TIME Announces Their List of The 25 All-Time Best Animated Films

June 23, 2011

Time's 25 All-Time Best Animated Films

It's time (get it) for another list of movies to debate and discuss. TIME, the magazine and also website, has announced their latest list, a selection of the 25 All-TIME Best Animated Films. Yes, they've got those three you see above, Wall-E, Pinocchio and Spirited Away, but what else makes the cut? Here's the intro: "They've enthralled or terrified generations of kids, and now they're giant worldwide blockbusters. So what are the best animated features of all time? Using an obscure system of weights and measures, TIME movie critic Richard Corliss has compiled and annotated the countdown." Read on for their complete list!

Before we go any further, I highly suggest reading TIME's full piece, as each entry includes a brief write-up from Corliss, an embed of the trailer to watch, and even a Facebook Like button, too. It's a great way to countdown through this entire list! But for discussion purposes, here's the full 25 listed from bottom to top:

25. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
24. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
23. Yellow Submarine (1968)
22. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (2008)
21. Kung Fu Panda (2008)
20. Paprika (2007)
19. Tangled (2010)
18. The Lion King (1994)
17. Akira (1988)
16. Happy Feet (2006)
15. Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
14. The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)
13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
12. Toy Story (1995)
11. Toy Story 3 (2010)
10. The Little Mermaid (1989)
9. Finding Nemo (2003)
8. The Triplets of Belleville (2003)
7. Up (2009)
6. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)
5. Spirited Away (2001)
4. Dumbo (1941)
3. The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (1979)
2. WALL-E (2008)
1. Pinocchio (1940)

Corliss' final, poignant comment about Pinocchio: "The boldest of Disney's horror homilies is also the most powerful demonstration of the ability of a medium supposedly aimed at kids to evoke persuasive motion and deep human emotion. The story of a puppet who wants to be a real live boy also serves as an allegory for the work of the Disney geniuses — and all the great animators whose works are included here — who start with pencil and ink, or pixels, or silhouettes, or plasticine figurines, and create vivid characters that live forever inside the small, enthralled child that is every moviegoer." (Original source.)

Going through this, I must say that it is a damn good list, he touches upon most of the truly important animated films, including Akira and The Triplets of Belleville and the South Park movie, which received a considerably high ranking. However, reading through it, like me, you'll most likely be surprised, relieved, and potentially frustrated at the same time, but of course that's expected. Having just watched Wall-E, I'm not sure I'd put it that high up, and - what gives?! - The Incredibles isn't even on there at all. Other than that, I can appreciate each and every one listed so it's hard to argue. But have at it! Thoughts on their 25?

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  • StandardModel
     Kung Fu Panda really, Happy Feet as well, those are just two I disagree with.
  • Alex
    This list is garbage. You're right that it touches on a wide spectrum of animation but Happy Feet should not be allowed in the Top 100. Princess Mononoke was one of Ghibli's most important films... instead Horton hears a Who? Really? Animation doesn't always gets it fair share of appreciation and this list does nothing to help it.
    • Anonymous
      I agree, but I liked Howl's Moving Castle WAY more than Mononoke
      • love love loveeeeeeeed Howl's Moving Castle...
        • Zach
          Let's just agree that this list needs more Ghibli/Miyazaki
          • This list is bullshit. This is more like one person listing all the animated movies they have ever seen. There is no quality comparison or actual rating involved. Dumbo, Tangled, Lady and the Tramp? Are you serious?
          • Jez
            This list needs some Zemeckis mo-cap too.
          • Raffle
            definitely more Miyazaki are needed,
    • I wouldn't really call this list garbage to be honest, young Alex. However, you do have a point about Happy Feet (considering there's no real storyline or character representations)
  • Tom Vatterott
    Happy Feet? Yeesh.
  • what no cars 2? haha jk
  • captcoolio
    this list sucks ass
  • Havehope
    wall-e at number 2???????
  • Havehope
    my eyes may be deceibing me....but is Beauty and the Beast NOT on that list?
    • Beauty and the Beast is about domestic violence yo. Belle needed to get the hell out of there. Ending teaches that they'll change... no they won't.
      • Anonymous
        if he didn't change then why did the spell break? Changing the story to be about something it isn't isn't a reason to cast it off as a film that supports domestic abuse. Wouldn't it be better described as a story of redemption, open mindedness, and inner beauty?
