think a "spoilers ahead" is just polite. Also: All of the talent behind the Man of Steel is frightening. Too many cooks in the kitchen, if you ask me. Too many cooks.
  • one
    Snider hasn't made a good film yet. He has no original ideas and he just seems like a pig. After I read this article, it made me dislike him and his films even more. You don't need to see a rape in a movie to get what's going on. Implied is more than enough. That just goes to show you he doesn't truly understand film and how any implied thing can be more powerful. What a putz. I'm concerned about the future of Man of Steel too. All slow motion and sex with some explosions don't make a good movie you moron!
  • Nick
    Overall I liked the film. There were some flaws in it though. Almost all of the movie took place in her mind but they didn't parallel the story between the real world and what's going on in her mind. How did she accomplish the things in the asylum that she did in her mind and did the key events really take place? The ending also leaves me, and I believe most viewers, unsatisfied. There were some really good aspects of the film. The fight scenes were awesome, Robot Samaria, Nazi Zombies, Dragons, it's just awesome. The sound and music editing was also phenomenal. The cinematography and music really made perfect transitions from one reality to another. And again, the fight scenes were awesome. As a whole, I think the movie deserves a 7 out of 10.
  • Chaisethechamp
    I agree with you nick i just got back from watching it i must say what the hell is everyone talking about how bad it is i loved it. I understood the story and the action was off the charts i cant seem to realize how some reviews and critics saying that its not a good movie i would have to disagree. I loved sucker punch and i would most defintely watch it again.
  • Lastdaytorock54
    It's safe to say this movie will make millions of twelve years old boys lock the bathroom door when they're brushing their teeth.
  • Sucker Punch felt like a nerds wet dream. It had hot girls with swords and guns killing zombies, robots, and dragons. That part was all cool but the dialogue sucked in my mind. i posted my full review here:
    • Mayhem
      I was disappointed Sweet Pea never pulled that Scottish Claymore sword she was toting around.
  • Redguy
    to fuel the fire and roast my nuts, the movie was fine, pretty much what i expected from snyder.
  • Mayhem
    Just got back from seeing the pure eye candy that is Sucker Punch. Yes, the story seemed a bit contrived and a little messy, but it is acceptable when you figure in that the majority of the film is simply a fantasy to help her cope with her reality. I do think that it would have been better if we were watching an actual super elite team of young women on a quest instead of it being just one girls fantasy though. 6/10 for the visuals and the showcase of who might be action starlets of the future.
  • Furious911
    I loved it.
  • tacotaco
    This movie was terrible. The only upside was the projector had issues and I got my money back.
  • Mattfilm
    Ok I'm sorry but I GOTTA rant on this. I was really looking forward to this and was SUPREMELY let down. Script was laughable, and what was up with the first few minutes, felt like a bad music video. The CGI may have been good but I felt like i had seen these shots a 100 times already, ie, jumping over swords, flying bullets, huge fire explosions in the background. It was terribly miscast, I didn't care about any of the characters. And Snyder is going to direct the new Superman?! WOW!!! that scares me. I think this could have been done much more simply and spent less money on and still been just as effective. I give it a C, and that's being generous. Watch it on your big screen at home on Netflix, not worth that 12 bucks at Arclight.
  • Michael Radley
    How long is Jon Hamm in it?
  • Senix
    So what exactly was cut out to make this a PG-13? What's in the R version that isn't in the PG-13?
    • Wes
      There is no R version. Snyder was always filming a PG-13 movie, from day one. What was cut were some cheesy dance numbers, that preview audiences laughed at.
      • Nick
        You're wrong. There was a love scene between Baby Doll & the High Roller that gave it a rated R rating so he had to scale that back. So much so that by the time it was approved for a PG-13 rating the scene looked like BabyDoll was being taken advantage of & he didn't want that. Simple google search would show you that other than assuming you know what you are talking about.
  • I thought that the story was a bit on the formulaic side (and mostly likely meant as a means to an end in stringing together the action sequences). However, I found the film entertaining overall.
  • Gilbert R.
    It was a decent popcorn flick. I actually thought the music was one of the best elements of the film. For whatever reason, I always pull for Snyder's movies to rock, but they always seem to fall short. This wasn't the worst movie I've seen, but I'd argue it's Snyder's worst. Which is especially sad for him considering it's the first film that wasn't adapted from another source. All that said, I still think Snyder's use of music and the visuals in this flick are well worth the price of admission.
