Fuzzy, Fan-Made Clips Appear on Fake 'The Fire Rises' YouTube Page

June 1, 2011
Source: Movie Viral, YouTube

Gotham City News - Arkham Breakout?

Now that the official viral for The Dark Knight Rises established itself with that Bane first look reveal a few weeks ago using the slogan "The Fire Rises" (#TheFireRises), it looks like things might be continuing on. Movie Viral has written about a series of three clips that have showed up on a YouTube account called TheFireRises showing chaos in, presumably, Gotham. Either someone was lucky snagging the name or it's connected with the TDKR viral, or it may just be a viral for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City and E3 next week. Either way, these are some pretty cool clips to get us back into that world of Gotham City again.

Update: We're hearing that these are indeed fake and fan-made creations, they're not official and have nothing to do with the actual The Dark Knight Rises viral. They're still intriguing, but not real videos at all.

The next clip, titled "Outbreak", shows inmates in orange rags being thrown and shuffled around, then it cuts to a clip of driving through what look to be the Gotham/Chicago tunnels also seen in The Dark Knight.

The last clip is footage from the Gotham City News network but has an obviously doctored story that now says "Arkham Breakout?" Hence the thinking that this may all just be connected with Batman: Arkham City.

There is the possibility, though, considering this does tie in with "The Fire Rises" slogan and everything, that this may be linked to The Dark Knight Rises and may just be an early glimpse at the mayhem that is to come. Something like that. There's also a flash at 0:13 seconds in on the final GCN video linking to a Facebook URL. That just links to a group page for The Fire Rises (here) where not much is happening yet. This still doesn't feel like it's official, but maybe it is and we'll find out soon enough. For now we'll just have to keep an eye on things and see how it all unfolds. Keep watch on the website at as well as all of these pages: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for any more The Fire Rises viral clues & updates.

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  • Would a video game not connected at all to the film universe use film universe footage (the GCN video with Anthony Michael Hall)? I mean I guess since it's WB it's legal, but that's just weird.
  • Yeeee
    Yeah no, this definitely can't be related to the video game. It's clearly a viral for The Dark Knight Rises
  • Big Boss
    I think that this is all TDKR related. Maybe the plot of the video game is throwing ppl off, due to its being somewhat similar to the upcoming film.
  • It's TDKR. You can hear the chant from the official website and all.
  • Bltzie
    Yeah this has to be from TDKR! yeaaaah! bring on the goodies and the freebies!!!! 
  • George Caltsoudas
    I love the chanting. Very haunting and epic. A nice way to top the signatue Inception trailer music. Imagine those riot voices getting louder and clearer during a teaser in the cinema. Wow.
  • Alex K.
    It looks to be official and definitely related to The Dark Knight Rises. If you click the link to you see nothing but a black screen however you hear the same noise that is playing in the background of all three videos. This connection has to mean something. Also, doesn't it seem like that noise sounds like people chanting? Heres the link for the sounds
  • George Caltsoudas
    Yeah what are they saying it sounds Mexican or Latin. "Desu....Patra"?
  • Ron
    Interesting....from what I know; Batman:Arkham City is more about how Mayor Sharp (he was the warden in Arkham Asylum; becomes mayor in the second) cordon offs a section off Gotham City around Arkham Asylum to allow the inmates to run wild as long as they don't try to escape. And the whole game takes place in said 'city'. But I am not sure it has anything to do with a breakout... And as someone mentioned; I think it is unlikely they use movie/audio clips for cross promotion making me think this has something to do with TDKR. There is a possibility this could be fake...  
  • nick
    whats it say at the end of the second video? "we're paying these people to do this...haha im ok with it but its alot of activity for one....." cant make out the rest
    • Anonymous
      heard that too. hmmmm
  • Roderick
    One of the last clips from the first video, was footage from a local news station in northeast philadelphia of a gas leak, that exploded... My friend lives in that neighborhood. Definitely fan made. 
  • Anonymous
    "The last clip is footage from the Gotham City News network but has an obviously doctored story that now says "Arkham Breakout?" Hence the thinking that this may all just be connected with Batman: Arkham City."   Well, in the comics Bane breaks out all the loonies including Joker, Scarecrow and others from Arkham Asylum to keep Bats busy and wear him out before he pounces on him. So, it wouldn't be a big stretch at all for this to be connected to the movie. Well, except for the Joker part obviously. /sadface For being fake and fan-made these are pretty sweet!
  • DCompose
    Even though they're fan-made, I thought they were well done. I like the idea of seeing the whole superhero/supervillain conflict from the ground like that, seeing how terrifying it would actually be living in Gotham 
  • rocKKicker
    first off, as a huge viral fan i cant wait for whatever 42 entertainment creates. but i just dont think these are real. the GCN clip is mostly edited stuff from the dark night, and the other two dont have a connection at all, except for some dubbed music which we all have access to on the website.
  • Canon.Cowboy
    well since I can't listen to it since I'm at work I can't be sure but the news anchor in the third clip is Anthony Michael Hall and he was the news anchor in The Dark Knight. So who knows.
  • Anonymous
    Okay I'll bite. Oh and define irony...Tom Hardy played BRONSON (London's most violent criminal) and now he's playing Bane (Gotham's most violent criminal)...type casted? Who cares, I can't wait!
  • Anonymous
    Oh and if someone hasn't already...they really need to get busy on some HUNGER GAMES  viral. We need to pick our tributes already...geez.
  • kfdidcgfxcfvgv
    the chanting sounds like thier saying fish pasta
  • I guess when you register a new alias these days, you really have to register it on all the different services or be prepared to be spoofed.
  • Mavmu1988
    arkham breakout is pointing to Bane's part in the comics during Knightfall not fucking arkham city the comic is already out explaining the gap in the games. if you slow down the videos you see a bald guy whos taller than everyone else in certain spots but it's probably just shots from bronson and other movies.
  • I was a sucker for falling for this.
  • Sharkey_patrick
    Sorry to burst your bubbles but it's actually viral campaigning for a fan-made move called the dark knight project. A link appears to their facebook page for one second at some point in the videos.
  • Jbob007
    This is real... It isn't fake.
  • Jbob007
    This is 100% real! It cannot be fake...
  • Al
    Sounds like Bane mata which means Bane kills.




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