        • so every relationship that has domestic violence, the victim should just stick it out, in hopes it'll be just like Beauty and the Beast?  I'm talking about the reality, that people rarely change, and it's foolish to believe if it happened in Beauty and the Beast, then the abusive person in a real relationship will also change. The ending is a false ending. It's a dangerous ending.  If you're in an abusive relationship, don't stick it out, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY.
    • Jedi
      I thought exactly the same thing, Havehope.  It was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, for cryin out loud.  How can it not be on there??
      • Jez
        The only reasons Beauty was nominated  for BP were 1. Harvey Weinstein didn't have anything to market the crap out of. 2. Voters were sick of voting for films about the Vietnam War.
        • Gwen
          It was nominated because it broke ground in 2D hand drawn animation. The changing camera angles and the use of computer animation were brand new at the time. Please don't be an uninformed idiot.
          • Jez
            Anybody can do 2D animation! all you need is a pencil and some paper. Mo-cap is more tricky because you need a special suit you can't buy in a shop.
    • seriously, tangled and no beauty and the beast? happy feet higher than akira? HORTON HEARS A WHO? this list is just goofballs
  • Anonymous
    My personal number one is Lion King. This list was made by Pixar fanboys!
  • All in all, I think its a pretty good list...a bit surprised to not see a few more Disney originals (i.e. Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin)...and although its been watered down with sequels and spin offs, the original Shrek is still one of my favorite animated films and I think deserves to be at least in the 20s.
  • Wellington
    Where is the Iron Giant or Gru??
    • Geoff
      Iron Giant should certainly be mentioned somewhere on the list.
    • Jez
      Gru as in Despicable Me? Good God that was bizzare!
  • Wellington
    or the Incredibles??
  • I don't want to suffer from the "where are my favorites" syndrome, but come on. A quarter of that list is down right laughable. No one, excluding Richard Corliss, could think Happy Feet or Tangled or even South Park to be notable animated films.
    • South Park definitely is a notable film. How many adult themed animated musicals have you seen in your life?
      • Not many. I also haven't seen any child porn. There are reasons why some forms of entertainment aren't given to the masses. 
        • Mr. Teeny
          South Park has been around since 1997. There is a reason that form of entertainment has been so popular with the masses. Although its on cable, reruns are shown on regular tv after midnight in some cities.
      • Jez
        The only ones that come to mind are South Park the Movie, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Mamma Mia! and Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    • Logan
      If you didn't enjoy South Park your a complete tool. I'm glad it made the list. It's a great animated comedy and should be recognized. Don't be upset cause "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" didn't make it.
      • I hate to even do this but how am I a 'tool' for not appreciating South Park? On the contrary, I know plenty of tools that like South Park. I also love that your juvenile humor immediately suggests to you that sense I don't love Cartman & Co that I must love Hello Kitty. South Park has run its course and the only ones who still enjoy it are those that can't see the obvious humor in pop culture that South Park fans need pointed out to them by kids. Hate on.
        • Mr. Teeny
          You have to most useless comparisons. You compare South Park to child porn. Now South Park to Hello Kitty. All those things are completely different things. I am starting to think that you are hiding some secrets tyler, in the form of hello kitty themed child porn, you tool.
  • Josef
    Ghost in a Shell
    • bobo
      Ghost in a Shell sucks. Where's "The Hobbit?"
    • JoeSchmoe
      Its Ghost in the Shell not a shell. Why are you posting about something when you dont know the name.
  • Wall-e was alright but the #2 animated movie of ALL TIME?
  • DIego
    Whaaat Happy Feet!!??? Terrible.. No way... Horrible list..
  • Chris A.
    That Picard meme comes to mind when I saw the list. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
  • JT
    LOL, what a terrible list.
  • roger
    • Jez
      Not sure if it would have been eligible since that film is a hybrid.
  • Mr. Foe
    Soo, Happy Feet beat Akira, Tangled, THE LION KING?! What is wrong with the world?
    • Jez
      Penguins are cute, lions aren't, end of! Happy Feet was a feel-good film Akira was a bit too gloomy and depressing.
      • Fuck You
        Do the world a favor... and kill yourself.
        • Jez
          Thanks 4 the suggestion, but no thank you! I don't see why Happy Feet can't be on this list.
      • Gytiss12
        Lol ur gay...
  • tommyturner
    Any list of this kind without The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is invalid.
  • immature
    No Fantastic Planet, no Mononoke, Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner over Spirited Away, no Fantasia, no Grave of the Fireflies... Pfft.