  • Lamar
    It was a great action flick, and I enjoyed. Even the scenes outside the dream world (though that was imaginary too) kept my attention. Zack Snyder really is a good director. Oh, and the girls were pretty hot too.
  • ERIC
    god awful movie, snyder should never write a script again unless its for a cartoon NO NO unless its for a suicide campaign
  • Danimal
    haha mannnnn, not gonna lie, didn't expect the spoiler, but i'm not gonna cry about it...i'm still gonna see it, cause let's face it...snyder's films are just pure raw entertainment, and that's what i'm expecting to see.
  • Anonymous
    Why is everyone so worried about Superman now? Snyder did Watchmen! Watchmen!!! Which was amazing. One bad film (in opinion form) does not mean he's M. Night.
    • Mayhem
      I for one am not worried about Superman, if anything the action in this film only bolsters my opinion that it will be epic.
      • Angry Chief
        The man clearly has a way with comic book movies. Superman, and quote me on this, will be great.
        • Buttass
          Word. Xerxexx, you are right on the money when you say "Watchmen!!!" Snyder respects Superman way too much to let it suck.
    • Jpeters1138
      Plus, he won't be alone in writing it. And obviously, having Nolan over his shoulder will go a long way. I'm expecting grandeur.
  • deaddude
    Sucker Punch was one of the best movies I have seen since the mid '90s and even if I have to hit somebody with a "sucker punch" of my own, I am going to be the first person in line at Best Buy the day it is released on DVD!!!!
    • Chazzy
      there wont be a line for it..... but have fun.
  • TTumMM
    The movie's like Shutter Island with LSD . But you've got to love the soundtracks!!! It's the only thing that kept me there.
  • Finally saw the film last night, and while i do agree that the reason to watch this is for the mindless visualized action, I found myself bored by the 4th action scene. I agree that the movie does "derail in the end." - seems like they tried to be clever but ultimately failed.
  • Anonymous
    Wow judging by how much all the "experts" hate this film, I can tell it's actually going to be Fantastic, Now I really cant wait to see this.
  • Terrible, terrible, terrible movie. I knew from the trailers that it would be all spectacle and little substance, that I'd have to unplug my brain and just go with it, but I didn't expect to be bored out of my skull. Usually when I see a movie this bad, it has "A SyFy Original" in the opening credits. I like Snyder's other work, but this was a self-indulgent creative misfire of Shyamalan proportions.
  • Music was great, action sequences were.... meh lol... The samurai scene was emazing though lols.
  • Wanga
    It was weird... i personally love Snyder's movies but i felt that that little something was just not there with Sucker Punch. I quite liked the story line, the acting and obviously the visuals... but that Snyder immersion just wasn't the same. Having read all the the comments and that they had to cut out a lot of the dance scenes then that could have been it. I might go watch it again
    • Wes
      Test audiences laughed at the dance scenes. The movie was made better by ditching them.
    • Fielding Melish
      The problem was that this wasn't based on previously published material which all his previous movies have been. Give this kid a knife and he'll cut his own throat.
  • Anonymous
    god awful
  • The part that bugged me the most was his use of music. Those cover songs were horrible and too obvious of a choice for their scenes. Come on "where is my mind" while she is being putting the psych ward, really? Because Fight Club didnt already own that song at the end of their movie. Find some fresh music to mold with your images together to make something iconic. So when people hear that song again, their brain will automatically think about that scene in your movie. Or you could have two people dancing to "misirlou" in your next movie and when that song comes up, people will start thinking about how awesome that song was in Pulp Fiction.
  • FIelding Melish
    Just paid $11.50 to see this slow-mo, series of shitty MTV videos, plot-less pile of dog vomit after waiting like a fanboy for it to come out. It started out like a stale pancake and only got worse. Emily Browning was like an automaton and who is Vanessa Hudgens; am I supposed to know who she is? I know she can't act to save her life but otherwise I have no clue who this kid is. There was not a single good thing about this movie and like other people have said above, this Zack Snyder guy is gonna do to Superman what even Brian Singer couldn't; kill him for good. I will say one good thing about Suckerpunch and that is that it was playing at a multiplex showing The Adjustment Bureau which I timed correctly so I could sneak in and watch it. The Adjustment Bureau was fucking good; Suckerpunch insulted my wallet and my intelligence. I'm sorry Superman, you deserve better.
    • Jim
      Who is FIelding Melish; am I supposed to know who she is? I hate The Adjustment Bureau because I don't know who FIelding Melish is!
      • Fielding Melish
        I don't hate Vanessa Hudgens because I have no idea who she is, I hate her because she is fucking awful.
