'TDKR' Operation 'Early' Bird Viral Unlocks Early Prologue Screenings

December 9, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises

And here… we… go. As the time ran out on the Operation Early Bird site revealed just yesterday, instead of launching a viral game or any more clues, the site just simply forwarded to a map. Operation Early Bird, which was indeed way too on-the-nose with its name, is a "viral" site linked to The Dark Knight Rises revealed yesterday. The map shows numerous dots for cities where a screening is occurring on 10PM next Tuesday, December 13th, giving fans who could get to the site before it crashed an opportunity to see the new jaw-dropping, amazing, exhilarating six-minute prologue a whole three days before everyone else does.

If you visit the site at now it'll auto-forwarded you to the map page, where you can see all of the locations and click on one of them to get tickets through Gofobo. Unfortunately, both the viral site and the Gofobo site crashed (and are still having problems) meaning most fans have stopped looking or given up. Additionally, many fans on twitter have replied saying it's just a map with the IMAX prologue theater locations anyway (and don't realize it's an early screening). As much hype as there is around this, Operation Early Bird was a considerable let down. Nothing happened, there were no games to play, it just unlocked a confusing map, the servers immediately crashed, and it left most fans nothing but frustrated.

The Dark Knight Rises - Operation Early Bird Map

I wish there was more to this viral to report on, but as far as we know, there isn't anything else. I would love to catch this prologue again at one of the fan screenings next Tuesday, but I couldn't even get to the Gofobo site myself, as it crashed, too, and hasn't been working since. This also doesn't help out any of the fans who don't even have a nearby IMAX theater showing the prologue, as they're only running this screening in all of the same theaters showing the prologue (only film-project IMAX). That said, if you want to catch this early and are in a city showing it, better hop that site on and reserve a ticket right away before they all sell out.

Finally, if you notice at the bottom of the map, there's two boxes to input coordinates and submit. Originally we thought this was to unlock each of the screening locations (but obviously not). However, the main TDKR website ( has updated with nothing but an audio clip containing distorted coordinates being spoken. While the Early Bird site isn't fully working yet, there might be some additional clues to be found once all of these are entered, but we'll have to keep trying and see what happens. Maybe they all mean nothing? For now, this is the latest with The Dark Knight Rises viral, we'll keep you updated!

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  • I had to keep backing up and reloading but I eventually got through after 10 minutes. I'm pumped!
  • Danimal
    you should try again...i got them....with a little persistence :)
  • Anonymous
    same as that. and they are GPS coordinates, you just have to separate them with dots and - like you would any GPS coordinates
  • Anonymous
    43.5913 -79.6506
  • peloquin
    I clicked the spot on the Map and got tickets to a showing on Broad Street in Richmond, VA but gofobo just sent me a confirmation for a showing in Hampton, VA which isn't even on that map.  I think they're showing this prologue in way more theaters than the initial lists showed and even more than the map shows.
  • Franklin_Carpio
    There is a red dot now at a navy base? Did someone unlock that one?
  • Ultim8
    Bollocks. I clicked the spot for BFI IMAX in Waterloo, London. It said tickets available. How many do I want?(1 or 2?). 2 I Type. Sorry, it says, Tickets have JUST become unavailable. Again, Bollocks.
  • Evan Rochte
    Stupid! All the tickets have been taken for the Rave 18 in LA. Guess I just came just a bit late to the party.
  • Niallg
    Hey dudes this sounds like a disappointment but if I know the mr nolan who gave us memmento and inception there is more then meets the eye all pivots on dr leonid pavel and the secret 'case dismissed' screenplay referenced on screenrant my theory is leonid pavel is an acronym for daniel p love daniel is dr hugo stranges son leonid has to be hugo i think what about you dudes
  • Guest2
    Just got my ticket. Chea! Thanks for the post Alex
  • Anonymous
    I'm gonna be on your ass until you stop putting viral in quotes. It's viral now, man. IT'S A VIRAL THING NOW.
  • cyril sneer
    i clicked science centre glasgow said no such venue only london which means the manchester venue is nt true either! chaos
  • Hey I am just happy I am getting to see this for free. I would have paid for MI:4 but this saves me a ton of money. Which to this poor Batman fan is a good thing.
  • it turns out that the numbers being spoken on are the coordinates for the theaters.  well... that is the case for the 3 i heard and tried.
  • mm
    crap! oh well, maybe someone in chantilly or Washington DC will cancel, and I can go there
  • Hdent
    The very last coordinates don't exist, put them into an addressbar, link to full trailer.
  • Rich
    Thinking we're going to get to watch Mission Impossible IV following the screening on Tuesday night -- a full 2 days before the Thurs Midnight showings! Just a theory, but the name Operation "EARLY BIRD" is what makes me think so. Sure -- it could just be an early bird rises reference, with regard to 1st come 1st served on the passes. However -- I'm thinking that we get to see MI4, Directed by Brad BIRD, early. Hence, Operation Early Bird. Any takers, or too much of a stretch? 
  • Dee
    I am hoping we get to see MI4 as well.
  • Dee
    I am going to the Irvine showing , I have two extra passes:)
  • Imthinking Tyler
    I went to the Portland OR showing at the OMNIMAX at OMSI and holy cow it was huge.  It was so overwhelming and you couldn't see the whole picture only where you were focusing.  Overall I highly enjoyed it and can't wait for the movie.
    • Imthinking Tyler
      Also if the final movie doesn't end up at the local Regal IMAX theater due to specifications and I don't think I could watch 2 hours of that movie on the omnimax, I will go up to Seattle to see it.




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