  • Leo
    no Iron Giant, no Princess Mononoke, no Howl`s moving castle, no Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, no Ghost in the shell, no Steamboy... (the list goes on)... = FAIL
  • Cap
    I think we can all agree that 101 dalmations should be on this list.
  • SV7
    No TRANSFORMERS: The movie 1986 ????? This list has no "touch"!
    • ross
      You've got the touch! You've got the POOOOOWWWWWEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! and while I didnt expect it to be there that was a great movie
  • Laurent
    I honestly cannot believe that "The secret of NIMH" did not make the list. It is an absolute masterpiece.
  • This list is wrong. Many of these movies: Horton, Mr. Fox, Happy Feet, South Park, Roadrunner/ Bugs bunny, Wallace and Gromet, and Kung Foo Panda shouldn't be on this list. What about: The Iron Giant, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Fantasia, The Incredibles, and Beauty And The Beast(nominated for best picture)? Clearly this list was put together quickly with no research being done and just choosing well known movies, with a few obscure ones to make it look smart.
    • I'm also a fan of Fantasia, but technically, it is not fully animated, it is both animation and live-action
  • V Marquis
    What a nice no-harm-no-foul list. Clearly this was aiming to be a forgettable item rather than for helpful reference.
  • Goku
    Expected The lion king to be at least in the top.And princess mononoke not even there. I lose hope right there.
  • Anonymous
    Brad Bird got robbed. No sign of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles or Ratatouille; and that's just criminal. Brad Bird writes 'em like the old classics used to. He should have had at least one of his titles make the list.
    • Jack
      totally agree
  • happy camper
  • Bschaar
    There are a few very notable omissions from this list.  Beauty and the Beast and The Iron Giant should most definitely be on there, and where is Grave of the Fireflies?  A brilliant anime and war film, it's easily one of the greatest films of all time.
  • Where the heck is 'Beauty & the Beast'? Apparently, it's the first to be nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars. Still, there's no love for it? 
    • Jez
      It only got nominated as a result of Simpsonsmania.
      • Ajmrowland
        bullshit. Sorta.
  • Jack
    the fact that happy feet is on here, south park and up are in the top ten, there is no incredibles, iron giant, , toy story 3 is higher than toy story 1, all make me not like this list. just prefferences though i guess.
  • Staatz
    Odd list, would think if you were going to toss a dreamworks move in there it would be How to Train Your Dragon... still never heard of The Adventures of Prince Achmed... I'll have to look it up
  • BuffaloWilder
    I love that the big film of debate on this list is Happy Feet. Guys, people really like that movie. And, in most critical circles, it is intensely well-respected and regarded as one of the better animated films of the last decade. Seriously, outside of mainly comment sections and talkbacks, I've never seen any kind of pure malice toward this movie that didn't come from a lack of casual disinterest.  Happy Feet is the movie that people most seem to compare to "Watership Down," albeit a bit more light-hearted, for its realistic character designs and focus on cultural mythology, and I agree with that summation.  No, the really point of contention should be that "Horton Hears a Who" is anywhere on there. Yikes.
    • Emma
      I think the issue with Happy Feet is that it felt like two different movies - the animated kids movie, and the global warning/man is destroying the earth movie.  It simply got too preachy for a movie I'd consider to be put into the top 25 animated movies of all time.  Good, cute movie?  Yes, but not one of the all-time best.
      • BuffaloWilder
        But, all of that stuff was in there from the very beginning of the film - it never just abruptly introduces these elements to the audience out of nowhere; they're always lurking just barely under the surface until the narrative pulls back the curtain, about forty minutes in.  And, I'd argue with it being called preachy, as well - for my part, the film is less concerned with the fish themselves than with the social ramifications of all of that stuff on the penguins, who are very closed off. That's the entire point. Also, it's not at all about global warming (like, it's never even mentioned), which is something a lot of people seem to say - so, it can't have been that preachy, or so few would make that mistake.
  • Dru
    Ninja Scroll is missing.  This list is invalid.
  • Rojagegeo
    horrible list...aladdin,incredibles, monsters inc,ratatouille, etc missing.... why is southpark,happy feet included?shrek1&2 are also better than some movies mentioned in the list....
  • Rey
    lion king should be #1 that movie made me cry, and what the hell no beauty and the beast or peter pan. idk but im more dissapointed with the choices really, i disagree with 10 that are in here more than the one that are not.
