'The Dark Knight Rises' Viral Reveals First Look at Tom Hardy as Bane

May 20, 2011
Source: ComingSoon


Yesterday brought word that production had started on the anticipated sequel The Dark Knight Rises along with confirmation that Chris Nolan would be shooting more of his final Batman film using IMAX with his frequent collaborator, cinematographer Wally Pfister. But today comes the big news as the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises kicked off with the launch of the official website. A black page and strange chanting eventually led people to a Twitter feed called @TheFireRises, then the site was updated with a reveal of the first official photo of Tom Hardy as the villain Bane, and damn does he look awesome!

Here's our very first look at Tom Hardy as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises:

Tom Hardy as Bane

At the time of this news, the Twitter page is still sending out replies to users for each putting the hashtag #TheFireRises in an update, and their avatar is used to compose a mosaic right here making up the above image of Tom Hardy as Bane. However, the Facebook page for The Dark Knight Rises had the full photo (see the slightly larger version over there) posted before the mosaic was complete, so it sounds like someone may have gotten their timing wrong on the release of the image or it was just hacked from the site. I'd imagine there will be a lot more viral action coming from that Twitter feed (@TheFireRises) so definitely keep an eye on that, and follow our viral updates as well. Dig this first look at Tom Hardy as Bane?

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  • Jizz. Jizz everywhere.
    • JL
      :[ I'm scared. 
  • Englishman in Reno
     WOW!!! I love Tom Hardy, I knew he could do it!
    • Bob Mann
       Its so cool how he has a skeleton hand over his mouth!
    • Reeves Jacob18
        Expand They released an early picture of the joker to, remember? And in the end he turned out to look much different from the orginal photograph. I feel the same will happen with Bane. This is just an early version, with just his mask. I doubt none of the make-up work was done except in the spots on the forehead needed for the angle of the picture.  Expect him to look badass in the end.  We've only had a glimpse into the world of The Dark Knight Rises and we're busting nuts like squirrels on crack lol PS: by the way, JL, I would F the brains out of Anne Hathaway without hesitation. That doesnt  mean we cant joke around. Chill out!  Insecure much
      • Ryderup
        What was so different from that blurry first image of The Joker to him in the film? I bet you this is how he will look. And I bet the image was taken during wardrobe tests or something like that.
        • Reeves Jacob18
          Well, there were two pictures of the joker they released early on. One without the make-up, but with the scars. and the other with make-up, but it wasn't complete. In the end, they want it to be a surprise, so they just give you a look.   I mean, come on, bane isn't gonna be shirtless the whole god damn time. Thats ridiculous lol Still, he looks like a bad ass here. I seriously cant fucking wait! 
  • Silver
    I hope the climactic fight between Christian Bale and Tom Hardy will knock everyone on their ass and be so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world will be left breathless.
    • Bob Mann
       Why am I seeing this same post in so many different places?
  • Tilman
    The cast still feels incomplete and like it's missing key characters.
  • He always takes one
  • Got a little man crush on Tom Hardy. THIS LOOKS AMAZING
  • ChicagoVisitor
     I'm assuming you're all straight.  But everything I see about this thing is like you are salivating with hard cocks over this one pic.  
    • equustel
      I'm straight. I'm also a woman. And he looks DAMN hot. ;] 
    • Englishman in Reno
      I was until this photo came out :) 
      • Anonymous
        Well, I am a straight woman, but if I was a dude I would most likely be rubbing my boner all over this picture right now.  
        • JL
          Soooo, you're saying if you were a man, you'd be a gay man. 
          • Anonymous
            Lol, possibly? ...Yeah, I don't think I'd have a reasonable excuse if I was a dude and someone caught me doing what I described in my previous comment. xD
  • David Banner
    *Sigh* I wish it was possible they could film it all in IMAX, not just 2-3 mins here and there. Well, it is possible, but very expensive and time consuming...
    • Don't think they can film dialogue scenes due to the loud irritating noise the IMAX cameras produce while filming... But it would be awesome.
  • Adam L
    WOW!! Bane is the best villian, aside from the joker ofcourse, but I know Chistopher Nolan will make Bane live up to the characters cinematic expectations
  • Icarus
     Mark my words, Bane will break Bruce Wayne's back in the first half of the movie.
    • Jedi
      How could they possibly deal with that in a 2-1/2 hour movie?  I hope you don't expect Alfred to take on the Batsuit in Wayne's absence.   Or, are you thinking they'll fade out and go to the "2 years of back surgery and physical rehab later......"?