  • Csejme
    I was not a fan of this movie - even thru the amazing action sequences, it just felt flat and boring. But I just figured out how to make this movie great with some better editing/story telling decisions. The movie should have opened right away with the first samurai action scene and then "reveal" it was just a fantasy she creates when she dances. The whole thing should have just taken place in the 'stripper world' with her going into her dance-fantasy for the "missions". Then at the very end it would have been amazing to find out there was a 'real world' below all of it and to find out her story about being in the asillum, etc. For me, the main flaw of the film was you knew it was a fantasy inside a fantasy and it was all too removed (and never really connected to) the original reality. Having that "Surprise! It's not real!" moment would have made it so much cooler than knowing thru the entire film.
  • The movie is a worth if it asks you questions ... Sucker Punch is a plot straight from Baby Doll and believe me the only good thing about the movie is Abbie CORNISH ... I will encourage you to watch it for Abbie CORNISH and after that It’s all disappointing in so many ways that it becomes an insult for me to even recommend it. Zack had the budget in his hand and also the studios backing and still he couldn’t outdo his previous films. Movies are successful if they understand their audience and respect their opinion. He FAILED
  • Cdbruno
    This movie was an absolute piece of shit. Zack Snyder should be ashamed of himself. The acting, dialogue, and story were atrocious. Although there were a few stunning visual moments it wasn't remotely enough to distract the viewer from all the problems of the film. I am stunned and concerned with the amount of people that gave this a positive review. I hope this is not a preview of what's to come with the summer movie season.
  • Agguy7
    I saw this a couple nights ago. I honestly didn't enjoy it. It was completely unoriginal. I've enjoyed all of Snyder's works, but this has made me lose faith in his ability to create a film. I was literally sitting there naming the movies he stole scenes from. It was a joke. I also might've fallen asleep.
  • HealthyPoison
    I understand people not enjoying it, and it is one of those movies you either love, or you hate. I just can't understand people being so angry. "This movie was an absolute piece of shit." "Just paid $11.50 to see this slow-mo, series of shitty MTV videos, plot-less pile of dog vomit..." "god awful movie..." "completely unoriginal..." "Terrible, terrible, terrible movie..." Is it worth all these really bad comments? No. It was enjoyable. I just can't imagine being so angry after watching a movie. Listen folks, know what your getting, a cool stylized action film from Zach Snyder. If you hadn't liked his previous movies, then you would be okay skipping this one, but really, it is a fun ride. Calm down folks, take a deep breath, and if you hated it that much go back on and watch Inception on Blu-Ray instead. That'll save us people that go to movies to enjoy them from your no-fun attitude.
    • Its safe to say, that as a whole, there are a more people out there that go and "enjoy" shitty movies like this. So when people who want just a little more out of their action packed movies say nothing and just ignore it, then it really doesn't effect anything. Tons of shit movies will continue get made every year. It is the people who enjoy shitty movies and pay for it that effect the good movies trying to get made. When a Transformer movie makes millions of dollars and something as fresh and original as Scott Pilgrims is a bust, then thats another risk the studio wont make in the future. So thats why I get mad when a big movie is dog shit. Because I don't want the quality of movies to keep going down. Your shit taste effects the quality of movies I want enjoy in the future.
      • HealthyPoison
        So then if a bad movie is considered generally bad, I shouldn't make up my own mind if its good or not, rather save my money, let other people decide what I want to watch and what I don't want to watch? Not trying to pick a fight, just curious as to how, with that logic, you approach watching films that are getting poor reviews. My solution: free movies for all haha
      • Anonymous
        I also hope what I just said makes sense, because re-reading it, it seems confusing.
  • I was pointing out why people would be angry when watching a crap movie. You watch it and you know its horrible and then you realize that its going to make a lot of money and the bar just got set a little lower. Its sad. So I dont like it when people tell other people to leave it alone and let others enjoy a brain dead movie as if its not effecting anyone. Well it does, movies just seem to get worse and then people wonder why Hollywood can't make anything original or good while they are watching their dvd of fantastic four. It can't be stopped!!!!
    • Anonymous
      I totally understand. It's just hard, because it's an impossible situation to fix. And you were right on with Scott Pilgrim. That movie should have made easily over $100M.