    • Kev
      Your point about LK is a bit like saying South Park the movie should have been #1 because it made people laugh their asses off. A fine point for what it is but starts to become irrelevant when there's animated features of many genres.
  • God
    Clearly the list of 25 All-Time Best Movie Critics would not include Richard Corliss
    • Fuck You
  • Cookie
    No Beauty & The Beast, The Incredibles or Princess Monoke and instead we get Happy Feet (on #16 no less)?! Insta-fail.
  • Roel
    And why is The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline not on this list? These two and The Corpse Bride are so much better than Fantastic Mr. Fox. Also My personal Pixar favorite is Ratatouille. Shame it didn't make the cut!
  • Stephen
    12 of the 25 are after 2000, which seems kinda odd. Where is the Jungle Book??
  • Yono
    No Totoro and no Grave of the Fireflies.. Wrong!!!
  • Road To Eldorado and Owls of Ga'Hoole are my faves. And I want to see Rango. Other than that I'm not big on animation. Monsters VS Aliens was ok.
  • Gplongwood
    I can't believe Monsters Inc. wasn't on that list.
  • nick
    this list sucks. how is happy feet better than the lion king?
  • Anonymous
    How could they leave 'Delgo' , 'The Page Master' and the hart wrenching tear jerking drama  'My Little Pony: The Movie' :0p
  • Anonymous
    Lets kick out Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!,  Kung Fu Panda , Tangled, Happy Feet,  The Little Mermaid  and add Ghost in the Shell, Persepolis, My Neighbour Totoro, Fritz The Cat, Heavy Metal, Kirikou and the Sorceress, Animal Farm, The Secret of Nimh, Gandahar, Fantasia, Svankmajer's Alice and The Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Jez
    It's always a good sight when Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were Rabbit is on this list. The most glaring omissions are the Mo-Caps films from Robert Zemeckis. Say what you will about Zemeckis' style but his take on A Christmas Carol is actually one of the most faithful adaptations of that story. Plus where the Hell is The Simpsons Movie?
  • And
    The Brave Little Toaster, Land Before Time, The Rescuers?
  • scottdavidsonexperience
  • Rallshah
    this list is trash.  the writer should be fired.  where is bueaty and the beast, first animated movie ever to be nominated for an ocsar.  Lion king should be 1. 
    • Rderosa32
      Write your own then
    • Kev
      Many animated featiures have been nominated for oscars, even before Beauty.
      • ace13
        Beauty and the Beast was the 1st to be nominated for best picture, The first animated motion picture to be nominated was Pinocchio and it won for best song. Plus before Pinocchio won Snow white got special oscars for it's achievements.
  • Rderosa32
    If you're all upset about it. Write your own list. Who cares what a magazine writes.
  • Dim2thesum
    Great list but it's missing some films, Tangled was beautifully animated.
  • Jez
    Beavis and Butthead Do America should have been here. Without that we probably wouldn't have had South Park the Movie, Simpsons Movie, Spongbob Squarepants Movie and Futurama: Bender's Big Score among others
  • Apple76
    I'm sorry but The Incredibles is the worst Pixar film of them all by a long amount too. Everyone I know also hates that movie the most. I disagree with you that you think The Incredibles should have made the list.
    • Fuck You
      Well you and "everyone you know" sound like fucking idiots.
    • Satapolar
      Seriously, no other animated film comes to mind when considering the complexities of family dynamics and making those relationships so relatable.  Great film.
  • Bongo_geff
    Toy Story 3, and no Grave of the Fireflies??? WTF??
  • That's quite a mad list, refreshing to see it shaken up a bit, Tekkonkinkreet should be up the, also from the same folk the film MindGames too, those films are both a work of art. Totoro should have been on there for sure, it's a universal film with more depth than most movies, not even animations. Also who could forget this gem, Achi and Ssipack!
  • MistyMe
    Really? People who feel the need to argue a subjective list of the top of anything need to go back to ranting on Craigslist.
    • Do people rant on Craigslist? What's the point of ranting there when we can rant here. Woooohoooooooooooooooo
  • Actually I feel the same way... they both are pretty awful to be honest. And they are not counting with  L'illusionniste (, that is one of the most amazing animated movies ever done.
  • Lamar
    This list is garbage, what gives? Happy Feet beat Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Lion King, AND Akira? It shouldn't even be on a list like this. I also notice a lack of Iron Giant and no Incredibles. The entire thing is just wrong.
