'The Phantom Menace' Set to Hit Theaters in 3D Next February 2012

March 3, 2011

The Phantom Menace in 3D

Last September we got word that George Lucas was going to keep milking his sci-fi cash cow by re-releasing all six films from The Star Wars Saga in 3D. At the time no solid release date was confirmed, but it was revealed that the release schedule would go in chronological order starting with Episode I: The Phantom Menace sometime in the early months of 2012. Well, today Fox and Lucasfilm announced that the 1999 prequel will hit theaters on February 10th, 2012 just in time for a great nerdy Valentine's Day date. Likely the rest of the films will follow suit in the same month every year until 2017. More money for George Lucas!

Here's how Fox is hyping The Phantom Menace for its 3D theatrical release:

Set against the thrilling and exotic backdrop of a "galaxy far, far away," Star Wars is perfectly suited to the immersive 3D theatrical experience, and Episode I delivers some of the Saga's most stunning and spectacular sequences – from the Naboo invasion to the Tatooine Podraces to the climactic lightsaber battle between Darth Maul and the Jedi. Supervised by Industrial Light & Magic, the meticulous conversion is being done with utmost respect for the source material, and with a keen eye for both technological considerations and artistic intentions.

While I'm not all that thrilled about the prospect of not seeing the films in the order they were originally released, seeing the thrilling podrace sequence in 3D does sound like a hell of a lot of fun. Of course this means we also have to witness Jar Jar Binks' stupid goofy antics right in our faces, but you win some and you lose some I guess. Who knows how many formats and versions of The Star Wars Saga will have been released by the time George Lucas dies (he'll probably figure out a way to live forever but craft a special edition of his life with more CG dewbacks in it), but you can bet plenty of people will flock back to theaters for this 3D experience. How about you?