  • Pinneyandrew
    A confusing mess of a movie with a terrible ending. I was squirming in my chair a half hour into the movie. The story is hard to follow as if it is worth following. The unrealities within unrealities within realities a crappy inception story within her imagination. On the other side of the spectrum, some of the action sequences are fantastic. But this amounts to 30 min of a 2 hour film
  • jonathan
    I thought it was really good I followed the storyline somewhat well I knew what the point was of the movie because I'm not ratarted the people that's hated it r narrow minded and the action scenes were awesome
  • Cgreene159
    If you went into this movie expecting a fluid, coherent, and impeccable plot, then you clearly didn't read enough about this film or even bother to watch the trailers. Nowhere in any of the interviews with Snyder or any of the trailers did this movie say/suggest/hint that it would make sense. It promised good graphics, attractive women, dragons, steampunk nazis, samurai, robots, sword-fighting, and utter confusion. In those aspects, this movie is a masterpiece. People expect far too much from movies these days, and that's ridiculous considering we live in a society that spent over a billion dollars watching that pathetic excuse for a movie Avatar (James Cameron - I've already seen this before, it's called Fern Gully and/or Pocahontas). It's much easier to criticize someone like Zack Snyder when you're sitting your ass on the couch, watching TV and complaining about movies on the internet, as opposed to, you know, actually making movies. If you're the kind of person that watches Memento, Donnie Darko, A Scanner Darkly, etc. and actually understands what's going on, then this movie is perfect for you. If you go into this movie expecting nothing except crazy, visually-stunning action sequences, an amazing soundtrack (it's like watching a play really), hot females, and chaos, then you will enjoy this movie as much as I did. This is why I don't bother reading reviews. This movie is a 20 on RT, yet Rango is an 89... pathetic.
    • Buttass
  • Kalel
    Sucker Punch is a garbage. The box office has spoken. Visual style was garbage as well. With that said, I sincerely hope the VFX Supervisor for Superman is not the one from Sucker Punch and Watchmen.
  • Tebow
    I love all of zach snyders movies, this one was so badass. Im def going to see it in imax again
  • Angeltheraider
    wow. total garbage.... I understood the movie...but like the people in the theaters.. I was like.. bluh..could have been way better
  • Anonymous
    Basically it's a feature length music video for what ever workout playlist Snyder had on his iPod. There were no real triumphs for the girls to get the contents of their list making the escape that much more meaningless and unsatisfying. Even though I liked the blurred line between dreams and reality it didn't go anywhere. That quasi twist at the end made for a slightly better ending but it still didn't make up for everything about the plot seeming so pointless. This plays like a grungy and angst/estrogen laced version of Scott Pilgrim only less compelling. I liked it for what I wanted to see; the visuals which I think were seamlessly integrated. Love Snyder all day long but while I didn't hate it, I just didn't enjoy it. Pity:(
  • Lamar
    Crud, did any of the any people who hate on this movie actually watch the trailers or read the synopsis. Zack Snyder didn't set out to make an Oscar winner people. He made a fun, mindless, action movie. Repeat keywords: FUN, MINDLESS, ACTION. This El Guapo guy has a point, Scott Pilgrim vs the world should have made tons more cash, but everything else he says is garbage. And yes I know I'm only 17 and "don't know anything" and I know that people are entitled to their opinions, but that doesn't mean those opinions won't be wrong. For Pete's sake AVATAR was all style and no substance, it was a total rip-off (ever seen Dances with Wolves people, how about Pocahontas) but nobody gives James Cameron crap. Well he did make T-2 and Aliens but thats not the point. Zack Snyder + pretty girls + dragons + nazi zombies + robots + giant samurai= Academy Award winning film? You haters are idiots for coming up with this equation and then getting mad about the movie. I paid $7.25 (and I would've gladly spent more) to escape reality and enjoy a fantasy action flick, which is exactly what I got. I went to a movie with low expectations for story and high ones for actions and I wasn't disappointed...SHOCKER. The story wasn't THAT BAD anyway. P.S. Sorry if I offended anyone just pointing something out. Enjoy the movie for what it is. Oh and if you're suspicious of a movie being a stinker and don't wanna spend a lot of money on it there's a nifty little thing called REDBOX you can wait for.
  • Lover
    Good movie and awesome soundtrack!!!!
  • Anonymous
    -_____- are you serious!? this movie was.........-___-.......a watered down version of the Backyardigans. haha i know im exaggerating but it was just a mess of ideas and was poorly translated. I dont feel like explaining more but from seeing the other reviews in this thread we all think differently of this film. after seeing sucker punch though and then realizing he was going to direct superman my heart(haha) kind of broke knowing that i will probably not see a movie that can blow me away(its happened before). it looks like hes getting some help(watchmen was legit) but i have lost some faith in him :( Meow.