    • Kev
      I have no problem whatso ever with Happy Feet beating the over-rated Lion King and that borefest Akira. In the world of animation, cute characters are king and Happy Feet is locked and loaded with them.
  • James Dean
    Princess Mononoke should have been there (over Horton Hears a Who?... Really?) and Grave of the Fireflies is probably the greatest animated film of all time. How could that not get included. It is surely better than Happy Feet. I am also shocked by the lack of Beauty and the Beast (the only film to get a best picture nom when there were only 5 nominees.) I personally would have liked to see Perfect Blue, Brave Little Toaster, and Iron Giant. Still, I can't complain about the rest of the list... but I wouldn't put Pinocchio that high. 
  • Jez
    I wonder if Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit got in because it featured the voices of at least 2 Harry Potter alumni? If that was the case, then I'm suprised Time Magazine didn't go for the Tale of Despereux given that Princess Pea was voiced by Emma Watson.
  • Alleycat4444
  • Themroc
     Admittedly this is quite crappy. But I find it intriguing that Paprika (wich is amazing btw) made the list. It is kind of strange considering all the other movies that didn't get mentioned.
  • Ridiculous.
    This list is awful. Happy Feet & Wall-E @ 2 give me a break. Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense.
  • As a CGI Lead Artist and a Movie Maker .. I will give one small thought for this list .. to prove that such selection is not based on a special study or a real understanding of Animated movies ..  I believe  Surf's Up  was a great animation not just in the revolutionary making and the new methods of making waves and the difficulty of having the characters and the water in the same time + the most realistic rain, shadow and night atmosphere I saw in Animation movies ever...  The plot was great specially for children who motivate them to follow their dreams ad make it come true  .. It deserve a real respect more than  Kung Fu Panda / Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! for sure ... It is about both technical work and the meaning of the movie it self .. and it has both ..The problem is  .. it looks like the view and the understanding of "Oscars or any other awards" and such selection by "magazines or sites" have no connection .. because if we think about Oscars r awards :the people who chose movies must be professionals and crafted the work and they know why they chose a special animated movie to take Oscar or any other awards... But a list made by TIMES or other sites are not based on such professional angel of views .. that is why I do not believe in such selection .. but again it is funny just to see it and know how others think 😉 --------------------- My comments here are for my personal blogs and sites too .. that is why it have explanation and details .. please if you do not like my comment do not reply .. specially when you are unidentified person who have no real profile .. Just pass by and own your business  😉
  • You could easily jettison about 2/3's of the list and replace with them with some really great stuff. There are movies like Iron Giant that continue to inspire people, to entertain, to move the industry forward, and then you have lists like this that just do more damage than they could ever do any good. This is just a critic that is seriously out of touch with the industry....
  • Anonymous
    Should be renamed. "Top 20 animated movies people have heard of plus 5 they probably haven't" People have already brought up how much bullshit is on this list, but I really have to ask why Spirited Away is 'THE' Ghibli film that anyone seems to be aware of. It's honestly not nearly as good as many of their other films. Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, Porco Rosso... They seem to have just picked whatever animated films made a buttload of money over the last decade, added some Disney classics from various eras (Where the fuck is Fantasia, btw?), Sprinkled in a few notable Japanese flicks so the anime nerds didn't go all apeshit and then shoehorned in a couple of really obscure / esoteric cult flicks. My own list would probably be more populated with Japanese flicks, but not because I love anime - I hate most of it, actually. It's just hard to not release a couple of great flicks in a year when your industry is literally shoving dozens of them out every few months. Also, listing them in order from best to worst is moot. Better to just consider them all "Among the best" and not in any particular order. My own random list: Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, Jungle Book, Persepolis, Iron Giant, Toy Story, Lilo & Stitch, Snow White, Fantasia, Pinocchio, The Secret Of Kells, The Secret Of Nimh, Monsters Inc, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, Akira, Perfect Blue, Watership Down, Plague Dogs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Whisper of the Heart, South Park, The Lion King, Tekkon Kinkreet, Waltz With Bashir, When the Wind Blows. Fill in the remaining 25th spot with whatever your favorite animated film is. I just pulled this shit off the top of my head, and I guarantee you that this list has better films on it, because I'm going by what makes for a good FILM, not a good CARTOON, which is apparently what a lot of film critics do. They grade animated films on some kind of curve that lets you get away with pandering, plot holes, illogical shit in your movie, being boring for the sake of really neat animation, etc. The films I listed all have their flaws. The films they listed are mostly rehashes of the same story in a different wrapper. If nothing else, my last has a variety of moods, style, structure and content and I would defy anyone to say that any of these could be considered "bad" or at least worse than some of the flicks on Time's list.
