Summit Lands 'Ender's Game' Adaptation for Gavin Hood to Direct

April 28, 2011
Source: Deadline

Ender's Game / Gavin Hood

Looking for another cash cow to make up for the impending end of their adaptations of The Twilight Saga, Summit Entertainment has picked up the rights to Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel Ender's Game for a big screen adaptation. Along with that news Deadline also confirms X-Men Origins: Wolverine director Gavin Hood will be at the helm of the project, working from his own script. Word came last September that Hood might direct the film and then this past January we learned that Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would be producing, but the future of the project seemed uncertain. That's no longer the case.

With Summit in the mix, it's pretty much a guarantee this project will move forward since they want another franchise really badly. They'll shop the film around Cannes Film Festival next month to find someone to co-finance the project with them. For those unfamiliar with the popular novel, Ender's Game is about a world in which humans face a serious threat from an alien race known as the Formics and begin training elite soldiers in response. Against this backdrop comes Andrew Wiggin, also known as Ender, a child who becomes a top-flight solider and helps to save Earth. The franchise has the potential to be something like a sci-fi Harry Potter franchise on the big screen. Definitely sounds like it could be pretty epic. Excited?

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    I'm reading the first book now and i have to say its one of the best sci-fi books ever written! Gavin Hood directing? This movie is gonna be awful! I hope i'm wrong...(sigh)
  • I'm a huge fan of the books and I'm glad that it seems like a movie is finally gonna happen
  • interesting story 😀
  • FlicksReview
    If OSC himself isn't heavily involved and has the right of veto, this WILL not be good. That is a lot of the reason it hasn't been made until now. I also worry about casting, Ender and the battle-school children are 6-12 and are generally smarter than all the adults around them. Go Go Brilliant Child Actors....
    • Hamster
      He has been involved vetoing left and right from the start.. I hope it doesn't stop now. If it weren't for OSC we would have seen a shitty movie thrown together for HBO or something already.
  • Nic
    This is just not going work.
  • Johnquintin
    If this movie is done right, it's going to be awesome. The series is amazing. I'm really hoping it doesn't turn about another Last Airbender.
  • Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I grew up on the Ender's Game books and loved them, so along comes Gavin Hood to bastardize it. I truly hope I'm wrong and he can make something halfway decent, if not truly excellent.
  • Randypan
    The aliens are named the Buggers btw, what is this 'Formics' business?
    • Eldivo23
      They name both ways in the book. Buggers is an insult and formics is the "official" way to call them
  • Bob Ofenhagen
    Love the books hate the Author.
    • Harm
    • N P L
      As a person? Because other wise that doesn't make an sense?
  • Anonymous
    A franchise? Well, I've no idea how they're gonna pull that one out, considering only a few of the books in the series have "kid soldiers fighting in space", and the rest have Ender as an adult philosopher (of sorts). I mean I love the books but that's like having 2 Harry Potter books followed by the Silmarillion, and trying to make them all fit together seems impossible to me.
    • Hamster
      If you go by the story in Ender's Shadow series then there should be plenty of info for multiple movies. Could work.
      • Anonymous
        If they're smart, they could film two or three films simultaneously, as different takes in the same scene. That way they could film Ender's story as well as Bean's.
  • Harm
    Love the stories - but Hood? Hells.
  • DogBalls
    Isn't that the director that create the worst piece of shit ever...Wolverine.
  • whoisyerdaddy
    Don't write off Gavin Hood just because of Wolverine. He also directed Tsotsi, for which he won an academy award. Synopsis: Small time criminal Tsotsi is a teenager without feelings, hardened by his tough life. After killing a man with his gang in a robbery, Tsotsi hijacks a car and to the despair of a woman, he shoots her in the stomach. While driving the car, Tsotsi finds that there is a baby on the back seat and the woman was a desperate mother. He brings the baby to his house in the slum and becomes attached to him. For six days, the baby changes his behavior, arousing and developing the sense of empathy and humanity in the cold blood killer. Not exactly popcorn movie summer block buster crap. In addition, I heard Card has tons of input on the script and isn't giving up rights unless the movie is written properly. I think you will be suprised how this turns out...




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