  • This film was technically a marvel. The story was original. However, if a film is going to have about 30 minutes of dialog the script should be awesome. The acting was off balance with great performances by Elizabeth Browning and Jena Malone, and an awful performance by Vanessa Hudgens. Not to mention that Carla Gugino was hopelessly miscast. The promotion for this film was in heavy rotation since before Thanksgiving, and I was really looking forward to it. Now, I am concerned for Superman.
  • Frysucks
    I cant really call this a movie, because it wasn't, it was a slow motion music video. No character development at all. The music was nothing but cover songs that I have heard in other movies, the Bjork music was the only thing that was fresh. Like I said on my thoughts of the trailer, I am disappointed that in order to have an excuse to have awesome action sequences like these, you go with the matrix cop out, oh! its all in her mind so anything goes, am tired of movies doing that. I would have rather it just been about the fantasy worlds, that was more interesting than the asylum, I didn't even care when Rocket died, because there was no attachement to the characters at all. The action sequences were amazing, but is not enough to save a film. The Cinematography was gorgeous and the acting was ok, the pace of the film was jarring. Our culture is so fixated on just special effects that they are willing to accept a mediocre film just because it had good effects. P.S. One Flew over the Cuckoo's and Brazil should never be compared to this, because they actually wrote a smart story with good character development.
  • Emhohertz
    Most fun I have had at a movie in a LONG time! It was meant to be unrealistic and just indulgent and crazy. Anyone who over analyzes the plot is missing the point. Go watch Matthew McConahey in some stupid court room drama!
    • Todayiamsorry
      I wish that it was meant to be unrealistic and just indulgent but it wasn't, it took itself too seriously, with the whole dramatic intro and when Rocket dies. There was nothing crazy about it, it was just seeing the best fighting sequences out of an anime in live action. I can enjoy a good b movie, or grindhouse but the way this movie carried itself was not even close. Even Zack Snyder would disagree with you, he never described his movie as you do and frankly he would probably be insulted. Just when you are about to enjoy it, you get slammed against your chair and " Hey this is a seriously sad moment, SO be SAD!!" Just good fighting sequences and that's it, not worth my money and worthy to be called a music video.
  • Csmc501
  • Quagmirre
    Watched Sucker Punch at the local theater and I, "Jizzed in My Pants!!!!"
  • Buttass
    Yo, listen to Cgreene159, that man is talking some sense. I am a big Zack Snyder fan. I thought Watchmen was boss, everybody knows 300 is totally awesome, and Dawn of the Dead managed to be just as good as the original (if in a different style). That said, there is a very, very small part of me that was disappointed by Sucker Punch. When I came out of 300 I wanted to beat the shit out of EVERYONE. I went home, ran to my bedroom and did a hundred push ups because I didn't know what else to do with the adrenaline rush that movie hit me with. I loved Watchmen, I thought it was an excellent adaptation. Sure it had its flaws, but overall I thought it was great. The acting was wonderful, Snyder's visual style was growing, the fight scenes were excellently choreographed and in the the end I think it surpassed 300. And the director's cut was so good it made me think they should've split it up into two movies. Watchmen, in my opinion was a triumph. Now to Sucker Punch, certainly Zack Snyder's worst film. But far from a bad movie. I don't think it ever pretended to be more than an exciting adventure. A radical spectacle that was completely unconventional. The ad campaign firmly assured us that it would overload our senses to the point of utter confusion. It totally did that. Granted, that made some (maybe a lot of) people hate the shit out of it, but come on. What were you expecting? It delivered where it promised it would: ass-kicking fights, big guns, outrageous landscapes and visuals, and disorientingly absurd awesomeness. And I thought a lot of the music was ill. That cover of sweet dreams at the beginning? Sure that whole scen was like a music video, but some music videos are fucking cool. Some of it was boring. Some of it was confusing. Some of it was even dumb. But I'd rather see Zack Snyder's worst movie a hundred times than watch Transformers 2 one more time.