      • kiko
        In every shot, show a little improvement,To show it all would take too long.. That's called a montage!
      • Dkillaou
         Well, in the books Azreal takes over the mantle of the bat for awhile while Bruce Heals. Azreal is Bad ASS and kills the bad guys. We'll see.
    • Batman
      I can't wait for that movie cause idc wat happens at the end but bane should be left alive and something we've never seen should happen like a sick Batsuit or Alfred beating up bane for like 5 secs
  • NADS
    eehh.. I dont know. wish he were bigger and had a full mask
    !!! Yay! That's what I am talking about!
  • Voice of Reason
    This movie better be 5 goddamn hours long
  • Anonymous
    So glad he doesnt look like the cartoon version, or anywhere near it.  
  • Cinephile
     AHHHHHH! He looks so cool! Nolan, why you gotta tease us so???
  • Chris A.
  • Chris A.
     This next entire year I will have a MAJOR ERECTION for this movie......
  • Anonymous
    Somebody build a time machine right now! I can't wait another year for this. *tears hair* 
  • weezy1
    I'm sorry...he still does not look big enough.  Bane is supposed to be massive, not hunky....maybe it will be better?
    • Dkillaou
       Remember Bane takes a drug to make himself bigger with more muscles. He's probably not on it at this time and pic.
  • Victor
     Show me Hathaway as Catwoman first.
    • JL
      No, that's the good stuff.  They're apparently saving it.  You know, it's funny all these guys talking about erections and jizz and stroking it over Hardy, but when they do show us pictures of Hathaway in costume, they'll all be like, "meh."  Tell me that's not gay while you look me in the eye... ...without laughing.
      • Traveler
        Ah, yes, but that's because Hathaway is extremely irritating...
  • WTF is on his head? 
    • Adam L
      its at the end of the bondage scene! hahaha 
  • Sherlon
  • Alboone
    Holy shit! He looks genuinely crazy scary. By this picture alone I really feel bad for Batman. They're literally going to have to release it in 5,000 theaters because everyone and their second cousins are going to see this opening night. Sorry James Cameron, your b.o. record is about to be blown!
  •  To those who say they want him "bigger", it's actually not that easy to judge how big he is solely based on that picture with no real point of reference..
    • Manuel
      Those who say they want him "bigger"... well, they have some issues with size. 
  • bucker96
    Although he does look good, I was expecting/hoping for a Brock Lesnar size person for this role
    • JL
    • JL
      shame on you. 
      • bucker96
         Hold the phone, I didn't say I wanted Lesnar, just someone who had something close  to his girth. I mean, check out Bane in the comics, the dude is massive
        • JL
          Oh, I didn't make the assumption you wanted Lesnar himself for the role, I just don't think it would work.  In fact, the comic book bane was a little bigger than even Lesnar, and he's got that unreal quality to him like most villains in comic books.  I like the realism, or almost realism, of Nolan's franchise, and I like the idea of a Bane who's average in height, yet very strong.  Besides, size alone is not what makes Bane dangerous.  :)
        • why so serious?!
          Dude, Bane isnt Bane until he pumps that drug into his something making him hulk-like. So calm the fuck down!!! Christopher Nolan knows what he's doing!!!
  • tir na nog
    Cant wait,the mask looks nuts.
  • Dave
    This movie is going to kick the shit out of The Dark Night and it looks like Tom Hardy will blow Heath Ledgers Joker out of the water, No one will care for the Joker after this movie.  CANT WAIT
  • !5AAK
    F YEAH ! 
  • Benjisbarmusic
     It's on!
  • AK
     interesting photo. The mask looks like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. Although Hardy looks massive!
  • Anonymous
    how buff did he have to get for the part?  his mask looks insane 😀
    • JL
      I think somewhere I heard him talking about going up to 16 stone?  I'm not familiar with that British nonsense. 
      • Reeves Jacob18
        Hey moderator. did my message make you laugh?? Anyways, plz let it post. I dont want all that to b wasted for nothing lol! I put passion into it!   LOL   but you laughed.
        • JL
          • Reeves Jacob18
             It was funny. JL, you woulda liked it lol.... Any ways, they are gonna save hathaway for a while.
  • lando
     I know the comics have well written bane stories, but I think one of the strengths of the Nolan Batmans so far has been that there HASNT been big muscle stereotypical bad guys but real life psycho/sociopaths! Im sure Nolan will be able to pull it off but this kinda worries me..sorry.
    • Anonymous
      From what I have read Bane is one of Batmans most intelligent villains.
      • Anonymous