  • Jake G
    This list honestly made me so mad that I was compelled to make my own list (which I personally think is much better... but of course you are welcome to disagree.) I'm not usually one to make my own list... because honestly no one really cares. But in case you do, here is what I think a better list (though some of the ranks might need a bit tweeking... I feel I put Akira too low.)  1. Grave of the Fireflies (1988) 2. Bambi (1942)3. Princess Mononoke (1997)4. Beauty and the Beast (1991)5. Finding Nemo (2003) 6. Fantasia (19407. Spirited Away (2001)8. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)10. Wall-e (2008)11. The Lion King (1994)12. Yellow Submarine (1968) 13. Up! (2009) 14. Perfect Blue (1997) 15. Toy Story (1995)16. Toy Story 3 (2010)17. The Secret of NIMH (1982)18. Persepolis (2007)19. Aladdin (1992)20. Paprika (2006)21. Akira (1988)22. The Little Mermaid (1989)23. The Iron Giant (1999)24. The Incredibles (2004)25. Ghost in the Shell (1995) Honorable Mentions:South Park: Bigger, Longer and UncutBrave Little ToasterMy Neighbor TotoroMonsters Inc.Jungle BookShrekPinocchio 
  • Digon
    Hello?! where is Mulan(1998) e The Prince of Egypt(1998)? Oo
  • The first and most blaring omission is Grave of the Fireflies, one of the best animated movies ever made, one of the best movies ever made. Period. It strikes at the deepest chord with its tale of innocence in a world torn apart, a tale that is elegant, human, universal, and evokes shuttering sobs in, well, just about anyone whose ever watched it. Other groundbreaking animes? Totoro, classic. Princess Mononoke, which gained serious attention and respect for the genre from the mainstream. Ghost in the Shell. Perfect Blue. Maybe Tekkon Kinkreet? Or Mind Game, which broke every rule ten times over and let it's animation dictate story. Or Kiriku and the Sorceress, spellbinding, no pun intended.
  • Oh! Persepolis! I forgot! Bold, dark, soul searching, and funny as hell. Iron Giant was another terrific one! And although it's moot Snow White gets my respect. In sight of the vastness of what it achieved, what an enormous endeavor it was, the blood sweat and tears, and passion, and ambition, and imagination that went into it. Plain and simple, it was absolutely groundbreaking. Gorgeous animation, great songs .... hell I always whistle while I work.
  • Dean Treadway
  • Adam Pearlson
    Some parts of the list are ok, but honestly, a lot of what's on this list just makes me mad. How can Toy Story 3 be so low on the list? Where's Beauty and the Beast? And I agree with what everyone else said: WHERE IS PRINCESS MONONOKE? More importantly, where's Shrek?The truth is, none of these lists can be taken at face value. Everyone has their opinion and these lists are merely meant to stimulate discussion. But this list is just blatantly wrong. I understand that some points should be controversial, but this list looks as though TIME merely thought of movies in a room and threw the first 25 they saw together. Not okay. I personally am a fan of the AFI Top Ten American Animated Films, which I think is fairly accurate, but there should be a better list out there for people to reference for global film. So I wrote one. Let me know what you all think. The link:
    • Jez
      AFI isn't that acurate either. The Japs and Brits would be initially pissed off with that list for not including Akira, Wallace and Grommit among others.
  • I'm not so sure I get all the ire towards this list. I wasn't aware that people didn't think "Happy Feet" was terrific. I agree that there are some notable omissions, but clearly, this is just one critic's opinion, and I think his opinion holds some merit - "Pinocchio" was a terrific choice for the top spot, and I know it doesn't really have the benefit of history, but I am SHOCKED that people aren't agreeing en masse about the inclusion of "Wall-E". It was just a couple of short years ago that we were all absolutely marveling at its brilliance.  And yeah, there is NO CHANCE that this list would have been complete without the "South Park" movie. I can only assume that people taking serious issue with its inclusion haven't seen it.
  • My Neighbor Totoro? Grave of the Fireflies? Persepolis? Beauty and the Beast? I mean come on. There's tons of movies that didn't crack this list. There's movies on the list that are just hideously placed. Besides, Pinochio really just wasn't THAT great. God, what a mess.