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  • Jedi
    Pod races in 3D sounds cool. The starfighters flying to the core of the second Death Star in 3D sounds better. And whether in 2D or 3D, Han shot first.
  • JL
    Nobody who has any sense at all will watch this. Garbage in 3D is still garbage.
    • Anonymous
      I'm with you.
  • Anonymous
    No, Lucas leave the films be.
  • Loser
    This is one of the worst movies ever made
  • Kamish
    Lmao, at everyone against this...make sure you are cooling by hating on 3D & Lucasfilm
    • Anonymous
      really? so now were hip because we don't wanna see it in 3-D? um...3-D is a waste of time and money. Lucas should just re-release the films.
  • Ran100970
    its only a matter of time before ilm starts making new star wars movies.
  • "...artistic intentions." Hahahahahahahahaha
  • AkumaRed
    No way...I was extremely disappointed by the prequels and there's no way I will go and see them again(pay more money to Lucas). No 3D gimmicks will make them any good...Ever.
  • Awtan90
    All the proceeds are going to charity right? Because I mean at this point if Lucas pockets any of this cash he IS the devil.
  • Lando
    while this isnt the best of the star wars films, Id pay to watch it ANYDAY over that crapfest known as the matrix! George lucas owns my firstborn son.
    • mrsatan
      The matrix is miles ahead of the bullshit starwars prequels. Sorry man, but it is the truth. I love the original trilogy, but Lucas milked it to death. At least the Matrix has some original ideas and much more entertaining effects. But arguing about this with a guy named Lando is probably not going to work.
    • Awtan90
      I really hope you're being sarcastic. Because honest to God your son has a better imagination than Lucas ever did.
  • Anonymous
    Im actually trying to figure out who were the people who camped overnight just to watch this movie when it came out. Shame
  • Love Star Wars or hate it, there's a much simpler reason that this is a bad idea: the only way 3D has a chance to work out is if it is shot natively in 3D. Converting from 2D just results in a mediocre, forced effect that always comes out poorly - ILM or no ILM. If he wants to do 3D Star Wars work, you know what would be a much better idea? Shoot some original shorts to fill in some gaps in the canon and release them as lead ins on other big sci-fi films (a la Pixar shorts).
    • Bucker96
      I think James Cameron is helping Georgie boy convert them, as he is doing the same to Titantic
  • Desraider
    Wow, first they ruin the saga and now they want to rub it in our faces.
  • Mrjzn
    Goddamit George, 99% of EP I sucked balls. Instead of just taking a shit on the public in 2D, it'll now feel like you're actually shitting on us in 3D. Fail.
  • happy camper
    Just let Star Wars die.
  • SV7
    Surely this re-release won't do quite as well as they're expecting...? Nothing is going to make me pay my hard earned cash to see TPM in the cinemas again. You may as well be re-releasing CATWOMAN 3D? TPM is a terrible example of film making and certainly the most disappointing film of all time.
    • Interested
      Catwoman in 3D?..hmm..*makes drooling Homer Simpson face* ..boobies..
  • Towaway
    If you love Star Wars BOYCOTT the 3-D. Just because something CAN be done doesn't mean it MUST be done. This is "Han Shot First" all over again!!! Stop this poo-doo in its Bantha tracks. STAY AWAY!
  • Manuel
    Tons of people hating this... tons of people going to see it on theaters...
    • Awtan90
      unfortunately you're right. Most people who complain about stuff like this never man up and avoid seeing it in theaters. That's why shit like this will continue to happen.
      • Anonymous
        I can go ahead and guarantee you both that a majority of us regulars, myself included, will not be seeing the films. 3-D is a waste of time and the Star Wars films need to die. I'd rather Lucas green light the stories within the Star Wars universe.
        • Anonymous
          You always hit hard with "3D is a waste of time"....please justify this statement bearing in mind that the same was said about sound...about colour....about CGI.... I respect your input on this sitebut you should add "in my opinion" when you dis 3D rather than state it as fact. I bet TPM in 3D will be one of the biggest grossing movies of the year!
          • Anonymous
            I see a flop, mostly due to the fact that millions hated TPM and smacking "In 3-D" on it will only serve to alienate core fans, imo.
          • Anonymous
            @Xerxexx I agree with you and Foom the facts are that 3D pops it's ugly little head up every couple of decades or so and always goes away with the hype, unlike sound, color & CGI
  • tra la la la la di da
  • Have Hope
    Lucas....let it go. You ruined your legacy, don't continue to rub salt in a CG midochlorian NOOOOOOOOO anakin talking in a weird voice odd romance awkward dialogue-infested wound.
  • Last Son
    3D Sucks and so does The Phantam Menace and Attack Of The Clones. I will never forgive Lucas for making those crappy prequals.
  • Cracky
    Lucas is no different then the rest of these directors and the whole use 3-D gimmicks. And while we're on that: I get it. 3-D sucks. But get over it already, guys. You're starting to sound like a broken record. It's Star Wars. Watch it because you hate it. Watch it because you love it. I'll watch it so I can see Darth Maul do his thing to one of the greatest musical scores ever created and have pod racers smash into my god damn face. I'll also be laughing my ass off at the horrors of Jar Jar Binks. Preferably drunk.
  • Moe
    Might watch Episode 4 when it comes out in 3D. I have no desire to watch the prequels again.
  • Lando
    Cracky, You are correct sir!! I will make sure to bring me some schlitz malt liquor bull to get over Jar Jar (even that I fear wont cut it) as a graphic designer and comic creator, I LOVE the design work that went into all of the star wars franchise so it will be a VISUAL pleasure to watch it in 3d. That is how I get over the cringing acting by manaquin skywalker and horrid Meesa so horny jar jar!! its beautiful work!!! I cant wait to see ROTS in 3d, that one is worth it.
  • ChrisC5g
    IT sux we're gonna have to wait 3 years b4 we even see the old trilogy in 3D thats not planned, but the ones i really wanna see are Empire, Jedi , Phantom Menace and ROTS ,3d or not i wanna see them on the big screen.
  • Fukyu
    Who the fuck would watch this bullshit?
    • ChrisC5g
      u wouldn't have any effects if it wasn't for lucas , thats the kinda people who watch this bullshit
      • Awtan90
        You're trying to make it sound like people are obligated to see this because Lucas helped build some models in the late seventies and then hired a giant crew of people to do all his CGI stuff later. No one owes Lucas anything. You're buying a product, when you pay to see a film he's the one that owes you a fantastic experience, which is why a lot of people myself included felt cheated by the pile of shit that was the prequels. Sorry if we're not dumb enough to fall for the same trap again.
  • Anonymous
    See you should never ever say "at least he cant fuck it up any worse" and boom 3D (facepalm) "Shit"
  • manderyn
    for christs sake, its not like its anywhere near as bad as twilight or matrix or transformers, give me a break
  • ChrisC5g
    even if you watch the old trilogy today , it looks way ahead of its time ,compare it to effects drivin movies today , the old trilogy still looks amazing. back then they wanted to tell the story first and hope the effects followed ..till lucas inovated. ya hes fallen off but power corrupts every1
  • Anonymous
    It is interesting to see people dissing Star Wars while defending the which much of the CGI effects are actually poor even by video game standards! 3D is here to stay so get used to it. You have the option to watch in 2D just like people of old used to turn off the sound because they thought movies should be silent!
    • Awtan90
      I really don't think people were trying to compare the quality of effects in the films. Seems more like they were comparing how effects were used. I mean what's more original/interesting the first scene which used "bullet time" or another ILM spaceship doing a barrel roll? Obviously when it comes to effects ILM is always going to create things of high quality because they are always going to have more money to hire the best CGI artists and purchase the best equipment. I do agree with you on the 3D part though. 3D is here to stay, and people should just stop complaining about it because they still have a choice to watch the movie in 2D. No one is forcing it on them so really there's nothing to complain about. Plus I know when I'm watching a 3D movie I somehow completely forget the movie is in 3D 10 minutes into watching the movie because I usually get lost in the story, but maybe thats just me. Plus most of the movies I've seen in 3D really don't have that many '3D gimmicks' that I find intrusive. Prior to this new wave of 3D movies directors still had shots of bullets/objects being thrown or shot at the camera anyways, so it's not like much has changed really.
  • red leader
    There was no respect for the source material when Lucas made three shitty prequels. And there's no way in hell I'm giving LFL any more money. A turd in 3D is still a turd. But there's obviously plenty of morons with no taste or self-respect who will see them.
  • George
    The matrix was good the first one, the rest were more effects than history, I prefer watching the Bourne trilogy, Star Wars in 3d will be a wasting of time, will fail as they did it with Clash of Titans! A movie filmed in 3d is better than one converted later.
  • Interested
    The only good thing that can come out of this is if Mr.Plinkett does a review on his webzone afterwards.
  • gixxer01
    3-d movies are at least $3 dollars more than 2-d. sorry, in todays economy its not worth seeing in theaters. i'll wait for the dvd.
  • Jackmooney5
    It seems like lucas is desperate. LOL.
  • CapneoCrowley
    Hey... I think that THESE FILMS ARE OVERDUE...




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