        Yes, Bane is basically a beefcake-y genius.  He is fluent in more than six different languages (I forgot how many exactly), has exceptional knowledge in the field of science as well as history and medicine and other stuff. On top of that he has a photographic memory. He's only this massive in size because he pretty much spent all his life in prison and (like most other convicts) starts to work out a lot and learns to fight to survive. Later he is chosen, or forced rather, as a test subject for a new drug which ends up enhancing his physical strength but ultimately   makes him depend on it as he can not go without another shot of that stuff to the brain longer than 12 hours. And that's what the mask in the picture is for.  Having seen Hardy as Bronson I have zero doubt that he will blow my mind as Bane.  And they HAVE to include him breaking Batman's back. I mean, that's his one huge feat. He was the man who broke the bat!  Harghsgsjkldgjsd;k!!! Ok, I'm done with my nerd rant now. =P
        • Anonymous
          Thanks for the character history lesson :p And I watched Bronson after they announced Hardy as Bane, I agree that he will be amazing.
          • Anonymous
            Haha, sorry. I got carried away.  What can I say, I'm easily excitable when it comes to things I like. =P 
        • Cody W.
          Batman getting his back broken would make for a great opening sequence, it would also kind of fit with the title. 
        • JL
          Cool story bro.  J/K that really did help, thanks. 
        • Dkillaou
           All true, plus the drug makes him larger when he takes it, like instant size, strength etc.
        • why so serious?!
          Exactly! People dont realize that the Bane in that poster is just the pre-Bane (before the drug). Im not sure how Chris Nolan will incorporate the after-drug Bane later in the movie since Chris Nolan does not like CGI, but it will be interesting for sure.
  • Anonymous
  • Angry Chief
    Looks a little plain. 
  • Moif
    If Hardy plays this role as manic as he played Bronson,, it could be interesting. I wonder if thats why they offered him the part...?
    • Anonymous
      It wouldn't surprise me. Bronson was amazing.  Kinda hard to believe that Bronson and Handsome Bob from RockNRolla are the same person. xD
  • Xerxexx
    • Anonymous
      I whole heartedly agree with your tag line...  although I will say I just saw a movie in IMAX 3-D and it was pretty legit.  Not something every movie could pull off.  😉    
    • why so serious?!
      I agree!! 3-D is the biggest piece of shit ever incorporated into theater!!!! If the movie sucks, you'll have watched all the shitty-ness in all its glory right in front of your stupid face. Nothing great about it!
  • HoBoXtaz
    Anybody that says they want him to be 'bigger' fucking shut your mouth and go whine somewhere else!!! Chirs Nolan knows what he is doing and Tom Hardy is an amazing actor, if you knew anything about physique you can see he is huge but realisticly huge! All of Nolans batman films have embraced a realism and this will be no different.  He could of gone and got Brock Lesnar or Stone Cold but they can act for shit! Tell me how well did the last live action transfer of Bane work?? FAIL!!!   This film will be amazing! Tom Hardy as Bane will be amazing!     
    • Goggleheadneo
      I was expecting him to be hulk huge like in the Arkham asylum ps th only reason they failed at bain last time was because he wasn't cg like hulk
  • Have Hope
    Hmmm....don't see what is so interesting about this picture. Looks okay...intriguing...but does not move me. We are not really given a definitive take on the character from this picture.
  • Dim2thesum
    how is it missing key characters when all you need is batman and villains which has been casted. 
  • Reeves Jacob18
    They released an early picture of the joker to, remember? And in the end he turned out to look much different from the orginal photograph. I feel the same will happen with Bane. This is just an early version, with just his mask. I doubt none of the make-up work was done except in the spots on the forehead needed for the angle of the picture.  Expect him to look badass in the end.  We've only had a glimpse into the world of The Dark Knight Rises and we're busting nuts like squirrels on crack lol PS: by the way, JL, I would F the brains out of Anne Hathaway without hesitation. That doesnt  mean we cant joke around. Chill out!  Insecure much
    • Anonymous
      Well said.  IMO it's waaaaaaaaay to soon to be guessing on post production and what we'll see in 14 mos.    
  • Frankie
    holycrapOMG. I cant not freaking wait.
  • Waynebroadway
    Catwomans eye in the background ????
  • TTumMM
     I hate Nolan!!!! .......that makes me wait another year for full version of this Epicness
    tom hardy is a very good actor,shame that mask isn't. he'll be good as bane,but not liking the mask. 
    • Cody W.
      Didnt know masks could act......sorry couldnt resist.
  • Alexander Dockx
    I hope it ends with Bane breaking Batman's back, like in the Knightfall series.
  • Amas
    Me like 8D




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