  • PunchingReality
    Whomever Richard Corliss is he's clearly trying to engineer readership by inciting movie geek anger. This list is non-sensical in it's inclusion of more recent movies for the sake of more recent movies, and no self-respecting critic would add Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (2008), Kung Fu Panda (2008), or Happy Feet (2006) in a list of the greatest animated features of ALL TIME. Get Bent, Mr. Corliss. You're pandering.
    • BorisB
      The inclusion of Happy Feet isn't that strange. Critics love this movie, and it's got a pretty big cult following populated mostly by people who really know their shit about films. There are essays and articles all over the web about all the new techniques and stuff that it's introduced into animation. Really, go and read about it.
      • Pilgrim UK
        ON any other forum TIME movie critic Richard Corliss  would be called a TROLL! and its working.
  • Anonymous
    To play games is my one of the favourite hobby. Thanks to TIME for announces their list of the 25 All-Time best Animated films. I saw the Toy Story, Wall E and Up movies of TIME.   Table Pad Company
  • Ajmrowland
    Let's not diss the list too much. I'd change a few, but a lot of these are very good movies. Actually, most of them are. The *real* problem is the list is only 25 and there are thousands of animated movies out there. and Horton Hears a Who is the best Dr. Seuss full-length movie by far. Fantastic Mr. Fox is really witty in its humor, but doesnt do a whole lot elsewhere. Fantasia should be up there for sure. And I think Monsters Inc too. Kung Fu Panda is really entertaining. I wouldnt really say "Tangled" cuz it didnt bring too much to the table. Half of Miuyazaki's films deserve spots, but only Spirited Away got in. And the Triplets of Bellville gets a hardy recommendation from Andrew Stanton(diector of Nemo and Wall-E) so that's good enough for me. And yes, I'm an animation amateur trying to get into the industry.  I think these are all good-great films and remember, it's just an opinion.
  • Ajmrowland
    Now, IMO, Happy Feet would be replaced with Ponyo, South Park with Beauty and the Beast, and Wall-E with Little Mermaid.
    • Ajmrowland
      And we need Totoro
    • Jez
      South Park the Movie has every right to be here. Without that we probably wouldn't have had The Simpsons Movie. If anything replace Akira with Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009). Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn and Jim Carrey all multi-tasking.
  • Jez
    Less Miyazaki, more Zemeckis!
  • Deezy
    Happy Feet made the list. Automatic fail.
  • Jebus Chwist
    Anybody complaining about South Park;The Movie being on the list probably hasn't seen it,not only is it funny with a brilliant array of songs,it's also an intelligent satire on censorship.The list is null and void though if it only contains one Ghibli movie,and no Watership Down,amongst the other notable exclusions already mentioned?Poor,and way to Disney heavy.
  • grave of the fireflies!!!!!! Paid 35 euro for that due to ghibli link. oh lord if i could only have my time back. Watching 2 starving children slowly die before my eyes. Schindlers list in colour. Iron giant is great though.
  • Afbfbfer
    also where is titan ae
  • Rob K
    This list is BS, What happen to Princes Mononoke, or Ninja scroll? It seems that the only animation that they considered had to be family friendly. There are many great films out there that are made for adults. Barefoot Gen for one is a very interesting film about the after affects of  WWII
  • Guest
    Why is Sleeping Beauty not on there?  Where is Beauty and the Beast?  Princess Mononoke was slighted?  I thought this was a list of animated films, not Pixar-Digitally animated films.  They should fall into their own category imho.  If you're judging animated films of ALL-TIME and you pick a movie from 2010 how is that possible?  I thought the idea of being the best of all-time meant you have to establish some sort of longevity within the animation circle of life.  (Yes pardon the pun, please.)  I cannot even consider movies that are two or three years old for an all-time list like this.  I would love to know what Time's criteria for their list entailed, because I firmly believe they don't have a clue what truly great animation is. 
  • brucium
    shrek should make it in the list
  • Bolicked
    Where is the Iron Giant? Land Before Time? Heavy Metal? virtually every Pixar film but Cars? Lots of CRAZY selections on this list - none being more mind-numbingly mystifying as Horton Hears a Who.
  • BlackFantasyFilmmaker
    Yo, I think Bambi should definitely be on the list. That movie apparently brings even grown men to tears.
  • BobbyJ
    I think half the people on here who are bitching about Happy Feet being on the list haven't actually seen it.
  • Nuggerbuggs
    I'm glad Spirited Away is on there. It's one of my favorite's!