  • Alexander Gramlich
    Finally I wen't to the IMAX to watch Sucker Punch, first of all, I had a really great time, as well as the people I went with, we all enjoyed the experience, it was accelerating and fun. I loved the loud music, the visuals and the kind of unusual story. I understand that for some people, it was confusing, but, in the end of all, is a movie and if you put attention to the when Babydoll enters the stage at the asylum, it becomes clear of what or who we are talking about. Thanks Alex
  • Jpeters1138
    I was really looking forward to this and was really disappointed. Its worth watching for the gorgeous girls and amazing action sequences, but it was supposed to be a "mind-bender" and was slush instead. I can't believe people are comparing this to Momento or Donnie Darko, etc. Snyder tries to make you think that it has a depth that it really doesn't. The three layers of reality do not seem to relate to each other in any worthwhile way and you are left not knowing what is being accomplished in the story. Okay, so she's fighting three troll-samurai...why? What did she accomplish in the real world by doing this? I can understand its her way of dealing with dancing (go into your imagination), but the brothel isn't reality either. I wanted to know what was happening in the real world so I could understand what all the imaginative stuff amounted to, but we only see reality at the beginning and end. So you don't know if the rest of the girls, besides Sweetpea, were even real or not. I don't mind a downer ending as long as there's a message behind it, and there wasn't one at all. Hate to say it, but Snyder needs to stick to using material written by others. High hopes for the upcoming "Man of Steel."
  • Jpeters1138
    Sorry, last comment I swear. The tag line for the film is that it would "Blow your mind." The trailers and Snyder hyped it up as a mind bender ala Matrix or Inception, so I think we were all justified in expecting it to make sense. It verges on raising some good themes like empowerment and sacrifice, but doesn't follow through with any of them. Having a character sacrifice themselves at the last minute when the stakes don't make sense anyway is a cop-out. And I just keep thinking of things that don't compute. When "Blue finds out" and shoots two of the characters, does that mean the asylum version of him really killed two of the girls? That would be a bit extreme for a scrawny hospital orderly. Or did the girls not exist in reality at all and are only projections in her brothel reality. In which case their death is pointless and just part of her imagination. It really could have been a perfect movie and I would have liked it a lot more if he had advertised it more honestly, as a action filled, visual smorgasbord. If you haven't seen it and you're reading all these spoilers, go see it, just don't expect more than cool action.
  • Crawfordjk2000
    Cinematically was appealing (not entertaining). The movie felt like I was watching a video game with the action sequnces and objectives throughout the movie. End result one of the girls goes home to her parents that put her in the institution in the first place(big woop). None of the characters stood out to me at all(slow-mo sequences are getting old), if anything when they killed the baby dragon I was hoping they would get killed in return. So i guess that wasn't a let down(but the movie on a hole was). I am a snyder suppoter(watchmen, 300, that owl movie to a lesser extent) but this didn't give me any hope in his next project(superman).
  • Kris Kelley
    I absolutely hated this film. Or should we call it a collection of music videos. I figured the story would be weak, I went for the visuals. I am a VFX artist and was expecting to be blown away. Don't get me wrong here they were amazing, but not believable, even for a fantasy world. They looked so much like video game graphics that I always knew in the back of my mind that they were not real. Even as a "professional" I am often tricked by good VFX. Meaning that when they are done right, even if something could obviously never be real, I suspend disbelief for long enough for the magic to happen. This never occurred and I was constantly analyzing the composites and thinking about the shot. This was also due to the fact that in terms of story... well, there really wasn't ANYTHING there. The story in this film was simply a tool to get us from battle to battle. And please, let's hope, that every time Superman throws a punch the motion doesn't slow to a crawl. If I wanted to see graphics like this, I can just fire up Crysis 2.
  • Cody W.
    I was hoping for a mindless action flick, but got something that just tried too hard to have some bs freedom message I dont know and I dont care. This was marketed(or at least in my opinion) as a fun popcorn action flick. Ive enjoyed Snyders stuff until this, this does indeed lower my confidence in him a bit. But the action scenes were pretty badass as Snyder has a knack for those, unfortunately thats the only positive I can name.
  • This movie was absolutely awesome. Loved every second of it. That said, the chemistry of the other girls were not nearly as good as Babydoll, but then again, maybe Zack wanted it to be like that. It's a movie to enjoy without too much thinking, awesome visuals, awesome music. That's it. You don't have to look for a plot or something else. What you see is what you get.
  • F F
    before the third fight scene i had practically given up on the movie. but then that scene started, and it took my breath away. leaving aside the fact that it was if not the most then, definitely, one of the most amazing fighting scenes (the third one, when the mission "knife" started) i've seen. and after that the whole movie turned around and i got what i had given up on getting - depth.
  • Rustyg54
    Hey alex snyder, if your reading this i thought Suckerpunch was amazing i think for number 2 if you are going to do it should be sweetpea killing Babydolls stepfather and doing babydolls revenge for her :)
  • cheap bras
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