  • Aquaseity
    I agree with the general opinion here.  Happy Feet being on here is ridiculous.  Kung Fu Panda is good, but not good enough for for this list.  Mononoke, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantasia being omitted are the real sign of an epic fail for this list though. Not to mention The Incredibles AND The Iron Giant. A lot of the movies on this list are great, but to put them in the company of the "greatest" in absence of others is just silly.
  • TWF
    Folks it is important to note that any list like this can not simply be the most mind blowing, and emotionally intelligent of the genre. They also have to be the most fun, have the most heart. Animation is a medium for all. Big kids and little. I think over all - a great list. Is Princess Mononoke a better movie than say "Horton hears a who"? Defs... but put a four year old in front of the TV and see which one they laugh at. Is the incredibles a better Pixar film than say UP? Maybe but as far as the power of animation, the ability to provoke deep emotion with computerized story... UP wins. Smart, heartfelt, Fun, silly, downright stupid fun (KUNG FU PANDA) each in its own way has the right to be here. 
  • Gytiss12
    LION KING 18th???Should be definitely first! Damn what a fail list....
  • Cjaime
    Okay...first of all South Park is a film for 10 year old boys to giggle at. Secondly all of Don Bluth's films have been terribly left out (where is The Land before Time or Secret of Nimh) and Thirdly Lion King should have been higher as it is an incredibly powerful movie. Also Beauty and the Beast didn't make the list? wtf it's one of the greatest animated films of all time and i think alot of people would agree with me there.
  • derpin herber
    Did Happy feet just get ranked higher than Akira? WTF? Instant invalidity to this entire list and anything that it's writers have ever written.
  • Scott
    Where the hell is all the anime?? This list is ridiculous. 2 animes? Really? wtf
  • I'm am greatly disturbed by the complete over look of the Don Bluth films like "The Secret of NIMH" "An American Tale" or the original "The Land Before Time" To leave these out yet include mild entertainments such as "Horton Hears a Who" "Fantastic Mr Fox" and "Happy Feet" is very unfortunate. I can appreciate that they didn't make a list dominated by Disney films, But their choice of Disney films seems somewhat dubious. They list a few of the oldest films, but overlooked some of the most impressive like "Fantasia" Then they include more modern films like "Tangled" but over look the far better constructed and received "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin" I also fell that "Cats Don't Dance" should have placed somewhere, but I understand that far too few people saw that movie as it came out when an animated movie had to be Disney to be consider worth a second glance. I'm not familiar with all these films, so the ones I haven't seen I will assume deserve to be there, but of the ones I have seen, only a portion of them deserve in any "Greatest animated" list.
  • Thank you for ranking Pinocchio as #1. it's my all-time favourite animated movie! It's way better than Bambi and Pocahontas (which I also express gratitude for not including them in the list)
  • josh
    wheres BAMBI at
  • 10songsblog
    Wow this is an old post. Hmmm... this list leaves much to be desired. Mainly 'Fantasia' the film the broke ALL the rules. Also there was no 'Waking Life' OR 'A Scanner Darkly' BOTH better than 'Tangled' and such... And what about Heavy Metal? And I would also suggest that 'Sita Sings The Blues' was better than many of this list. I would also argue strongly for 'Titan A.E.' maybe not "great" but better than Horton hears something. They tried to make it seem like their scope was wide but it wasn't at all really. No Who Framed Roger Rabitt, of course if we count animation mixed live action then the entire trilogy of LOTR counts.
  • ace13
    Replace Fantastic Mr. Fox, with either Watership Down or Charlets Web. Replace Horton Hears a who with either Shrek or The Incredibles. Replace Kung fu Panda with Bambi or The Rescuers. Replace Paprika with either Vampire Hunter D or Perfect Blue. Replace Tangled with either The Last Unicorn or Sleeping Beauty. Replace Happy Feet with either Fantasia or Kiki's Delivery Service. Replace Wallace and Gromitt with either Princess Mononoke or Iron Giant. Replace South Park with either Pink Floyd's the Wall or Batman Mask of the Phantasm. Just get rid of the Bug Bunny /Road Runner Movie the original shorts are far better to watch.
  • Yo
    Alice in the Wonderland, Despicable Me, Megamind, Incredibles, Monster Inc., Cars, Monsters vs Aliens, Shrek, Puss in Boots, Hotel Transylvania, Bolt. Wall E most overrated




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